Will Obama finally get his? Or will the Supreme Court wimp out?

Pic of the highly energetic Dr. (dentist) and Attorney Orly Taitz. She was a former Russian citizen who  clearly understands the Marxist threat of Obama's White House occupancy. Orly has worked for years now, attempting to get US courts to take seriously Obama's unconstitutional and fraudulent "presidency."

Pic of the highly energetic and gifted Dr. (dentist) and Attorney, Orly Taitz. She is a former Russian citizen who clearly understands the Marxist threat of Obama’s White House occupancy. Orly has worked for years now, attempting to get US courts to take seriously Obama’s unconstitutional and fraudulent “presidency.”

2/19/13 Latest update – The Supreme Court did wimp out:

Supreme Court justices deny and trash the very US Constitution which gives them their lifetime appointment livelihoods 

2/16/13 – Update –

We won’t know more until next week:

U.S. Supreme Court Releases Initial Order List For Granted Petitions: Obama Eligibility Case Noonan v Bowen Not Yet Listed 

Also – Please note:

The Decision of the Supreme Court to Hear the Obama Case Will be Released on Tuesday 

Is Joe Biden going to be our interim President before the end of this year? ….. | Politics Today 


February 15th marks the day the US  Supreme Court is supposed to decide whether to take up the case about Obama’s Constitutional ineligibility and fraudulent IDS:

A Moralmatters.org reader has left a comment following the recent previous article:

Obama not above the law: Supreme Court hearing case against Obama and Sheriff Arpaio’s Investigation continues – moralmatters.org/2013/01/17


<<<<<< Unbontir:

SOTUS ain’t gonna rule on Obama eligibility this week, it’s only gonna rule on whether it will hear the case. This has happened multiple times before and they once even “lost” a case from the docket, which became moot by the time they finally “found” it. The Clown Thomas even “joked” that they were “avoiding the issue.” Har-har- avoiding the biggest political scandal in history, while the nation is torn apart.

Also, Roberts can’t disqualify Commie America-haters Stotomayer and Kagan. They must recuse themselves and never had on this issue. The only reason Kagan is on the court is because closet queen Lindsey Graham waved her through the judicial committee. So much for “checks and balances.” >>>>>>>

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Pastor emeritus Nathan M. Bickel



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23 thoughts on “Will Obama finally get his? Or will the Supreme Court wimp out?

  1. Maui Jim says:

    Reblogged this on The Surf Report and commented:
    Will Obama finally get his? Or will the Supreme Court wimp out?

    1. unbontir says:

      It certainly would be a shocking turn of events if the Supreme Court decided to take on Atty. Orly Taitz’s case.

      I rather expected Sheriff Joe’s volunteer Cold Case Posse to release their never before released evidence that had been announced as upcoming on PPSIMMONS before the full conference of the Supreme Court. I had hoped it would have such an impact that even the lap dog main stream propaganda organizations would not be able to avoid it or play it down like they have practically every other breaking story related to Mr. Obama’s criminal usurpation of the presidency.

      Three of the Supreme Court justices chose not to attend Mr. Obama’s ‘Hate’ of the Union address yesterday. If the two justices argued in Orly Taitz’s Supplemental Brief to her case filed last week that must recuse themselves from any participation in deliberating over Orly Taitz’s case on account of their immense conflict of interest; – their appointments would be retro-actively abrogated if a ruling were made that Mr. Obama is not now and never has been president. For he was in the commission of the crime of fraudulently representing himself as constitutionally eligible to be president, when he was illegally elected twice – then there is a real chance that the Supreme Court could dethrone the ‘Empty Chair,’ Barry Soetoro, a.k.a. Soebarkah, a.k.a. Harrison J. Bounel, a.k.a. Barack ‘King’ Hussein Obama, Jr., the ‘Manchurian’ Muslim from Mombasa.

      Horrific violence would quite naturally follow a decision by the Supreme Court to take Mr. Obama into custody and prosecute him for the most serious crime committed against the Constitution and the American experiment in government of the people in our nation’s history. Liberal-Socialist idolaters would wreak havoc in the streets upon learning that, in Jamie Foxx’s words, their “lord and savior Barack Obama” had been arrested and faced possible execution by the state.

      1. unbontir –

        Thank you for your intelligent comment! I concur.

        If the Supreme Court would be decisive and order the lock-up custody of Obama for all his crimes against America and its Constitution, I have no doubt that many Obots would be “up in arms.” Some, might even slit their wrists; while other may leap from tall buildings. And, what would become of some media hate-mongers such as MSNBC’S Chris Matthews, who has spent most of his time up Obama’s ass? I think that the men in white suits would have to haul him away………..

        1. Ben Petrone says:

          A thought just came to mind. If the libs are so against GUN OWNERSHIP, and the 2nd Amendment, do you really think that they would WREAK HAVOC IN THE STREETS? If they did, I, as a 2nd Amendment believer [says] BRING IT ON!

          It is coming close to a backlash by the AMERICAN PEOPLE; 1776 all over again. I hope that the front line is composed of all of the LEADERS OF THE GOVT .YAKNOW.

        2. Rendy Farrar says:

          Remember the kook-aid drinkers turned in their guns but guess who bought out the gun shops? Not Obama supporters. If they riot in the streets they will be met with force.

      2. msbetz says:

        No, there will be no riots…blacks know he’s going to get caught and are ready to throw the usurper into jail. He has used them up…pretending to be black.

      3. Ben Petrone says:

        Do you really think that they would EXECUTE Obama if found guilty.

        1. Ben –

          I simply don’t know. If he were found guilty though, I would think that his crimes would be worthy of the severest punishment – at least in another era and culture.

  2. Thomas C Neith says:

    If Chief Justice John Roberts doesn’t continue his Benedict Arnold of the 21st Century ruse for the 4th time We the People stand a chance at finally getting some legal justice against Odumbo.

    1. Thomas –

      Yes. We can only hope and pray.

  3. Bigzippo says:


  4. I beg God every day to get this man down. He is a monster in my view.

    1. Miriam –

      Thank you for visiting http://www.moralmatters.org and for your comment!

      I share your view. I pray also that God would depose Obama, anyway He sees fit. And, you are correct. He is a “monster.” Anyone who can lie as much as he does and support Infanticide is not a moral man, but a monster:

      Obama’s lies the State of the Union Address and Americans who love Obama’s lies

      The Infanticide / Abortion Genocide US “President” Obama

  5. ruth says:

    I have no hope, but oh, how great it would be!!

    1. Ben Petrone says:

      Ruth never give up hope TRUST IN THE LORD. If obama is not the antichrist the Lord will step in. If he is, then as you know just pick up GOD’s Word and follow HIS plan for the end of the world. PS this is not me stating this if it is God’s plan. There is nothing we can do as CHRISTIANS but ask for GOD’S mercy. AMEN?

  6. Sherman Burrows says:

    Good Dr. Orly Taitz was never a Russian citizen. She was a Soviet citizen who lived in Moldova, not the Russian part of the Soviet Union.

    Did you know she is a black belt in Taekwando?

    1. Sherman –

      Thank you for your comment. I will check that out to verify. Not now; but, later as I am on the run……….

  7. Sherman Burrows says:

    Very good sir. I hope all is well.

  8. Sherman Burrows says:

    Ms. Taitz has it all – brains, beauty, and toughness. Her eyes are quite lovely.

    1. Sherman –

      I hope all those qualities which you mention help to persuade the Supreme Court to act upon the US Constitution and take on the case to rule on removing Obama, since he doesn’t meet one of the major requirements for holding the chief executive office!

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