Investigation says actors involved in alleged Sandy Hook school shooting affair: More evidence of a hoax

The alleged Sandy Hook school shooting affair helps illustrate the increasing reality of government, law enforcement and big media injecting themselves into the masquerade conspiracy business.

The alleged Sandy Hook school shooting affair helps illustrate the increasing reality of government, law enforcement and big media injecting themselves into the masquerade conspiracy business.

Important Update – Please note:

Since posting this article with the above title and highlighting the news article which reported on an “investigation,” – that same website took down the article. It was deleted. Please click here to read that website’s rationale for deletion.  

Also, please access this site for a reasonable explanation of why the “Investigative Report” was bogus. This author should have done more “homework” before linking and highlighting the article that was since taken down.

Hence, this Moralmatters author has serious questions about this alleged “Investigative Report.” I did a further search and cannot find the report itself.  It was my mistake from the git-go to highlight the article and base this posted article title on that unsubstantiated “report.” In short, I did not verify it to my satisfaction standard. But, that is now “water under the dam.”

But, be that as it may, this Moralmatters posting will remain as is, below,  (since much of it is applicable to the alleged Sandy Hook shooting affair) – even though its title coupled with the excerpt link portion are now highly deemed suspect. This author regrets any inconvenience web readers may have experienced.

Finally, what has transpired could be evidence of Obama funded bloggers doing what they do best – spreading misinformation for the purpose of confusing the issues involved; and, for the purpose of attempting to discredit serious web authors (such as myself) from exposing government’s political correctness propaganda deceptions.

Please read the following article, but be very suspect of the highlighted link and its excerpt. This author cannot vouch for that link and excerpted material (as he explained above):

Doesn’t a successful hoax require actors? What would a successful hoax be without actors to carry on a deception and a departure from reality? This author is pleased to post a 10th website article on the recent Sandy Hook school shooting hoax. Yes, this author has concluded, it was [is] a hoax, based upon his time studying this media phenomenon. Click here to understand his line of reasoning, as he initially thought it was a historical reality.

Also, note the link at the bottom of this 10th Moralmatters article to access the other 9 Sandy Hook hoax ones. But, I must forewarn you; please be prepared to open your mind and look outside the political correctness box. While you may be blessed to honestly do that; please take off the mental blinders which obligate you to believe the official government, law enforcement and media story (line) of the Sandy Hook event affair.

Finally, I ask the reader to seriously consider the implications of this whole Sandy Hook hoax. That specifically, is that government, law enforcement and media have all consorted to pull the wool over America’s eyes for their selfish and contrived malevolent purposes; – “malevolent” because whenever grand deception is employed to distort reality, that in itself is a major crime, lower than snake belly proportions. Those responsible for this hoax, starting with our fraudulent White House occupier, need to be prosecuted, sentenced and imprisoned. It is the height of foolishness and criminality to distort reality and attempt to manipulate the general public’s perception – all for the purpose of furthering certain political non democratic and non Constitutiona Republic, ends!

The US Supreme Court did America dirty today. It decided by omission action that it is okay for America to have a gangster fraud ruling the all important Executive Branch of US government.

Why is it difficult to understand a government, law enforcement and big media hoax when these very same entities have ignored our White House occupier’s fraudulent identity deceptions?

Investigative Report: Actors Involved with the Sandy Hook Massacre


<<<<<<<< On December 14th 2012, members of the Intelligence Information Center launched a joint task force between several different experts including college professors, private investigators, and confidential law enforcement sources to examine allegations surrounding the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School. These allegations included the possibility of actors that we’re deployed to play key roles including some of the victims and their families. Those who have alleged such a fraud have voiced their opinion that this massacre was part of a “full-scale exercise” for the purpose of swaying public opinion towards increased gun control.

As part of this investigation, the following articles of evidence were recovered and analyzed:……….

………Upon careful examination of all of the evidence, we have come to the following conclusions:

1. The massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School was preplanned, and has most likely been in the planning stage for close to five years. The execution of this plan has likely involved members of the Greenberg/Blumberg family.

2. The media appear to have been placing inaccurate information, including on several occasions misquoting “law enforcement sources” for the purpose of increasing confusion surrounding the event.

3. Suspicious video clips and altered photos have been circulated by unnamed parties for the purpose of increasing misinformation, which provides a distraction from real evidence.

4. Members of the media have utilized pieces of planted misinformation to create a heavy level of doubt towards anyone questioning the “official story” while ignoring the more compelling evidence. >>>>>>>>>>>>  –

This website author’s rationale in determining that the Sandy Hook affair was [and is] a hoax:

It’s okay to question the alleged Sandy Hook shooting massacre and call it a hoax –

This author is no fictional Columbo investigator. But, he has learned to ask questions and not to assume that government, law enforcement and media aren't without reproach.

This author is no fictional Columbo type investigator. But, he has learned to ask questions and not to assume that government, law enforcement and media aren’t without reproach.

List of articles over the alleged Sandy Hook school shooting affair:

Also: Please note all the Sandy Hook Moralmatters articles on this one following link:

Sandy Hook Shooting Hoax –


The Complete List of Email Addresses and Fax Numbers for the U.S. Congress and Governors –

U.S. Constitution Online –

Posted by:

Pastor emeritus Nathan M. Bickel

Note: Above pic (s) found on the web

16 thoughts on “Investigation says actors involved in alleged Sandy Hook school shooting affair: More evidence of a hoax

  1. dougster says:

    Excellent article Nathan.

    The impact of the Sandy Hoax is this. It signals Obama’s attack on the US from the Oval Office. Its one of his many acts, a horrific one at that, to totally destroy the US as a nation. Its his goal to destroy the US Constitution, one paragraph at a time.

    Obama’s involvement in the Sandy Hoax is total and complete. It was planned over two years ago. Many families moved into the Sandy Hook area to be a part of the hoax. Its impact is diabolical and criminal. Some of these families have moved out of the village and others will stay. I would assume they were paid millions of dollars.

    This is how the Drill day evolved…imo. Only about 20 kids were at the school on drill day – Dec 14. They were in two classrooms with the doors closed. At 9:35 several policeman entered the school and began banging steel pipes on the walls and floors. Several cops were walking on the roof. One goofy cop even opened a classroom door and asked, “Is he in here?” [ This is according to one child’s TV interview that same day.] This was done done to terrify the kids so that they would give excited interviews to the press. It was all about “Mr Gun”. Not one person was killed that day at that school.

    To use innocent little kids in this manner is vicious and evil in the extreme. To use kids to further a political agenda is depraved. Obama is a very depraved and evil person. Keep that in mind.

    He will stop at nothing to totally destroy the USA….a country he hates with a passion.

    1. dougster –

      Thank you for your appreciation of the article.

      It appears from your comment that you have been following this hoax from the beginning. Please stay in touch with – and, please feel free to continue to comment. Any informational links and / or pics with some personal commentary would also be welcome………

    2. dougster –

      I’ve been thinking about your comment for a little while and appreciate it even more. This hoax had to have been approved of, by government, law enforcement and media. Does it now signal a new type of deviancy from Obama and his cronies to mess with America and its traditional way of life and Constitutional Republic?

      Certainly, I believe that Obama thinks he’s getting away with his illegal, unconstitutional and fraudulent White House occupation; so why not attempt the same type of masquerade against the American people – that being, more fraud and deception.

      I sometimes think that after this Sandy Hook drill began, “someone” then made the decision to go full bore. Maybe part and parcel of this hoax was [is] to allow it to be some sort of “trial balloon” for something more grandiose next time around. Certainly with all the opposition and push back, the fraudsters are learning better to deceive, as they didn’t do a good and better job convincing some Americans.

      But, be that, as it may, the perpetrators of the Sandy Hook hoax weren’t counting on how they’ve malevolently and needlessly played with many Americans’ emotions, using little children. That is inexcusable and politically unforgivable. Perhaps, this very hoax and its ongoing exposure, will precipitate Obama’s early departure from the White House, and hopefully, prosecution, sentencing and imprisonment.

      Finally, did you see this one news article today? Can you help to corroborate it?

      “Children Used as Props Now Reject President Obama’s Executive Orders:”

    3. Bob B says:

      Sandy Hoax is the new Holocaust(TM).

  2. Jacques Hough says:

    You’re a &^%$#@% lunatic Nathan Bickel. There’s much less evidence that you were born than the Sandy Hook shooting. Something tells me that you are a very serious troll.

    1. Jacques –

      Thank you for your typical type of mindless lib comment. I’m happy to approve it. The more the public is exposed to the leftist’s hate-mongering unsubstantiated accusations, the more likely they will be repulsed by such propaganda drivel.

      Please visit more often. After awhile some reality might strike one of your deadened nerves.

  3. Bob B says:

    How come there’s no photos, no surveillance video or even screen caps. No pics of the victims or even the dead shooter. And what’s with that crackhead coroner? What a fruitcake! I don’t buy any of this. I think it’s an entire hoax to go for a gun-grab.

    1. Bob B –

      The whole affair stinks to high heaven. Spot on what you say about the lack of photos, surveillance video, victims and the supposed dead shooter. And, you are correct. That coroner was [is] something else! The one common denominator in all of this is the push for gun control – or, as you adeptly say: “gun-grab.”

  4. dougster says:

    Nathan & Bob B:

    In the referenced photo above of Obama signing some Executive ‘proposals’, the little boy on the right side in the blue shirt is actually supposed to be DEAD. That’s Dylan Hockley who’s listed as one of the ‘dead’ kids at the fake Sandy Hook massacre. He also appeared at his own funeral, playing the part of his older brother Jake, who looks nothing like him..

    This is how Obama is playing insidious ugly mind games with the world.

    1. dougster –

      I have little doubt that what you have observed, is true. My continued contention is:

      When did government, law enforcement and big media ever tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth?

      I’ve been following the actions of Obama before he became our nation’s White House occupier. Rarely, if ever, I’ve noticed, that his actions match his words. Obama is playing Americans for fools, using little children; and most of America’s adults are buying his lies! Part and parcel of them agreeing with Obama, is, that they don’t want to be perceived and accused of being calloused to the “deaths” of little children who were the [supposed] “victims” of a deranged young man. Obama and his cronies are using the same method (that they used before) to dupe Americans; that, namely, if they didn’t accept his presence upon the national scene and vote for him, those voters were then accused of bigotry and racism. In short, Obama uses the threat of ugly perceptions and accusations to weigh on the minds of those he wishes to win over with his damnable snake charms.

      But, be that as it may, I only must conclude that there is reserved for Obama, a special future level (compartment space) in perdition for him!

      “Liars go to hell:”

      1. dougster says:

        Nathan, your perceptions about Obama are 100% correct. I say that Obama is using the “reverse race card”. He’s been using it for decades. In his ‘fake’ auto bio book he talks about several ‘racial’ incidents. Researchers have since discovered that these so-called racial scenes never happened. They are total fiction as is most of his life.

        Also this bio book says that his ‘mother and father’ lived together for two years. There is not one shred of evidence that they lived together for even one day as husband and wife.

        His mentor communist Frank Marshall Davis is favorably mentioned 22 times in Obama’s auto bio book. Why wasn’t the full name used? Also, why have ALL references to “Frank” been removed from the audio version of the book? I think we all know why!

        1. dougster –

          Thank you again for one of your perceptive comments! Not only do I find your comment spot on; it is based upon reality. And, you start off your comment response in the first sentence in full agreement with what I stated! LOL!

          “Nathan, your perceptions about Obama are 100% correct…..”

          You mention Obama’s “fake” autobiography. Here again, [Obama’s history] is truth held hostage by this monster who supported Infanticide while he was an Illinois senator. I believe of him [Obama] that the following Scriptures apply:

          “The wicked are estranged from the womb: they go astray as soon as they be born, speaking lies.” – Psalm 58:3

          “Fervent lips with a wicked heart are like earthenware covered with silver dross. He who hates, disguises it with his lips, and lays up deceit within himself; When he speaks kindly, do not believe him, for there are seven abominations in his heart; though his hatred is covered by deceit, his wickedness will be revealed before the assembly. Whoever digs a pit will fall into it, and he who rolls a stone will have it roll back on him. A lying tongue hates those who are crushed by it, and a flattering mouth works ruin.”

          [Hebrew Old Testament {Bible} Scriptures – Proverbs 26:23-28]

          “But the fearful, and unbelieving, and the abominable, and murderers, and whoremongers, and sorcerers, and idolaters, and all liars, shall have their part in the lake which burneth with fire and brimstone: which is the second death.”

          [New Test. Christian Scriptures – Rev 21:8]

  5. dougster says:

    Here are several webpages that detail how the Sandy Hook Hoax was executed: How it was done and who did it.

    1. dougster –

      Thank you for these informative links! It might be good to highlight them, plus some of your comments on a new article posting………..

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