Bill O’Reilly: The holier-than-thou Obama White House occupier enabler


Caricature pic of know-it-all Bill O’Reilly.  He is another Obama enabler. He will not harness his big mouth to expose Obama’s forged ID birth certificate fraud. He loves his popularity with FOX and his millions more than America.

There was a time when this Moralmatters author was a whole lot less informed – and when he did not connect the political and moral dots. I (mistakenly) thought Bill O’Reilly was the best news analyst  [I now say that to my shame]. This was in the much earlier days of the FOX Network. And, in those days Bill O’Reilly projected himself as the “be all, end all, and know-it-all. He would comport himself as totally objective and then comment as if he were King Crap. I submit that Bill O’Reilly hasn’t changed. This author, believes that he has become worse.

O’Reilly has become smug in his Network Cable ratings. His ratings are (statistical) tops. But, I am not convinced that this is due to any competent swagger on his part. It’s the Network viewing culture that has become complacent with the O’Reilly King Crap Know-It-All.

This (American) era, is the period of the “low-information voter,” an expression coined by the popular so-called “Conservative” talk show host, who also is another Obama enabler.

Americans have become lazy. Thinking and analyzing (to them) is left up to the so-called “experts” like O’Reilly. They view him as someone who will tell them what they should and need to know. After all, he is so convincing; and, he “crushes” all who oppose his know-it-all opinion.

This author remembers his high school economics teacher. One day after class I shared with him my admiration for one of the pioneers of talk radio – Joe Pine. I was a fan of Joe Pine. To me he seemed to know all the answers. That, (in my limited thinking) was enough reason to hold Joe Pine in such a high esteem. However, I (also) admired my short statured, earnest, vigorous and handicapped economics teacher. He lovingly admonished me by saying:

“Nathan: Beware of someone who knows it all!”

And, to you who read this commentary; I say to you:

“Beware of Bill O’Reilly; he is someone who projects to know it all!”

Regardless of where Obama was born;  Obama birth certificate has now been thouroughly examined by a legal Investigation which has found it to be a 100% fraud (forgery). How dare the Obama enablers ignore this all important reality?

Regardless of where Obama was born; Obama’s birth certificate has now been thoroughly examined by a legal Investigation which has found it to be a 100% fraud (forgery). How dare the Obama enablers ignore this all important reality?

O’Reilly is one of those appearing smug and confident people who would project themselves as an objective (truth telling) source. Yet, Bill O’Reilly, such as Limbaugh, Levin, Hannity, Col. Allen West and a whole lot of others, fail to adequately understand, witness and report on the obvious. That “obvious” is the fraudulent White House occupier, Barack Obama. No matter what the reality, these high profile prominent people fail to trumpet Obama’s sordid identity past and now proven forged birth certificate. This issue is of all importance because a legitimate identity document is required by the US Constitution for the office of US President. It is part and parcel of the whole process. It’s basic.

Finally, this Moralmatters author wishes you to view the short video that is highlighted in the following linked web article. The young man in the video gives further insight into Bill O’Reilly. View and listen to the alert and composed young man. Those of you who live by godly principles; you won’t regret taking the 7 minutes:

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Bull-Dyke, Bill O’Reilly Saying “Bible Is BS” To Laura Ingraham. We Say Bill Is The EPIC BS’er –


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Caricature pic of America's most listened to talk show host. Rush Limbaugh sells himself as "America's truth detector." Yet, he falls woefully short on truth when it comes to exposing Obama's fraudulent Achilles heel, ID corruption. Limbaugh's hypocrisy is glaring to those honest enough to admit it.

Caricature pic of America’s most listened to talk show host. Rush Limbaugh sells himself as “America’s truth detector.” Yet, he falls woefully short on truth when it comes to exposing Obama’s fraudulent Achilles heel, ID corruption. Limbaugh’s hypocrisy is glaring to those honest enough to admit it.

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Posted by:

Pastor emeritus Nathan M. Bickel

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15 thoughts on “Bill O’Reilly: The holier-than-thou Obama White House occupier enabler

  1. dougster says:

    Remember that O’Reilly was the guy who was sued and had to pay his secretary millions of dollars because of the nasty dirty sex emails he sent to her. He’s a slime ball on steroids.

    1. dougster –

      Could you leave another comment with an evidencing informational link about this alleged assertion of yours? I’m one who believes that “stuff” like this needs to be substantiated.

      1. Ilanni says:

        I agree, this guy is a lefty. I am talking about Moral Matters. He uses innuendo and nasty attacks and Ad Hominem. You are using the same ideas as Media Matters. Slander and attack. Bill O’Reilly is not perfect but he is right. The Supreme Court did no take the case of the birth certificate. If something cannot be proven in a court of law, then it cannot be broadcast by a Conservative. Like Doug said; “substantiated”.

        1. Ilanni –

          The very thing you falsely accuse me of; you do. You don’t evidence your accusatory and cheap comment.

          And, you twist reality. You tell a half truth. The Supreme Court has avoided the issue; just like they could do with the recent ill-fated CA Ninth Circuit Court decision that over-ran the referendum vote of CA citizens who voted against homosexuals molesting the institution of marriage.

          Ilanni – You make the unsubstantiated claim that “Bill O’Reilly is……’right.'” I will agree that he is not morally perfect, as none of us are. But, you say he is “right?” “Right” about what? You make an ambiguous statement and don’t evidence it. Yet, you have the crust to say I don’t evidence my commentary. Shame on you for your lib type garbage charge!

  2. dougster says:

    Thank you Nathan….I’d be happy to provide a link.

    Legal experts believed that Mr. O’Reilly paid the 33 year old woman, Andrea Mackris, at least five Million Dollars to settle her sex harassment suit against him.

    The woman had tapes of his phone calls and threatened to play them in public.

    The lawsuit alleged that O’Reilly made a series of explicit phone calls to her, advising her to use a vibrator and told her about sexual fantasies involving her. O’Reilly was desperate to make the suit disappear. He did…with a lot of cash.

    O’Reilly had previously made several reports of how bad it is to sexually harass people at work.

    This is the type of sleazy person Mr. O’Reilly apparently presents to women in his private life.


    1. Douglas –

      Thank you for substansiating that. I looked it up and found that this happened about 4 years ago when O’Reilly was 55 years old. Here, is a piece of that news article, since you have brought this up:

      “O’Reilly Settles Sex Harass Suit” – CBS/AP/ February 11, 2009, 7:48 PM


      >>>>>>> The New York Daily News, citing unidentified sources, reported that O’Reilly had agreed to pay Mackris anywhere from $2 million to $10 million. Separately, the New York Post said it was believed that O’Reilly paid “multimillions of dollars” to settle the suit.

      Earlier that day, O’Reilly, 55 and married with two children, had filed a lawsuit accusing Mackris and her lawyer of trying to extort $60 million in “hush money” to make the case quietly go away.

      O’Reilly is host of the top-rated prime-time cable news program -— and he’s seen his ratings go up by 30 percent since the case was filed. >>>>>>

      I found it interesting that O’Reilly’s FOX program rating would go up 30% following this whole ordeal. Hence, I can only conclude that Bill O’Reilly cannot be a [true] political “Conservative,” else his ratings would have plummeted. And, he would have been hounded to high heaven! I was thinking of that aspect with the memory of Bill Clinton in mind with the young woman, Monica Lewinsky, and how his popularity never statistically waned.

      Why is it that non-Conservatives never seem to lose some of their popularity following such ordeals? Perhaps, you have some theories to expound regarding that?

  3. Ilanni says:


    Then there is a chance that it never happened. Supposedly he was overly friendly. These things get settled out of court. Doesn’t mean it is true. I am not letting him off the hook.

    My Mom told me not to believe half of anything I see and nothing of what I hear. To do that makes you a zombie.

    1. Ilanni –

      I know that your comment was directed to Doug. But, I want to chime in.

      Yes! I agree with you, in that you seem to suggest that there is allot that is unknown about this case. As I read your comment I was thinking about the reality that is part and parcel of our culture. Like it or not; there are women out there who do look for opportunities to exploit. Some, call them “gold-diggers.”

      And, I like your mother’s advice. Recently, I coined a saying that is somewhat similar and of which I like to quote:

      “A thinking person will question what he hears; examine what he sees; and evaluate what others would have him believe.” [Nathan M. Bickel]

  4. dougster says:

    To answer Nathan, I will add this:

    O’Reilly is a lefty. The media are 99% lefties. O’R is not a real conservative. If a real conservative had been sued, he would have been forced to resign and leave the MSM (mainstream media) forever.


    A five million dollar settlement does not sound like “nothing happened.” According to reports at the time, O’R was desperate and in a big, big hurry to get the suit settled.

    A married man talking to a woman in his office staff about ‘vibrators,’ other sexual devices and scenarios does not sound like a nice guy to me. He sounds like a creepy sleazeball.

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