Homosexual activists squeal like pigs over Republican, Dave Agema’s Facebook statement

Why don't homosexual activists care to hear the statistical reality of the lifestyle they have chosen? Why don't they care to face the facts that their type of lifestyle severely (statistically) cuts short their life span? Why don't you ever hear in the media about "gay bowel syndrome?"

Why don’t homosexual activists care to hear the reality of the lifestyle they have chosen? Why don’t they care to face the facts that their lifestyle severely cuts short their life span and quality of life? Why don’t you ever hear the media report about “gay bowel syndrome?”

Please note the mlive.com commentary by Zane McMillin whose poorly written news piece, molests what the Facebook page by Michigan’s Republican, Dave Agema, actually communicated:

‘Filthy homosexuals’: Michigan GOP leader Dave Agema’s Facebook post sparks furor – mlive.com/news/

There is nothing immoral or inappropriate with Dave Agema having the following [link] posted on his Facebook. Furthermore, Dave Agema’s Facebook page did not call homosexual’s “filthy.” He left information on his Facebook page which described serious statistics of the homosexual lifestyle:

“Everyone Should Know – These Statistics on Homosexuals – by Frank Joseph, M.D.” – traditioninaction.org/

Agema, a national Republican National Committeeman, left the following clarifying message on his Facebook:

<<<<<<< I think there needs to be some clarification. The articles posted that Agema says ” filthy homosexuals” is not my statement. It was added for effect by Slate news- their words. It’s sad that so many resort to personal attacks and pass this on as fact instead of dealing with the article written by a doctor with similar conclusions by AFA and the Family Research Council. Statistics given in various studies are pertinent because of what is happening in the Supreme Court. If this passes it will affect all of us from our kids in school to our healthcare costs. According to Gary Glenn of AFA, some of the statistics are low listed in the doctors study. >>>>>>> – Dave Agema’s Facebook clarification – https://www.facebook.com/dagema

It's bad enough that   our nation's public school children are being taught by liberal union school teachers. Surely, they don't need to be influenced by gay activists who will never teach them moral realities. Do you think that these teachers will warn their students about "gay bowel syndrome?"

 Do you think that homosexual activist teachers will warn their students about the dangerous physical and otherwise implications of the gay lifestyle? Do you think they will teach them that God never intended the human anus to be utilized for anything but exit purposes only?

Homosexual activists and their sympathizers aren’t content to do their own gender. They go out of their way to molest what people say. For them being vicious and full of bigotry and hate mongering, putting words in their opposition’s mouth, is part and parcel of their same sex lifestyle practice. They are hell-bent to molest whatever does not fit their agenda.

The reality is, the homosexual lifestyle is, indeed “filthy.” It’s filthiness is the risky abnormal sexual behavior which brings many emotional and physical health risks. Just go to Conservapedia.com and put in the search box, “Gay bowel syndrome.” Think of it this way: Creator God never intended the human anus to be utilized for anything but exit purposes. When the good Lord’s designs are willfully and militantly ignored, there are obvious and natural consequences.

Furthermore, it is no surprise that various groups would be cat calling “foul” over Dave Agema’s Facebook exposure of the homosexual lifestyle. One would expect this crybaby response because homosexual activists aren’t satisfied with same gender sexual relations. They desire to molest traditional culture with their political bullying to change what has always been [ageless] normal; marriage between the two opposite genders. [That’s what the true definition of marriage is – the union of one member of one gender, to the opposite gender]

Following are more of my self-authored thoughts, on thechristianmessagedotorg website:

Why Divine Revelation (Scripture) condemns homosexuality. Why do homosexual activists become so upset when their lifestyle is called into question? – thechristianmessage.org/

Also related – This Moralmatters.org page about the dangerous homosexual lifestyle:

Help for homosexuals – moralmatters.org

Gay bowel syndrome – conservapedia.com


Cartoon pic of US politicians. One is best to keep this image in one’s mind, so as not to be sorely disappointed. The sad and pathetic reality: They “serve” on the taxpayer’s dime.

Please Note – The following informational link is a way to contact our nation’s top political and cowardly misfits:

The Complete List of Email Addresses and Fax Numbers for the U.S. Congress and Governors – conservativeusa.org/

Also – Please access the following link, as it is more precious than all of our nation’s unworthy politicians and their putrid efforts, put together:

U.S. Constitution Online – usconstitution.net/


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Pastor emeritus Nathan M. Bickel




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9 thoughts on “Homosexual activists squeal like pigs over Republican, Dave Agema’s Facebook statement

  1. Troy Brock says:

    You guys are absolute morons….. Dave Agema is also an imbecile for thinking he wouldn’t get absolutely crucified for this.

    1. Troy –

      You make a couple of name calling negative statements which you don’t substantiate. But, I am not surprised. This web author expected some comments of the same nature which has haphazardly criticized Dave Agema.

    2. Jay says:

      Troy – You are so right. These hate mongers and bigots are going to have as much credible and be as relevant as a segregationists or a kkk member. Within 5 years, even their own children will be embarrassed by their prejudice and hate filled lies (just like segregationists kids ultimately were. They have lost their war of hate and bigotry – the world and the nation have moved on without them. It’s sad and pathetic for them, but there are consequences to hate mongering. Hooray for Justice, Freedom & Equality!!! For they shall win the day.

      1. Jay –

        I find your comment reply to “Troy” to be disingenuous; not only disingenuous, but also intellectually dishonest. Why would someone be a hate monger and bigot as you suggest, for pointing out reality – the reality of the dangerous homosexual lifestyle?

        Furthermore, your comparison of equating those who disagree with the homosexual lifestyle and agenda to that of the KKK, is also intellectually bankrupt on your part. You mention “justice, freedom and equality” as if the homosexual lifestyle is to be associated with that. I find that to be morally and ethically myopic on your part!

        I also find in your comment reply to Troy, that you are spouting emotion, devoid of reason and [good] moral perspective. If you are (morally) honest, you would realize that history has always regarded the homosexual lifestyle with disdain and a deadly threat to the health and vitality of a culture.

        Finally, if you desire to highlight genuine hate mongers, please think awhile and highlight the real hate mongers of the culture. Here, following are a “for instance:”

        What did Senator Kennedy have in common with President Obama and the late Abortionist, George Tiller?


  2. The statistics that he regurgitated and endorsed by doing so are inaccurate and stupid. Agema stands by them which makes him inaccurate and stupid. Facts are facts, and he is almost exclusively wrong. People’s ideology should be guided or at least tempered by actual facts. There is no virtue in propagating something that is false because they believe their God condones the ends justifying the means in this case. If someone wants to legislate against gays because they believe some celestial voice in their ear is commanding them to do so, that is one thing. But to to make up things based on ideology that directly conflict with science makes a man, a simpleton.

    1. Joe –

      No where did I witness Dave Agema “regurgitating” anything, as you would apparently believe and like others who read this website, to believe. Agema linked an informational article by a medical professional which had to do with the medical risks of living the homosexual lifestyle. Those medical realities speak for themselves, even though some people would like to disagree and call into question Dave Agema’s actions by reducing their opposing assertions to simple name-calling.

      Thank you for visiting http://www.moralmatters.org

  3. Dexter says:

    With having so much content and articles do you ever run into any problems of plagiarism or copyright violation?

    My website has a lot of completely unique content I’ve either authored myself or outsourced, but it seems a lot of it is popping it up all over the Internet without my authorization. Do you know any ways to help stop content from being stolen? I’d genuinely appreciate it.

    1. Dexter –

      Not that I know of. And, besides, at my age, I don’t worry about it.

      And, to answer your second question, I don’t know of any effective way to stop the plagiarism or copyright violation, except to find it, expose it and ask for a public online apology.

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