What has become of the Sandy Hook Elementary school building?

Following is a short 2 minute video about the Sandy Hook school building and its inquisitive visitors. It should leave a thinking person with more questions:

Will this school building where the supposed massacre took place, be the future scene of a government demolition? Will the building parts be dumped in some ocean waters such as the supposed dead body of Muslim terrorist, Bin Laden? If such should transpire; will the ceremony action [again] be shrouded in secrecy?

An inquisitive couple’s visit of Sandy Hook – youtube.com

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Moralmatters.org articles about the government and media alleged Sandy Hook Shooting Massacre 


Please note that the following articles have pics, captions and many evidencing links to help substantiate this web author’s mini commentaries about this highly publicized media event:


Actors in Sandy Hook hoax are identified (Photos) – examiner.com/


>>>>>> …… View slideshow: The Greenbergs and Sextons

What appears to be a gigantic hoax, perpetrated by the government at Sandy Hook, laid the groundwork for massive calls for gun control, which, of course, will lead to gun confiscation. In an alarming coincidence, just two weeks before, Attorney General Eric Holder visited the Connecticut governor and launched Project Longevity, a project for gun control against violence. How convenient.

We now know the identities of at least two of the interviewed parents at Sandy Hook. Nick and Laura Phelps were interviewed by Wolf Blitzer of CNN……. <<<<<<<< – examiner.com/

Eugene FEMA Representative – NO ESCAPE – tatoott1009.com/2013/01/30/


“A thinking person will question what he hears; examine what he sees; and evaluate what others would have him believe.”

[Nathan M. Bickel]


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Pastor emeritus Nathan M. Bickel




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  1. This is a new nadir for your rants, further illustrating that your claim to be a “pastor emirtus” to be bogus.

    • degitt –

      Again, I will publish your comments; not because I care to have readers swayed by your deceitful bent; but, to give readers to this site the opportunity to witness how liberal types (such as you) make wild and unsubstantiated assertions.

      Your one liner in which you question my background and character; you can’t even spell rightly. It is, “emeritus,” – having been there and done that, retaining the title. Apparently, you fall into the same infantile sandbox trap which many of the politically correct fall into. You don’t like one’s evidenced opinion, so then you cave into the excuse of attempting to assassinate his reputation and character. Shame on you! You need to get a life! Here is something for you to read and take to heart:

      Pontius Pilate and Political Correctness

  2. Last night or early morning, someone communicated to me that he thought that the Sandy Hook Elementary School building is to be torn down.

    Does anyone have any information about “this?” And, if you do – please submit your comment here, after this article posting. Thank you.

    Being, that government has been known to scrub information off its websites and other websites in support of the Obama White House occupation; it would logically make sense that removing the property building would be in keeping with the “scrubbing” (deletion) mentality.

  3. You sick, sick man. To propogate such a bold face, unhinged and morally corrupt piece of fiction like this will doom you to rot in the brimstone you pretend to preach of. You fake. You and your type are less worthy in the eyes of god than pagans. The god you preach of is an evil, self-serving, greedy and corrupt servant of money and control. You, sir, are going to hell.

    • “person” –

      Thank you for your visiting http://www.moralmatters.org – even if you felt the obvious need to unload and regurgitate your hate mongering thoughts. To that, I say: I love to publish comments such as yours to illustrate and showcase hypocrisy in full triggered action.

      It never ceases to amaze me that those who have little or no genuine regard for the Triune God, Christ and the Christian Faith, will utilize their false understanding of religion to damn others. I suspect that you are one of those political libs who doesn’t even have the decency to ascribe to the Almighty the honor He deserves. You don’t capitalize your reference to God.

      Furthermore, your comment illustrates to me that you don’t know what you are talking about when you seem to indicate that I am motivated by this world’s false treasure of money. If you’d be observant, you would have noticed on my two websites, that I neither sell or advertise products for pecuniary gain.

      Please allow yourself an opportunity to cool off. Please, for your priceless soul’s worth, recognize that you are a sinner in need of God’s good graces.

      I offer to you some serious words in form of some topical messages on my other website. Please start thinking outside your imprisioned box; and realize, for what it is, the hate mongering venom you have disseminated by your comment. I wish you well, and pray for your angry sinful soul:

      Absolutes and Christ’s often misunderstood words of “Judge not…”

      Part 1 — Why atheists are fools and agnostics follow closely behind

      Part 2 — Why atheists are fools and agnostics follow closely behind

      • You dare to question my faith. You are the blind hypocrite in this situation my poor, poor man. I weep for you and your kind. Your hate and paranoia have rusted your souls. Enjoy swimming in your own bile. It will consume you fully and spit out your bones. You know not the true god (yes, it is uncapitalized) Oh, and have a nice day. Cooled down enough for you? Sicko!

        • “person” –

          I think that your second comment here, underscores my point about you, in my response to your first hate-mongering comment. If this is your “faith” which you live; I hope and pray that others aren’t attracted by it.

    • person –

      How much are you being payed as a troll? And why would you step that low? Is money the root of all evil?

      person – Do you even know the real God? I hope you find the real God before its to late. And may God bless you!

  4. It was an interesting video but I find it very difficult to believe that a whole town or community would go along with a hoax. I do realize the media was incorrect in naming an assault rifle as the weapon used and the liberals are using this tragedy to further their gun control agenda. I totally understand them boarding it up and fencing it off…it has been a media circus and after such a traumatic experience I would not want to force any children to have to return to such a place. It will be a shame to see it torn down…maybe it can be used for something else and a new school built for those students.

    • Dennis –

      Thank you for visiting http://www.moralmatters.org and for your comment.

      The very first sentence of your comment reminded me of our whole country going along with this hoax of an unconstitutional president. Why would all of the Senate and House branches of government and umpteen members of the judiciary ignore the requirement for president of being a “natural born citizen?” Why would 65 million people vote for Obama a second time around when he has left this nation in such a periled state? Why would they accept a man as Chief Executive for his many deceptions; identity fraud being at the top of the list?

      Frankly, I can’t buy that argument that says: “Surely one person will speak up if it really was a hoax!” You know what happens when people speak up and go against the prevailing political correctness public opinion? Just look at a few comments to my moralmatters article before this one. Those who break silence are squelched. They are the leprous whistle blowers. Few people care to be labelled racists and conspiracy theorists.

      Just search the news out on this Sandy Hook community. Families and businesses are being given money for this supposed massacre tragedy. Is it “hush money?” Is it some money for some play acting? Why all the anomolies and inconsistencies? Why did the one police officer threaten the public if anyone would deviate from the media reported story?

  5. Year old satellite photos reveal that Sandy Hook school was inactive as a school, long before the fake shooting Dec 14th, 2012. The Feds used an abandoned building to take away our freedoms and rights as citizens….let alone some innocent children who were used as actors and props.

    • Dev –

      Thank you again for your http://www.moralmatter.org comment!

      I have to be stark honest and relate what went through my head as I read your comment, knowing that you often substantiate your assertions; – and, you have with this one. I was reminded of what my one friend would say of unsavory and nasty characters. He would term them as “Sick bastards!”

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