Col. Allen West’s political sin of omission against America

Pic of Sheriff Joe Arpaio and lead investigator, Mike Zullo,  heading up the ongoing formal and legal investigation of Obama's identity fraud.

Pic of Sheriff Joe Arpaio and lead investigator, Mike Zullo, heading up the ongoing formal and legal investigation of Obama’s identity fraud. The fraud has been duly documented. But, when (if ever) will high profile Americans, such as Allen West, act upon the exposure and prosecution of it?

Usually the word “sin” is part and parcel of the divine revelation, known to Christians in their highly regarded sacred book, called the Scriptures (the Bible). The “Fall of Man” is historically documented in the third chapter of the first book of the Bible, called, “Genesis,” which means, “beginnings.” Sin, by definition is simply a “transgression” of God’s divine law. It’s a breaking of God’s Ten Commandments. Sin is the opposite of holiness, the holiness, which is perfection – the absence of imperfection – sin. Only one man, the God / Man was perfect upon this earth. His name was [is] Jesus Christ, who came to earth to lead a holy life and to  suffer and die for the world’s sins and to be resurrected from the dead.

But, be that as it is, the word, description and action of sin, still describes a departure from the perfect path. Sin denotes human weakness, failure – and, not to forget, what sin brought to our present world – namely physical and spiritual death. Only those who have been washed in the righteous [holy] blood of Christ will attain a perfect life in the hereafter with their sacrificed (for sin), risen Christ. The Bible states about God’s great mercy toward sinners:

For by grace ye are saved, through faith, and that not of yourselves; it is a gift of God; not of works, lest any man should boast. [Ephesians 2:8-9 – KJV]

Sin is  still sin even if a person doesn’t believe in its damning eternal spiritual realities

This Moralmatters author believes that there is a right and wrong. He believes that, not because of any whim on his part; but, because of an objective standard; that same standard which was described in the aforementioned – the historical divine revelation of the Hebrew and Christian Scriptures.

When a person murders another without any lawful reason (such as defending himself or an act of war) that person is guilty of the sin of murder. When another person sexually molests another; that person doing the molesting is guilty of forcible rape and guilty of a heinous sexual sin.

The Scriptural divine revelation states: "To him that knows to do good and does it not; to him it is sin."

The Scriptural divine revelation states: “To him that knows to do good and does it not; to him it is sin.” [James 4:17]

We could go on and on describing how sin is sin according to the divine standard;  but this short commentary desires to describe another major category of sin – that being, sins of omission and how Col. Allen West is guilty as such:

The Ten Commandments mostly describe “sins of commission” – the outright aggressive acts which offend Creator God and hurt, harm and / or destroy one’s neighbor (one’s fellowman or fellow citizen).

However, there also are “sins of omission” which are just as lethal, as sins of commission. A bully can (actively) push another child onto a highway or railroad track while traffic or a train approaches. Or, that same teenager can stand idly by and observe a toddler approach a highway or railroad track. That, action of standing idly by and doing nothing to prevent almost certain death to the toddler, (because of busy traffic or an coming train) would be a sinful action on the part of the idle onlooker teenager. His failure to act on behalf of his fellowman – (neighbor {in danger} in the presence and person of the young child) would be a grievous sin of omission on the teenager’s part.

Pic of Col Allen West. He likes to speak to crowds with the American Flag in the background. But, his recent political sin of omission over refuses to expose Obama's fraud might might as just well have Allen West trampling America's flag as reportedly Obama's mentor, Bill Airs did.

Pic of Col Allen West. He likes to speak to crowds with the American Flag in the background. But, his recent political sin of omission over refusing to expose Obama’s fraud might  just as well have Allen West trampling America’s flag as reportedly did, Obama’s mentor, Bill Ayres.

Col. Allen West’s sin of omission

The following web article portion and link featured below by PP Simmon’s,  describes Col. Allen West’s political sin of omission:

Lt. Col. Allen West At CPAC – declines to help in Cold Case Posse Investigation –

Allen West’s action of standing idly by (as the teenager watching a child crawl to certain death upon a highway or railroad track), is a very grievous national sin. It is a sin of cowardice; of refusing to speak up for our Constitutional Republic, America, when he has been shown that Obama, the White House occupier, has usurped the office of US president by criminal deception and fraud. The Sheriff Arpaio investigative representation finally did have some time with Col. Allen West and demonstrated to him that Barack Hussein Obama forged his ID documentation which (falsely) gives him the necessary legitimacy to be president of the United States.

What did Col. Allen West (who is regarded an American patriot) do with the information he was given? Nothing. Instead he told the legally constituted Sheriff Arpaio investigative team representative, that he rather not involve himself because that involvement would likely kill (for himself) any future political possibilities for him to seek public office.

Pic of Pastor, journalist, and former law enforcement officer, Carl Gallups.  He also is heard on umpteen PP Simmons audio videos by scores of Americans, throughout the nation.

Pic of Pastor,  journalist, and former law enforcement officer, Carl Gallups.  Carl is also the main voice heard by scores of Americans on umpteen PP Simmons Internet audio videos.

Read for yourself the following journalist and Christian Pastor Gallup’s report [the first related link below]. Read for yourself, how the decorated army Veteran, Col. Allen West has made the decision to ignore the real and present danger to our Constitutional Republic, he swore to defend when he served in the US military.

In summary, Col. Allen West has chosen to sin by omission. His sin is to remain politically silent, – thus aiding and abetting Obama who has proven himself to be an enemy of America by his corrupted actions which most often are in direct opposition to our nation’s founding Declaration document and US Constitution with its Bill of Rights.

Col. Allen West is like that [above example] teenager, who, by his sin of omission, allows a child to cross a busy highway. Col. West is like that sinful teenager who is willing to stand idly by while Obama demolishes and destroys traditional, patriotic and Constitutional America.

By virtue of his political sin of omission, Allen West no longer is a patriot. Allen West is a coward. Allen West is turning his back on America so that he can pay homage to political correctness expediency for personal and selfish reasons. Allen West has chosen a Judas path. He will not lift a finger to support legally constituted efforts to  publicly bring Obama’s fraudulent actions, before the American people!


Lt. Col. Allen West At CPAC – declines to help in Cold Case Posse Investigation –

Note: Col Allen West voted to limit Americans freedoms and expand the federal government’s control over them with his (voting) support for NDAA:

Myth busted: Yes, the NDAA does apply to Americans, and here’s the text that says so –

Also, related:


Cartoon pic of US politicians. One is best to keep this image in one’s mind, so as not to be sorely disappointed. The sad and pathetic reality: They “serve” on the taxpayer’s dime.

Please Note – The following informational link is a way to contact our nation’s top political and cowardly misfits:

The Complete List of Email Addresses and Fax Numbers for the U.S. Congress and Governors –

Also – Please access the following link, as it is more precious than all of our nation’s unworthy politicians and their putrid efforts, put together:

U.S. Constitution Online –


Posted by:

Pastor emeritus Nathan M. Bickel


Above pic (s) found on the web.


21 thoughts on “Col. Allen West’s political sin of omission against America

  1. BREE says:

    This is a good description of it – “sin of omission,” although I think it may turn out to be more.

    The Judas illustration is a good one but that is yet another sin, the sin of betrayal – of the people’s trust. To me that’s worse.

    This all will come apart at the seams soon enough for Mr. West and he will end up in the heap of has-beens, also. For this kind of betrayal there is always an expected end. Obama has one too, and it isn’t quite the lap of luxury he is hoping for. But that’s another story in the near future.

    Herman Cain, Collin Powell, Alan West, what do they appear to have in common? Somehow I think something happens to them when they get too close to the Washington radar. It really hurts the country at a time when she is on life support…with time running out. It is very disheartening …again.

    1. Bree –

      You are spot on in your comment! Yes, it is a great betrayal of trust. I should have mentioned that aspect.

      Please go back and read the commentary again and the added pics. I mistakenly published the article before I was done editing it. And, since I haven’t learned to reverse that action baring deleting the whole article, I kept on editing and adding a couple of pics with captions. Hence, you may have seen the “earlier” published version.

      Thank you again for your observant comments!

  2. America is ill. She needs a doctor. DR. CARSON / DR. LAKIN 2016!
    The prescription for the “progressive” plantation.

    My name is Chris Farrell and I approve this message!

    First order of business after swearing-in as president and vice-president: Executive Order for a congressional investigation and simultaneous military investigation into the forged documents that Mister Barack ‘King’ Hussein Obama, Jr. presented to the American people as evidence of his purported constitutional eligibility to be president. After the documents are proven forgeries the appointments of two Supreme Court justices by Mister Obama/Soetoro/Soebarkah, a.k.a. Harrison J. Bounel would immediately be retro-actively abrogated–effectively annulled as having been made while in the commission of the criminal usurpation of the office of the president and the military rank of commander-in-chief.

    Mister Obama’s criminal usurpation of the presidency represents the most sinister crime committed against the American people and our Constitution in our country’s history.

    The wider conspiracy to contravene the Constitution and facilitate Mister Obama’s criminal usurpation of the presidency should too, within Congress’ ‘informing function,’ according to Prof. Emeritus Charles Rice of Notre Dame School of Law, should be investigated and all those complicit brought to justice.

    If any case regarding Mister Obama’s crimes should come before the Supreme Court and the two justices appointed by the ‘Manchurian’ Muslim from Mombasa, (an apparent Muslim practicing taqqiya) do not recuse themselves for obvious conflict of interest, as their very appointments to the court, would too necessarily be retro-actively abrogated as having been made while in the commission of a crime; then the American people have been denied their constitutional right to redress of grievance – said grievance being the criminal contravention of our Constitution resulting in the criminal usurpation of the presidency.

    We have an enemy agent of Islam practicing taqqiya illegally occupying the Oval Office and assisting Islamist interests world-wide in their effort at world domination.

    Mr. Obama’s criminal usurpation of the presidency represents the single greatest achievement by any Muslim in the 1400 or so year history of the murderous cult of Islam.

    Mister Obama’s criminal usurpation of the presidency puts the United States of America in the midst of a constitutional crisis of unparalleled magnitude. The United States presently has no legal sitting president or vice-president; and she has two illegitimate justices sitting on the U.S. Supreme Court.

    If our elected officials, military, judicial system, and even the “Fourth Estate” of major news media outlets refuse to do their duty and address this horrendous injustice and mockery of the Constitution of the United States of America as well as dishonoring of the office of the president of the United States of America, then patriotic American citizens are within their God given rights to Life, Liberty and the pursuit of happiness to pick up the weapons which they have a constitutional right to keep and bear for precisely such an offense as Mister Obama’s criminal usurpation of the presidency. God bless America.

    1. Veteran, Chris Farrell –

      Thank you for visiting and for your prescriptive concise comment! I’m sure that many of us who truly love America and want our country back would agree with everything you laid out!

      Not a day goes by for me, that I do not think of the White House occupier’s illegitimate presence as our nation’s chief executive officer and de facto (acting / unlawful) Commander-in-Chief. As you well observe, his [criminal / usurping] presence at the presidency of the United States puts our nation “in the midst of a constitutional crisis of unparalleled magnitude.”

      I still find it difficult to accept that the military (decorated) Col. Allen West would (and has) sold out his country for Judas political correctness expediency! But, now he has been exposed; and, I’m sure that more and more people (and voters) will realize that he too, has betrayed our America.

      Furthermore, I suspect that there will be a growing list of like minded “betrayal artists” (who, by their political sins of omission) will be isolated and exposed for the cowards and traitors they have become! Here, following, is Moralmatters (still) small “list” of Judas individuals (of which list) will grow to a much larger list:

      Col. Allen West’s political sin of omission against America –

      Former politician Col. Allen West becomes a coward: Judas West is another Obama enabler –

      Obama enablers: Big name supposed Conservatives –

      Rush Limbaugh talks big but falls short: Satisfied with politically correct cheap laughs –

      FOX Network’s Obama Sin of Omission –

      Note: For those who may be reading this and who think that Col. Allen West is a true American patriot. Col Allen West voted to limit Americans freedoms and expand the federal government’s control over them with his (voting) support for NDAA:

      Myth busted: Yes, the NDAA does apply to Americans, and here’s the text that says so –

  3. Tom says:

    Why are Sheriff Arpaio and the Arizona Attorney General, not issuing arrest warrants for the perpetrators of the fraud of Obama? The Sheriff is just as guilty, no?

    1. Tom –

      Good questions you pose. But, your questions (I believe) presuppose that the good Sheriff and the state’s Attorney General are in agreement. We already know how the weak and pathetic, Governor Brewer, botched efforts to bring Obama to accountability (along with the state’s attorney general) by accepting without proper and professional scrutiny, the Hawaiian [supposed] birth documentation of Obama, which (records) were requested by many Arizona citizens for presidential state ballot purposes.

      I don’t think that Sheriff Arpaio is guilty of anything accept guilty of opposing political correctness which would have Obama still rule and reign as White House occupier.

      1. Tom says:

        Hi Nathan,
        I see your points. I do however fault the Sheriff and his lead investigator of appears to be too much ‘news at 11’ sensationalism. They keep saying they have stuff but leave us hanging.

        1. Tom –

          Thank you for your comment. I, too share your frustrations. But, even so, I am hopeful.

          Having stated the above, I realize that the great majority of us don’t know the details of all the evidence the Arpaio Investigation have compiled. I also, don’t know how many times this Investigation has been eschewed by high profile people and high profile politicians and celebrities, which have placed barriers in its path. However, I think that there has been a “turning point.” And, I will tell you what that is:

          Just of late (for instance) the PP Simmons network of videos (including the PP Simmons website) has come out and named an individual who has refused to get involved. This is a major shift in the whole investigative process. I see the Investigative team turning a corner and shifting much of their efforts to get the message out there – including exposing the cowardice of high profile individuals.

          As I implied – most of us have no idea of the major roadblocks the Arpaio Investigative team has encountered by mass media and the Obama propaganda machine of massive deception. I think it was Winston Churchill who stated: [Paraphrase] – A lie spreads around the world before the truth puts its boots on.”

          And, that quotation reminds me of what Churchill said: “Never give up…….”

          Those whose quest is the truth and that it prevails; don’t give up. They might not witness (in their life times) the fruition of the truth becoming fully evident and becoming common knowledge to most everyone; but, instinctively they surely know that truth will eventually prevail. That, to a major part is the difference between honesty and the cheap political correctness expediency.

  4. Douglas says:

    We have about 42 months for the truth to prevail…if ever. Judging by the past, the do-nothing AZ Sheriff, Carl Gallups and dozens of other fearful fraudulent conservatives can drag their feet for the next 42 months.

    1. Douglas –

      Thank you for your comment. Could you please elaborate upon it.

  5. GS test says:

    Col. Allen West’s political sin of omission against America |

  6. Joe Coffey says:

    I would like to add another aspect to allen west’s list of charges. I agree that he is engaged in sin of omission, and betrayal of trust etc for which he should be exposed. And I am thankful for the work and words that you and your readers are doing to help accomplish that exposure. But the charge that I would like to add is theft.

    I know that it is a charge that will fit the entirety of congress, but at this moment we are dealing with allen west. When he was elected he took an oath to the people and before God that he would protect and defend the Constitution of the united States of America. Whereas he, and all of congress, are still taking the people’s money and not performing the legally recognized, and legally binding duties that the people have demanded of him, I believe it is criminal as well as sinful. It is actual thievery.

    In a just society, EVERY person in congress would be forcibly removed from office and face penalty of incarceration for fraud, extortion, theft etc. (I admit that I am uncertain about what terms to use here) God will most definitely judge the sin of allen west’s action / inactions. But in the meantime, I believe it is the duty of the people of this country to hold them legally liable in the present. That means that we should have them in a court of justice to answer to legal charges of stealing.

    To be clear, I recognize that the Constitution does not allow for a recall of the congress. Prior to the seventeenth amendment there was a means for the people’s house to recall a senator, but even that is done away with now. However, we do still have the right to bring legal charges against them and thereby remove them from office upon conviction of crimes. And in the long run, that would be just as effective. Perhaps more effective, if We The People would show with certainty that we are going to hold them accountable for “every word and deed” (like God will do in judgment). I believe it would weed out the bulk of those who want those positions for their own gain.

    1. Joe –

      I have more to respond to. But, I have an appointment.

      Great comment! And, I finally figured out why you don’t capitalize some names, whereas you do, God’s Name. You must figure that if such an such person does not live up to what he is called to do; he then is undeserving of the capital distinction. More, later on your spot on comment………

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