Chuck Baldwin to apathetic and lethargic Christians: Preaching the Gospel by itself will not save America

Pic of the late Pastor Jerry Falwell who was to a large extent a motivating  factor (with his organization, "The Moral Majority) to influence Christians to get "out the vote."

Pic of the late Pastor Jerry Falwell who was to a large extent a motivating factor (with his organization, “The Moral Majority) to influence Christians to get “out the vote.”

This web author is convinced that America is in deep spiritual and economic trouble because Christian leaders and their followers are playing church rather than living as energetic disciples of Christ. America’s notorious White House occupier would not have come to influence and power had it not been for the ignorant and arrogant Christian voting bloc. Note also: “America’s voting electorate returned to swallow Obama’s political vomit.”

Christians and especially their Christian leaders (pastors) have allowed themselves to be hog-tied by their perspective church bodies and religious affiliations  They’ve believed the the (lying)  myth of “Separation of church and state.”

The following, (excerpt of a message) is that of a Christian pastor who has led by example.  Please read the excerpt, look at the pics and read the captions – and, finally click on the link for the whole timely message:

Chuck Baldwin: Christian It’s Time To Vote With Your Feet –


<<<<<<<<<< One of the most glaring differences between Colonial and modern America is the attitude of our pastors.

In 1770-1776 (and actually for many years previous to this period), Colonial pastors (of all denominations) lit the fire of freedom in the hearts of their congregants like no generation has ever seen–before or since. The British Crown was so frustrated with these patriot-pastors that they coined a moniker for them. They were called, “The Black (or Black-Robed) Regiment.” In truth, Colonial pastors were more influential in the “holy cause of liberty” (Patrick Henry) from their pulpits than any military regiment on the battlefield. And, yes, many pastors in Colonial America also fought on the battlefields in our War for Independence.

By and large, today's American Christian pastors are gutless. They do not utilize their God-given First Amendment citizen rights to speak out against the rampant culture's sinful political corruptions.

By and large, today’s American Christian pastors are gutless. They do not utilize their God-given First Amendment citizen rights to speak out against the rampant culture’s sinful political corruptions.

Today’s pastors, on the other hand, are mostly noted for saying absolutely NOTHING about the attacks that are currently being waged against our liberties. And when I say NOTHING, I mean absolutely NOTHING. About the only thing they seem to be able to do is pass out some slanted “voter guides” every Presidential election. But most don’t even do that. A few (a very few) will encourage their congregations to protest abortion; some (again, a very small number) will preach a “pro-life” sermon on “Sanctity of Life” Sunday each January. But most deliberately and stubbornly refuse to take a public position on any subject that has the air of being “political.”

Should we really wonder why our country is teetering on the precipice of oppression and slavery? ……..

……..Pastors are depicted as being shepherds. Is it not then the central duty of the pastor to be willing to fight and die for the protection of his people? When he sees the wolves approaching, does he run away and leave the sheep to the slaughter or does he confront the wolves and fight to the death to protect them?

Ladies and gentlemen, the wolves are attacking the flock! Those mangy, mad, maniacal monsters are attacking the lives and liberties of the American people (including the Christian people in our churches) with a vengeance. When they attempt to strip us of our right to defend ourselves with arms, they are attacking the very lives and liberties of our homes and families. Life is a precious gift of Almighty God, and anyone who would make our children and families vulnerable to death and destruction by wicked and evil men is tantamount to a mad wolf that attacks the life of a little lamb.

How dare our shepherds (pastors) stand silent and mute in the face of such evil? How dare they refuse to sound the alarm? How dare they piously proclaim that God “has not called” them to perform this most fundamental duty of a shepherd? Does not their refusal to fight, does not their silence, does not their fear and inaction prove that they are not really shepherds at all, but merely hirelings? I believe so

Pic of Pastor Chuck Baldwin. He was the presidential nominee for the Constitution Party in 2008. Presently, he is host of "Chuck Baldwin Live."

Pic of Pastor Chuck Baldwin. He was the presidential nominee for the Constitution Party in 2008. Presently, he is host of “Chuck Baldwin Live.”

And knowing that what I am about to say will be misinterpreted by some, I say it still: preaching the Gospel, by itself, will NOT save America. And these preachers who hide behind the mantra that the only thing God has called them to do is preach the Gospel, and that only preaching the Gospel will save America, are either themselves seriously deluded or are despicable cowards hiding behind the veil of pretended spirituality.

America has had more Gospel preaching during the last 50 years than any nation in history. There are more churches, more Christian schools, more Gospel radio and television programs, more missionary endeavors, more inner-city missions and shelters, more Bible publications, and more Gospel influence in America during the last 50 years than in any country in the history of the world.

And what has happened to America over the last 50 years? Our historic Christian culture has been turned into rank hedonism and licentiousness; legal abortion has taken the lives of over 60 million innocent unborn babies; a blatant police-state is proliferating; more babies are being born out of wedlock than at any time in history; and now we are facing the tyrannical attempt to ban and confiscate America’s premier self-defense tool: the semi-automatic rifle. And all of this happened, and is happening, while hundreds of thousands of pastors and churches across the land “preach the Gospel.”

Again I say, preaching the Gospel, by itself, will not save America. Christians have to be taught how to understand; how to discern the difference between good and evil; the principles of law and justice; jurisdictional authority; and the principles of Christian resistance. As long as pastors refrain from teaching these essential and necessary truths, our nation will continue its slide into tyranny and oppression–all the Gospel preaching going forth notwithstanding………… >>>>>>>>>>>>>

Note:  For the whole (above) article please access:

Chuck Baldwin: Christian It’s Time To Vote With Your Feet –




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Pastor emeritus Nathan M. Bickel

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19 thoughts on “Chuck Baldwin to apathetic and lethargic Christians: Preaching the Gospel by itself will not save America

  1. chris says:

    It was the adaptation by Hegel of the ‘Darwinian’ theory of evolution–existent long before Mr. Darwin popularized it–to literary textual criticism, and especially the textual criticism of the biblical text, which spawned the Graf-Wellhausen Documentary Hypothesis; an hypothesis based upon conjecture and presupposition and outright fabrications such as the purported J/E/P/D structure of supposed source documents for which not a single scrap of evidence exists-(see Evidence That Demands a Verdict’ by Josh McDowell).

    And it was the Graf-Wellhausen documentarians who spawned the complete spectrum of blind radical historical-critical schools of textual criticism: Form Criticism, “Modern” Criticism, Source Criticism, Radical Criticism, Liberal Criticism, “Progressive” Criticism, etc. ad nauseum.
    Therein lies the roots of liberal theology which denies the authority of Scripture.

    Liberal theologians first ask rhetorically, just like the serpent in the Garden, ‘Did God really say?’ and then they go about attempting to prove by way of their indefensible methods of textual criticism that God really did not say, or write in His Word, precisely what is written. Then liberal “theologians” proceed to insert into the developmental theories they propose as reality surrounding the compilation of the texts assembled within the Bible. Man’s motives behind the authorship of the texts within, as they say, his Sitz en Leben, (his contemporaneous and colloquial historical social setting). And they maintain that man, or certain elite men to be more specific, sociologically defined as “Master Thinkers”,[Bastiat fallaciously called them Supermen] invested with greater mental capacities by what power they do not say, with a sociologically described Verstehen, (higher knowledge–greater insight), wrote the Bible according to the “communities” situational needs.

    Liberal-socialism is nothing more than revived Gnosticism. I call them Neo-Gnostics. There is nothing new under the sun.

    Micro-biologists and those working on unraveling the phenomenal complexity of the “simplest” cell are rapidly crushing the Darwinian evolutionists faith in life emerging from pools of materials suspended in water. The complexity of DNA defies the possibility of it ever in goggles of bazillions of years of having organized itself into the apparent quad-code structure that is observed.

    This is why Mr. Obama found it necessary to over and over again deliberately omit the word ‘Creator’ from his quotes from our nation’s founding documents. The one thing that unites liberal-socialists and Muslims is their determination to deny that all men are created equal and endowed by their Creator, the Lord Jesus Christ, with certain unalienable rights including the right to life, (all men would of course include unborn babies) the right to liberty, not to be confused with hedonistic licentiousness, and the right to the pursuit of happiness.

    Until America returns to biblical standards of righteousness and the Christian Church in America adamantly refutes the infiltration of the liberal “theology” into the Church and puts out that which it has up to now put up with, there is no hope for our nation healing.

    It is by means of employing the faulty biblical textual criticism that liberal “theologians” attempt to justify the sin of homosexuality as biblically acceptable when nothing could be clearer in the Word of God than the fact that homosexuality is sin.

    1. chris –

      Nice points! As I read your summation, I thought of the Bible verse that described the “learned” apart from trust in the Lord -[Paraphrase]: “Professing themselves to be wise; they became fools.” Fools and their foolishness are in abundance when the historical Hebrew and Christian Scriptures are either ignored or misinterpreted to suit the fancies of human carnality and human reasoning.

  2. What do you mean by saving America? I just want to see the people who live in this country come to trust Jesus for the forgiveness of their sins. For moral issues like abortion I agree, pastors should take a stand. Children born out of wedlock? This is not wise nor obedient to God and pastors should also take a stand.

    But with issues of liberty – of gun rights, of policy, of police states, etc.. let’s just say if I don’t see it specifically spoken of in the Word of God – and you aren’t going to find assault rifles mentioned, those topics shouldn’t invade the pulpit. We are called to preach The Word (2 Tim 4) – whatever state we live in, whatever laws exist. And our goal shouldn’t be to create only a moral society. Moral societies without people who trust Jesus are on the same road as an immoral society. Jesus desires compassion, not sacrifice. He tells us to go and learn what this means. I think it might apply here. – David

    1. David –

      Thank you for visiting and for your comment.

      I am not fully sure what Pastor Chuck Baldwin means by “saving America.” I do know from Holy Scripture that the end times will be smothered with increased wickedness. All one has to do is read sections of the Christian Scriptures to conclude what is and what will take place. Hence, I am not one who believes in a “theology of glory.”

      However, you stated something with which I will take exception. You stated:

      >>>>>>> But with issues of liberty – of gun rights, of policy, of police states, etc.. let’s just say if I don’t see it specifically spoken of in the Word of God – and you aren’t going to find assault rifles mentioned, those topics shouldn’t invade the pulpit. >>>>>>>>> [Your words]

      Although Christ taught His disciples that they should turn the other cheek; He did not teach them to willingly become the punching bags of the decadent culture. No where do I read in the Scriptures that it is natural for a Christian to seek martyrdom and throw himself on the martyrdom altar. Chuck Baldwin basically said that Christian pastors and Christians need to be willing to suffer at the hands of the corrupt state; suffering detention and even imprisonment because of their unwillingness to obey unjust laws. No where did I detect Chuck Baldwin encouraging a type of armed and open rebellion insurrection against the state. In his message he gave some Biblical examples. Did you read the totality of his message?

      Furthermore, saying that assault rifles aren’t mentioned in the Scriptures, doesn’t in anyway negate the subject from coming up in the pulpit. Saying that such subjects are off limits, is restricting the practical applications of the preached Word, and attempting to strap the Holy Spirit to certain criteria chairs. The following Scripture comes to mind:

      “…….2 Peter 1:3 – “According as his divine power hath given unto us all things that pertain unto life and godliness, through the knowledge of him that hath called us to glory and virtue: …..”

      “All things that pertain unto life and godliness” includes the defense of one’s own family and pastoral flock. That (to me) clearly came through in this message by Chuck Baldwin. How can anyone (including Christians) argue with that? Doesn’t Scripture itself say that if one does not care for his family, he is worse off than an infidel?

      Finally, I understood Pastor Baldwin saying that a Christian pastor is responsible to teach and preach to his flock the whole counsel of God. That includes today’s cultural realities in a Constitutional Republic which has been breached, not only by the enemies of the Republic, but by the enemies of the good, the moral and the righteous.

  3. Maui Jim says:

    Just finish listening to Chuck Baldwin’s sermon from last Sunday’s message. It takes 1:15 minutes of your time but gives context to his blog post “Christian It’s Time to Vote with Your Feet”. Chuck gives clarity to what’s been going on with pastor’s today… he answered my underlying angst on Sunday morning… the third rail is very settled.

    1. Maui Jim –

      Thank you for visiting and for your comment.

      Your video posting is much appreciated!

  4. pastorhering says:

    Well, truth be told, the Gospel is not meant to save America. It is meant to save sinners of “all nations.”

    1. pastorhering –

      I fully agree with your comment response. However, I did not “take” Baldwin’s message as such. I thought that it was a good expose of present day Christian pastors and so wrote up a posting highlighting it.

      What I did glean from his message was that Christian pastors stop short in their proclamation of the Word, and, that they are mostly talk and no action. As I mentioned in my one comment response, God’s Word “pertains to life and godliness.” [2 Peter 1]

      1. pastorhering says:

        The point stands.

        For example, as important to our nation and freedom as it is, no pastor is called to preach about the Second Amendment to his people.

        The Gospel begets faith in God and service to our neighbor.

        So, I beg to differ. Preaching the Gospel is essential to “life and godliness.” Without it, neither is possible. If it were, we wouldn’t need the Gospel, would we?

        “Repent! The kingdom of heaven is at hand” wherever and whenever the Gospel is preached.

        1. pastorhering –

          I repeat. I did not understand Pastor Baldwin’s message emphasis about a pastor’s calling to preach the Second Amendment. If you read that into it – that, is your interpretation. What I did clearly “hear” Pastor Baldwin saying, is that modern-day Christian pastors are wimps compared to yesteryear’s pastors. Baldwin’s message was an exhortation for modern-day pastors to practice what they preach; be willing to not kiss-up to the corrupt political leaders and their unjust laws; but, be willing to even suffer and go to jail for refusing to conform. And, Baldwin gave some Scriptural examples.

          Frankly, I am weary of modern-day Christian pastors who will not criticize and call to account corrupt political leaders. Using the excuse that God only called one to preach the Gospel, is no excuse at all! Tell that someday in heaven to John the Baptist and see how far that assertion goes……….

  5. Sherman Burrows says:

    I fear self-promoting Chuck Baldwin is like most of these “pious pimps”- a hypocrite of the most supreme order. Beware of those so vain that they use the name of God to push their selfish, unholy agenda.

    1. Sherman –

      Your comment about Pastor Chuck Baldwin appears to be more paranoia rather than reality. You don’t substantiate your assertion with any evidence.

  6. The MAD Jewess says:

    Isn’t he just saying; you cant just talk the talk, you have to walk the walk?

    DITTO for these lying “Jews” that are SATAN’S kids!!

    1. The MAD Jewess –

      Thank you again for visiting and for your comment!

      Yes, I believe that is what Chuck Baldwin is saying. Yet, when I posted this on a religious Facebook site this one pastor went through a whole litany how people, especially Christians are supposed to goose step to the “authorities.” Apparently, he did not like Baldwin’s (implied) message that there are too many gutless Christian “leaders” and Christian (gullible) sheeple out their sucking in all of big government’s propaganda tit milk…………

      1. The MAD Jewess says:

        Well, Baldwin is right.
        And, he is a good man. I have always liked him.

        Christians AND Jews are so willing to cower to this insanity.
        As believers in the ONLY God, maker of heaven and earth, we are supposed to RESIST satan, the devil. Not submit to him.
        This is duly noted in Judaism as well as Christianity.
        God bless Chuck 😀

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