The Sandy Hook hoax of smiling faces: Where was genuine grief?

One of the most prominent red flags of the alleged Sandy Hook school shooting massacre was the lack of grief by those (supposedly) directly involved.  Especially note the video’s  (supposed parent) “Robbie Parker” and the weird coroner. This web author thinks they horribly performed. Could they even be considered third rate actors?

Sandy Hook: When You’re Smiling –


This website author’s rationale in determining that the Sandy Hook affair was [and is] a hoax:

It’s okay to question the alleged Sandy Hook shooting massacre and call it a hoax –

This author is no fictional Columbo investigator. But, he has learned to ask questions and not to assume that government, law enforcement and media aren't without reproach.

This author is no fictional Columbo type investigator. But, he has learned to ask questions and not to assume that government, law enforcement and media aren’t without reproach.

List of articles over the alleged Sandy Hook school shooting affair:

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Pastor emeritus Nathan M. Bickel

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39 thoughts on “The Sandy Hook hoax of smiling faces: Where was genuine grief?

  1. dougster says:

    This video is a testament of just how depraved Obama and his minions can be.

    Hitler’s goal was to make Germany great again. Obama’s goal is to totally destroy America. Interesting difference, isn’t it.

    1. dougster –

      Thank you again for visiting and for your spot on comment! Please continue to visit and offer more of your thoughtful views. I only desire and pray that most Americans think as you. Instead most are willing recipients of Obama’s lies. Many can no longer distinguish reality from all the deception!

    2. Kate says:

      I wouldn’t really call what Hitler created “great.”
      Obama is just trying to do his job. Our country is in a big mess; it’s going to be hard to pull ourselves out of it.

      1. “Kate:”

        I’m replying in the stead of “dougster,” because he probably will never notice your comment.

        And, the only reason I’m even allowing your misrepresenting comment, is to illustrate and demonstrate how leftists use the Internet to misconstrue reality and help make the deplorable Obama look “normal” and okay when he definitely is not.

        Furthermore, “dougster” did not say that Hitler was “great.” [I will post “dougster’s” comment following this reply to you.

        Finally, Obama is not “just trying to do his job” as you attempt to cover for him. Obama doesn’t do the job as President assigned to him by the US Constitution. He continually circumvents both the intent of that great document and practices lying and deceit to further his anti-American socialist and Marxist Muslim goals. And, added to all his criminal scandals is his criminal ID fraud, which this website, highlights.

        Kate – Following is dougster’s” comment which you totally molested:

        “This video is a testament of just how depraved Obama and his minions can be.

        Hitler’s goal was to make Germany great again. Obama’s goal is to totally destroy America. Interesting difference, isn’t it.”

    3. While you may be right, Obama is now trying to distance himself from Zionism by making peace with Iran. You can be sure the Republicans, even more in the pockets of the neocons than Obama, would never seek peace with Iran. Be careful who you vote for. JMO.

      1. Gary –

        You should define what you intend, by “Zionism.” The term is left out (here) as if “Zionists” are a bad and undesired group. Please clarify your comments.

        Also, while you are “at it,” please define “neocons” as there are likely to be some MM readers who don’t know what you are referring [to]. Labeling such as what you have done, can be very confusing. It’s like the person who says that such an such is “nice.” But, what is “nice,” except a subjective tern by the user, as it says more of the one saying the adjective.

        1. bgamall says:

          Hi Nathan, my pleasure. First, I must tell you that I am adopted. My natural father was Jewish. I believe that it is immoral to single out a race, but moral to single out a political movement that is out of control.

          The Zionist movement as defined by Oded Yinon called for expulsion of the Palestinians and regime change to weaken the Middle East. The neocons adopted this dangerous movement. Israel Shahak, the great man who translated the Yinon Plan into English was opposed to the plan as being something the Zionists would do to put the Jewish people in danger. He knew all about that being a Holocaust victim. Yinon is dangerous, not sanctioned by God, and will lead to WW3.

          1. bgamall –

            What you say brings back my memory of Yassar Arafat. He was a Palistinian. The modern state of Israel viewed him as a trouble-maker. Yet, at the same time, Israel (at one time) made many concessions; and, Arafat who represented the Palestinians, walked away from an historic agreement, when they would have gained all that they desired.

            bgamall – I simply don’t see “Zionism” as you do, as you explain. Israel gave up Gaza – only to have the US meddle more; and it turned into a terrorist state. Israel has Arabs as citizens. Tell me which Arab nation and Palestinian group would allow that?

            Furthermore, “Zion” represents in the Hebrew Old Testament (Torah) sense, the place of God’s dwelling. It’s referred to as a mountain – “Mount Zion” – basically, Jerusalem. Yet, the non-Jews who possess 90% plus of the Middle East; many of them hate the Jewish people and covet their land.

            Instead of being concerned about how Palestinians are treated; why isn’t attention given to the reality that the United Nations leaves out the state of Israel from the global map?

            Finally, I don’t see Zionists as initiating WWIII. I would say that radical rabid Muslim terrorists are more likely to do that; as they are hell-bent that they must dominate the world with their loveless religion of bitterness and hate.

    4. bgamall says:

      Obama wants peace with Iran. The neocon/Zionist/Republicans don’t want this peace to go through. So, yes, Obama is partially in on the Zionist plot, but I think he draws the line at WW3. The real Zionists are just crazy enough to want WW3.

  2. The MAD Jewess says:

    Most of this Sandy Hook thing was staged.
    I think something happened, but we’ll never know

    1. TMJ –

      Yes. I agree. As with most corrupt government workings, the citizens will never know the half of it!

      Thank you for visiting and for your comment!

    2. truthchase says:

      Yea something happened alright. They got a bunch of BAD ACTORS to play grief stricken parents and a lot of other people to play parts in their sick and demented THEATRICAL PERFORMANCES. THAT is what happened. Sandy Hook wasn’t even an operating school. Where are the electric bills, the water bills, the garbage men, the maintenance people. the cooks & the people who worked in this “school?”

      Where are they all? They don’t exist – that’s where. This was all a play written by the CFR (Counsel of Foreign Relations / New world Order) – SICKOS! There was NO SANDY HOOK MASSACRE – PERIOD – IT WAS A TV SHOW FOOLS! They made it the same way they make all their other SICK movies on TV. The TV is nothing other than a propaganda box owned by the CFR. And any FOOL that believes ANYTHING on that damn box is a blithering idiot. Sandy Hook was A TV SHOW; NOTHING MORE.

  3. bill says:

    the –repubican and democrat thing is a– scam—they are all working for satan and his chosen ones…look at the bush hoax–911–how many democrats called bush out on the hoax–none–look at sandy hook hoax –how many repubicans called oboma out on the hoax–none–

    1. bill – Thank you for your comment. And, continue to feel free to comment after articles.

      However, be that as it may; I ask that you follow some basic rules of English.

      Please observe and practice the following with your comments:

      1 – Capitalize according to accepted grammatical standard.

      2 – Utilize periods according to proper grammatical standard.

      3 – Limit your usage of the hyphen. Hyphens lose their meaning and effectiveness when they are used too much:

      Example: – — — – – – – – – – — — — – – – – – – – – — — – – – – – – – — — — – – – – – – – – — — – – – – – – – — — — – – – – – – – – — — – – – – – – – — — — – – – – – – – – — — – – – – – – – — — — – – – – – – –

      1. bill says:

        Mr. Nathan M. Bickel: Yes my grammar is bad. Did i hit a bad spot? I will stand by my comment saying that the Republicans and Democrats are the same. You can not look the other way on this matter. The proof is in all the damning laws pushed by both and voted by both. I hope you are not being deceived. And good day to you sir.

        1. bill –

          Your comment is much better. However, I’d advise a spell checker.

          You did catch me at a very hurried time as I knew that I would not be at my computer for many hours. Before I leave for other business, I like to check for comments and approve and publish them, instead of having those who took their time to comment, then wait.

          I agree with you that both political parties are not that much different – that is, in some and many ways. And, don’t worry. I’m not being fooled by what is going on.

          Thank you again for taking the time to comment and for your spot on comment!

    2. bgamall says:

      I would have agreed with you on March 30, when you made your post. But Obama is crossing the Zionists by seeking peace in the middle east with Iran. That would make Israel less important. We better hope he succeeds. He sees Zionism going too far.

      1. bgamall –

        You should define what you intend, by “Zionists.” The term is left out (here) as if “Zionists” are a bad and undesired group. Please clarify your comments.

  4. The MAD Jewess says:

    The “Repub, Dem” thing is a scam.
    But, what is NOT a scam is the fact that there ARE 2 ‘sides’:
    Americans against COMMUNISTS.

    1. TMJ –

      Yes. I agree. There are two sides. And, Richard Wurmbrand last century warned America about the evils of Communism:

      “Richard Wurmbrand:”

      1. bill says:

        We the people are the other side. The Repulican is not the other side. You people need to wake up – end of story………..

  5. Lucy says:

    You say in the video….have you ever lost a pet and ask us to consider the validity of what we were seeing people express during the interviews and other public appearances.

    Just as the man in the second half of your video, I was with my beloved dog at the moment of his death. And I was as emotional and inconsolable in that moment as he was.

    When my father died 5 months ago, when I got the news, my grief was just as overwhelming and all-encompassing as when my dog died. However, as I moved through the days immediately after his death, prepared to travel home, dealt with funeral arrangements and the funeral itself, the grief and emotion we not consistent. I could laugh and smile and think of the joyful and loving parts of my father and talk to others about him with ease. My grief came in bursts of emotion and sadness and in those moments it was as if I was finding out all over again. But every moment was not that moment.

    It helped me to talk with others and remember my father. To joke about what he would have thought of elements of the funeral or what he would have thought of my brother’s eulogy. That incredible, overwhelming grief was something private and it wasn’t for the public, it was for me, my father, my family and my God. I always had my bravest face on in public and it was important to me that I encourage all those around me to think of him in happy, loving ways…and I did that with a smile and laughter and very few tears.

    I am not saying you are right or wrong and I don’t know if those people are simply showing their “happy, public” face or if they truly are actors. Just remember that grief is so much more than a moment and is much more complicated than a 5 second sound-bite from a television broadcast.

    1. Lucy –

      Your point is well taken. But, please allow me to copy what I just replied to you after your comment to the one posting found here –

      Alleged Sandy Hook Shooting Massacre: Pictures with captions depict the hoax

      My copied answer (for you – I hope) will be an adequate answer to your concern:

      <<<<<<<<<<<<<< Lucy –

      Thank you for your comment.

      Your comment (I find) revolves around 3 aspects:

      1) The anomaly of the Adam Lanza Soc. Sec. Death Info.
      2) The grief aspect
      3) Erring on the side of “human kindness,” – aka, giving the “benefit of the doubt.”

      Although you make some good points; and, I don’t doubt your sincerity I still maintain what I’ve stated previously:

      There are just too many anomalies and inconsistencies with this whole reported alleged Sandy Hook Shooting massacre. And, I do not read the mass media ever stating this “event” in terms of “alleged.” That, I find to be dishonest on media’s part and even more reason to believe that the whole thing was a hoax. My reasoning for calling it a “hoax” can be found in one of my 12 articles on this Sandy Hook subject:

      It’s okay to question the alleged Sandy Hook shooting massacre and call it a hoax –

      Another strong reason to believe this alleged shooting massacre to be a hoax, is the “over-kill.” Immediately the government and its lap-dog media went on their anti-Second Amendment Crusade. And, as late as a week or two ago, Obama was reported to have flown on Air-Force One, some family members of the supposed victims to continue his gun control crusade.

      No one has been able to explain to me the behaviors of various actors who participated in the event – the coroner (Medical Examiner), Gene Rosen and Lt. Vance. Why weren’t there any reported wounded? Where were the reporters at the hospitals? Why weren’t the supposed parents of the supposed killed, allowed to view the supposed corpse bodies? What about the fake Anderson Cooper video? Even those more knowledgeable about this whole alleged event could go on and on with more unanswered questions than I. And, even I could go back to some of my earlier Sandy Hook postings and mention more anomalies and inconsistencies.

      And, those 3 points you did make, can easily be understood through the lense of hoax. And, also, that one point you make about erring on the side of “human kindness.” Why should any of us give the government and its lackey media that consideration? When did big government and its kowtowing media ever tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth?

      Finally, Obama and his cronies know how to rip open the sympathizes of the public. They use children. What could be worse than crazed adults preying upon innocent little school children? It’s the same type of tactic that Obama and his cronies used from the beginning. In other words, you are a bigot and there is something wrong with you if you don’t think that something is being wrongly perpetrated against someone.

      Lucy – I’ll tell you; big government and media are playing the public; and the public, for the most part is being duped. You can go back to just about everything Obama has said and then look at his actions. There you will find deceit, lies and fraud. He almost always says the opposite of what his projected goals are – and, how his agenda and policies are headed. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

  6. Thank you for sharing this! It has really bothered me that so many Americans, most especially Conservatives are just willing to accept this, without question.

    I strongly feel that Sandy Hook was staged. It’s difficult to talk about this in the open without people getting really angry.

    This administration has already proven their only agenda is to literally bring Americans to their knees. How are they going to do this? With these staged events, here and abroad.

    People just need to ask themselves, how many of these things have taken place under Obama’s watch? There are no coincidences!

    Honestly, I don’t think Obama and his administration care how many have to die for their cause! I don’t believe they value Americans.

    Everyone needs to open their eyes; the evidence is in plain site!

    1. Conservative Gurl –

      Thank you for visiting and for your comment. I fully agree with your assessment.

      It is so true what you say, that Conservatives “….are just willing to accept this…..” Be assured that you are not alone. I’ve experienced the same about people becoming angry when it is pointed out about events such as Sandy Hook, being staged. I was in the bank the other day relating to the new teller what I thought about Sandy Hook, etc. This older man was next to me and became irate telling the teller that I was full of it. I’ll tell you, that it is sometimes even more sickening, the response of these sheeple, more than some of the usual same old lib playbook ridicule, coming directly from the corrupted opposition.

  7. SMR says:

    Carson City you are going to love this next one….

  8. SMR says:

    Another Open Letter: “Excuse the grammatical errors” 8D

    Dear US Congress:

    I am compelled, as an American to address you directly. In 2011 during the campaign season I was living in Las Vegas with my family. Ordinarily I “stay out of politics.” However, during the 2008 presidential race I was inspired by Obama’s message encouraging American’s to unite and come together and I subsequently voted based on that idea.

    Due to many incompetent moves by some of our most enlightened leaders my life was severely impacted in a negative manner. I continued to follow the campaigns in 2011 though.

    I had every reason to not vote for Obama because of things that transpired under his administration. Newyt Gingrich I obeserved carefully but you’d had “recent scandals” that inevitably would have effected your chances at the Whitehouse. I ultimately concluded that Mit Romney “looks presidential”. I eventually voted for Obama because the other gentleman I just couldn’t take seriously and I wanted him to succeed at bringing “Us” together.

    I was a family man 110% with a pleasant life and instilling proper values in my children (zoo on the weekeds, bowling, work.. at one point was working two jobs- 16 hours a day in 2008.)

    What is going on is natural. To that end-stand on it. On the otherhand, the political turmoils makes me think of something a slightly older player once said to me: “Players Keep Players Playin.” This individual was referring to a particular type of Lady and Gentleman. However, I related to a basketball or football team.

    Every team possesses an All-Star “and/Or” MVP. But it takes a consortium of great talent to make a Good Game- and win championships. I thought that was ultimately the goal of America- to be an example of good values and promoters of innovation and talent.

    Pilfering and rhetoric is always a “degradation” because it doesn’t take talent to exude bad character and execute bad behavior. Truly we need to get it together.

    Now, let me “into your minds” and contemplate the implications of not doing what is ultimately correct.

    E Pluribus Unum


    Steven M. Robinson

  9. Mike says:

    Excellent post! Thanks for having the courage to publish it.

    1. Mike –

      Thanks for the encouragement. I would consider myself a coward for not speaking up……..

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