Obama enablers: Big name supposed Conservatives

Pic of Sean Hannity, one of Obama's enablers. He slaves away for the FOX Network of which is reportedly owned in part by a Mid-Eastern Saudi. Is this Hannity's excuse for not exposing Obama's eligibility Achilles heel? Then, why doesn't Hannity have the courage to leave FOX and go Independent like Glen Beck?

Pic of Sean Hannity, one of Obama’s enablers. He slaves away for the FOX Network of which is reportedly partially owned by a Mid-Eastern Saudi. Is this Hannity’s excuse for not exposing Obama’s eligibility Achilles heel? Then, why doesn’t Hannity have the courage to leave FOX and go Independent like Glen Beck? Or does he love his millions more than America?

Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Laura Ingraham, Glenn Beck, Mark Levin, Thomas Sowell, Walter Williams, Charles Krauthammer, Herman Cain and a host of big name media (supposed) Conservatives have been asleep at the our nation’s Constitutional Republic switch, because of their carnival barking conspiracy [of] silence over Obama’s ineligible and illegitimate presidency and his ID frauds. They simply have been part and parcel of the media enabling Obama to get away with his many deceptions!

These “Conservatives” have missed the boat. Hence, they’ve become Obama enablers, whether they realize it or not! And, what makes all this even more sickening and pathetic, is that these people know that Obama has not qualified for the position of legitimate US President. He has not met the “natural born citizen” qualifications for that office! What’s more, Obama is an undocumented worker. His ID fraud stinks to high heaven!

FOX Network's - "Rupert Murdoch, CEO of News Corporation, embracing Prince Alwaleed bin Talal, a nephew of Saudi King Abdullah and the world’s 22nd richest person." - as per pic on barenakedislam.com/

FOX Network’s – “Rupert Murdoch, CEO of News Corporation, embracing Prince Alwaleed bin Talal, a nephew of Saudi King Abdullah and the world’s 22nd richest person.” – as per pic on barenakedislam.com/

This web author won’t even supply the many supporting informational links (he could) to substantiate the aforementioned. Suffice to say, that who and what Obama is, has been and continues to be common knowledge – as common as the day is long. Why won’t the big name supposed “Conservatives” make a huge deal of all this? It is because they are cowards. They are paranoid and afraid of the political correctness public opinion. They simply talk big and their words do not muster the matching and comparable courage.

I grow weary of all of them daily complaining about Obama. They are like a homeowner complaining every year about the bad fruit of a tree in their backyard. Cut the tree down and / or uproot it!

Ignoring Obama’s White House (lack of) credentials is tantamount to supporting (by enabling) his disastrous regime over America! A leader cannot lead without a following. Every time these “Conservatives” say “President” Obama, they are acknowledging his false American leadership, and helping to enable the wicked White House occupier to further his malevolent usurping deceptions.

Rush Limbaugh wimps out. His "Conservative" talk is limited. Like Hannity, Levin and Beck, Limbaugh avoids the most important political issue of our time - Obama's illigitimate and unlawful White House occupancy, as "president."

Rush Limbaugh wimps out. His “Conservative” talk is limited. Like Hannity, Levin and Beck, Limbaugh avoids the most important political issue of our time – Obama’s illegitimate and unlawful White House occupancy, as “president,” and Obama’s many ID frauds.

These destructive supposed Conservatives might as well click their heels and declare: “All hail, Obama!” Their sins of omission (conspiratorial type silence) over Obama’s fake qualifications for US chief executive, along with his identity frauds make them as guilty as a thief’s get-a-way auto driver.


Note the following 2 informational articles which have many informational links included within them:

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Rush Limbaugh talks big but falls short: Satisfied with politically correct cheap laughs – moralmatters.org/2013/02/16/

FOX Network’s Obama Sin of Omission


SAUDI influence peddling and why FOX News has gone all soft on Islam – barenakedislam.com/2013/03/04/


The Complete List of Email Addresses and Fax Numbers for the U.S. Congress and Governors – conservativeusa.org/

U.S. Constitution Online – usconstitution.net/

Posted by:

Pastor emeritus Nathan M. Bickel



Note: Above pic (s) found on the web

39 thoughts on “Obama enablers: Big name supposed Conservatives

    1. jericho777 –

      Thank you for reblogging my latest http://www.moralmatters.org posting!

  1. dougster says:

    Always a “new” announcement from the Sheriff Arpaio camp. …just be patient. Weeks go by, months, even years….nothing happens. Jerome Corsi says Sandy Hook was a real event. Matt Drudge ignores it, Globe mourns the so-called dead children and Alex Jones opines that SH might be fake but he’s not sure.

    The once free American people have been abandoned to the devouring wolves of worldwide communism. I’ve named a few of the traitors in the paragraph above.

    1. dougster –

      I could not have said what you said, any better! Excellent comment – especially that very first sentence! I’ve grown tired of those PP Simmon’s videos which always say “my have,” etc. and keep one hoping for the future that something big will be uncovered and spread by some big named people. They know as most everyone (else) that Obama is guilty as hell – yet, they continue to give him the benefit of all the doubts! Too little now, too late…………

  2. sue muhs says:

    When does Ruppert Murdoch replace my computer that he Jake’s? When does he make right the wrongs he had done to me? Fox news also involved in the lies as well.

  3. Falcon says:


    1. Falcon –

      I’m not sure I understand your comment. Are you referring to various state militias to oppose the usurping Obama if and when Obama may attempt to move upon American citizens with whatever groups should bow to him?

      1. The MAD Jewess says:

        Yeah, Falcon says zero about the gov’t arming themselves.
        It is not us to be feared;
        it is this Commu-NAZI gov’t

  4. Terry says:

    Yum yum yum nothing like eating our own. The few conservative mouth pieces we have out there and now we are supposed to shred them because they have not supported the birth certificate people EVEN if they are correct?

    Tell me, is moralmatters going after Christie? How about McCain? How about the CONGRESSMEN and women who ARE ignoring this? Nope, let’s attack the few who are 99% correct! Why didn’t they include Sarah Palin in this? How about Jan Brewer? Michele Bachmann? It’s no wonder the conservatives are getting their arses handed to them when people like this would rather attack their own than the real problems. NUFF SAID

    1. Terry [“NUFF SAID”] –

      Thank you for visiting http://www.moralmatters.org and for your comment.

      Your comment ignores the thrust of the posting. Your illogical response highlights the fallacy of “extending the argument.” You ignore the reality that the Moralmatters.org article was focusing on, – that being, big name “supposed Conservatives.”

      Furthermore, this author does not have the time to name all those alleged “Conservatives” out there to make his point with terseness and clarity.

      Also, your comment implies that certain groups of the political spectrum should not be called out for their hypocrisy and inconsistencies because that [constructive] criticism hurts the one political side from defeating the other and / or, at least limiting the influence of the political side that is most hurting America. Your argument, if followed to the tee, would contend that one particular political side should not be criticized for immoral and unethical practices and political sins of omission, simply because those potential (critical) practices would hurt the political party. That, argument contention is an immoral type of line of reasoning. It is the same type of reasoning which keeps a faithful wife in a marriage where her husband is pounding her with not only emotional abuse but [with] physical abuse as well.

      You talk about people “attacking their own,” yet, why don’t you then mention how the Republican elite have attacked their own by discarding genuine Conservatives in favor of continually nominating moderates and RINOS for the presidential candidate – and, also, shooting Conservatives when those same Conservatives should misspeak?

      Finally, you fail to refer to an integral part of the Moralmatters.org posting. You only mention about the “natural born citizen” aspect, but you totally ignore what was pointed out how the supposed “Conservatives” are complicit in enabling Obama’s identity and forgery frauds.

      Also, as to your reference of Christie and McCain. Those two didn’t even rate on Moralmatters.org criteria scale. They belong in the same camp as the late PA Senator Arlene Specter. They, like the worthless GOP Colon Powell ought to switch political party affiliations!

    2. Kat ropele says:

      I agree

  5. Deborah Steinmetz says:

    The so called “conservatives” want to argue the illegal & unconstitutional aspects of what BO does. That gives them a following & ratings, but it’s silly & a mute point because BO, himself, is illegal & unconstitutional. You can’t cure a disease by treating the symptoms, you must find the cause.

    1. Deborah –

      Excellent comment! So true! Spot on! All these so-called “Conservatives” (in my opinion) are blowing hot air by not going after Obama’s obvious Achilles heel!

  6. Sue Krentz says:

    I think you ought to have a round table with Dr. Ben Carson, Bob Beckle and Juan Williams…and we sill see how that goes..

    1. Sue –

      That would be nice. But, I’m only one of those American citizen peons. I only have a pin prick of influence compared to them!

  7. ThePaidTroll says:


    You are making fools of yourselves.

    1. PaidTroll –

      At least you are being honest about one thing. Your name says that you are paid. I’ve read about your liberal propaganda kind scouring the Internet spewing your propaganda. If “birthers” are making such “fools” of themselves as you claim, then what about people such as you when history records you and like others marching to the drum beat of one of the most notorious frauds of history?

      Having state the aforementioned, “birthers” aren’t what you and your cronies attempt to stereotype and project. Birthers are those who have helped to uncover Obama’s phony ID forgeries. You live in a fake and smoke and mirrors world. Your fear of all of us “carnival barkers” is showing…………

    2. The core issue is a.k.a. Obama’s Identity Fraud. From this, all charges will flow. The name “Barack Hussein Obama II” is a synthetic identity – a manufactured alias – to obscure the identity of his politically-controversial parents.

      1. Terrible Truth –

        I have no doubt that what you say is reality vis-a-vis Obama’s parentage. And, I most heartily agree with you that all “charges will flow” from Obama’s ID fraud. Having stated that, the “birthers” (in the broader understood sense) will be exhonerated for their persistence and all their “carnival barking,” (the apellation placed upon them in the nastry ridicule spirit of BO, media and liberal propaganda).

        By the way – I always appreciated your website, as it is very thoughtful and methodical in its Obama exposure:


        I would be pleased to highlight your website on the Moralmatters.org home page blogroll. Perhaps, for a “free” subscription to your excellent website, that could be easily arranged.

        At one time, I frequently visited Sharon Rondeau’s “The Post & Email” website which went to paid subscriptions. I ceased visiting that excellent Obama exposing site, since I have all I can do to author and operate moralmatters.org and thechristianmessage.org websites.

        Moralmatters.org (on WordPress) will be celebrating its one year anniversary this month. There are increasingly more page views and visitors. And, the continual theme of Obama’s corruptions is a mainstay of this site. Please consider my gracious offer. And, if you are in contact with Sharon Rondeau, mention that my offer to you would also apply to her. Then, I could feel uninhibited to highlight articles from both your sites – plus the continued presence (of them) on my moralmatters.org home page.

  8. Joe Coffey says:

    If the birth certificate issue is important enough to warrant removing bho from the White House (and it most certainly is) then it is important enough to warrant turning off limbaugh, levin, hannity, o’reilly and any others that refuse to press the matter.

    If they are too ignorant to recognize the importance of this matter then they are not qualified to tell us ANYTHING. And if their opposition is not because of ignorance then it can only be because they are complicit in the destruction of this country. I will not listen to any of them.

    1. Joe –

      Thank you for visiting http://www.moralmatters.org and for your excellent comment. I hope that you continue to offer your comments following future articles!

      So true what you say. Why should intelligent Americans give these so-called “Conservative” talk show hosts the time of day? Limbaugh, Levin, Hannity, O’Reilly, etc. have all demeaned America by their continued conspiracy of silence over Obama’s felony forgeries. They are well aware of what has taken place. Yet, they choose their big name public recognition and continued big money talk show host jobs over being loyal to God and country!

      There is no valid reason to listen to these Judas goons. There are plenty of good sources to gather the news. For instance, on this website, I keep adding good sources to my blogroll list. People can spare themselves from hearing the usual humdrum whining of these so-called “Conservative” talk show host trolls……..

      1. Joe Coffey says:

        I would like to add a bit more condemnation to the missing-in-action talking heads by using the words of one of them.

        In 2008, during the election campaign, I was listening to limbaugh at that time and I recall him saying that even if we could prove that bho was not qualified for office, and if we could give undeniable evidence, we would probably never get congress to act on it. And I will admit that he has been proven true, but let’s make sure that he is included in that realm with congress.

        But using that philosophy, we should get rid of all of our police departments because they might not get courts to act in a way to gain convictions. Using that philosophy, limbaugh should not have helped press for charges, impeachment or conviction of clinton in the 90’s.

        limbaugh is a political prostitute, as are all others who refuse to stand for truth and the Constitution regardless of expected outcome. If the laws are not applied to the top position of the country they should be applied to NOBODY in the country. Chaos would ensue, but RIGHT NOW we are headed for dictatorship.

        May I make it clear that I have not listened to any of the talking head political prostitutes in years. As you mentioned Nathan, I use select print media. There are still some good ones even though many of them sold out as well.

        1. Joe Coffey –

          Excellent comment again! Please consider offering this website a commentary of yours! I would be pleased to publish it on this website. The only thing I would do is supply some pics with relating captions and some supportive links, along with the usual work of formatting.

          I think you said it all when you stated:

          >>>>>> “……limbaugh is a political prostitute, as are all others who refuse to stand for truth and the Constitution regardless of expected outcome. If the laws are not applied to the top position of the country they should be applied to NOBODY in the country. Chaos would ensue, but RIGHT NOW we are headed for dictatorship…… >>>>>> [Your choice words]

          I would add to that: Gutless wonders, these people are………

  9. Pastor Bickel: I am beginning to comprehend that the real obstruction to acknowledgement of a.k.a. Obama’s fraud by ‘top conservatives’ is pride! Dare they admit – thought leaders that they are – that they were duped by epic con? When one by one they step forth in humility, then we’ll get somewhere.

    1. Terrible Truth –

      Excellent point! And, I think that same reason is why lib mainstream media personalities will not begin to tell the truth about Obama. All of them, libs and (so-called) “Conservatives” would have to eat some big time crow. Hence, their continued (and united) “conspiracy of silence” over Obama’s ID corruptions and crimes against this Constitutional Republic.

      You also suggest that when one of these big name media persons starts exhibiting some humility, that America will be getting somewhere. I have to agree. And, hopefully, some of those promises made by some of those personalities at the recent CPAC convention will begin to be fulfilled:

      Col. Allen West’s political sin of omission against America

    2. I posted the following on Facebook and, there was an interesting reply.

      My comment:

      Hannity has ended up just being another Obama enabler:

      Obama enablers: Big name supposed Conservatives – moralmatters.org/2013/03/05/

      The Facebook personality reply:


      TT – I think that you and this Facebook personality are correct in your assessments.

      But be that as it may, I think it a big shame that some of these high profile personalities don’t come out and tell the truth. Where is their courage? Where is their patriotism? Where is their love of God and country?

  10. Krystal says:

    Any political. Person or broadcaster who does Not report the FACTS of the Obama history to the occupation of and maintenance of the United States Presidency is either blind or corrupt or both. Where are the reporters who look to expose truth. Where are the reporters who aren’t afraid of the government. Where are the reporters who believe their job is to report regardless of whether they lose their job . Nixon was not impeached by cowards reporting speculation. There was controversial exposure and heads rolled. Truth emerged and heads were reattached. The people protecting the people have sold out . God or whoever ..help us cause it sure is not the one we are suppose to rely upon.
    Historically… The early earmark of revolution. .. history always repeats itself. Reporters u can stop this ..If u want …

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