Obama’s birth certificate documentation now publicly declared a forgery by the legal Sheriff Arpaio Investigation

It is common knowledge now, that Obama faked his birth certificate and other identity documents. That, is what is denied by the mainstream media who are the conspiracy theorists of dishonest and rabid silence.

It’s now becoming common knowledge, that Obama’s birth certificate was [is] forged. The mainstream media and its minions of “conspiracy theorists of dishonest and rabid silence” will do all they can to confuse the public.

Please note below: Update: February 9, 2016:

The investigation into Obama’s show cased birth certificate is complete. The “Sheriff Arpaio Cold Case Posse” has not only found that Obama’s long form birth certificate is a forgery, but is the same investigation that has now publicly declared the felony [fraud] forgery.

This past recent Friday, the Arpaio chief detective investigator, Mike Zullo went on national radio airwaves as the highlighted guest of Pastor Carl Gallups “Freedom Friday” talk show host program. There, Zullo fielded questions from callers and made it clear that after a 15 month legal investigation by the Arpaio Cold Case Team that allegations (of forgery) over Obama’s purported legal and legitimate birth certificate were, indeed genuine.

The legal implication of the Obama forged long form birth certificate

It wasn’t too long ago that our White House occupier, Barack Hussein Obama hauled out this forged birth certificate to quell questions about his legitimacy and to quell the call for him to prove that he qualified for the political position he was (and still is) occupying.

It is this author’s estimation that Obama used a fraudulent, tampered [with] and / or totally forged legal document to buttress his claim to be legitimate president of the United States. Mind you, that there are certain qualifications for being the executive chief of the United States. There are identity requirements to be had. What Obama apparently ended up doing, was presenting to the American people a bogus basic document that would ordinarily help fulfill a portion of the overall requirements to [even] qualify and run for the high office of US president.

Hence, it must be concluded that Obama, by hook and crook, was able to arrive at where he is now (today) by committing a felony crime of forgery. Whether he himself actually did the forgery, is immaterial. Obama is accessory to the proven forgery, just as a mobster’s get-away driver is assessory to the crime of a mobster’s drive-by murder.

Now, what? Where does the Sheriff Arpaio Investigation “Cold Case Posse” go from here?

Two popular (alleged) "Conservative" national talk show hosts. They talk big about our nation's Constitution and following it, but hypocritically ignore the reality of Obama not meeting the Constitution's requirement of being a "natural born citizen" to hold the high office of chief executive. They also are disengenuous by ignoring Obama's felony birth certificate forgery and ID fraud.

Pics of two popular (alleged) “Conservative” national talk show hosts.  You’d think that they have more important things to report than their continued whining about Obama.  Hannity and Levin are hypocritical and  disengenuous by ignoring Obama’s  birth certificate forgery.  There is no excuse on their part not to report on the latest from the Sheriff Arpaio Cold Case Posse Investigation’s definitive results.

This author’s thoughts of where the Sheriff Arpaio Investigation “Cold Case Posse” proceeds after having evidenced Obama’s birth certificate to be forged, is that this same entity will attempt to bring this legal and professional assessment before many national high profile individuals. Obama and his cronies are already (most likely planning) whether they will have enough money to pay (off) certain individuals’ silence on the matter. But, odds are, not everyone can be bribed by this corrupted White House occupier who has proven again and again that his deceptions and corruptions stink to high heaven.  This author’s contention is that there is a limit to the number of politicians and judges can be “leaned on” to continue (with) this “conspiracy of silence” over this national birth certificate forgery.

However, in the meantime, this Sheriff Arpaio’s Cold Case Posse will be doing what they can, to alert the United States public. Such an endeavor is more than worthy of monetary contributions to follow-through with what was once initiated. You the reader and supporter of our Constitutional Republic; please consider a gift of support for the volunteer Sheriff Arpaio Cold Case Posse team. Give what you can. And, when you see more news exposing this fraud – please, spread it about through the Internet and to your family, friends, acquaintances and neighbors. And, do challenge the fence sitters on this whole issue. Speak to their disengenuousness and hypocrisy. Call them out for them being Obama enabler’s of silence over this forgery crime!

Finally, this author is of the distinct impression that Obama and his crony enablers have lots of money; and are even using taxpayer’s monies to spread their propaganda campaign of misinformation about Obama’s [now] proven national forgery.  Please, I repeat – do what you can to defeat the lies. Contribute and do what you can to help this volunteer posse spread the word about Obama’s forged crime!

Link to access for purposes of donating to the Sheriff Arpaio Cold Case Posse: http://www.mcsoccp.org/joomla/index.php/donations-to-ccp

Update: February 9, 2016:

Please disregard the aforementioned about contributing to the Sheriff Arpaio Cold Case Posse team. The public was promised more very significant information regarding aka Obama. However, that information hasn’t been publicly disseminated. It’s now been years since that promise was made. That promise has gone unfulfilled. At least that is this Moralmatters author’s present understanding. Don’t wait for a “bus” that was scheduled to arrive. Needless to say, Moralmatters is extremely disappointed with the Sheriff Arpaio Investigative team. However, that disappointment and failed promise on its part, does not negate what (it) has already evidenced about the criminal ID forgery fraud, aka Obama.

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Pic of Col Allen West. He likes to speak to crowds with the American Flag in the background. But, his recent political sin of omission over refuses to expose Obama's fraud might might as just well have Allen West trampling America's flag as reportedly Obama's mentor, Bill Airs did.

Pic of Col Allen West. He likes to speak to crowds with the American Flag in the background. But, his recent political sin of omission over refusing to expose Obama’s fraud might might as just well have Allen West trampling America’s flag as reportedly Obama’s mentor, Bill Ayers did.

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Rush Limbaugh talks big but falls short: Satisfied with politically correct cheap laughs – moralmatters.org/2013/02/16/

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Pastor emeritus Nathan M. Bickel



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195 thoughts on “Obama’s birth certificate documentation now publicly declared a forgery by the legal Sheriff Arpaio Investigation

  1. Susan Anderson says:

    Check is on the way – thank you CC posse!

    1. Susan –

      I’m not part of the posse investigation about Obama, but I’m sure I can speak on their behalf that your financial gift will be appreciated. It takes money for food and lodging as was the case when Mike Zullo and Carl Gallups recently visited the Republican CPAC gathering and were able to visit with some high profile people, – politicians, included – showing them the clear evidence of the Obama forgery.

      Here, for those interested (is again) the informational link to financially contribute, if you so desire:


      1. ellenhancock says:

        In about a month two years will have passed since this article was posted, and Sheriff Joe did not prove a thing.

        1. ellenhancock –

          Contrary to your impressions, the Sheriff did. He and his investigation found substantial evidence that aka Obama’s ID documents have been forged. That’s a criminal felony.

          Apparently you and many others fail to realize that aforementioned reality. Like many, you are in denial.

    2. Michael Fernandez says:

      Sucker. You might just as well have flushed that money down the toilet. This whole thing is just a scam to get money.

      1. Michael –

        Again, I have to call you on your insulting conclusion. You hastily drawn an illogical conclusion.

        Your generalization charge about, “This whole thing is just a scam to get money,” is ridiculous. That’s a cheap assertion on your part which you don’t evidence.

        Furthermore, if you are that concerned about a “scam” you should be boiling over with what the con artist Obama has done and continues to do to this United States.

      2. Ed Troutman says:

        What PROOF do you have to know this is a scam? Why did NOBAMA spend over 3 million dollars to have ALL his records sealed if he has nothing to hide? Why? Answer those questions before you make a statement like that! Why is Michelle Obama no longer allowed to practice law? Why?

        1. Ed –

          Thank you for visiting http://www.moralmatters.org and for your comment.

          I find your comment somewhat ambiguous and even somewhat inconsistent and / or contradictory. Or, you are being facetious. I think that is how I will “take it.” I think you answer your first question with your following statements.

        2. smrstrauss says:

          Re the $3 million claim. The answer is that it is not true. Obama did not spend a cent hiding anything. He showed his birth certificate—both the short form and the long form. And he simply does not have to show his school or college records or baptism records or his parents’ marriage license—-and no president or presidential candidate ever has. Not for any of those things. Romney and Bush and Clinton and Bush41 and Reagan and Carter and Ford, etc—NONE of them showed their college records.

          1. smrstrauss –

            I realize that your comment was directed to Ed Troutman. But, as moralmatters.org website Administrator and author, I’m taking the liberty to answer, since Ed might not return to this posting.

            I find your comment to be intellectually dishonest. And, I will tell you why.

            I’m no stranger to reading the news online – and, especially about the “birther” issue. I’ve seen boasting comments by Obama supporters ridiculing the many efforts of Attorney Orly Taitz who has met one disappointment after another in courts because of this and that. Do you honestly think for one minute that Obama isn’t paying legal help (attorneys) to fight these birther claims by Taitz and other legal cases against Obama which claim Obama has cheated his way to the White House?

            And, I think that Obama has lots to hide. He claimed to have a transparent “presidency,” – yet, there has been nothing transparent about it, whatsoever………..

          2. Gary Sellars says:

            You’re a lying idiot and fool. Obama’s forgery *after* spending all that money on hiding his records is so poorly done that a 12 year-old with only reasonable intelligence can easily see the abundance of errors on that POORLY FORGED “birth certificate.”

            Why are you a lying scumbag?

          3. Gary Sellars says:

            Why are you such a liar and deceiver? The issue isn’t his baptismal record (which doesn’t exist, of course), but his foreign exchange student status, showing irrefutably that he was not an American citizen. This is the reason, more than any other (including poor grades–unless he had the luxury of someone falsifying those [or doing his schoolwork for him]) that Obama hid his records, for that EVIDENT PROOF of his having dual British and Indonesian citizenship would have been difficult to hide.

            Yet, his own, personally written literary bio that states plainly that he is from Kenya is demonstrative enough that the media is a shill for the shadow government who put Obama in place to give them (the bankers he serves–who are intent on destroying America) more certainty of the demise of America so that they will be one huge step closer to ruling the world and making us all their serfs.

      3. Brock Merck says:

        What if it isn’t? The coding and layering are questionable. If my birth certificate had those same discrepancies I would want to get to the bottom of it. If my selective service registration number was also not sequenced properly I would want to get to the bottom of it. Let them spend all the money they want, (remember it’s not taxpayer money) and if the analysis is that a forgery has taken place, prosecute.

        1. Brock –

          I find your comment to be unrealistic. Reality has it that BO’S birth certificate has been found fraudulent. There is now, no question about that.

          Secondly, by your own admission you contend that if your BC had many discrepancies you “would want to get the to bottom of it.” That, is exactly, what Obama is not doing! This non acknowledgment and non omission “action” is further evidence that Obama is guilty as hell.

      4. lanikai@1 says:

        See what you have done with your vote for this fraud!

      1. smrstrauss –

        I will have you know that I’ve allowed you to post this link to National Online Review.

        I desire for this Moralmatters.org audience to witness what a once respected magazine has become. It’s a shame that this article and magazine can’t demonstrate some journalistic and moral honesty. Basically the article is the same old Obama bigotry that those who question are to be ridiculed.

        I will go back and reread the article to see if I missed any more garbage that it contained. It had no substantiating informational links to evidence its cheap ridicule. And, of course it avoided the reality issue of Obama corruption, fraud and forgery.

  2. Tired of hearing all the hype. What are you selling?

    1. Kind of like the cure for cancer. Keep donating. Nothing happens.

      1. Hank – Excellent analogy!

        Thank you for your input. This second comment of yours makes more sense – and, hits my funny bone!

        Your candid comment best, to me, expresses for many, the frustration of many Americans who have witnessed little progress in experiencing an end to Obama’s nasty White House occupation; especially after having witnessed one challenge after another go down. Although (I believe) no analogy is perfect; your comparison of progress removing Obama from the White House with that of the continued quest for a cure for cancer, is a formidable one.

        I cannot ask of you to do what is impossible for you [patience]. I would only remind you what someone once said – [Paraphrase]:

        “A lie will travel around the world before the truth gets his boots put on.”

        Oh yes. There is another thing that all of us can do. That is to pray to the Triune God for His Mercy upon our dear USA. The good Lord has promised in His written revelation that lies do not [eventually] prevail and that lifestyle liars will experience a terrible damnable end.

        Liars go to hell

      2. Charles says:

        Obots need not apply . You people are brain dead .

      3. Gary Sellars says:

        Donating to drug pushers to cure cancer? Diligent honest research should have stopped such “giving to the wealthy” long, long ago. The drug companies ignore the many cures to cancer because they’re making too much money with the scam they have working.

        Search “natural cures for cancer” and DON’T click on the ads. Duh. And remember that Google is not your friend–they will hide the truth from you. Use keywords prudently.

        It’s just like heart disease. Linus Pauling announced the *CHEAP* cure five years before he died and he’s now been dead twenty years but which medical establishment isn’t doing everything they can to keep the information AWAY FROM PEOPLE’S EARS? NONE OF THEM because each heart patient is good for 1/3 of a million dollars. That’s too much money to lose by telling them they can avoid heart attacks with lysine, proline and vitamin C. It’s called, in his honor, “The Pauling Therapy” and cost less than $1 a day.

        The AMA is doing all they can to keep you ignorant. Don’t put your health in the hands of the Doctor’s Union!

    2. Hank Highsmith –

      From the looks of your one liner, you appear to me to be as a “Doubting Thomas.” I ask myself:

      “Could this Moralmatters.org visitor have read the article; or, is he so mesmerized by Obama, the Obama media, or whatever?”

      Hank – It is, what it is. Others and I expect some adventurous days ahead. Sleep on with your skepticism.

    3. Michael Fernandez says:

      You nailed it. It’s just another confidence scheme. IF they had real proof of “criminal” activity on obummer’s part (and I don’t doubt that obummer is guilty) and if they were serious about doing something, then Arpaio should have gone before a Grand Jury with the evidence and obtained an indictment against obummer for the various felonies he’s accused of committing. But that wont happen. See my comment below, Apr.9 7:36AM

      1. Michael,

        You are repeating yourself. It would do you well to go back to my answer to your first question charge about you wondering about a grand jury. I’ll repeat: Read the news / commentary where Chief detective investigator answers that question from a radio call-in listener.

  3. madhatter15 says:

    Joe Arpaio has been stuck on the old green Birth certificate for two years now, we know it is a forgery. That was said the first day it showed up.

    Obama’s Birth certificate is sitting in the British archives since he was born, signed by his Father. He was born in Kenya during British rule which makes him a dual citizen, Hillary Clinton stopped in to the archives in 2008 to see it. When she came back to the US she tried to change the Constitution so Obama could run for President legally. She couldn’t do it, neither could John Conyers or Clare McCaskill; so he ran anyway and won.

    No one said a word, Hillary never said a word. She did get the job as Secretary of State though. So why would she say anything? She wouldn’t have tried to legalize him if he was already legal.

    I have posted this many times and it is always ignored and that old of a green Birth certificate keeps coming up. Obama is an imposter; end of story, have him arrested, its free.

    1. madhatter15 –

      I had heard something vaguely about Hillary’s contention. But your comment helps for better understanding. Thank you.

  4. donna rayburn says:

    You people are hilarious!! Your conspiracy theories are amazing. You are giving your money?? You are being duped so bad!!!! Lol Good luck with that.

    1. donna rayburn –

      First of all, please refer to my response to “joshuasimeon.”

      Secondly, you fail to mention that those who have suppressed information about Obama; they are the real “conspirators.” They are the “conspirators of silence” regarding Obama’s sketchy background and possessing fraudulent documents. They are people such as yourself; like so-called “Conservative talk show hosts and gutless high profile people, such as Col. Allen West who is only concerned about future political aspirations.

      Thirdly, you and your kind; your two bit ridicule gets old. You and your kind belittle because you don’t have legitimacy and reality on your side. Your world is a world of smoke and mirrors; a world of lie and deceit.

    2. D. Mark Ward says:

      Well. let’s see. We have conspiracy theories and theories of conspiracy.

      Seems now, we have the fact / proof of a conspiracy (also buttressed by Lord Monckton’s statistical analysis). Sort of like William Buckley once said:

      “I would rather be governed by the first 1000 names in the Boston phone book than the faculty of Harvard University.”

      In this case, I would much more trust the (volunteer) Arpaio Cold Case Squad than the entire list of those working at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

      Benghazi, anyone?

      1. D. Mark Ward –

        Thank you for your thoughtful and sensible comment!

        I’ve been saying lately:

        “When ever does Obama, big government and its media buddies ever tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth?”

        It is a very hard pill to swallow for those who have enabled this Obama deception – Republicans, and so-called “Conservative” talk show hosts, included. A legal (Sheriff Arpaio) Investigation Team and a legal process of 15 months has found and publicly declared the Obama birth certificate (“credential for president requirement”) to be a fraud (a forgery). Yet, those who are presented this reality still would cat call and squeal to their opposition that they are carnival barker type “conspiracy theorists.” If that were the genuine case, then why all the ridicule and squealing? What harm can two bit “carnival barkers” do?

        The reality is, that those who have ridiculed those desiring the reality about Obama’s documentation credentials; those same people have become (and are beginning to be exposed) as the real “carnival barkers” and “conspirators of silence” over Obama’s background birth certificate (credential) documentation.

  5. Medic_Chris says:

    It puzzles me why, if you have without a doubt proven the document is fake, don’t you take the evidence to the local states attorney and have it referred for prosecution.

    I would think in this case it doesn’t have to be a federal case because he has also committed a crime in each of the states where he was on the ballot, so the locals could also assert jurisdiction.

    I do not know if Obama is guilty, but would love to see the truth come out one way or another and this issue finally be put to rest. This president has spent more time, money and effort than any other to seal his records, and that alone smells very foul, especially coming from a man who promised to be the most open / transparent President in history.

    1. Medic_Chris –

      Excellent comments! Your assertion seems to be very applicable and plausible. Please consider taking this same comment to the Sheriff Arpaio “Cold Case Posse” website. This, as you point out is not just a national issue; it affects every state; and, as you clearly imply, every local jurisdiction. Not even Obama’s lackey kowtowing Attorney General, Eric Holder, will be able to contain a [possible] concerted groundswell of influence to see to it that justice is accomplished!

      As to the end of your 3rd paragraph comment. You are correct. Something does smell; and, I contend that it smells to high heaven – especially coming from Obama, who himself has said:

      “The only people who don’t want to disclose the truth are people with something to hide.” [Barack Hussein Obama]

      Now, having quoted Obama’s own words (which are repeated in many of the ObamaReleaseYourRecords website (so often), we really can’t expect Obama to be true to his words. So often in the recent past; what he says, is opposite of what he actually promotes and does. Hence, all the more reason why this Sheriff Arpaio Cold Case Posse’s definitive results are of utmost importance for America!

    2. Gary Sellars says:

      “It puzzles me why, if you have without a doubt proven the document is fake, don’t you take the evidence to the local states attorney and have it referred for prosecution.”

      Because NOTHING WILL HAPPEN. Can you name ONE MAN of character and courage in government? Have you forgotten what happened to Breitbart?

    1. Tanya –

      Obama supporters by their “conspiracy of silence” over Obama’s past and documentation – and lack thereof, cannot expect to utilize the excuse that you purport. By Col. Allen West’s own refusal – his “political sin of omission” [see link below] not to involve himself, he has publicly spoken. These high profile people can no longer expect a cover of anonymity over their continued silence over the (now, obvious Obama Birth Certificate) forgery.

      Furthermore, I would hasten to add, that those who have been supporting Obama with deception untruths of disinformation and misinformation; that, those same people will now have to stretch their efforts far and wide in attempting to cover for high profile people such as Col. Allen West who have apparently lost their courage to defend traditional, patriotic and Constitutional America.

      Col. Allen West’s political sin of omission against America

  6. Hanna.Brewster says:

    So you believe your lies can he bought? Obviously no credible proof. That’s why no republicans will report this.

    All this does is destroy the credibility of your republican party.

    1. Hanna –

      Thank you for your comments. However, I believe them to be intellectually bankrupt and without substantiation. I’ll explain:

      First of all, you make make an assertion of me lying. I can only conclude that you did not thoroughly read the article with which you have submitted a comment. You don’t evidence your (obvious) “shoot from the hip” charge that I am lying. Read the article. This commentary by me is evidenced by informational links. Are you in denial? The legal investigation has now proven that the Obama birth certificate credential is a fraud!

      Secondly, your conclusion about Republicans is hastily drawn. It is a generalization that is not based upon evidence. Have you ever considered the reality that (for the most part) the Republicans have been part and parcel of the Dem. liberal / Obama “conspiracy of silence” over Obama’s forged (fraudulent) birth certificate? It (ultimately) does not matter (considering this evidence) where Obama was born. But, it does matter that Obama (apparently) has been caught in a huge national lie which has been used by him for White House occupancy legitimacy. That type of fraud is a type of felony fraud. It is criminal. Yet, the White House (hypocritical) occupier is attempting to pass more laws, legislatively and by executive order. And, he won’t subject himself to the law.

      Thirdly, your claim that “all this does is destroy the credibility of your republican party,” is blatantly ridiculous. The Republican Party has done itself in, being part and parcel of the Obama enabling crowd which continues to be a crony crowd of silence over Obama’s fraudulent (forged / fake) ID credentials! And, I might add that the Republican Party has done itself in by not even protesting an obvious 2012 corrupted election process.

      2016 Presidential Election: Worthless to vote Republican

      1. Nathan , The RNC and the DNC several years ago made an agreement not to investigate voter fraud . And that is the reason the RNC is not contesting the outcome of the 2012 presidential election . If truth be told both the 2008 and 2012 presidential elections were both illegal because one of the candidates did not qualify under Article ll Section 1 Clause 5 of the US Constitution to hold office .

        1. Charles –

          I have been aware of that which you reference. That is one of the major reasons I have no respect for the Republican Party anymore, and will not vote in the presidential election for either political party. I’m an Independent and will vote for someone else.

  7. Michael says:

    Why haven’t they taken this information to the Arizona Attorney General and if they have, why haven’t we heard anything about their response? What about a suit in a Federal court or any support from the State of Arizona? The governor maybe? The silence is deafening!

    1. Michael –

      I take it that when you say “they” you are referencing the Sheriff Arpaio Cold Case Posse assigned to handle the Obama case.

      I can only surmise. But, I would venture to say that the Arpaio Investigative Team has learned through recent history that they cannot trust the AZ Governor (Jan Brewer) and her state’s Attorney General. I believe that they both “dropped the ball” when accepting without reservation Hawaii’s word for it over Obama background info. Please do a search as I don’t have time right now to offer you an informational link.

      As to your reference of “….The silence is deafening,” please go back and read the titled headline of the PPSimmons article introducing the Freedom Friday video:

      IT’S OVER! Arpaio Investigation Team Finds Obama Birth Certificate a 100% FRAUD! DEFINITIVE PLAN UNDERWAY to BRING TO A FULL HEARING! Here’s the FULL Interview With Lead Investigator Mike Zullo on Freedom Friday with Carl Gallups — ppsimmons.blogspot.ca/2013/04/


    2. Barbara says:

      Because they are either bought or afraid of him.

  8. Jay says:

    This is just all talk and no action being done….Obama should have been impeached by now.

    1. Jay –

      I submit to you that you exercise some patience. In my opinion impeachment would only legitimize what Obama has signed into law as a White House occupier sitting in the Oval Office by virtue of falsifying his birth certificate (credential) office of the president Constitutional requirement. Obama needs to be arrested and imprisoned, just like anyone else found guilty of massive ID fraud.

      1. Don says:

        No president has been successfully impeached (aka removed from office) Andrew Jackson and Bill Clinton were the 2 who were “impeached” but they still served their full terms.

        This will be no different, Obama will be brought before Congress and they will go through the motions of an impeachment hearing and then he’ll be sent on his way to finish his term.

        The other side of the coin is if Congress does somehow make Obama the very first Potus to ever be removed from office they will be decried by liberals and black rights groups as racist. Bit like falling on your own sword. Never mind the fact if he is removed Biden takes over for the remainder of term and while maybe not quite as corrupt he’s a dimwitted muppet and completely incapable of running a bake sale, much less this wonderful country. I hate to say this, but removing Obama may do more harm than good, I fear.

        1. Michael Fernandez says:


          There is only ONE WAY to effectively remove obummer without the risk of a Bumbling Biden succession. He needs to be tried criminally for fraudulently obtaining the office of president, for treason against the United States, and then executed. That would delegitimize the entire obummer presidency and undo everything he and his company have done, including eliminate Biden.

          But, barring a revolution (and a successful one at that) that isn’t going to happen.

          We have the government we deserve, the government we asked for and God gave it to us, for by Him are kings (and presidents) raised up and put down. We booted God out of our public lives and are now reaping the consequences.

          1. Don says:

            Very true and there is one problem with your theory Michael.

            Even putting him up for trial will not remove all the cronies….Say we remove him and somehow Biden in the bargain through impeachment….Then Secretary of State becomes President and so on and so forth all the way down to the freakin Secretary of Education at the very bottom of the political totem pole (extremely unlikely).

            The Voters made this bed and now sadly we all have to sleep in it.

          2. Michael Fernandez says:

            Hi Pastor Bickel,

            About the “cronies;” I had dealt with that before with an expanded version of my reply above. That however would involve mass arrests, trials, executions and imprisonments for life (sentence depending on what they knew, when they knew it, and how actively they worked to control their own knowledge and/or prevent the truth from being known); almost the entire Congress, two (maybe more) Supreme Court justices, all but one (Palin) of the prior Presidential candidates, and most higher members of the press, including FOX, and finally, every other judge, elections officials, and any other government (state or federal) who had a hand in covering up for obummer.

            Oh yeah Pastor, there would be a lot of executions and imprisonments to undo this and put fear in those who would try it again.

            Unfortunately Pastor, as I’m sure you know, that will not solve the biggest problem we have as a nation which is an overall godlessness that has been inculcated into our society over multiple generations via worldly churches and the Public education system. That is something only God can cure but will not until we, His people start walking the walk And talking the talk. For too long we have either been Silent, not speaking out and presenting a reason for the hope that is in us, and/or if we have, or personal lives make our words out to be lies.

            Years ago, I heard that someone replied to a survey question about what they thought a “Christian” was. The answer: “A Christian is a person who repents on Sunday for what they did on Saturday and plan to do on Monday.” That is the sorry state of the American church. That is what most needs to change.

          3. Michael –

            Thank you for your excellent comment. You “get it!”

            However, relatively few people recognize and understand the problem that confronts our USA. Even if Washington DC would be swept clean of all the secular political correctness filth; we have a society which breeds more – in active fashion, via the godless public school system and by America’s unfaithful and buffoon practice of Christianity. Pastor Chuck Baldwin can best explain it. Here (below) are a couple informational article links from this former US political third party candidate:

            Christian, Please Wake Up!

            No King But Caesar

          4. Michael Fernandez says:

            Don, sorry, I’m answering via my phone. I thought it was the Pastor who replied. second, my expanded version of the answer you replied to is on other sites. and finally, I meant “conceal their own knowledge” not “control.”
            Hope that covers all my errors. 🙂

          5. smrstrauss says:

            Obama did not obtain the office of president fraudulently. He really was born in Hawaii, and since the meaning of Natural Born Citizen comes from the common law and refers to the PLACE of birth (not to the parents of a US-born citizen), he really is a Natural Born Citizen. And he really was elected by a margin of almost 5 million votes over M1tt Romney and 332 Electoral Votes to Romney’s 206 back on November 6, 2012.

          6. smrstrauss –

            From the looks of your comment, you missed the point of the commentary article. The Arpaio Investigation’s emphasis was not on where Obama was born. If you had read the article and related informational links and taken careful thought, you would have noticed that the upshot of the Investigation lays out that the long form birth certificate that Obama submitted has been deemed, (by professional experts) to be a 100% fraud (forgery).

            Furthermore, I find that those who attempt to support Obama, are still trying to avoid some issues – as your comment seems to suggest.

            Finally, since you brought up the “natural born citizen” issue; I think that you don’t understand it as the founding and framing fathers did – and, the years of history court cases that followed. Honestly ask yourself why in recent years the “natural born citizen” requirement for president has been the subject of attack. It’s because those who disrespect the US Constitution desire to eliminate that requirement for the office of the president.

            “Natural born citizen” means 2 things; via parentage (blood) and via being born on US soil. Please consult the following website to clear up your misunderstanding:

            “Natural Born Citizen – A Place to Ask Questions and Get the Right Answers – A blog to discuss the U.S. Constitution Article II, Section 1, “natural born Citizen” presidential eligibility clause:”


          7. Michael Fernandez says:


            You’re fortunate that the Pastor is a better and more patient man than I, as my response would not have been near as kind. There’s a reason they say you can’t cure stupid. and your comments illustrate why.

            But I guess it’s probably not your fault, being the product of a post-modern education / society. You’ve probably never learned to “think,” – just parrot the propaganda you’ve been fed.

            I’ve little patience for stupid people, but I do feel for you as I was once counted among the “stupid” people. God had mercy on me and opened the eyes of my understanding, and I pray He’ll do the same for you, for that is your only hope.

    2. bob68 says:

      Obama will never be impeached, no matter what he does. Members of Congress, both parties, were complicit in 2008 in getting a known ineligible, identity fraud, con-artist on the ballot and elected. Congress has participated for over four years in the cover-up of the biggest fraud in history. This is treason at the highest level, To impeach Obama would place members of Congress one step closer to being changed with the treason they have committed because of the sworn testimony, investigations and massive discussions that would surround impeachment.

      Congress protects Obama to protect themselves from being charged with treason.

      Obama is impeachment proof and he knows it. The list of impeachable offenses is long and growing, but it will never happen.


      1. Michael Fernandez says:

        Bob, you have just said what I have been saying since 2008; that the whole of Congress (with but a handful of exceptions, one of whom has punked up) is guilty, along with all the Presidential candidates in both elections who let him get away with his fraudulent documents and lies.

        You are right about Congress continuing to protect this fraud in Chief in order to protect themselves.

        On another side, even if impeachment proceeding were somehow ordered by the House, the Senate would never convict. Remember Clinton? Fact of the matter is, obummer could commit cold blooded murder on the steps of the Capitol in the middle of a press conference and if anything at all was said or done about it, it would be limited to blaming Bush or blaming the murder victim for criminally and with malice aforethought throwing himself in front of the bullet in order to embarrass the president.

        1. bob68 says:

          Michael, I think impeachment should be done now. Just pick one of many reasons, including stomping all over the Constitution and go with it.

          Impeachment would likely result in the arrest that really needs to be done because the investigations, sworn testimony and discussion involved would result in the biggest fraud in history being revealed, in spite of the best efforts of the media and Congress to contain and prevent the truth from being released. The Senate would be irrelevant and if they still want to defend Obama when the floodgates of the truth are opened, let them; it would help cleanse our broken political system.

          But, as I said, Obama is unimpeachable and his primary protector Eric, “ASS” Holder is also.

          1. Michael Fernandez says:

            Bob, perhaps you didn’t catch my point. The House is the part of Congress that can order a president to be impeached. It is the Senate that actually conducts the impeachment proceeding and renders a verdict (if any). The Senate is controlled by the DemocRats as well as REPUGNANTcans who will side with them.
            Clinton went through an impeachment for far less and what happened? Nothing
            Obummer is guilty as sin and we all know it, but Congress (House and Senate) is complicit in his being president in first place and in allowing him to do the things he’s been doing without action on there part for years now. No Bob, even IF the House would vote to impeach, (not likely) the Senate will never convict him as they would be implicating themselves.
            That’s why nothing “legal” is being done by most of these people like Arpaio and co., They know that the corruption is so deep that they are just going to milk the issue for cash while making a bunch of noise and nothing else.

  9. This web author is now taking a break from responding to some comments. Please feel free to continue to comment. I expect to reply later. But, for those of you “Obama enablers” please consider the following:

    To you “conspirators of silence” over Obama’s now proven forged birth certificate, please ponder what Obama, himself has said:

    “The only people who don’t want to disclose the truth are people with something to hide.” [Barack Hussein Obama]

    There has been no shortage of disinformation and misinformation about Obama’s history and the documentation he has, and has not provided for the American public in defence of him occupying the US presidential office.

    I submit that those who wish to continue to heap scorn and ridicule upon Americans who want to witness certain realities about Obama’s background and claim to legitimate White House Occupation; they are are real “carnival barkers,” and “conspiracy” con artists. Their conspiracy is one of “silence.” That continued silence is perpetuated by a ridicule of those who want the truth about Obama.

    Please note the very short audio video:

    “PSA: Sheriff Joe’s Lead Investigator; Every Obama Document Is Plagued With Problems:”


    I believe that those who have joined with the Obama enablers (including politicians of both political parties, high profile people and so-called “Conservative” talk show hosts), will regret their “conspiracy of silence” over honest and legal efforts to investigate Obama and the documentation he has, and has not provided for his White House (legitimate Constitutional credential requirement) occupancy.

    1. bob68 says:

      I don’t think I am disagreeing with you, and I like your post…but what I am saying is if impeachment happened, (in the House), what the Senate might do or not do would be moot because the process of impeachment would reveal the full scope of the biggest fraud in history and massive arrest would be made, negating the importance of whatever the Senate might or might do about convicting Obama.

      Anyway, we agree, impeachment won’t happen, no matter what.

      1. bob68 –

        I do agree with the scenario you reference. You say:

        >>>>>>> …… if impeachment happened, (in the House), what the Senate might do or not do would be moot because the process of impeachment would reveal the full scope of the biggest fraud in history and massive arrest would be made, negating the importance of whatever the Senate might or might do about convicting Obama…….. >>>>>>>>>

        Yes, such an attempted impeachment action would do more to expose the rotten political nature and activity of umpteen Washington politicians!

  10. dougster says:

    Obama has his solution whenever he’s faced with any criticism…..he plays golf and gives America the middle finger. I would imagine this is what’ll be happening for the next 42 months.

    Same for DOJ Eric Holder. He says “I don’t recall” and the Congress says, “OK.”

    I wrote Sen. Feinstein that BHO has committed felony ID crimes. She wrote me a letter essentially telling me to “get lost and drop dead.”

    I told Jerome Corsi that Sandy Hook was a hoax about grabbing guns and he wrote me back saying… “…I don’t buy it and besides that, you’re relying on look-alikes in calling the parents, actors…”

    1. dougster –

      I too, share your frustrations. However, I think it amazing that the Obama duping machine has existed this long! How far can it go without running out of hot-air steam?

  11. Jason Swenson says:

    Now that is funny

    1. Jason –

      I only approved your drive-by one line ambiguous and ridiculous comment to show case to this http://www.moralmatters.org audience, how some people discard their intellect when they turn on their computer. I can only conclude that Obama is where he is at today because of non-thinking voters such as yourself.

  12. BitterClinger says:

    I think that the story behind why he is hiding something is that he doesn’t want us to know who is real father is. Look at pictures of Barry, his supposed father and Frank Marshall Davis. Barry looks much more like the well known Communist Davis than his supposed father… of course this is just my personal opinion…

    1. BitterClinger –

      This may be your “personal opinion” as you say; but, others have arrived at this also; – and with some merit, based upon timelines and the history of Obama’s association with Davis. They’ve connected a scenario of dots and made a plausible conclusion.

  13. dougster says:

    Nathan M. Bickel :
    dougster –
    I too, share your frustrations. However, I think it amazing that the Obama duping
    machine has existed this long! How far can it go without running out of hot-air steam?

    Judging by history over past 50 + years, I would imagine the ‘duping machine’ could go on for many decades. It would not surprise me at all that people will be talking and writing about the ‘Sandy Hook Massacre’ for at least the next 30 years.

    The only thing that will stop it is for someone of very high media stature to unmask it for the fraud it was. Little people like me talking about it will not amount to anything. Obama is milking this for all its worth….and the ignorant sheeple lap it up like candy.


    1. Douglas –

      I agree with you. Every chance Obama and his lap dog media get a chance, they will (sickly) use this Sandy Hook hoax to call for more gun control. They get away with it because they prey upon adults’ emotions about children. The emotions have run so high that many adults will not even consider parts of the media and government reported event to be suspect.

  14. Josh says:

    The tactics employed here are as antique as the Roman Empire. Just look back on the days of the fall of their republic. They were falling apart, losing liberties and such and they gave them the games, the great arena and their gladiators. Well, today instead of bloodsports we have ‘American Idol,’ ‘The Voice,’ ‘Honey Boo Boo,’ Teen Mom’ etc…

    The average citizen would rather be entertained by low-brow shows and have their own flaws and sad habits glorified to stardom than to face the reality of the moral collapse of our nation and the destruction of our Constitution.

    Then people come out with their comments and shock, thinking all web-stream sources are “conspiracy theorists” and that if it were so real and true it would be on the news, sadly though it should. BUT as we all know, news stations care more about ratings than about truth and honest un-biased reporting. Given the choice between ‘political scandal’ and ‘druggie kills 12,’ they will choose the murders first, every single time.

    This country will never see change, will never prosper, and will never recover until we step-up and get back to the roots our Founding Fathers laid for us. Freedom, morality and Liberty; and before I get a comment about them and their vices, they never claimed to be ‘perfect men.’ They were just men; they did the job to SERVE not to be served.

    The day we cut the salaries, remove the high-society-perks from Capitol Hill and return the government to a place of SERVING the people; THAT, MY FRIENDS will be the day we see our country start to prosper. THAT will be the day men and women of INTEGRITY and MORALITY will step into office and not govern, but LEAD BY EXAMPLE and show the next generations the same examples that our parent’s parent generations were guided by; and, we will have PRIDE IN OUR COUNTRY once again.

    I pray for the day my own child is old enough to understand the way of the world and that she will see our leaders and our flag and be able to feel overwhelming pride and passion, instead of the utter disappointment and regret we feel now at the fall of our once great nation.

    1. Josh –

      Thank you for visiting http://www.moralmatters.org and for your wonderful and insightful comment!

      It is so true what you say. Our nation’s political “leadership” has fallen so far from the tree. The whole aspect of “serving” the people is lost to these wretched and selfish people. Most, I’m sure are in the condition and category which you so aptly describe! It is a crying and pitiful shame!

      Only through the grace and mercy of Almighty God, will our country ever rise to the stature it had when our Founding Fathers molded and shaped this nation. May God have mercy on our country. May God spare this country, if it is only for the faithful who petition Him day and night for deliverance from this oppressive and regulating political enslavement!

  15. Jim Walker says:

    I have to wonder how happy you people would have been if the President had been declared ineligible to run. Since people voter for Presidential electors and not Presidential candidates, that means that Joe Biden would have been elected President. Since John Boehner has said he doesn’t believe in the “birther” claims and wouldn’t accept the Presidency if something happened to both Obama and Biden except in the case of war or something like that because it would be going against the will of the people, that means the Democrats would hold the White House no matter what. But on top of everything else, you are still pitching something ridiculous. There were notices in the Hawaii papers when the President was born and dozens of people remember him from before he reached the age of five. Do you really think that this conspiracy goes back to before he was born? You make claims about his social security number which was all because a newspaper accidentally switched the numbers in a newspaper story. You people need to stop hating and start appreciating everything he has accomplished.

    1. Jim –

      I can see from your comment that you are one of those “low-information” voters. One of the reasons, I am publishing your comment is to allow competent readers of this http://www.moralmatters.org website to witness for themselves someone who buys the media line about this whole issue.

      Secondly, I desire this website’s readers to view a bigoted and hate mongering comment. Others and I grow weary of people such as you who reduce this issue of Obama’s [proven] forgery fraud to the illogical and emotional accusation of hating someone. Shame on you! You need to get a life!

      Thirdly, I don’t think you caught the import of this news commentary. You haul out the old trite defense of Obama, when that is no longer at issue. The reality is:

      America has a White House occupier in the position of chief executive. He maintains his ill-gotten power of influence through fraudulent forgery. Obama has implicated himself directly in this con artist scam when he publicly stood by this forged document. Obama is as guilty as a mobster drive-by shooting chauffeur. At the very least, Obama is a direct accessory of this forgery [fraud] crime.

  16. I am just wondering if this actually is true or still people are celebrating April Fool’s Day. Because if it is true then I seriously have nothing to say. He is the President and such news hurts a lot.

    1. Stephen –

      Reality news by its very nature should hurt. It should hurt (smart) so much that people are faced with that reality to jolt them out of their ignorance and apathy doldrums. Reality is not a poison; but, a gift. Reality is a gift to assist people to live their lives in honest communication with Creator God and their fellowman.

      Furthermore, I would submit that the avoidance of reality is denial. That denial is a bogus existence. That bogus (fake) existence does not fulfill the two Commandments of Christ to love the Lord your God with all of one’s muster and to love one’s fellowman as oneself.

  17. Michael Fernandez says:

    It’s all about making money, not about really prosecuting obummer for criminal acts. IF (and for only two little letters “if” is a mighty powerful word) obummer really has been involved in forgery, in false use of a SS number, in a false Selective Service registration, AND IF the Arpaio (who’s corrupt himself) has “PROOF” of this, then why hasn’t Arpaio been before a grand jury presenting this evidence? Because he’s as much a fraud as obummer. He and his buds, keep putting out stories in the press, but never do anything legal about it. In fact, the very article above is proof this is just a plea for more money from the gullible masses:

    “Such an endeavor is more than worthy of monetary contributions to follow-through with what was once initiated. You the reader and supporter of our Constitutional Republic; please consider a gift of support for the volunteer Sheriff Arpaio Cold Case Posse team. Give what you can.”

    Why more money from the people? Go and call a grand jury and present the evidence; get an indictment and call for obummer’s arrest the next time he steps foot in Arizona, or better, once an indictment has been obtained (assuming the validity of their evidence), file for obummer’s extradition to Arizona as a wanted man. But no-o-o-o. That won’t happen because Arpaio and company are more interested in milking the cash cow.

    1. Michael –

      The question about a grand jury came up during the Freedom Friday interview with Mike Zullo, head of the Arapio Investigation Team. He answered the question. Apparently, you did not read the full article.

      Secondly, your generalization charge about, “It’s all about making money,” is ridiculous. That’s a cheap assertion on your part that you don’t evidence.

      1. Michael Fernandez says:

        Actually Pastor Bickel, I did “read the full article” in which nothing was said about a grand jury, only a vague reference to a radio interview where various questions were answered. An interview which I am even now listening to.

        I listened to the caller’s question about why this hasn’t been presented to a grand jury, and Mr. Zullu danced around it talking about a “civilian grand jury” that would mostly “symbolic” and so, not worth the effort. Puh-leeze. That is a load of hokum for the uninformed masses. I am a former Arizona resident who is also familiar with Arizona law. Following are selections from the Arizona Revised Statutes (ARS) and Arizona Rules of Criminal Procedure. The Law requires the issuance of an arrest warrant for anyone indicted by a Grand Jury on a criminal offense.

        Arizona Revised Statutes: Title 21
        21-401. Definitions
        2. “Grand jury” means a body of the required number of qualified persons who are duly convened and impanelled by the presiding judge of the superior court and who are sworn to inquire into public offenses that may be tried within the county, including corrupt or willful misconduct in office of public officials within the county.
        3. “Indictment” means an accusatory statement that is in writing, that is presented by the grand jury to the superior court and that charges the commission of a public offense that may be tried within the county.
        21-407. Duties of grand jurors
        A. The grand jurors shall inquire into every offense which may be tried within the county which is presented to them by the county attorney or other prosecuting officer at the request of the county attorney, or by the attorney general as a special prosecutor appointed by the presiding judge of the superior court for the purpose of proceedings under section 21-408, subsection B, or section 38-344, and shall have access to all jails, public institutions, and public records.
        B. If a grand juror knows of or has reason to believe that an offense which may be tried within the county has been committed he shall report such knowledge or belief to the county attorney or to the presiding judge of the superior court. If an investigation of such alleged offense is undertaken under a charge to the grand jury as provided in subsection B of section 21-409, the grand juror may be sworn as a witness.

        21-413. Indictment upon probable cause
        The grand jury shall return an indictment charging the person under investigation with the commission of a public offense if, from all the evidence taken together, it is convinced that there is probable cause to believe the person under investigation is guilty of such public offense.

        Arizona Rules of Criminal Procedures

        Rule 12.26. Return of indictment

        Indictments shall be returned in open court by the foreman in the presence of the State Grand Jury and the Attorney General or the Attorney General’s designee. The Assignment Judge or court commissioner, upon motion of the Attorney General or the Attorney General’s designee, shall direct that an indictment be kept secret until the defendant is in custody or has given bail, and in that event the Clerk of the Superior Court in which the Assignment Judge or court commissioner is serving shall seal the indictment, and no person shall disclose the finding of the indictment except when necessary for the issuance and execution of a warrant or summons.

        Rule 13.1. Definitions; timeliness

        a. Indictment. An indictment is a written statement charging the commission of a public offense, presented to the court by a grand jury, endorsed a “true bill” and signed by the foreman.
        b. Information. An information is a written statement charging the commission of a public offense, signed and presented to the court by the prosecutor.
        c. Timeliness. An information shall be filed in Superior Court within 10 days after the determination of probable cause or the defendant’s waiver of a preliminary hearing. Failure to file a timely information shall be grounds for dismissal of the prosecution on motion of the defendant under Rule 16.7(b). Such dismissal shall be without prejudice except that if the prosecution is refiled, the time limits under Rule 8.2 shall be computed from the initial appearance on the original complaint.

        Rule 3.1. Issuance of warrant or summons

        a. Issuance. Upon presentment of an indictment, or on a finding of probable cause made pursuant to Rule 2.4(a), the court shall promptly issue a warrant or summons, or a notice of supervening indictment under Rule 12.7(c). Upon presentment of a complaint signed by a prosecutor, the court shall promptly issue a summons or notice of supervening indictment under Rule 12.7(c) or, after a finding of probable cause, issue a warrant.

        Pastor, I say this in all respect to you as a man of God, if you or I or anybody else had done what obummer has done (and I believe he’s guilty as sin), we would have been indicted, tried, and in prison by now. I know about Sheriff Joe Arpaio, as a former Maricopa County resident, he is as corrupt as the criminals in his jails. The man is a manipulative, publicity hound, for whom the laws do not apply, neither to himself or his friends.

        Right now, I’m listening to Zulu say, “I have the evidence, the undeniable evidence…” Fine, present it to the Grand Jury, get an indictment and then an arrest warrant. Quit dancing around the issue.

        1. Michael –

          My apologies for hastily concluding that you did not read the full article.

          You make a convincing case. However, I do think that in this situation, with a sitting [bogus] official “president,” that Mike Zullo is correct in assuming that such an attempt with a grand jury would be largely symbolic. One has only to look at some recent history with that “grand jury attempt” with what the Rev. James Manning attempted with that grand jury attempt (over Obama). [You might care to do a quick search on his website and elsewhere]

          Furthermore, I have hopes that the Arpaio Investigation has turned the corner and is on another “stage” of this whole process. Please note the PPSimmons article title:

          IT’S OVER! Arpaio Investigation Team Finds Obama Birth Certificate a 100% FRAUD! DEFINITIVE PLAN UNDERWAY to BRING TO A FULL HEARING! Here’s the FULL Interview With Lead Investigator Mike Zullo on Freedom Friday with Carl Gallups


          Accordingly, there is a “definitive plan underway.” And, I ask, why should this Cold Case Arpaio Posse offer their “definite plan” to the public and divulge their course of action? That, (in my opinion) would be likened to a military general giving away his plans of attack, to the enemy.

          Michael – I know most everyone who has been following this issue is impatient and the frustration and impatience is collectively growing. But, for myself (at least) I take a step back and remember what my father would often say, about situations and circumstances which life “throws at us.” He would say:

          [1] “Things take time; and [2] sometimes you have to stretch to the height of the ceiling.”

          Finally, you are very candid about your opinion regarding Sheriff Arpaio. I’ve heard the same from those who think Obama can do no wrong. [I hope you are not a disguised one of them]. But, be that as it may, whatever anyone thinks of Sheriff Arpaio, I’m convinced that he is attempting to do this job he has set out to do; and, he is of a mindset to do it properly, given the hurdles involved with all the circumstances that are in his way.

          All I can say to people such as you:

          (1) Pray to the true and Triune God that He will bring to justice Obama, sooner than later.

          (2) Do what you can to support efforts such as the Arpaio Cold Case Posse

          (3) Encourage others to do the above 2 things.

          (4) Expose (using various means) those people (especially high profile personalities) their lack of courage and obvious cowardice. Here, is an example. It is my latest Moralmatters.org commentary:

          Bill O’Reilly: The holier-than-thou Obama White House occupier enabler

          1. Michael Fernandez says:

            Pastor, please believe me, I am no lover of obummer. I totally believe he’s a fraud and an anti-Christian, anti-American islamic, socialist poser who is out to destroy what remains of America. – America has not been the country it was originally founded as for years now, though some remnants of that America still exist. But that’s another subject. :/

            As for O’Reilly, his name should be changed to “Oh…Really?” Because it’s hard to believe half of what he says anymore, thus the “oh… really?” reaction whenever he addresses truth and morality, like his siding with the homosexuals the other day.

            I’m also very disappointed in Col. West with his refusal to look at the evidence regarding obummer and his false documents and criminal activity. And to think I had supported his campaign in Fla even though I am now a MN resident. Oh well, sooner or later the truth about a person’s character comes out. Arpaio’s character is known to Arizonans, unfortunately, he talks a good tuff game which pleases the old folks, but his Dept. (while having many fine deputies) is overall, corrupt and unjust. But that also is a matter for another time. Like I said though, if this were anyone else, Arpaio would have already been before a Grand Jury and have an arrest warrant in hand by now. Smoke and mirrors pastor, smoke and mirrors.

            In the end, God will be the one who determines the outcome as it is He who raises up and brings down kings (and presidents alike). He is the Sovereign and I believe obummer and co., is His punishment upon this nation for having abandoned Him and His Law. He has been known after all, for giving the people what they want, even though it ends up biting them in the backside. Well, we (the people of the United States as a whole) got what we wanted, what we asked for. God out of our society and the devil in.

          2. Michael –

            You state (well) your assertions. But – especially the last paragraph, as I totally agree. However, I do hope and pray that your assessment of Sheriff Arpaio isn’t the reality with respect to his Investigative Team focusing on Obama.

  18. Ian Brennan says:

    Here is my reply to this…….it seems like total BS to me about this fraudulent Obomba document, BECAUSE if it were true and exposed now; that would / should be considered a felony and a threat to National security and Obomba should be arrested immediately (in public) along with whomever was involved in this coverup to put this ASSHOLE in office, THIS SORT OF INFORMATION SHOULD BE ON NATIONAL TV. And that’s all I have to say about that.

    1. Ian –

      You paint a very desirable scenario for those of us who desire (for) traditional, patriotic and Constitutional America to survive. Wouldn’t it be peachy and ironical that Obama and his cohort cronies would be locked away in all the FEMA / Detention Centers [“camps”] that they’ve apparently have reserved for law-abiding US Constitution loving citizens?

      Jesse Ventura Police State FEMA Camps Full Episode

  19. Concerned American says:

    If it’s proven to be a forgery then why is that man still on office? After lying about so much, why is he in office? Should he be impeached?

    1. Concerned American –

      Yes, it has been proven (evidenced) that Obama’s needed requirement birth certificate credential for the office of president is a forgery. And, I believe one of the reasons he continues as our White House occupier, is that, by and large, most people who would have the high profile influence to object and really do something about it, have turned a blind eye and a deaf ear.

      But, now that the forgery has been proven and publicly declared a 100% fraud, I see a new beginning happening. Those who have chosen to be Obama enablers by turning a blind eye and deaf ear; they will be outed and heavily criticized. They will be called to account and held responsible. There is no excuse to allow this foolishness. There is no sane rationalization to commit this grievous sin of political omission. Here, following, is an example of one person being exposed:

      Col. Allen West’s political sin of omission against America


      Obama enablers: Big name supposed Conservatives

    2. Michael Fernandez says:

      Bro, everyone with a functioning brain knows that obummer is a fraud and a criminal. Problem is, many of those who know are the ones in Congress (Both House and Senate) who turned a blind eye, or worse defended him in the matter of his lack of genuine documentation proving his eligibility. They, along with the presidential candidates (08 an 12) along with all the media (including FOX) know.

      The only ones who believe he is qualified are liberals, which is why Michael Savage has it right when he says, “Liberalism is a mental illness.” Basically they’re brain dead from all the koolaid they’ve been drinking.

      As for impeachment, that only applies to a legitimately elected president. Obummer should be taken out, tried for treason and put up against a wall, along with everyone who knowingly enabled him.

    1. Concerned American –

      You make a good point. And, I think that you a give good reason answer why parents wouldn’t respect this Obama de facto government, which has never subjected itself to the rule of law.

      Regardless though, I would question whether it is wise and godly of parents to attempt to teach their children that it is normal and natural – and the “Christian” thing to do – to respect government, when government is not (itself) “subject to the higher powers” [God].

      Christ taught His disciples to “be wise as serpents and harmless as doves.” [Matthew 10:16] And, in Romans 13:1-8 the Scripture teaches how a Christian is to respond to government. This Scripture has been perverted by Christian pastors and Christians for centuries and has been utilized by dictators and tyrants to persecute and murder its citizenry, expecting the godly to be nothing but the punching bags of a decadent and evil culture. Yet, this same Scripture says that Christians are to “give honor to whom honor is due;” not to automatically accept a dictator’s dictates which are contrary to Scripture. Please refer to the two topical messages of mine of which may interest you, and help to put some things into perspective on this issue.

      Part 1: Christian Citizenship — What is the Christian’s duty and responsibility to a USA president who has, and practices, opposing moral values?

      Part 2: Christian Citizenship — What is the Christian’s duty and responsibility to a USA president who has, and practices, opposing moral values?”

  20. Ol'cracker says:

    The conservative opposition did drop the ball on the FBC BUT don’t forget who managed to enrage the rabble with the slanderous “birther” label: “journalists”, “editors”, “anchors”, “professors”, “congressmen”, “judges”, “clergymen”, et al knowingly used their power and prestige to deceive this nation. They are still doing it.

    1. Ol’cracker –

      Yes. I agree. All these groups going out of their way to deceive, when they could have stood for honesty and the truth.

  21. Michael Fernandez –

    I desire to let you know why I haven’t approved and published two of your comments.

    (1) I found them to be repetitive

    (2) Those 2 comments revolved around a couple of side issues which you seem to have about (against) Sheriff Joe Arpaio and his Investigative team.

    What you state about Arpaio may very well be the reality. But, then, allow me to remind you what Christ stated in the Gospel of Luke 6:

    “…….woe unto you when all men speak well of you……..”

    Those high profile figures which are not sorely criticized are likely to be “Yes” people and not making much of an impact.

    Also, it seems evident that Sheriff Arpaio is being very conscious not to take the public taxpayer money to fund the “Cold Case Posse,” investigating Obama. It seems bizarre that you could not give Arpaio credit for even one thing but (on the contrary) only harp on how he is accepting voluntary contributions and doing that (according to you) with some sort of selfish intent.

    Finally, having stated the above – I do appreciate your input and [other] comments and that you seem to know what is being done (to the negative) against our beloved country………

    1. Michael Fernandez says:

      Pastor Bickel,

      No worries Pastor. Fact of the matter is, I’m not even sure what it is you haven’t approved, but it really doesn’t matter, you’ve posted enough that I know that you don’t act hastily or without reason. 🙂 Truth is, I ain’t all that. I know some things others don’t but at the same time, there is much of which I know little or nothing at all. So, again, no worries.

      God bless.

      1. Michael –

        Thank you. And, God bless you also!

  22. csev says:

    we all know that the liberal mind that has been brainwashed by the Communist endoctrination (since John Dewey and Edward R. Murrow brought the Communist scholars from the Frankfurt School of Germany to America in 1933 and put them all in high positions in our public school systems and universities) is unable to comprehend truth.

    It is a fact that no matter what or the amount of proof a sane individual gives, a liberal they will still refute it!!! So the bottom line is, I laugh at liberals. They do NOT have any facts to argue against TRUTH; therefore they are reduced to name calling or some other form of attack!!! A liberal should be felt sorry for as Christ said “Forgive them for they Know not what they do.”

    I, personally, cannot wait until this fraud destroys this country and the same liberal minds start to attack him. Remember the end result of Communism is complete destruction and death to the people that put them in power, as the Commie leaders can no longer afford to supply these eaters and takers with freed stuff anymore!!

    You waste of humanity liberals and your children will get the surprise of your life when you’re in the camps waiting for the gas to be turned on!!!

  23. Barry Blackmun says:

    On recommendation of an acquaintance of mine, I read the article. Then I read it again, and again. And you know what—there’s not a single word in there quoting what Sheriff Arpaio said. Nothing. When someone makes an announcement in the news, it’s customary to quote him—the media certainly did that after the bomb attempt. But here…nothing. Just what somebody SAYS Arpaio said.

    Kiss it goodbye, people. You’ve been scammed for four years, and now the scammer doesn’t even have to say anything any more in order to get you to give him money. You’ll finally get your desired results—when? January 21, 2017, maybe?

    1. Barry –

      I think that your comment and rationale contained therein are a very lame-brained excuse for being in denial. I think that you may be one of those Obamabots who keep on defending this White House occupier, wicked person.

      Obama’s future appears to be very bleak

  24. Brian Reilly says:

    Before you get too excited consider this:
    The Cold CasePosse developed probable cause that the felony crimes of forgery were committed regarding the Obama Certificate of Live Birth and the Obama Selective Service System registration form. This was announced over a year ago on March1, 2012. Since then, the 435 members of the House of Representatives have not been contacted with these findings by Arpaio’s office. Why not?

    If you review the Carl Gallups Freedom Friday program from April12, 2012, you will hear an older gentleman by the name of Tom Arnold who claimed to be former law enforcement and he asked a very telling question: Why hasn’t the investigation been taken to the local prosecutor’s office? Gallups quickly broke for commercial and then came back and accused Mr. Arnold of being an Obama-bot. Gallups never answered the question but went on to talk about the 30 years of law enforcement experience that Zullo has (CBS5 Phoenix previously reported Zullo has 5 years paid law enforcement experience in New Jersey) and the 10 years of law enforcement experience that Gallups had accumulated.

    Bottom line, until this investigation is taken to Congress with the evidence that has been developed, save your money.

    1. Brian –

      So? Your apparent assumption is that every question on Carl Gallup’s Freedom Friday program needs an immediate answer. That, is improper reasoning.

      Furthermore, you jump to a hasty conclusion by saying,

      >>>>> Bottom line, until this investigation is taken to Congress with the evidence that has been developed, save your money. >>>>> [Your assertion without substantiating it]

      Your illogical hasty conclusion suggests that other avenues don’t have merit. Also, I think that you readily leave out the reality of a inept and irresponsible Congress which has proven that it wants to ignore and sit on the issue. Congress is part and parcel of the problem. Why give to Congress the results of a thorough investigation when various members of Congress are implicated in the Obama fraud?

  25. That is some tortured logic there, champ.

    Actually, Zullo said the .pdf version was a “forgery,” not the paper document. In fact, Zullo said it didn’t matter if the paper version really existed at all, remember?

    So, since it’s an image, and has no legal validity in the first place, please cite for us all the federal code violation this represents? Go ahead, we’ll wait.

    1. Turning –

      You offer a new twist to the Obama deception. But, your assertion is the same old defense of the indefensible Obama and all his corruptions. It makes no difference. What the Obama crony team presented has been found a proven forgery. Squeal all you care; the reality is continuing to be presented and exposed. Fewer and fewer Americans are accepting the Obama propaganda machine. You’ll have to come up with some new propaganda…….

      Finally – you imply that there is a “paper version?” Then why hasn’t Obama publicly disclosed it and shut down all these alleged carnival barkers?

  26. Irv says:

    When Obama Etc. Leave Office!

    When Obama administration officials and members of Congress retire from office, there will be no place on earth where they can hide from those who wish to belatedly express their “appreciation,” in tangible ways, to those who tried to destroy the greatest nation ever!

  27. Hey just wanted to give you a quick heads up.
    The words in your article seem to be running off the screen in Chrome.
    I’m not sure if this is a formatting issue or something to do with internet browser compatibility but I figured I’d post
    to let you know. The style and design look great though!
    Hope you get the issue fixed soon. Many thanks

  28. Rylan says:

    I believe this all the way to the core.. Looking at a bigger picture now that its a bit established that he wont be brought to justice. Are there any speculations to what he’s up to? I myself suspect world war 3.. starting with Syria… If he declares war he can run for another term. I know this is off topic from this.. but i really think that we already know what can and can’t be changed (his presidency is one of them).. so what now? Your thoughts?

    1. “Rylan:”

      Aka Obama is on his way out. How that transpires, I don’t know. Personally, I don’t think that he will finish his second fake term. Lord only knows. He could be driven out in a number of ways, including doing himself in. The only “thing” keeping him in office now is the deep dark underworld. The man is demonic and many, if not all of his cabal comrade influences are influenced in the same manner.

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