Sodomite sympathizer incorrectly says: Those who disagree with homosexuality are hate mongers and bigots

This Christian emeritus  pastor and web author always finds it amazing when certain offended people are quick to

Homosexual activists are familiar with Christ’s words of “Judge not.”  As is consistent with their abnormal (sinful)  lifestyle nature, these activists misconstrue  and molest Christ’s Gospel words. Note the one topical message:  “Absolutes and Christ’s often misunderstood words of ‘Judge not.'”

Please note: The definition of “Sodomite,” and “sodomy” towards the end of this article.

Moralmatters reader, “Jay” has left the following comment after this website’s published posting:

Homosexual activists squeal like pigs over Republican, Dave Agema’s Facebook statement

Jay’s comment:

Troy – You are so right. These hate mongers and bigots are going to have as much credible and be as relevant as a segregationists or a kkk member. Within 5 years, even their own children will be embarrassed by their prejudice and hate filled lies (just like segregationists kids ultimately were. They have lost their war of hate and bigotry – the world and the nation have moved on without them. It’s sad and pathetic for them, but there are consequences to hate mongering. Hooray for Justice, Freedom & Equality!!! For they shall win the day.

Moralmatters author’s reply to “Jay:”

<<<<<<<<  Jay –

I find your comment reply to “Troy” to be disingenuous; not only disingenuous, but also intellectually dishonest. Why would someone be a hate monger and bigot as you suggest, for pointing out reality – the reality of the dangerous homosexual lifestyle?

Furthermore, your comparison of equating those who disagree with the homosexual lifestyle and agenda to that of the KKK, is also intellectually bankrupt on your part. You mention “justice, freedom and equality” as if the homosexual lifestyle is to be associated with that. I find that to be morally and ethically myopic on your part!

I also find in your comment reply to Troy, that you are spouting emotion, devoid of reason and [good] moral perspective. If you are (morally) honest, you would realize that history has always regarded the homosexual lifestyle with disdain and a deadly threat to the health and vitality of a culture.

Pic of the late Senator Teddy Kennedy; perhaps one the the most infamous of all US politicians.  He portrayed himself as a respectable Catholic Christian, but was a vile person. He was a champion of liberals and leftists. His political career was marked by an abuse of politics and rabid support for genocide. Teddy Kennedy was a model of hate mongering.

Pic of the late Senator Teddy Kennedy; perhaps one the the most infamous of all US politicians. He portrayed himself as a respectable Catholic Christian, but was a vile person. He was a champion of liberals and leftists. His political career was marked by an abuse of politics and rabid support for genocide. He was a model example for hate mongers.

Finally, if you desire to highlight genuine hate mongers, please think awhile and highlight the real hate mongers of the culture. Here, following are a “for instance:”

What did Senator Kennedy have in common with President Obama and the late Abortionist, George Tiller?  >>>>>>>>>

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Sodomy – (Genesis 18-19), any sexual intercourse regarded as abnormal, as between persons of the same sex, especially  males, or between a person and an animal.

Sodomite – 1.  An inhabitant of Sodom. 2 [s-], a person who practices sodomy. 

[Websters New World Dictionary, College Ed. c. 1959 – The World Publishing Co.]


Posted by:

Pastor emeritus Nathan M. Bickel


Above pic (s) found on the web.

23 thoughts on “Sodomite sympathizer incorrectly says: Those who disagree with homosexuality are hate mongers and bigots

  1. jericho777 says:

    Kennedy reminds me of the Roman Church’s Emperor St Constantine I “their Great,” The Flavius Valerius Aurelius Constantinus, his actions were in line to those of the late Teddy’s…St Constantine was by far no Christian, and from his actions alone after conversion were very discernible…His blood letting and cruelty were never ending nor were his appetite for paganism and spiritualism’s, Hmm, sounds so familiar?

    As Christians it is essential we judge and discern, test all things that come in our father YHVH’s name, we must test and judge those things that surround us as either good or evil, we have to judge the actions of others to insure we not get caught up in their sins or the sinful nature that possesses us in order to stay clear of all temptations…

    I have to argue this time and again with my dear Brothers & Sisters, just as we also have the right to defend ourselves aggressively in whatever manner it takes to preserve our lives, the lives of others and most certainly the truth in YHVH’s name and living scripture…

    Great essay Brother/Sister, I was elated to see this article as so few are commenting and or debating this subject for it’s validity within our Christian lives and, so many more are too misunderstanding of scripture, we need to understand what we are truly blessed with so we can defend those blessings gifted us with all our Christian might as is charged of us to do by YHVH himself, to preserve himself within us all, these misunderstandings are pulling us apart when we need more than ever to be reunited, is it not why Christ Yeshua sacrificed himself for us, to restore our relationship with his father and the truth in all matters his are for those who seek it out..

    Do we not have to separate the wheat from the chaff?
    So is it with good and evil, deception, self deception & honesty, we simply cannot escape judging and discerning these human qualities and characteristics, or separating them one from the other, spiritually impossible to escape it’s practice!

    (Matthew 3:12) Whose fan is in his hand, and he will throughly purge his floor, and gather his wheat into the garner; but he will burn up the chaff with unquenchable fire.

    (Psalm 1:4) The ungodly are not so: but are like the chaff which the wind driveth away.

    ( 1 John 4:1) Beloved, believe not every spirit, but test the spirits whether they are of God: because many false prophets are gone out into the world.

    Thank You!

    1. jericho –

      Thank you for visiting and for your comment. Yes, I am one of the few not intimidated to post on this subject. Would that other Christians feel free to utilize their freedom in Christ and First Amendment rights to set forth the Scriptural standard!

      Feel free to comment after future postings on this site. Your comment here is appreciated!

      Oh, yes – nice website you have:

  2. BitterClinger says:

    I would love for the supporters of “equality and fairness”to tell us when they will start speaking out for those who want more than one spouse, or those who think adultery is ok, or those who are into beastiality….. I mean, if these people are REALLY demanding equality and fairness for all, then it’s time they stand up for EVERYONE who lives an “alternative” lifestyle.

    1. BitterClinger –

      Thank you for visiting again and for your comment. Yes, I agree. Point well taken! But, somehow, I think that these poster children for “equality and fairness” only go so far. They easily show their hypocrisy, political correctness and how srewed up they are……….

    2. jericho777 says:

      April, I do believe we are just shy of an ear from those whisperings even now?
      The easier passages “Bills” will be the first they’ll try to legalizes, Polygamy, First Cousin marriages, Incestuous marriages, which by the way, several Democrat Representatives have already talked about it being OK in some instances, and why I believe that Jessica law is being shot down in so many states because it will criminalize pedophiles…

      The Imams have already decreed it legal to thigh a 9 month old infant child, by thighing they aren’t having intercourse with the infant and in this manner don’t have to marry the infant female. They can also practice this same evil act on a child up to 9 years of age, which at that point, she is of consensual age to marry and the older male can then have consensual sanctimonious intercourse with her and then if he wishes have that marriage arrangement annulled, see where that is going, Imam sanctified pedophilia?

      They passed out pamphlets illustrating how to have sex with an animal “Beast” and how to then discard of it by burial and burning of the carcass away from the land the act was committed on so as not to defile it…
      Because so many of the poorer Muslims raised a stinker about the discarding of so much perfect “unspoiled” meat, the Imams then made allowances, instead of putting all that meat to waste, they are now given permission to sell the meat outside of the village where the bestiality took place…

      If I was in the neighboring village and saw an outsider selling meat, I would have to pass up that purchase…

      The United States are not that far behind and I’ll argue that any day, being that we have allowed so many lesser evils that they are now an insurmountable force against us…Only through Yeshua’s saving grace are we victorious, but the price we are about to pay are going to be horrendously evil…when Porn was legalized in the 70s at the theaters, my Momma Dot thought the Antichrist was finally here, just imagine had she witnessed what has transpired since her passing in 1989?

  3. I am with Jay. How can you “disagree” with homosexuality? It is like “disagreeing” with left handedness. You can tie children’s left hands behind their backs and insist they conform to your way of acting, causing terrible psychological harm; or you can live and let live.

    And there is no “homosexual lifestyle”. Like with straights there are couples who are faithful life-long, single people, serial monogamists and some who are promiscuous. You are gravely mistaken.

    And- in ten years’ time this will not be an issue. Almost all US Christians will celebrate gay marriages and think nothing of it. Thank God.

    1. Clare –

      Thank you for visiting and reading and for your comment.

      You bring up some common thinking about this whole issue. So, please bear with me as I attempt to address a number of “things” you mention. I’m pleased that you can intelligently communicate your thoughts without going on the name calling vitriol offensive.

      First of all, you ask (wonder) why I can “disagree with homosexuality.”

      I disagree because I agree with the Creator’s intention and desire for His Creation. I make no apologies for referring (and deferring) to someone greater than I. I’m one who attempts to order my thoughts, beliefs and life according to His divine revelation as it is laid out in the Hebrew and Christian Scriptures. I am not ashamed to look to a “higher authority,” than myself. Hence, I find myself in subjection to His will and His purposes. I am not perfect by any means. I “find myself” to be a recipient of His grace and mercy. I’m sure that, in itself, is why I agree with the divine book. [But, that introduces a whole different subject]

      Apart (but, yet, still related) from the clear divine revelation (of both the Old and New Testament historical record) I believe it is inherent within human nature, the “male and female aspect.” Using the simple (yet, imperfect) analogy of an electrical outlet and wire plug; it is the natural course of human sexuality. And, I’ve stated a number of times on this website (and, online) that the human anus was never designed for anything but exit purposes, only.

      I find that your example of “left handedness” is rather incomplete; or, at least inconsequential. One of my brothers is left handed; and the rest of the family never treated him any different. But, I realize that was not your point. Your point is that you cannot force a standard of human behavior. And, I agree. My disagreement with the homosexual lifestyle is not like the Muslim Islamists who execute homosexuals. I believe that God gave everyone a free will. Those who live contrary to His desires and Commandments, do so according to their own making and desire. However, having stated that, I take exception to homosexual activists who are strident in their political efforts to force upon the culture their thinking and their behavior.

      Secondly, you claim that “there is no ‘homosexual lifestyle.'” To that, I strongly disagree. When I read a portion of the New Testament Romans 1 Scripture, I think it to be obvious that there is. Sodomites act in such a manner as the Scripture says they will; and, their behavior is reflective of the sinner’s way. That way, is rejecting the Creator’s way and authority. [Romans 1:18-32]

      Thirdly, you make a ten year projection (prediction). Your projection that “this will not be an issue,” may very well be true. However, I will be quick to qualify that. It won’t be “an issue” with those who live their lives apart from Creator God’s designs, purposes and will. Even the good Lord in His Scriptural divine revelation predicts the global culture to morally spiral down the [proverbial] sewer.

      Also, you assert that “almost all US Christians will celebrate gay marriages and think nothing of it. Thank God.” [Your words] To that, I will also say, that may very well be the case, as the divine Book says that there will be a great falling away toward the end of the ages. That “falling away” (of Christians or, so-called “Christians”) is made mention of, in the New Testament Scripture of 2 Timothy 3:1-5 where it explicitly says that “men will be lovers of themselves………”

      Finally, I most heartily disagree with your (warped) conclusion. You say, “Thank God.” Those last two words of your comment illustrate to me that your thinking has been turned inside out. You are not thinking in agreement with the divine standard. You are thinking apart from the divine revelation which is His divine will. And, the grievous aspect of your thinking is that you are attributing the decadence of the culture to something good and honorable. Compared to the divine revelation of normalcy, design and intent, your very thinking is in agreement with that which is in disagreement with Creator God. Your “thanks” to Him is actually quite meaningless; and, in some way a kick in His face.

      Clare – Sorry to have been so long in my response. I appreciate your comment and civility, even though it is likely you will retain your present thinking on this subject, and that you will likely disagree with my response. Having stated that; our response to this subject is largely motivated and conditioned as to whether our thinking is homo centric or theo centric. If you believe and are motivated to think that “man (humankind) is the measure (center) of everything,” – then, there is no way that you can appreciate my thinking and explanation, which centers around the Creator Triune God, being the at the center.

      1. The MAD Jewess says:

        Well, NATE…Something that has plagued the Christians and Jews is this pesky scripture 2 Thessalonians 2
        For this reason God sends them a powerful delusion so that they will believe the lie.

        It is a LIE of satan the devil to condone actions and even “Thank God” as Clare did for his ‘love’ with abominable practices?

        She wants her own gospel.

        And, you are just too, too nice with these reprobates, Nathan!
        Thank goodness they dont visit me!

        1. TMJ –

          Yes. Perhaps, I am just “too nice” as you say. I will have to purpose to visit your candid website more often to learn some pointers! Your reference to the Christian New Testament Scripture is spot on. People whose insistence it is to ignore their Creator God; they are then the recipients of a reprobate mind. Hence, their delusionary (self-made / perverted) world………

          By the way – For those reading these comments by “The Mad Jewess,” her outstanding, candid and pointed website is. You will rarely find someone as passionate about reality as the Mad Jewess!

          The Mad Jewess

    2. The MAD Jewess says:

      Clare, can’t you please advise us all of the positive physical healthy benefits of homosexuality?
      Can you prove the parts fit?
      Can you prove this was the ‘norm’ in USA, if so, when did it start?
      Can you show where Communists have not used homosexuality to not further an agenda of anti freedom?
      Can you disprove this:
      Communist Manifesto Number
      26. Present homosexuality, degeneracy and promiscuity as “normal, natural, healthy.”

      Fine, you all go do your thing. Thats btwn you God and your conscience, but you need to show that this ‘lifestyle’ is emotionally stabling for American people/s. Because it most assuredly is not.

      And stop demanding that Christians and Jews who love Gods commands must marry in our churches and synagogues.

      NO, most US Christians do NOT embrace the end times falling away. You’re telling untruths.
      You are pushing a Communist, Babel-onian ideology that is ANTI Christ.

      1. The MAD Jewess says:

        Where is Clare?
        I thought that the secular “Christians” wanted a debate based on the secular argument???

        1. TMJ –

          Oftentimes those who claim they desire to debate such issues; their claim turn out to be nothing more that hot air emotional gas……..

          1. I have great concerns for their souls…

            I know many tolerate these practices trying to conform to man’s needs and not YHVH’s will for us. And they will lay claim that our Christianity to be tolerant towards those who live in sin. But when I ask them to produce Scripture saying that we are to tolerate sin and a sinful nature, they never show back up.

            Sinning and living in that sin are entirely two different aspects of our human nature and one that separates our living Christian lives to glorify YHVH as opposed to our just claiming to be Christians while not having to make the sacrifices that are required of us to ensure we glorify our Father in all things that we practice.

            Do we practice being observing Christians or do we just go through the motions without observing his living words?

            These self professed Christians deceive others who just don’t know any better and fall into these false doctrinal trappings who will, regardless of their naivety, be judged for their unrepentant sinful nature.

            Having a person who claims to be a Christian, stating that it’s OK to practice homosexuality when it’s most certainly not, will see themselves being judged just as harshly if not more than those they have deceived, who have fallen to damnation because of their false doctrines. They are in fact not only sinning, but they are living in their unrepentant sin and will be judged for it…

            And the false doctrines of these self professing Christians who rationalize Scripture for the benefit of man, are more dangerous to those lost than anything else they will ever be faced with in their life time. And [this] is why so many Churches are accepting practicing gays as are the Gay churches that are popping up have begun adopting Claire’s wayward and very deadly thinking. They are in fact knowingly and unknowingly false prophets doing the will of their father of lies.

            If they are allowed to believe it’s OK to live in sin without admonishment or correction from us Christians, then what does that say about us as observing Christians? Are we not charged with warning them of their eternal separation from YHVH? We are not berating them as much as it is a dire warning to them about YHVH’s intolerance to their living in unrepentant sin no matter how little that sin seems to be for them. It is still a monumental sin to our Father. Sin is sin, no matter the lesser or greater of it; you will be judged for living within it.

            Claire is deceiving others and that makes her deadly to an unbeliever and equally threatening to a practicing Christian…

          2. Jeffrey –

            Thank you for your comment. Your comment reminds me of the pic I have on my one topic, called:

            “Help for homosexuals:”

            The pic reads:

            “We are not showing authentic love unless we are intolerant of all the popular perversions of love.”

        2. Hello you Mad Jew 🙂
          That’s the problem with secular Christian’s, there’s no such a thing…Claire is secular no doubt, but a practicing Christian, I think not…She cannot serve both man and YHVH, she cannot have both…Cold & Hot…Luke Warm is not a place where you would want to be as a professing christian…

          1. The MAD Jewess says:

            I know, same issue I have with Commie ‘Jews’, can’t have both. As a Jew-Tian, I KNOW, you can NOT have both.

  4. Andrew Briseno says:




    1. Andrew –

      Thank you for reading and for your comment.

      Your comment reminds me of the Scripture in Revelation 21:8.

      Please next time you comment; refrain from utilizing Caps. It is more difficult to read and thus discourages those who would normally read a comment.

      Again – thank you for your comment. I like how you substantiate what you say!

    2. jericho777 says:

      Sin is forgivable when you have repented from it…
      Living in that sin is not forgivable when you don’t repent from it, thus you will be judged and damned for it!
      You cannot be a christian and live in that sin, period!

      YHVH’s way, or Hells Bells…

      Great post Brother…Shine that light and pass it on!

      1. jericho 777 –

        Thank you. Well said!

        1. jericho777 says:

          Am sharing your post and will accredited to you of course…It’s sad that Christians think this is tolerable, when in fact, it is not at all by YHVH!…

          An absolutely great response and I enjoyed it immensely Nathan, thank you…

          1. jericho777 – Thank you. I’m gratified that you thought the website article to be worthwhile.

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