Former politician Col. Allen West becomes a coward: Judas West is another Obama enabler

Pic of this commentary author, Chris Farrell. He humbly gives the good Lord His due credit: "Spiritually born from above sinner; saved by the Grace of God in the Lord Jesus Christ."

Pic of Veteran Chris Farrell whose commentary [below] is highlighted here. Farrell has more courage in one drop of his patriotic blood than in all of Col. Allen West, now turned political coward.

This author is grateful for Pastor Carl Gallup’s patriotic efforts, along with the Arpaio investigation’s chief detective, Mike Zullo, for attempting to alert various Republican CPAC politicians as to Obama’s frauds. It is a shame that Gallups and Sheriff Arpaio’s, “cold-case posse” chief detective, Mike Zullo, received an apparent frigid and apathetic response from Col. Allen West.

This author never could see in Col. Allen West, what others were glorifying. His continued facial expressive body language always seems to be like the proverbial “deer in the lights” look. I’ve always thought that there was something not right about this fellow who others were regarding as one of America’s potential patriotic saviors.

Thank you (Vet) Chris Farrell, for pointing out, in your excellent article, [linked below] the real Allen West! He talks a big line but is full of political BS, selfishness and cowardice as many are, today. It’s a shame that these types are [falsely] regarded as true Conservatives and patriots, when in reality they are only interested in their own selfish advancement and not in America’s positive future. By being selfish and not speaking out, they only further the White House occupier’s cursed agenda which is hell-bent to dismantle and to destroy our beloved nation.

Moralmatters agrees with Veteran Chris Farrell’s titled premise! Col. Allen West should properly lead; or, as he says: “Get the hell out of the way!”

Please read the following excerpt from Chris Farrell’s excellent commentary:

Pic of former Flordia politician Col Allen West. He has now shown Americans that he puts his country last. His refusal to speak out about Obama's frauds, now places him, along with other Judas [supposed] "Conservatives." Perhaps this web author has now figured out why West poses for pictures with a shitty grin and "deer in the headlights" look.

Pic of former Florida politician Col Allen West. He has now shown Americans that he puts his country last. His refusal to speak out about Obama’s frauds, now places him, along with other Judas [supposed] “Conservatives.” Perhaps this web author has now figured out why West poses for pictures with a shitty grin and “deer in the headlights” look.

PPSIMMONS EXCLUSIVE! To Allen West From An American Veteran: “Sir, Lead, Follow, or Get the Hell Out of the Way.”


>>>>>> …….Pastor Gallups: “…when everything was said and done, he saw all the evidence that caused very important people on Capitol Hill and at CPAC to have their jaws on the table and to say to us ‘we will do further things’ and that’s all I can tell you right now. So, Allen West, this so-called “champion” of the Conservative cause, he hears and sees the very same stuff—here’s his reaction, ‘Well I can’t do anything with this because I might run for political office.’ I kid you not! And THAT’S what’s wrong with Washington! You know—and because he’s supposed to be the champion of the conservative movement so people are fooled by him—He’s not near the man you might think he is.

In response to Colonel West’s shocking betrayal for the reason of protecting his political aspirations, this honorably discharged US Army veteran, (11-Charlie—Infantry Heavy Mortar; 13-E—Artillery Fire Direction Control, and O.J.T. Armor Crewman, M-60A2) who has up to now been among Alan West’s strongest supporters, humbly exhorts the colonel to lead, follow, or get the Hell out of the way……………. >>>>>>>  –

Note: Col Allen West voted to limit Americans freedoms and expand the federal government’s control over them with his (voting) support for NDAA:

Myth busted: Yes, the NDAA does apply to Americans, and here’s the text that says so –


Obama enablers: Big name supposed Conservatives –

Rush Limbaugh talks big but falls short: Satisfied with politically correct cheap laughs –

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Carton pic of US politicians. One is best to keep this image alive so as not to be sorely disappointed. The sad and pathetic reality: They "serve" on the taxpayer's dime.

Cartoon pic of US politicians. One is best to keep this image in one’s mind,  so as not to be sorely disappointed. The sad and pathetic reality: They “serve” on the taxpayer’s dime.

Please Note – The following informational link is a way to contact our nation’s top political and cowardly misfits:

The Complete List of Email Addresses and Fax Numbers for the U.S. Congress and Governors –

Also – Please access the following link, as it is more precious than all of our nation’s unworthy politicians and their putrid efforts, put together:

U.S. Constitution Online –


Posted by:

Pastor emeritus Nathan M. Bickel


Above pic (s) found on the web.


29 thoughts on “Former politician Col. Allen West becomes a coward: Judas West is another Obama enabler

  1. Shortly after this Moralmatters author posted the above article on Facebook, there was a comment that stated about West:

    Even he’s not stupid enough to join the birthers…the dumbest of the dumb!

    To that, I responded:

    I respectfully disagree with you. It isn’t a question of [political] “smarts.,” It’s a grave question and concern for love of God and country. Read the commentary by Chris Farrell. You will see (hopefully) that Allen West is selling out for 30 pieces of Judas political convenience………And, in the end, if he ever wakes up, he will finally realize that he bit him self in the ass……

  2. The same Facebook personality came back with the old “political reasoning” which has done the Republican Party so much damage. He said:

    So…why didn’t any members of this “posse” speak at the CPAC convention?

    To which I replied:

    CPAC wouldn’t have even invited the cross suffering Christ. Republicans don’t stand by their own. They shoot their wounded. They and their Karl Roves are only concerned with the fleeting public’s perception of popularity.

    To which another FB personality chimed in:

    They shoot their wounded.

  3. BREE says:

    Ok, at the risk of sounding contrary (which I’m not) What was the “shocking betrayal”? That a politician was basically looking out for his own interests? Or the fact that you totally supported one that you thought was incapable of being what most politicians are? I think we have to get more real than that especially after this second election and stop trying even mentally to find the savior of the world or at least of the conservative party, that we can blindly throw all our weight behind just because he looks good (especially young, black and conservative) smiles like Obama but with all the conservative flavor of a George Washington or Ronald Reagan.

    We bash the Liberals for doing this with their messiah BHO while we can’t and don’t want to see that most of the conservatives are too wiling to do the same thing. Case in point to watch for, Dr. Ben Carlson. Where’s the Commonsense Party or has it left the building? Republicans have lost their way.

    1. Bree –

      Nice hearing from you again. I thought that you forgot about reading [I miss your commenting presence]

      Thank you again for your comments. Yes, you starkly remind us the essence of being a politician. Get elected; re-elected and avoid the most important issues of our American culture!

  4. This author wants to share another Facebook comment exchange to this above article shortly after it was posted on Facebook.

    Quoting from a Facebook comment:

    I don’t believe anything moral matters publishes……. Col Allen West is a Patriot!

    To which this Moralmatters author replied:

    He [Allen West] lacks big-time not calling Obama out. All else (now) does not matter as Obama is destroying our nation. Hence, Allen West’s political sins of omission stink to high heaven.

    West has now shown his true colors! You don’t have to carry the myth with you that West is a patriot!

  5. akathesob says:

    Very thought provoking as I had not thought about this. But yes, Mr. West is very much in a position to call BHO on all his ills towards America.

    1. Karl –

      As always, I thank you for your spot on and sensible comments. You are correct when you say that Col. Allen West is in a good position to call Obama out on Obama’s nasty treatment of America.

      After posting this article, I’ve also posted the same on Facebook. Some Facebook viewers are quite stirred up that their Allen West hero is highlighted by the way he is. I answered one FB personality this way:

      You need to wake up and clean out of your eyes all that Allen West [mythical] stardust. Try as you may not to think so emotional about the reality. Try to think logically.

      I’m sure that West like others have spoken about many Obama failures. But, why, as a fruit farmer would that same farmer continually complain about rotten fruit from his fruit trees? No. As a wise farmer, he gets rid of the rotten to the core trees. Allen West is not getting to the corrupt core of Obama’s White House rule. That’s why the birther cause is so important. And, even without the birther cause; Obama is a usurper because of all his ID fraud. Why can’t West understand this and speak out against it! It’s because he is putting himself first and his country last……..

  6. I am so sick of all the ones that could have stopped this from even becoming an issue or at least doing something about it now. Even Court Judges have ruled in favor of obama, without so much as a defense attorney for obama even showing up. These United States have become just as lost as the Republicans and Democrats that are DESTROYING this once wonderful Nation.

    1. Brett –

      Thank you for visiting and for your comment!

      Yes, I agree with you. We are living in a very strange and difficult time. And, it is due, to a large part, because many political leaders and the court system have dropped the [proverbial] ball! God have mercy upon our traditional and patriotic America!

    2. 3/14/2013:

      Supreme Court Justices BOTCH definition of Natural Born during House Committee Hearing

      1. Lorie –

        Thank you for this informational video! Yes, it is sad and pathetic that some of these Supreme Court justices are without a clue. Instead of upholding our US Constitutional law; they make themselves stooges of the political personalities who are hell-bent in destroying traditional, patriotic and Constitutional America!”

        Thank you for visiting and come back to visit soon!

  7. christinewjc says:

    Via Commieblaster, I found out about a Youtube video that helps explain why people are reluctant to pursue the birth certificate forgery. It’s a discussion between radio talk show host Mark Giller and Rev. Manning.

    Manning questions why the press let it go unchallenged. Every person in Congress knows Obama is a fraud, but won’t do anything about it. Even Fox News was told not to cover it and all the usual suspects protect Obama and refuse to expose the cover up. At one point in the discussion, the “fear” that there would be black race riots across the U.S. if anything was done to remove Obama from office. It would make the Rodney King riots look like a joke!

    There are so many excuses for people to cower and ignore the issue. Even Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas was recorded as saying, “we’re avoiding that” (meaning the birth certificate issue).

    Here’s a link to the Youtube video broadcast:

    FOX Reporter Told Sheriff Joe They’re Not Allowed To Report Obama Identity Document

    1. christinewjc –

      Thank you for your comment and the youtube link!

      I’ve read again and again in the past the old excuse for not exposing Obama – that being the “race riots” possibility. But, somewhere (though) I remember the (black pastor) Rev. Manning saying that the “race riots” assertion is over-blown.

      Frankly, to suggest that the black population as a whole would ramshackle with race riots over Obama’s rightful dismissal from office is not giving the black population much credit. [And, its being somewhat “racist” to express that; or, at least on the border of racsit] I’m sure that with any voting block, people might do some crazy things; but, I think that there are a whole lot of intelligent and common sense blacks out there who would not stoop to such a riot level………

  8. dougster says:

    The “race riot” idea is just an excuse. So what if there were a few riots here and there across America. Isn’t that what police-National Guard are for? Besides that, the rioters only burn their own hoods anyway. I lived through the L.A. riots of ‘1992. Three thousands buildings were burned and it went on for a week. When the Korean businessmen hauled out their shotguns and pointed them at the rioters, it was all over in a heartbeat. The rioters ran like hell for cover. Nathan is quite correct, most blacks [95%] would not riot…they have too much common sense for that.

    The reason, imo, that O has not been dismissed from office is a very odd combination of embarrassment and deliberate obfuscation of reality. The politicians and media that backed O at first in 2008 did not fully know of his background. O’s background was carefully hidden by a few of his initial backers. No one realized that O’s auto-bio was a fake book until AFTER he was elected. No one knew about Frank Marshall Davis, his communist, mentor until AFTER he was elected. Oprah fell for him and that really made a big difference. The media thought he was their darling. Now comes the reason. Ready?

    The media and other early supporters of O now realize they were HAD by O. O duped them all big time and they’re too embarrassed to ADMIT it. This is the typical reaction of most people who have been conned. They will not admit it. By admitting they were conned, they are admitting they are easily fooled…..and they all were. They would rather die than admit they were taken in by the biggest fraud of all time. Now they all go along to get along with the fraud that fooled them.

    O is the biggest con man and swindler in world history.

    1. dougster –

      Excellent comment! And, your explanation makes much common sense. I’ve mentioned “it” in the past this way – that those (especially) the corrupted media, who helped Obama get elected; they have too much “invested” in him. Hence, by perpetuating the [false] legitimate presence of Obama, as legitimate president, they and others, simply save face, when they know that BO is “guilty as hell.”

      However, I think that you have best answered why Obama has not been dismissed from office. Excellent points you make; very common sense!

      But, be that as it may, I just checked back a website that trumpets Col Allen West. I wanted to see if my suspicion was true. And, it was. The website took down my approved comments that were posted a few hours prior. Here, following are the two comments, as I made a copy of them. And, I think that this “Conservative” website is doing its Obama enabling part by protecting a high profile personality [Allen West] who refuses to speak out against Obama’s ID corruption fraud, even though he portrays himself to be an American patriot. The deletion of my comments lends credence to your comment conclusion:

      Comment #1:

      Allen West talks big, but he is part and parcel of a growing list of crybaby (so-called) “Conservatives.” They are like a fruit farmer who annually complains about his harvest yields of rotten fruit – yet, the same farmer will not uproot his corrupted trees and plant new healthy trees!

      In the same token, West along with Limbaugh, Hannity, Levin and host of others, continually cry over Obama destroying America. Their complaining hand wringing gets old. Yet, these same (self-proclaimed) guardians of democracy are silent as mice over Obama’s corrupted White House occupancy, specifically, Obama’s ID felony frauds. In essence, these self proclaimed “Conservative” guardians of America are Obama enablers, as they allow (by their “conspiratorial omission of silence”) Obama to have his corrupted way, destroying traditional and patriotic America!

      Allen West and all of them are like the dishonest crowd in Hans Christian Anderson’s fable of the “Emperor’s New Clothes.” They will talk about everything else but refuse to acknowledge the obvious, the most important and what is most embarrassing and damaging to our beloved nation! Hence, it is appropriate to refer to them as Judases for betraying traditional, patriotic and Constitutional America! Shame on these hypocrites!

      I help substantiate my aforementioned remarks in my self authored recent web posting:

      Former politician Col. Allen West becomes a coward: Judas West is another Obama enabler

      Comment #2:

      Gloria – I don’t care of all the “good” that West is doing, especially when he avoids the highest good he could now do for his country.

      In a court of law, it doesn’t matter that the person accused has been a good person all his life. What matters is what he is presently being charged with. If the defendant committed a murder – all else (good) what the accused did, doesn’t matter. In like matter, Col. Allen West and his credentials are commendable. But, by his political (“conspiratorial sin of omission – silence), he is enabling Obama to murder traditional, patriotic and Constitutional America. (Example: The driver enabler of a drive-by murder is equally guilty of the unlawful taking of a life). West could use his commendable past and popularity status to speak out against Obama’s fraudulent crimes; but, he is remaining silent. Therefore, he is putting his country last and himself first, for the sake of political correctness expediency. He now has joined the ranks of American hypocrites and cowards.

      “Army Veteran Takes Allen West To Task For Dodging Obama Identity Document Fraud For Political Reasons:’


      “……In response to Colonel West’s shocking betrayal for the reason of protecting his political aspirations, this honorably discharged US Army veteran, (11-Charlie—Infantry Heavy Mortar; 13-E—Artillery Fire Direction Control, and O.J.T. Armor Crewman, M-60A2) who has up to now been among Alan West’s strongest supporters, humbly exhorts the colonel to lead, follow, or get the Hell out of the way……”

      Please note:

      The two preceding comments were submitted, approved and then deleted.

      The web article and 2 deleted comments were posted on “AllenWestRepublic – Allen West Brand of Conservatism” – after the following specific article:

      Allen West “The greatest nation in the world is begging for respect and has become a laughing stock in the Middle East.”


      [This author] submits that Allen West’s “brand of Conservatism” is to place himself and his practice of political correctness, first – and, America, last. And, so-called (pathetic) Conservatives are enabling Allen West to do that, as he in turn, enables Obama, by his sins of omission silence over Obama’s ID corruptions.

      1. dougster – Here is a follow-up to my aforementioned reply to you.

        I checked back at the Col. Allen West supporting website and found another one of my comments deleted. Here is is:

        Nathan M. Bickel says:
        Your comment is awaiting moderation.
        March 25, 2013 at 8:44 pm

        Gloria – Do you have any idea why my two approved comments were taken down? Is it too much reality to bear to expose Allen West’s political correctness expediency cowardice? Why is it that Allen West is immune to patriotic accountability? Why shouldn’t he be expected by self-proclaimed so-called Conservatives to expose Obama’s corruptions to their nearest roots?

        I don’t know if you are the website curator; but, please think twice about protecting Allen West. His cowardice has now been exposed and revealed. I encourage you not to protect the “Conservative” myth about him, and others, who by their political sins of silence, only enable Obama to destroy America!

        Dougster – Now, mind you that the above was scrubbed by this Allen West admiring website.

        The website then posted the following. And, I might add that I am grieved that I apparently did not “get through” to them (or, the website author), as it is now apparent (from the following comments) that they needlessly took offense and then [falsely] accused me of slander. From the 2 comment replies to my deleted comments, I can only conclude that some some only view Col. Allen West’s past patriotic service to our country; but, (then) dismiss his apparent (and present) unpatriotic cowardice:

        The 2 website comment replies:

        allenwestrepublic says:
        March 25, 2013 at 8:51 pm
        This website is not or run by anyone being paid by LTC Allen West. Just like your website it is a personal website. If you wish to speak directly to and about Allen West. You may do so on your personal website. Here are the other ways you can reach the object of your murmuring.

        Allen West on Facebook
        Allen West on twitter – @AllenWest
        Allen West Guardian Fund –

        After this post has been up for 15 minutes I will remove it as you will have had ample time to take down all this information. I did not have an issue with your initial comments and I let it get posted. It then became a matter of continual bashing of the 22 year war veterans military service and I will not abide that on my personal domain. Thanks for your comments but I do not wish to have someone who praises God out of one corner of his mouth and then slanders a knowing foot soldier in the battle to get our country back on its feet out of the other side. Good day.


        allenwestrepublic says:
        March 25, 2013 at 8:55 pm
        Also for the record, I have screen grabbed all of your slander against Allen West. I have no problems letting anyone’s personal opinions get through about how you feel about him politically. No one is perfect and the Lord teaches that in the Bible. BUT I will not have you degrading a US Army Veteran of 22 years.

        Dougster – What’s the old expression?

        “Some people’s minds are all mixed up and firmly set.”

        The person who responded that I am [supposedly] “degrading” West because of his 22 years of US Army service, apparently did not understand all my comments. The person is living in Allen West’s past and not admitting that West has now turned coward for political correctness expediency.

  9. dougster says:

    That’s correct Nathan. The media and Congress have a lot invested in O. They all got hoodwinked and conned by him and his thousand dollar suits. Oooo…I’m so impressed. Now that he’s exposed as a fraud, what the heck are they all going to do? Are they going to now admit they were fools and were conned by the skinny black Super Fly from Chi town? Laughable in a very nasty and ugly manner for the greatest country on earth..

    The US has fallen into a deep and hellish pit that has no bottom. This is all because of racial and political correctness.


    1. dougster –

      Thank you again for gracing with another of your thoughtful and excellent comments!

      I cannot disagree with your summation. The worship of “racial and political correctness” is destroying our great country.

  10. bob68 says:

    This is a In spite of the Obots best efforts to minimize it, yesterdays update on Obama’s massive fraud with Carl Gallup and Mike Zullo was informative and provides hope. So do websites like this one that continue to speak the truth about the imposter pretending to be president.

    If you missed yesterdays update with Cold Case Posse leader Mike Zullo, it is available here:

    Thank you and I will be back.

    1. bob68 –

      Thank you for your your kind words for this website. As author and operator, I only wish that I had the time and energy to keep up with it and organize it more properly.

      Thank you for the excellent link. Those audio videos I listened to last night. They are worth the while to spend the time.

      Also, I just read a nice article recapping the [same] Arpaio Investigative lead detective, Mike Zullo who was featured on yesterday’s Freedom Friday Carl Gallup’s talk show. Here [below] it is:

      Recap of Cold Case Posse Lead Investigator Mike Zullo on “Freedom Friday” with Carl Gallups
      Posted By Sharon Rondeau On Friday, April 5, 2013 @ 10:46 PM

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