Alleged Sandy Hook Shooting Massacre: Pictures with captions depict the hoax

The media won't explain anomolies like the above pic. Instead, they hauled out their leftist playbook accusing those who believe Sandy Hook is a hoax, as being "conspiracy theorists." Their sandbox ridicule gets old.

The media won’t explain anomalies like the above pic. Instead, they hauled out their leftist playbook accusing those who believe Sandy Hook is a hoax, as being “conspiracy theorists.” Their infantile sandbox ridicule gets old. Please avail yourself of all the pictorial and captioned material which you will find on this page as you keep scrolling down.


Most of the American public will not believe that a hoax of this magnitude is possible. But, they overlook that Obama was elected twice; posing as a legitimate candidate for the US presidency when he did not meet the eligibility standard. Instead, he forged his birth certificate hoax, overlooked by many of the same people who won't believe in a "Sandy Hook shooting hoax."
Most of the American public will not believe that a hoax of this magnitude is possible. But, they overlook that Obama was elected twice; posing as a legitimate candidate for the US presidency when he did not meet the Constitutional eligibility standard. Instead, he forged his birth certificate [hoax], overlooked by many of the same people who won’t believe in a “Sandy Hook shooting hoax.” Ask yourself:  “Who are the real “carnival barkers?” Are they “birthers;” or are they the majority who hide behind their conspiracy theorist mode of silence over Obama’s ineligibility to be legitimate president and over his identity birth certificate fraud; –  hoping that the birther protest will gradually die down and be smothered by their silence?
Supposed parent, Robbie Parker of one of the killed child victims. Which parent laughs before being interviewed about the very recent death of their child?
Supposed parent, Robbie Parker, of one of the (alleged) gun-downed, child victims. Which parent laughs before being interviewed about the very recent death of his child? Was this “Robbie Parker” a two-bit Sandy Hook actor? Reportedly, he and his wife reside in Florida, and were Sandy Hook hoax transplants.
Pic of Eugene 'Gene' Rosen, reportedly CEO of a local Newtown TVstation; also a semi-well known actor who has appearedin local grade-school rooms to entertain the children.
Pic of Eugene ‘Gene’ Rosen, reportedly CEO of a local Newtown, CT television station; also a familiar actor in the area who is said to have appeared at local elementary school rooms, entertaining children. Note the sign in the background as the other actors are given an instruction reminder to “check in” so that this political / media event can be an orderly affair to make the Sandy Hook Shooting hoax appear real.


Here is a pic of another Sandy Hook Shooting hoax actor. He's a local law enforcement officer. What would a media event like this be without a huge contingent of "the authorities" not being involved?
Here is a pic of another Sandy Hook shooting hoax actor. He’s a local state law enforcement officer. What would a media event like this be without a huge contingent of “the authorities” not being involved?


Let's not forget about local actor Eugene 'Gene' Rosen. Before this web author concluded this Sandy Hook Shooting media event was a hoax, he saw this man do a poor acting job on a video. That was the first time I began to suspect something was not right. From there, I started questioning and searching.
Let’s not forget about local actor Eugene ‘Gene’ Rosen, who was previously introduced in an above picture. Before this web author concluded this Sandy Hook shooting media event was a hoax, he saw this man do a poor acting job on a video about the supposed massacre. That was the first time  this web author [Pastor emeritus Nathan M. Bickel]  began to suspect something was not right. From there on, he started questioning and did some searching. I hope that you, the web viewer and reader, looking at all this, will do the same. Ask yourself:  “When did government and its buddy / buddy mainstream media, ever tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth? Dare to think outside the political correctness box and question government and media motives and agendas.


Remember the picture above with the sign to "Sign in here?" This sponsored government / media hoax event needed to be organized. That's the reason the helecopter "shooting" the event made sure to show up ahead of time; so that all was in place to provide America with the best realistic coverage.
Remember the picture above with the sign: “Everyone Must Check In?” This sponsored government / media hoax event needed to be organized to be successfully pulled off. That’s one of the reasons the helicopter which apparently videoed the event made sure to show up ahead of time; so that all was in place to provide America with the best possible “realistic” coverage.


Not only did the media helicopter show up early and prepared; apparently the "authorities" did, as well.
Not only did the media helicopter show up early and prepared; apparently the “authorities” did, as well. Do any of you remember watching the national TV Network news about bloodied bodies being rushed out to EMT (ambulances)? Do any of you remember hospital personnel being interviewed by Network coverage; or videos of the injured being rushed to medical emergency rooms? Also, what ever became of the rest of the student population? Wasn’t Sandy Hook an elementary school? Supposedly the shooter targeted just the young. Where were students, grades 3-6? Were they given the day off? Why weren’t any of them interviewed on the school scene? Were they considered by the acting media to be credible witnesses; or, were they scratched from the “program” because they might not be able to keep straight acting faces while interviewed on the national TV networks? Where were they? Maybe they had the school day off so that they could watch the whole hoax unfold. This web author wonders if they popped popcorn and raided their parent’s refrigerators and made a day of it?



Was this ER omission aspect something that the government / media “truthers” failed to make (look) real?


From what this web author has read; this area of Conneticut was a training ground for emergency drills. Perhaps, this is why this maintenance man did not become excited. Why should he if he's seen it all before?
From what this web author has read; this area of Connecticut was a training ground for emergency (law enforcement intervention) drills. Perhaps, this is why this maintenance man did not become excited, (at least until he was exposed by a camera). Why did he go about his work, as if nothing was happening, unless he’s seen it all before?


More Sandy Hook shooting hoax actors. How much of your taxpayer money did they get paid for their acting? How much more of your taxpayer money did they and others receive to buy and seal their silence about the staged saga hoax?
More Sandy Hook shooting hoax actors. How much of your taxpayer money did they acquire for their Obama government and media acting? How much more of your taxpayer money did they and others receive to buy and seal their silence about the staged saga hoax?


This Facebook page was created Dec 10. Four days later this woman was an apparent shooting victim of the alleged Sandy Hook  massacre. What gives? How was Victoria Soto to “Rest in Peace” before she was allegedly murdered in the alleged Sandy Hook [supposed] shooting? This has all the appearance of pre-planning the hoax.


I suppose this pictorial proof debunks another lie by the Obama charaders who claimed that Dylan was mortally shot and his brother appeared with the Conspirator-in-Chief at the signing of the anti-Second Amendment Executive order.
I suppose this pictorial evidence debunks another deception which  had Dylan mortally shot and his brother appearing with the Obama White House occupier,  at the signing of the anti-Second Amendment Executive order.


This web author wonders what this boy will be thinking and telling in 20 years. Surely, he must know by then that he was malevolently used by those who despise our US Constitutional freedoms.
Which person alive, has the distinct experience of attending his own funeral? This web author wonders what this boy will be thinking and telling (others) in 20 years, (should he live that long).  Surely, he will know by then that he was malevolently used by those who despise our US Constitutional freedoms? Was he drugged and / or hypnotized to act in sorrow? Was also the one “reported” open casket body, temporarily drugged and / or hypnotized to appear deceased? Or, was the coffin only reported open, but closed as all the other ones?


With all these photos; this web author would be remiss not to include the supposed perpetrator of the Sandy Hook alleged massacre. Please note that "Adam Lanza" was reported to have died one day before the Sandy Hook shooting government / media hoax.
With all these photos; this web author would be remiss not to include the supposed perpetrator of the Sandy Hook alleged massacre. Please note that “Adam Lanza” was reported to have died one day before the Sandy Hook shooting government / media hoax.


Much is unknown about the supposed Sandy Hook massacre murderer, Adam Lanza. But, we do know about our White House occupier usurper who hasn't met our US Constitution's eligibility requirement to be legitimate President. But, that does not matter to him as he continually goes about the task of dismantling traditional, Constitutional and patriotic America. He will even use innocent children to further his socialist, Marxist and Muslim agenda to destroy America. This man who supported Infanticide while an Illinois senator, is truly evil. As I stated earlier - web reader and viewer: Start thinking outside the political correctness box! Also, begin to connect some simple reality dots. Observe that Obama's actions seldom match his snake oil speech. Maybe those who accuse others of being "birthers," "carnival barkers," and "conspiracy theorists" are, indeed what they claim others to be.
Much is unknown about the supposed Sandy Hook massacre murderer, Adam Lanza. But, we do know about our White House occupier usurper who hasn’t met our US Constitution’s eligibility requirement to be legitimate President. But, that does not matter to him as he continually goes about the task of dismantling traditional, Constitutional and patriotic America. He will even use innocent children to further his socialist, Marxist and Muslim agenda to destroy America. This man [monster] who supported Infanticide while an Illinois senator, is truly malevolent. As this author stated earlier – web reader and viewer:  Think outside the political correctness box! Also, begin to connect some simple reality dots. Observe that Obama’s actions seldom match his snake oil speech. Perhaps, those who accuse others of being  “carnival barkers,” and “conspiracy theorists” are, indeed, what they claim others to be.


Significant Moralmatters articles which help establish a logical and consistent basis for understanding government contrived and staged propaganda and violence events,spread far and wide by the mainstream media mainstream media enabling propaganda whores: articles about the government and media alleged Sandy Hook Shooting Massacre 

Please note that the following articles have pics, captions and many evidencing links to help substantiate this web author’s above pic’s mini commentaries about this highly publicized media event:

Please also note compilation of all this website’s multiple postings about the Sandy Hook event:

Sandy Hook Shooting Hoax –


Actors in Sandy Hook hoax are identified (Photos) –


>>>>>> …… View slideshow: The Greenbergs and Sextons

What appears to be a gigantic hoax, perpetrated by the government at Sandy Hook, laid the groundwork for massive calls for gun control, which, of course, will lead to gun confiscation. In an alarming coincidence, just two weeks before, Attorney General Eric Holder visited the Connecticut governor and launched Project Longevity, a project for gun control against violence. How convenient.

We now know the identities of at least two of the interviewed parents at Sandy Hook. Nick and Laura Phelps were interviewed by Wolf Blitzer of CNN……. <<<<<<<< –

Eugene FEMA Representative – NO ESCAPE –


“A thinking person will question what he hears; examine what he sees; and evaluate what others would have him believe.”

[Nathan M. Bickel]



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Pastor emeritus Nathan M. Bickel

247 thoughts on “Alleged Sandy Hook Shooting Massacre: Pictures with captions depict the hoax

  1. Kachonka says:

    The Hockley pic is not the same kid. Close, but simple free face recognition software shows the eyebrows, dimples and chin, versus chin, temple and eye displacement is not even close. The shape of the ear lobes could be detected by a five year old as not the same person.. Some of it is plausible, but if your first picture is so whacked, you want people to buy the rest? Sober up and take another look at ears and eye brows alone.

    1. Kachonka –

      Personally, I don’t see what you seem to see. Thank you for your comment and for visiting

      And, I appreciate your honesty, – especially when you had to admit: “Some of it is plausible.”

      As I said in so many words, in that posting: It’s important not to take what big government and its buddy media throw out to the public. It is honorable to question and to challenge. Each person has the free will to come to his own conclusion. I, have, mine.

      1. bill says:

        The kid is older because Sandy Hook was produced way before Dec. 14, 2012. This is what Hollywood does.

      2. Kim says:

        Kachonka is right that is no where close to the same person, I would even say the photo with Obama in it is photoshopped

      3. Mark says:

        the facebook profile was created before the event but had a different name it was changed to RIP Soto After the event. and its still up here after 3 years

    2. Imprimis77 says:

      The eyes and ears? Looks the same to me…now the eyebrows…looks like they were plucked in second picture. Most kids have rather wild brows. In any event, they are far too neat. Further, what you think? Little things like that changed very easily. If this was a “wag the dog” moment, and people w/the know-how to make “little” changes are on site, well, anything is possible. Do I believe the government is this lowdown…you, betcha. However, this scenario is much better than what I was quietly thinking anyway..whew!

      1. The Magic M says:

        > If this was a “wag the dog” moment, and people w/the know-how to make “little” changes are on site, well, anything is possible.

        So you really think somebody said “Let’s get this supposedly dead kid on national TV, but better trim his eyebrows first so nobody (except the “enlightened ones” on the interwebs) will recognize him”? *facepalm*

    3. Edwin Walls says:

      Agree…these two children don’t look alike. Even the eye colors are different.

  2. That’s definitely Dylan Hockley beside the table at the signing of some E.Ords. He first appeared at his own funeral and now we see him at the signing ceremony. Notice his hair is cut exactly as some of his other pics. The three other kids are seen in photos at FEMA Camps for Children…wow, what a coincidence. The whole thing was staged just like Sandy Hook was. See a pattern here?

    1. Dev Ananda Das –

      Thank you for your response. I assume it was meant for Kachonka. If you have readily available; could you send a link that shows the 3 other children? Or, do I already have that one with the exposure of actor Eugene “Gene” Rosen?

  3. Greg Linck says:

    I thought there was something wrong with all the school shootings one right after another!

    1. Greg Linck –

      Thank you for visiting and for your comment! Yes, I believe that you are apparently the thinking sort. It’s nice to know that there are still yet, those (of us) here, among the hordes, who aren’t so easily propagandized.

      A thinking person will question what he hears; examine what he sees; and evaluate what others would have him believe.

  4. Funny, I woke up today thinking about such a presentation. Because some articles go on too long, and at this point, it’s hard for newly interested people to catch up. Glad to see you did it.

    I was thinking about the title “Sandy Hook: Turning Points.” These being the iconic images that change people’s minds. Like Parker smiling.

    May I suggest, put best first (i.e., the ones that read without being explained). Keep captions short. I suspect there are more.

    1. Bruce Deitrick Price –

      Thank you for your interest and for your comment! Yes. I agree; “iconic images” do “change people’s minds.” [your description]

      I also agree that it is best to limit the caption remarks. But, I also, received in a Facebook message a person’s appreciation for the long captioned remarks. Originally, I did not plan on being that “long-winded” with the captions. But, this is how it turned out. If I had more pictures to pick from, I could have spread out the captioned remarks. That is how I could have been more brief, I suppose. But, I was limited for time.

      Tomorrow, I hope to have a follow-up on this Sandy Hook affair. I will assure you, though – it won’t be as long as this one. This posting of mine was about my longest.

      Thank you for visiting

  5. Robert says:

    Evidently this hoax didn’t help enough because now a man has a boy held hostage in a “bunker” in Alabama.

    1. Robert –

      Thank you for visiting and for your comment. Yes, I understand your point. I did a quick search, and here is the “reported” news with which you apparently reference:

      Bus driver shot dead; child held hostage in bunker

      Perhaps, now the Obama government and its lackey media should be calling for an elimination of school buses and bunkers, following this “reported” incident. Why stop at just attempting to ban guns?

      Here, is also another reported shooting fresh in the news – right from Obama’s home state and local stomping grounds of Illinois and Chicago:

      >>>>>> CHICAGO (CBS) – A teenage girl–an honor student who had just performed at President Obama’s inaugural–was gunned down Tuesday afternoon in the Kenwood neighborhood, just blocks from the high school she attended…… <<<<<<<

      Perhaps, the federal government should pass some legislation closing some Chicago streets since that town with all its stringent gun control laws, is still number one in gun related violence.

      Oh yes, I might as well question these 2 aforementioned “reported” murderous crimes that the government and its media, will, no doubt entirely blame on firearms. Isn’t today the beginning of some Congressional (Senate) hearing about gun control? How convenient that these two gun shootings would suddenly surface on the heels of such a government hearing!

      I say:

      “A thinking person will question what he hears; examine what he sees; and evaluate what others would have him believe.”

      1. timez draggen says:

        Unfortunately thinking people are in short supply. Conniving people are overstocked. Key words draw paid trolls who promote the lies. Often they are obvious. I saw several in the comments. Good to know many see the lies.

        1. timez draggen –

          I think since the Sandy Hook hoax and immediate aftermath, I’ve gotten better at spotting the trolls.

  6. traildustfotm says:

    Reblogged this on Fellowship of the Minds and commented:
    Submitting this interesting post to the careful scrutiny of Dr. Eowyn at Fellowship of the Minds.

    1. traildustfotm –

      Thank you for reblogging this web article of mine. Feel free to submit my website authored work to anyone.

      “A thinking person will question what he hears; examine what he sees; and evaluate what others would have him believe.” [Nathan M. Bickel]

  7. Grace says:

    It is obvious that the actors are being “rewarded” for their “work” by getting to spend time being ‘close up and personal’ with their dear leader obama.

    1. Grace –

      Yes. I don’t doubt that some of them and many other (Hollywood) actors regard a personal meeting with our American White House occupier (usurper) as if they were meeting with a modern-day Caesar.

      Thank you for visiting and for your commnet!

  8. gigiregnier says:

    Nathan, keep up the good work of exposing this hoax. By the way, all Chicago streets should be closed. It is a war zone!

    1. gigiregnier –

      Thank you. Very well stated! Thank you for visiting and for your comment!

      Why doesn’t the government mainstream media highlight and harp on this latest (supposed) shooting of the girl who was part of Obama’s inauguration? Why shouldn’t Obama’s buddy Raham Emmanuel, mayor of Chicago, be held under the same media spotlight as NRA VP Wayne Lapierre? Is it too embarrassing for the Obama White House occupying government and its kowtowing kiss-up media to acknowledge that Obama’s residence town of Chicago and its mayor have, the most stringent gun laws in the nation; but yet, the highest gun violence rates, also?

  9. sparrow59 says:

    This Sandy Hook thing keeps getting crazier. Unfortunately, most people don’t have the slightest clue this thing could be a fake!

  10. sparrow59 says:

    One other thought, Gene Rosen gave me the creeps from the beginning! He kept saying he wanted to be part of these kids lives and be around them all the time! Just creepy!

    1. sparrow59 –

      Thank you for your two comments. It is refreshing to witness all the web viewers (out “there”) who have responded favorably to this last article. Americans instinctively know that big government is not the solution to the many (sinful) ills of the culture. Didn’t President Ronald Reagan once (humorously) warn: [Near quote] To be suspicious of someone showing up at your home and saying:

      “We’re here from the government; and we are here to help you.”

  11. sparrow –

    I forgot to reply to your comment about the challenged Sandy Hook actor, Eugene (“Gene”) Rosen. I wanted to point out to you a web article about him. Here, following is the link. I must say, though, that Rosen’s acting isn’t the same type, humdrum Hollywood acting; even though he isn’t very convincing:

    Eugene FEMA Representative – NO ESCAPE

  12. Wally Dow says:

    There is a facebook page where there is a lot of information posted on Sandy Hook It is a good idea for anyone with and open mind that is seeking the truth to look at all of the perspectives on it.

    1. Wally Dow –

      Thank you for bringing this Facebook page to the attention of readers! I just visited it and requested to join. And, I already recommended it to a friend. Thanks for keeping an open mind and allowing yourself to think outside the political correctness box!

      Here’s the link again:

  13. Jetta Kyzar says:

    I want say yea or nay, but if this is all just a hoax, then this is about as low as American can get.

    1. Jetta –

      Thank you for your comment. You make a major point. But, I contend that America got lower by first allowing Barack Hussein Obama to occupy the White House. I’ve come to the conclusion that he lied about his belief and practice of Christianity and that he is practicing the Muslim art of deception called, “TAQIYYA.” What “better” suited person to dispense this deception, than Obama, as he continues his wrecking bar approach to dismantling traditional, patriotic and Constitutional America? Here’s some information on that Muslim deception that is so destructive:

      MUSLIM LIES. Learn how to recognize ‘TAQIYYA’ (Islamic art of deception)

  14. Marty Wall says:

    I have been watching the Sandy Hill thing for the beginning. and there are some good points you have addressed; there are also some new things you have addressed. But this thing about “look she/he were among the dead and now they are a live” is absurd to present as part of your theory. Do you actually think if this was a hoax that they would not have thoroughly thought through this enough to make sure that one of the reported dead children did not appear in a photo with the president, or at the signing of new legislation. And if they were that stupid, then shame on us for not pointing it out right then and there.

    Also putting things in context with an explanation helps with legitimizing the idea you have. (i.e. I knew about the report that the principal had given an interview regarding what she saw. But it was easily explained away by claiming another teacher had been mistaken for the Principal. However, when the context of it being report to the editor of the local paper when he was allowed to enter the building. If the interview was done in real time then I am thinking it would have been more difficult to misidentify people especially if they were not wounded. And if the editor story was correct, then I am wondering why the interview was done in the building. Unless it was an oops moment (she was supposed to have died have to scrub that report.

    The idea of the drill being run on the same day of the shooting, casts much more suspicion on the validity that pictures that are suppose to be dead children does. Of course they would have a drill going on so near by that would be the cover for gathering all of the assets (fire, cops, state police, news, helicopter etc.) so quickly. And they had to have then there quickly to prevent any one else entering the scene before they got a chance to shut it down tight. So stop with the child still lives stuff unless you have it verified that both children or seen alive after the shooting. Now that would be a story. By the way, if that was a pic of the dead girl on the lap of the President where was the middle child during that event.

    1. Marty –

      Maybe you misunderstand me. I never said that any “shooting” did not occur. I have been strongly suggesting, implying and or, outright saying that the whole government / media event had all the smackings of a hoax. I personally believe, [now] that it was and is being promulgated as a hoax.

      You stated:

      >>>>> …..But this thing about “look she/he were among the dead and now they are a live” is absurd to present as part of your theory. Do you actually think if this was a hoax that they would not have thoroughly thought through this enough to make sure that one of the reported dead children did not appear in a photo with the president, or at the signing of new legislation….. <<<<<

      I’m sorry, but this (above) is a very weak contention on your part; more like a “strawman” argument. When, has government been remotely consistent in all the legislation it passes? Much legislation passed has the unintended consequences that the Congress and Senate never anticipate. Your contention presumes competence. Government and its bureaucracy are far from being competent, as most thinking Americans realize. Your assertions are such that you presume that government, law enforcement and the media are all being “above board,” and wouldn’t make some obvious mistakes of being found out.

      Secondly, I gain the impression that you are being an apologetic of this government and media event. Your comment is a type of defense of “ifs,” “would have” and “what ifs.”

      Thirdly, this whole incident has the markings of “over-kill.” If you are familiar with Edgar Allen Poe’s, “The Black Cat,” you will know what I mean by that. Why did government immediately move to attack personal gun ownership and Second Amendment rights? Why the big push? And, some of the acting, was poorly done. Check that link at the end of the article about the FEMA guy – Gene Rosen…………

      Look at it this way: If Obama can get away with being “elected” twice and being an illegitimate “president,” then what makes you think he wouldn’t be part and parcel of this whole Sandy Hook affair? He is such that he will stop at nothing to continue his deceptions and his agendas:

      “Barack Obama Predicts Lone Wolf Massacres:”

      1. Concerned citizen says:

        Hey I noticed most comments are positive and some negative. I think you have done a great job, and although it’s not provable I agree the boy with the president looks like Dylan Hockley. And you are nicer than I, because if it were me and people were leaving negative comments I would say-this is my opinion, I’m entitled to it, and if you don’t like it you certainly don’t have to view my website. Of course, it is awesome that you keep your cool even with the negative feedback especially considering people who want to believe the government wouldn’t go that far, – will just attack rather than take it as food for thought.

        Also, I have seen just about all there is on Sandy Hook-even though different people continue to point out things I didn’t see before; this is the first time I saw the president warning of the lone wolf attacks. How convenient! And when the interviewer says so, no terrorist attacks, just lone wolfs. – he backtracks as to not make it so obvious that he knows for a fact exactly what’s coming. I mean after 911 – how could anyone say with intelligence gathering, or not, – that someone could pull off another large-scale event – unbelievable! And I like how he mentions people with “hateful ideologies” as in Christians for one, and conservative Americans who care about the protection of our rights. After all, these are the people the DHS claim to need to be on the lookout for, along with returning veterans. Talk about betrayal! You can risk your life for this country just to be made the enemy upon your return! WOW!!

        Sorry, such a lengthy comment, I didn’t mean to get carried away. Great work and I’m very happy to see a pastor speaking out, this is incredibly encouraging! God Bless!

        1. Concerned citizen –

          Thank you for visiting and for your insightful and encouraging comment. Perhaps, I am, at times, too “nice” to those who offer negative comments. But, I attempt to give them some gracious slack, knowing that their minds have been warped by the decadent culture’s unrelenting propaganda river flow. To such, I attempt to steer them into some logical thinking and not to think so myopically.

          As to your comment at the end. I realize what you seem to be implying. Not many Christian pastors speak out on the culture’s issues. They, in my opinion, should be the first, though, to speak out – and, with divine (Scriptural) clarity! But, such has not been happening. This is largely due to their misunderstanding of Scripture itself – specifically, the New Testament portion of Romans 13:1-7. To some of those, who may read this web posting and these comments, I recommend that they read the following 2 topical messages and take them to heart:

          Christian Citizenship: Part 2 — What is the Christian’s duty and responsibility to a USA (putative) president who has and practices, opposing moral values?

          Part 1: Christian Citizenship — What is the Christian’s duty and responsibility to a USA (putative) president who has, and practices, opposing moral values?

          Also, there is an excellent (newly published) book to read, which specifically and extensively examines the Romans 13 portion of Scripture. Dr. Chuck Baldwin and his attorney son, Timothy Baldwin, teamed up to write this masterful piece. Here’s a link to help those who would like access that book:

  15. Not the same child and its Very bad form to make unsubstantiated claims about dead children. Its OK to point out inconsistencies just make that point; do not add to it with so many assumptions. The Florida actors are a good point to drive home why would they be pretending to be parents of a child at that school if they were not? Some of what you are doing is valid. Do not invalidate your whole work by using bad assumption.

    1. Kevin –

      Thank you for visiting and for your comment. I appreciate your appeal to be careful about “making assumptions.” However, if I were to follow that cautionary note of yours to the fullest; I don’t think that I would have even posted one thing on my website about the government and media event.

      I was once accepting of this Sandy Hook affair as a legitimate (honestly) reported massacre. But, as I thought, read and considered the whole thing, I soon became aware of the various “anomalies” and “inconsistencies.” Frankly, I stopped assuming what I was being told by government and its mainstream media branch. I rather think that you need to take a step back and ask yourself if you are relying on some incorrect assumptions.

      “A thinking person will question what he hears; examine what he sees; and evaluate what others would have him believe.” [Pastor emeritus Nathan M. Bickel]

      1. bill says:

        Newtown: I’ve got a feeling that most in the town are evil. The church of satan is in Newtown as well as the free masons and the rotary club, – all known for devil worship.

        1. A church of Satan does not have to have the name the church of Satan.

          1. bill says:

            so very true brother–God bless

  16. Judy Velsor says:

    They like to leave calling cards? One of students Jesse LEWIS McCORD (name of joint base / Seattle, Washington is Lewis Mccord.) A General there: Lanza. I have read and seen all the videos. I have the same opinion. I sincerely doubt a lot. Also the drill was held right in the same area. How did Adam Lanza die the 13th? The day before he supposedly killed himself, on 12-14-13 the day of drill / school event. Pictures of dead children at events. Strange. People with aliases. Why is it impossible? Your own President has no paperwork.

    1. Judy –

      Thank you for your excellent comment; especially the very end. Somehow I think that Obama has thought himself so high and mighty that he thinks he can pull off more hoaxes, other than the one of his fraudulent illegitimate presidency!

  17. Lisa says:

    I totally am in belief this was yet ANOTHER hoax “false red flag”…… without going on and go with all my questions which I have many….I would like to know….besides the actors…..are there any children that were actually hurt or killed to make this able to pull off? How can a whole town of people not be missing some “real” children? I am confused on the part of how the town itself, is not speaking up of how this just can’t be truth?

    1. Lisa –

      Thank you for your comment. I think that with this whole “affair,” there are more questions than answers. I dare say that this town was involved in a “government drill.” As such, people may have signed some government paperwork which said that they would be only actors, playing their part; and that was all. Who knows? Maybe they were told to keep their mouths shut and thus not share the “fate” of whistle blowers? And, who knows how much government (taxpayer) monies were (and might still be) involved with such a transaction of play acting, etc. Some think that this “operation” was a FEMA exercise. And, maybe at one point, it was determined by some “authority” to make it seem real for propaganda purposes. If there is no crisis, then create one. And, low and behold, a massive attack upon personal gun ownership and Second Amendment rights!

      But, be that as it may; there are just too many anomalies and inconsistencies to degrade oneself to believe the government / media event as it was and is “officially” reported. When did government tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth?

      “A thinking person will question what he hears; examine what he sees; and evaluate what others would have him believe.” [Pastor emeritus Nathan M. Bickel]

      1. Lisa says:

        When the shooting in the Movie Theatre happened, I said to people I know there is going to be another major one because they want our guns. Never for one minute did I believe this…..they are getting sloppy with their little hoax’s.

        I also agree with you as how they will just let people think we are the crazy ones for even conceiving they would do anything like this…works into their little agenda. Someone in one of these replies said something about if they did do this school then they have gone their lowest. Let me say this, I love children and they are the most precious, but I don’t think anything will stop an evil agenda and they will stop at nothing and yes they will continue.

        But, I also believe they hit their lowest back on 9-1-1 (Benghazi). It was the beginning of where we as Americans started trading our rights so we could feel safer….but joke on us…it was our very own who did that and who will continue to take our rights away…..

        Wake up America…..we are being played……never have I seen so much information freely available to us to search and find truth where people don’t want to know the truth…..

        1. Lisa –

          Excellent comment. Thank you for again visiting and offering more insight!

          Your assertion that “they” are “getting sloppy,” is spot on. The whole Obama administration is shrouded in secrecy and deception. However, liars cannot contain the fall-out from their lies. They can’t keep their deceptive tracks covered. There is the “law of diminishing returns.” When people have to lie to cover-up their lies; that, in itself, is very telling.

          “Liars go to hell:”

          You make mention who those who would, and do accuse us, using “children” as part of their emotional poor logical argument. However, the very thing they will accuse those of us who are digging for the truth; they, themselves are doing. They (example: Obama signing executive orders surrounded by children) are the ones using children to obviously further their political anti-Constitutional agendas. How disgusting! Their hypocrisy stinks to high heaven! (I will also add that with Obama’s Muslim bent, the idea and practice of using children is not unfamiliar, as Muslims strap bombs upon their children to further their goal of global domination).

          I also, whole-heartedly agree with you that Americans are being “played.” It is the very White House usurper who is ineligible to function as legitimate president, who is the biggest con artist of all. It is a sorry state of affairs that 65 million voters approved of him the second time around. [Don’t ask me though, how many illegitimate votes there were, because of the fraudulent voting process]

        2. bill says:

          They know they don’t have to do a good job on their hoaxes; because 80% of Americans never question anything coming from their nightly news. Most will go to there graves saying it happened.

          1. bill –

            Re: Your response to Lisa –

            Yes, I believe you are right about that. It’s both sad and pathetic that the vast majority of Americans don’t question these media hucksters!

        3. bill says:

          Lisa —

          You are so right. I just wanted to add to what you said. Most all of these shooting’s that the mass media or liars are showing, are faked; like the two firemen shot. Faked. The LA cop gone. Bad Dorner faked.

          I could go on and on. They have been faking shootings sense the early 50’s. Why do they do it? They are trying to form our minds to a complete gun ban. And from what I am seeing, it is working. The mass media is not there to inform you. Its there to form your mind.

      2. Maybe they were told to keep their mouths shut and thus not share the “fate” of whistle blowers? This is what is so scary. People today in the USA are being arrested for whistle blowing and sentenced and imprisoned. Ex CIA agent John Kiriakou was recently convicted and sentenced to prison for whistle blowing, about torture, in the military, and people wonder why people in Newton might not be speaking out if this is a hoax!

        What I have to say to people who say how could none in Newton be speaking out if this was a hoax; is that you are hypocrites! Our government is now imprisoning people for telling the truth, that’s why if this was a government drill people might be afraid of being arrested. Maybe if our beloved President Obama was not imprisoning people for speaking out; people wouldn’t be scared of speaking out…

        1. Joel –

          Excellent point you make!

  18. The media is a deceptive tool used to make people panic. They use it to make people panic to take shots, and lie about every conceivable thing including the word, rabies, too.

  19. Chris Owens says:

    Marty Wall :
    thing about “look she/he were among the dead and now they are a live” is absurd to present as part of your theory. Do you actually think if this was a hoax that they would not have thoroughly thought through this enough to make sure that one of the reported dead children did not appear in a photo with the president, or at the signing of new legislation. And if they were that stupid, then shame on us for not pointing it out right then and there.

    I’ll tell you why they do this…it’s to throw it back in the faces of the people that don’t believe, and to make them look crazy when we point it out, because they know most people will say we are sick to even think someone would hoax something like this.

    They know peoples’ emotions get in the way of reality.

    1. Chris –

      Thank you for addressing that flaccid argument. It is big time, “dirty pool!”

      And, I would add that using this type of reasoning is their way (whether conscious or unconscious) to chip away at First Amendment free speech rights.

    2. Your are right. The hoax is made to create unrest to create war that will kill people.They failed at it with the vaccination hoax now they are trying this shooting hoax.

  20. Don McAnnally says:

    I would like to know what happened to the body of Mr. US Constitution, because he was surely wounded or killed on that day.

    1. Don –

      Thank you for your comment. Spot on! Your comment reminds me of the one Sandy Hook video that I viewed; the one in which the law enforcement officer was looking in the media camera saying that if anyone would put out their ideas contrary to what happened at the school, that they would be subject to prosecution by the law. I’ll try to find the video and come back and post the link here (if it has not already been scrubbed). I ask: “Who is he to attempt to stump on Second Amendment free speech?”

  21. MrMaster says:

    You forgot the fact that the CNN footage of sandy hook is actually Santa Rosa of Lima (or something like that) school down the road from Sandy Hook and not Sandy Hook at all 😉

    1. MrMaster –

      Thank you for alerting me to this omission of mine. I’m familiar with that, but failed to include that information. Could you find a good titled link that mentions the unsavory thing that CNN did? I will then include that informational link in some of my Sandy Hook hoax articles.

  22. ConcernedPatriot says:

    Actually, on the bottom of the “RIP Victoria Soto” facebook page, it states it was created, December 15, 2012

    Joined Facebook
    December 15, 2012

  23. ConcernedPatriot says:

    I also looked up Adam Lanza’s name on the social security death index and never did find him.

    1. Concerned Patriot –

      Thank you for your two comments. What you report may very well be the reality, now. I say “now” because of the modern day practice of “scrubbing” (deleting) website material that was originally in place. Obama and his support machine are especially adept at the Internet scrubbing process. I can recall several years ago that Wikipedia had apparently, scrubbed the information about Obama’s Mulatto background. And, just yesterday someone mentioned to me that the FEMA website removed the Sandy Hook actor’s name of Eugene (“Gene”) Rosen.

      What normally happens is, when the deception and deceit is exposed; the cover-up then begins in earnest. Scrubbing of Internet material is easy and convenient to do. It is the corrupt culture’s mode of covering one’s lying tracks. It is a form of history revisionism.

      I would encourage you to concentrate on what is first obviously known about this government / media joint Sandy Hook event and then branch out from there to satisfy some questions that crop up. Also, keep asking questions, examining as you do. And, certainly evaluate, in light of reoccurring government and media motives and agendas. Finally, keep looking for the “Black Cat” over-kill in all of your quest.

  24. degitt says:

    I defy anyone who believes this ridiculous theory to stand in front of, say, the Newtown CT police station and state your belief that this was a “hoax”. Or are you all too cowardly?

    1. degitt –

      So? Why would anyone who differs with you feel forced to goose step to your wishful dictates? Are you suggesting that the Newtown CT police are the last word? They could be bowing to federal and state “authorities.”

      Again, I have not witnessed anyone commenting on this web article, giving any reasonable explanation to all the anomalies and lose ends of this whole government / media event.

    2. bill says:

      You pay my way. I will confront the coppers–buddy.

  25. Joe Manzo says:

    You people are sick. Children died, stop trying to find a conspiracy to this. If this was your child you would not be “wondering if it’s a hoax” with actors. !*#&^, I didn’t realize how really sick some of you Americans are to think this tragedy is a hoax. Scary knowing you sickos are out there!

    1. Joe –

      Thank you for visiting this website. I encourage you to visit and read often. I apologize to you that this website may not be the run-of-the-mill political correctness that you are, perhaps, accustomed to feed on. But, I always hold out hope for even the most extreme who only contend with emotion and poor logic.

      Furthermore, if you will notice; I edited you, having taken the Triune God’s Name in vain (misusing it). This website is committed to keeping His name sacred, even though you may be one of those who thinks our current White House occupier is without reproach.

      But, be that as it may; you made some charges accusing me of essentially, being a “conspiracy theorist.” I realize that the term is a well-known ploy by those who do not care to be challenged for accepting hook, line and sinker what is fed them by the decadent culture. If I am a “conspiracy theorist” for questioning, examining and evaluating what actually the Sandy Hook media event was, – and, its implications; then – what does your unsubstantiated accusation make you; a carnival barker desiring to smoke screen reality and hide the answers to questions which need to be addressed?

      Finally, I encourage you not to assume, as you apparently do about the reality about the Sandy Hook government / media event. I will also say that it is (apparently to me), your side which has molested the word, “truth” – ridiculing those who seek the reality and truth, by calling those with whom you disagree, as “truthers.” That dishonest practice of your political side is egregious and without excuse. But, then again, anyone willing to misuse God’s Name – taking it in vain, will resort to such ridicule and absurdity.

      Joe – I encourage you to do the following:

      “A thinking person will question what he hears; examine what he sees; and evaluate what others would have him believe.” [Nathan M. Bickel]

      Oh yes – Please do read and consider the following. It is just one of this emeritus Christian pastor’s online topical messages, from his [my] other website. Please humble yourself and avail yourself to take a look at it. You will find some truth in it, unless you fail to realize your sinful sickness condition, which we are all born into:

      Fickle Human Nature

    2. bill says:

      No we are not sick—because we refuse to live inside that little box that was made for our minds–no we are not the ones that are sick-joe—try using the brain God gave you.

    3. Mackenzie says:

      You re right. Conspiracy hoaxers are sick people. Where are the scientific evidence about what the people calling this a conspiracy trying to say? Hoaxers just put up look alikes that look like the victims, not pictures with them actually in it. The hoaxers listen to random gullible people who they don’t know. The hoaxers need a heart. I am %100 happy that you are not a conspiracy theorist!

  26. Matt says:

    I challenge the author of this supposed investigation to travel to Connecticut and do a real investigation. Making assumptions on theories floating around the Internet is lazy. If you really believe in your hypothesis you’d have the fortitude to perform due diligence. All you have now is hear-say and marginal circumstantial evidence loosely tied together by your pre-existing belief that Obama is evil and out to get you. Hardly a work of scholarship.

    1. Matt –

      I find your argument contention to be very flaccid and without substance. Your assumption is that you believe what the imperfect government and media have fed you. Also, you seem to be making a “strawman type” of assertion. No where do I recognize you and others, who accept, hook, line and sinker what gov’t and media has told you, seriously engage in discussing and debating the obvious anomalies and inconsistencies about this whole Sandy Hook gov’t / media event affair. The very thing that you accuse me of, (non-scholarship) you and your political side, don’t practice.

      “A thinking person will question what he hears; examine what he sees; and evaluate what others would have him believe.” [Nathan M. Bickel]

      Thank you for visiting – and, I encourage you to search out this website. Expand your thinking horizons and open your mind to start thinking outside the political correctness box. Also, please don’t neglect the all important spiritual you. Check out my other website of:

    2. sleddog says:

      Mr. Bickel, I agree with Matt: If you are convinced this is a hoax and it is a possibility for you to travel, it seems you should go to Newtown and investigate for yourself.

      1. sleddog –

        I will be more than agreeable to answer your comment:

        First of all, it is not within my financial capability to do as suggested.

        Secondly, I do not have the time to do (as suggested); – to travel and perform a personal investigation of the whole reported affair; an after the “fact” investigation of the reported affair.

        Thirdly, if I were to follow this suggestion of yours with every news item that comes down the pike; it would literally be physically and mentally impossible. I would run myself ragged and not be of proper use to myself, my family, acquaintances and friends.

        Fourthly, I looked up the word, “hoax” in the dictionary. It means, trickery or fraud. I then looked up the word, “fraud.” That first meaning of the word was, (a) deceit; trickery; cheating.”

        Since the happening of this whole alleged Sandy Hook shooting affair with involvement from government, law enforcement and media; as an American citizen I have felt some deceit and trickery involved, because of the various anomolies and inconsistencies, involved. I don’t witness some of these anomolies and discrepanicies being resolved by those same people, who, (negatively and deceitfully) cat call people, such as I, with derogatory terms such as, “truthers” and “conspiracy theorists.”

        Furthermore, I have felt “cheated” that I have been an object of some scorn, ridicule and hate-mongering because after first accepting the reported media story, I have done my (free speech) questioning, examination and evaluation; and, have come to a personal assessment. I have further felt cheated, that part and parcel of this whole alleged Sandy Hook affair has been directly used by government and media to attack my Bill of Rights Second Amendment privilege right.

        I may as well say that I’ve felt cheated as an American citizen when the White House occupier surrounded himself with little children to sign arrogant and personal Executive orders which chip away at our US Bill of Rights – Second Amendment granted rights. Using little children at a time when they still should be grieving, (if, the reported news, did actually happen). That action by Obama and his government apparatus, – using little children (in my opinion) is most abusive.

        Finally, (even if some type of “shots” were fired by some firearms; and even if some person was injured and / or killed), I don’t apologize by calling this Sandy Hook “affair,” a hoax. I’ve felt the “deceit, trickery and cheating” on the part of the White House occupier, government officials and holier-than-thou politicians, who hypocritically send their children to school under armed guard; but who sit idly by restricting that right for all public school children – and, who, at the same time attempt to disarm law abiding, rank-in-file citizens. Those actions and inactions are not only deceitful and cheating, but a most hypocritical position of law-making (sinful) omission against their fellowman!

        And, I might add, that those who give the strawman type advice to do their own personal investigations; that they, in turn should follow their own advice and do their own investigations to confirm what they have been led to believe by government, law enforcement and media!

        “A thinking person will question what he hears; examine what he sees; and evaluate what others would have him believe.” [Pastor emeritus Nathan M. Bickel]

    3. bill says:

      To Mat—because million’s – of us have awakened to all the scamming- our gov and mass media have been playing on Americans- for a very long time-we dare to think outside there little box they made just for you–try using your mind–you are being deceived all in the name of gun grabbing–and they are not done- with there deception and will increase–just as the good lord said—I say to Mat- if you are not a troll use your brain that’s what God gave it to you for….and may God you and yours.

    4. bill says:

      there have been people in newtown–no 1 will talk–

  27. Randall Bordner says:

    Don’t know for sure about all the pics but after 25 years in EMS as a Advanced Life Support provider I can say with certainty , on a real scene like this there would have been no less than 30 ambulances and ALS providers on scene and in the building checking for survivers. Definitely a hoax.

    1. Randall –

      Thank you for your informed comment; and, for your professional assessment! I’ve witnessed in my (own) small town how (just) for a small “emergency” that there can be no less than 5 vehicles and accompanying personnel who rush to the scene. Included in the mix is (always) the big bertha fire engine laddered truck, police cars, and EMS vehicles. Sometimes, it may be that one person only needs some (neglected) oxygen; but, that does not matter, as union influence and rules require to haul out more hardware and personnel than what is needed.

      Your point is well taken. An event of this Sandy Hook government law enforcement / media scope, sure lacked the hardware and providers necessary for such an ordeal.

      1. Kelly says:

        Mr. Bickel,
        Where are you located?

    2. This is an argument that is hard to counter. Would someone who believes the official story try and explain this? How is it possible no EMS was allowed into the school to try and save anyone? Isn’t that their job? How were 20 kids declared dead on the spot with no survivors? Come on people. Really?

      1. Joel Nikolaou –

        I know that your comment is addressed to “Randay Bordner;” but, I take privelege to weigh in (also):

        Excellent comment! Thank you for taking the time to visit and to submit it!

        However, I wouldn’t hold my breath for any reasonable answers to your superb proposition and question. The purveyors of hoax don’t think that far ahead of themselves as they think that Americans are naive and going to lap up all their BS.

    3. james edwards says:

      You make one of the most important comments on this page. If the shootings were real, why in the name of God would the State Police wait for nearly 2 hours to allow EMT’s into that building. There should have been dozens of ambulances lined up at the front door, not half a mile down the road, with dozens of EMT’s rushing into that building, the minute the shooter was dead. But no, the State Police super commando rambo G I -Joe Troopers had to spend 90 minutes playing army games, breaking into storage sheds which were locked from the outside, chasing people through the woods who turned out to be harmless morons, searching the flat roof where no one could possibly hide, and then when they were all done playing army commando rambo games somebody decides to get on the radio and say “…there are bodies in here”. I guess so, I guess they are all dead “bodies” now because while you commando rambo super troopers where playing army games for 90 f*^#%^g minutes, they all bled to death.

      1. james edwards says:

        And another thing, the one person who was in the building who could have offered at least some assistance to wounded children or at the very least, might have found some who were still alive, the school nurse, hid in a closet for 4 hours, which is odd because didn’t the chief super trooper say something about “…searching every nook and cranny”?

  28. T. Williams says:

    Looks like the first installment checks have now gone out to the actors (oops, I mean families of the victims). Looks like there is much much more where that come from to be disbursed.

    1. T. Williams –

      Thank you for the link. That, is good follow-up journalistic work, I might add.

      Dare we venture to call that “hush” money? None better even suggest that; otherwise one may be called out to be one of those damnable “conspiracy theorists!”

      Did you catch one of the last comments where the one person was calling down eternal damnation upon my soul? It always amazes me how some people who don’t believe in the one true God and an actual hell, suddenly believe in it when they want to vent their unbridled anger and hatred toward someone.

    1. Lisa –

      Thank you for the informational link. I was out for awhile but, only caught the last bit of this news over the radio. I’ll take a look at it. But, I will say, that if it isn’t a hoax like the appearance of Sandy Hook, that government is again procrastinating. NRA VP Wayne Lapierre called for a solution of shooting violence in schools, but was, apparently rebuffed by the political left. The Congress should have nothing to criticize about gun violence if they continue to allow public schools to be gun free zones for responsible people; thus allowing the mentally destructive to illegally carry out their mayhem, injury and murder, without any deterrence and opposition.

  29. Sue Diegert says:

    Actually, my main observation from the very beginning of this story is that a supposed Asbergers or autistic or disturbed boy who had difficulty interacting with others, was awkward in social interactions, could possibly engineer all of this–and then so conveniently totally destroy all the computers in the house.

    I work with these young people, and he would not have ordered a bullet-proof vest, nor worn the totally different clothing he is purported to have worn (out of his norm, for sure), nor procured a bullet-proof vest. Not that he was ever made clear what his diagnosis was; I’m just saying none of it made sense to me from the beginning. No information forthcoming from his father, whom we are to believe had no contact with his son, and of course, the only person who could shed any light on Adam Lanza, his mother, must not have been a reliable or willing player.

    His father, I believe, was also scheduled to testify in a hearing regarding some questionable world-economic actions. I wonder how that went?

    1. Sue –

      Thank you for your comment and for your observation working with these people who have this type of challenge.

      Your last paragraph block seems to suggest to me what many of us feel; that there is a whole lot more to this whole affair that we don’t know and are likely not to find out.

    2. sleddog says:

      Sue, I have also worked with children and teens with Asperger’s (not Asbergers) and I do not agree with you. Many people with Asperger’s are very intelligent, and capable of making a plan and following through with it. While it is true that many people with this diagnosis like routine and follow rigid routines, that is just not true for all people with Asperger’s all of the time.

  30. J.C.Greene says:

    FOR THE RECORD, I am the founder of Truth Be Told and we, at Truth Be Told vehemently oppose and reject the deplorable and absurd “hoax/actor/no one died” theory and consider it black sheep propaganda.. i.e. cointel disinformation designed for the more gullible and less logically minded “conspiracy theorists”.. The hoax theory is being pushed by counter intelligence and the gullible black sheep portion of the truth community to discredit the false flag nature of this event.

    It’s rather upsetting to me to find that my image has been STOLEN by the author of this page, taken out of context and used as “proof” of this ridiculous hoax theory.. I, in fact, have a direct connection to one of the staff members who has worked in the Sandy Hook Elementary school system for over 30 years. She was close friends with the principle and the school psychologist. She knew all of the staff members and many of the children who died along with their families. She’s been to more than a dozen funerals and all were quite REAL..

    My grandma also lives in connecticut and has a personal friend who attended one of the funerals of one of the children that was open casket.

    Bottom line, the hoax theory is a DEAD END.. it’s blatant disinfo that’s being used BY the people who carried this out to distract, divide, discredit and marginalize the so-called “truth movement” and this web site and web page is either knowingly or unwittingly aiding in these efforts and I find it sad and deplorable that this is the case..

    To understand the TRUE context under which that photo was created and posted, PLEASE READ THE FOLLOWING..

    They learned from 9/11 that cognitive dissonance is our biggest obstacle to discovering the truth.. and so this time, RIGHT FROM THE START, they pushed as many diverging stories as possible in order to create the most cognitive dissonance possible.. this, in and of itself, shows that this was a psyop and an inside job..

    That said, if your theory as to what really has happened here doesn’t include a COUNTER INTELLIGENCE THEORY that’s been inserted into the conspiratorial information pool then you aren’t thinking and/or you haven’t done your homework as to how they prevent society from figuring out the truth..

    THERE IS ALWAYS A COUNTER INTELLIGENCE STRATEGY AND THEORY INJECTED INTO THE INFORMATION POOL TO POISON THE WELL AND TO DIVIDE AND DISCREDIT THE PUBLIC’S INDEPENDENT INVESTIGATION.. If you’re not expecting it?? If you’re not looking for it? If you haven’t identified it?? You’re likely to be taken in by it..

    For 9/11 the poison in the well was the ‘no planes’ theory..

    This bogus disinformational theory served to divide and further discredit the truth movement.. pushing it further towards the infamous ‘lunatic fringe’ that they are always trying to peg any conspiratorial minded person as belonging to..

    This time.. it’s the ‘hoax/actor’ theory..

    Both theories imply that ‘everything we see is an illusion’ and this is the diametric OPPOSITE paradigm as the ‘official story’ that they pump through the mainstream media.. and this makes PERFECT SENSE!

    The two theories are both at diametric opposite ends of the belief paradigm.. One one end of the spectrum ‘we can trust everything we see and hear via the news!’ on the other end of the spectrum, ‘It’s all actors and holograms!’

    Both divergent theories and antithetical paradigms of belief work together and serve to divide our societal perspective to the furthest opposite extremes possible.. The further they can push society to these opposite extremes.. the greater the cognitive dissonance in our society.. and the less likely that we’ll all unite around a common perspective on reality so that we can overcome their matrix of oppression and control..

    The fact that this same pattern is once again present in the Sandy Hook massacre only serves as greater proof that this was a false flag psyop.. and that the ‘Actor/hoax’ theory is such blatantly obvious cointel planted disinfo!


    J.C.Greene – Founder of Truth Be Told.

    1. J.C.Green –

      Thank you for your involved comment.

      I would like to clear up one thing for those who may think like you. No where (from my recollection) have I ever said that no (type) of shooting didn’t take place. Something took place and I have said that there are more questions than answers. I still personally believe that some type of “hoax” was involved; and the degree of the hoax, I believe, most people will never know. You yourself in your comment even mentioned “ingredients” mixed into this whole affair.

      Furthermore, I must say that I am suspicious of comments by some people who use all Caps in their line of contention; also, those who are so sure of themselves and who assert their opinion with words such as, “always,” “never,” “all,” and “none,” and “no.”

      Finally, I must say that those who speak against the proposition of a Sandy Hook hoax; they center their remarks around (a) personal character assassination and / or (b) the concept that [paraphrase] – “this couldn’t happen; especially something such as this, because of its magnitude.” That, sir, are two lines of reasoning that are neither logical or answer some basic pertinent questions concerning the anomalies and inconsistencies involved with this whole government / media event. And, I especially have mentioned “government” and “media” because of how those two entities have been involved from the beginning in this Sandy Hook, CT community event.

    2. bill says:

      I’m glad you informed us of your site—now many of us will avoid your coin-tel opp—good luck to you. I will be posting your info so people will know that you are coin-tel pro———-

      1. bill –

        It would be helpful if you would elaborate upon your apparent ambiguous comment.

        1. bill says:

          j.c green—is cointel pro–they tell some of the truth –just enough to keep you chasing your tail—–like i said nobody died—nobody cried –everybody lied—sandy hook—-was a hoax——-

        2. bill says:

          ok coin-intel pro—these are people hired by the cia–there job is to keep you in there matrix—–they tell a little truth just enough to keep you chasing your tail—alax jones -mark dice- jeff rense-dallas goldbug- dave j–jessy ventura—and on and on– are cointel pro—if any body wants my list of the coin-tell pro –just let me know—do not waste your time with these people—and may God bless you all

        3. bill says:

          Mr Bickel —

          I wanted to try and show what co-inte pro is. Like i said before, they give some truth and allot of hog wash. But this 1 website is about 50 % right. He could be 95 % right but he is coin-tel pro.

          The site has actors that we think are dead. Most are not. The actors don’t use there real names; so they die off and take another name; which is legal. But what they do is not legal. They partake in allot of the hoaxes – like Cathy Gifford, aka Gabby; [she] is really Tina Fey.

          This is what I was talking about when I said the devil has already decieved the world. Whole are reality is staged faked; except for our family and close friends. If you wanna look at this website it is:

          But just remeber this site is cointel pro – all is not true but allot is true.

          PS – I hope you find time to look at this site. He also has named allot of the actors involved in the Sandy Hook scam:

          1. bill –

            I’ll take a look at the website. Thank you.

  31. The CT State Police officer Lt. Paul Vance told the residents of the Sandy Hook-Newtown area that he would investigate and ARREST anyone who said the Sandy Hook event was “in effect, a hoax”. I heard him say that myself. The YouTube video of his remark is all over the net if anyone is interested. He has been involved in many of these drill-hoaxes. He’s the go-to man if you want to have a drill-hoax in CT. To him, its all a big laugh.

    1. Dev –

      Please comment back with the informational link. I’ve referred to this arrogant misfit in one of my comments. I briefly saw the video but then couldn’t find it again.

      The gist of my comment about this “law enforcement officer” saying this, (if my recall serves me correctly) was that his remarks were of a Edgar Allen Poe’s “Black Cat” “over-kill,” nature – thus (consequently) lending more evidence and credence that this whole affair was staged. The audacity that this man has to threaten Americans from exercising their free speech Second Amendment rights is very telling, indeed. People are arrested just for making threats. He should be no better; and, himself arrested!

      1. bill says:

        hey nathan—- did you know when sandy hook happened the very day—it was a hoax—

    2. Cher says:

      Yes….I also heard this and was appalled that he would even say this unless it were a hoax!

    3. Why hasn’t any reporter questioned his threat as being unconstitutional? He doesn’t have the right to enforce what he said. It’s interesting that none is asking him by what authority does he have to make this pronouncement? Who is he to say this? This is an unlawful threat; someone should challenge him. He can’t arrest a reporter or a citizen from telling him he doesn’t have the right to say this!

      1. Joel –

        Good questions! This “law enforcement” officer doing this is just another thing in a growing list which makes this alleged Sandy Hook shooting massacre media event so smelly and suspicious. I don’t believe there have been any reporters getting in his sorry face, challenging him. If that is the case, that absence of them doing so, would lend credence to the growing belief by many, of a hoax involved. Most reporters are of a liberal bent; so they would not get in this person’s face and challenge his bullish threat. And, the others, I suppose, don’t want to be bothered with being highly criticized for doing what you suggested be done! Few reporters avoid situations in which they could be cat-called a racist and / or a conspiracy theorist. It is sad that our nation’s news outlets have sacrificed truth in its reporting reality because of political correctness paranoia.

        One more thing. Remember the OJ Simpson trial affair? Didn’t the news media use the caveat word of, “alleged?
        Where now is the same media with this Sandy Hook affair? Why can’t they stand back and be objective rather than cast a guilty judgment? Where is their use of the word “alleged?”

        1. Ok. So where are the parents now? It’s been over a month. So there is no parent who wants to know what really happened? No parent has asked for an autopsy? No parent has questioned or demanded an autopsy be done on their child? If my child was murdered I would demand an autopsy. I would demand to see the body.

          How can your child be murdered; and you never see him or her again; and you never get any evidence to prove who murdered him / her. Your child is murdered. You are told, so and so did it. You say “Ok.” You don’t ask for evidence. You never see the dead body. So you have no closure. You just accept they are dead without any evidence or any eyewitness, without any photo evidence! You’re so grieved you don’t care about the truth? Who seriously believes this? I can understand initially you wouldn’t be up to it; but after a month you would start demanding answers. Where are the parents?

          1. Joel –

            I agree with all you are saying. There are just too many “loose ends” and too many questions without viable answers. And, the very reality that there were actors involved, wreaks to high heaven!

          2. bill says:

            I say we are wasting way to much time on sandy hook–we the people have already proven it to be a complete hoax—just be ready for the next hoax–and please grab the mass media videos as they put them out—I really believe allot of people are starting to wake up–those that are of Satan will never wake up–and may God bless you all—-oh and by the way we’ve had hoaxes sense sandy hook the la cop gone bad was another brainwashing hoax.

          3. bill –

            For the most part I agree with you. But, I think that continued focus on the Sandy Hook hoax helps those who haven’t “caught up to speed,” yet. Government and media hoaxes always need continued exposure. And, we can do what you also suggest. Brace ourselves for the next federal and media deception.

        2. bill says:

          no reporter’s are getting in the lieing cops face -because we donot have a free press.

    1. Dev –

      Thank you for the video; a truly arrogant and bully display of hypocritical anti-First Amendment gov’t “law enforcement” propaganda!

  32. Jana says:

    One of my cousins had a good comment. There may very well have been some people killed @ Sandy Hook. If a government lets over 50 million babies be killed since Roe v. Wade, what’s a few more dead children? I mean no disrespect IF there were children killed. Every life is significant to the Father. Life is precious.

  33. The Magic M says:

    > How was Victoria Soto to “Rest in Peace” before she was allegedly murdered in the alleged Sandy Hook [supposed] shooting?

    You do realize that a Facebook name can be changed after signing up? Do you have any indication the account signed up as “Rest in Peace” and wasn’t changed after the Sandy Hook shooting? If not, it’s dishonest to present this as “evidence”.

    1. Magic –

      It is not dishonesty to present this stuff. Your contention is of a strawman nature. What is “out there” is fair game. It is public. I and others cannot be responsible for those who tinker, change and delete. But, be that as it may; based upon the anomalies and inconsistencies, involved; it is the honest contention to conclude [of] some type of hoax. Few if none will ever know all the details and scope of the Sandy Hook affair; but that does not preclude making some type of judgment on its veracity.

      1. bill says:

        Nathan–I just wanted to inform your readers–that the gov–has people that do nothing but go from blog to blog or to website to website–and there only job is to bad mouth anyone speaking out to there crimes these people are payed to discredit anyone speaking truth–the trolls or shills–are easy to spot they have dirty mouths—and they use the strawman strategy….

        1. bill –

          Yes. You are correct. And, I’ve run into these “troll,” “shill” liberal / Obama “minders.” They are only interested in spreading deception and causing others to be influenced by their literary garbage.

          1. bill says:

            very well said—brother–and may God bless you and yours.

  34. A Marci Jo says:

    If this is a hoax; pretty pathetic many people have sent money to help these families… smh

    1. bill says:

      The gov’t also payed out 20 million—–those actors got payed well.

      1. Bill –

        I realize that you are replying to “A Marci Jo.” But, you mentioned a huge monetary figure. I know that there were (apparent) private funds set up for the alleged family victims; but was unsure about a huge government “pay-out.” Do you have an informational link or two regarding that sum of money that you could share here in another comment?

        1. bill says:

          nathan–that sum was told on the news 20million–i will see if i can find info on—if you rember when when the 911 hoax happened–they the feds cut 20billion almost the same day—for familys which at the time i thought was kinda funny–never had heard of anything like it.

  35. bill says:

    Sandy hook was a hoax–nobody died nobody cried-everybody lied——plain and simple. I knew when it first happened it was fake- told my wife just watch they will come out with there gun grabbing admittedly–and with five-minutes they had their gun grabbing idiots, brain washing the ones that refuse to use there brains for thinking. I say to you people – do as God said prove all things…….

    1. bill –

      I would tend to think there is more reason that the scenario you point out is the reality, rather than all the propaganda we have seen from the media.

  36. bill says:

    if anyone believes that we have a free press—you are in lala land..

  37. bill says:

    We are seeing all these hoaxes–because that’s the way God works – remember God says he would increase deception for those that like to be deceived–and also increase knowledge for those that want the truth we have the truth in the sandy hook hoax—-plain and simple…….

    1. bill –

      You are correct. The Scripture does say that; that God’s allows the person to be embedded with their own deceptions. [I believe it is in one of the Thessalonian Epistles] God’s action is like, when the Old Testament Children of Israel clamored for a king against God’s own preference, the Bible says (in Psalms) that He gave them what they craved, but sent leanness into their souls.

      1. bill says:

        Hey Nathan—brother–I started seeing all the deception after being saved–God really opened my eyes and ears—-there is so much deception out there–our mass media is controlled by Satan—its all they know is lie after lies–they know no truth.

        1. bill –

          Well stated. Yes. I agree. Being one of God’s dear children by faith in Christ give those same people a big edge in being able to discern the propaganda lies being perpetrated around them. Right now I’m reminded of the one Scripture that says:

          1 Corinthians 2:14 – “But the natural man receiveth not the things of the Spirit of God: for they are foolishness unto him: neither can he know them, because they [the spiritual things] are spiritually discerned.” – KJV

          I’m convinced that being born from above [John 3:1-21] by the true and living God, makes a person spiritually alive to more easily recognize lies and falsehoods apart from reality.

  38. bill says:

    I will tell you folks how to spot a hoax immediately—the mass media will have there so-called experts brainwashing the masses –just like sandy hook the experts on gun grabbing –and 911–there terror experts on site when the hoax happens—–why would they have these so-called experts standing by—-because its all scripted–plain and simple……..

    1. bill –

      Yes. Spot one. Very well put! It is what I’ve described as “over-kill” [no pun intended]. These things are so obvious that people who trust government and media, can’t recognize – such as people who can’t “see the forest through the trees!”

  39. bill says:

    1 more thing sandy hook was a blue screen production—plain and simple……

    1. bill –

      Could you elaborate on that statement for those who read this posting and comments, who might not know what you are referring [to]?

    2. bill –

      Please explain for some of the readers to this posting, what a “blue screen production” is. Isn’t it like a type of Hollywood “production?”

      1. Joel says:

        A chroma-keying technique where the subject is shot in front of a blue background and that background is replaced during post production. Having characters play their scenes in front of a blank screen and then adding in the background digitally. This way they could produce an event like Sandy Hook just like a movie they produce in a studio lot in Hollywood. Sandy Hook was not a real event.

        1. Joel –

          Thank you for explaining what “bill,” the other commenter stated; that being, a “blue screen production.”

          By the way, I just added another Sandy Hook article today. I think that you may like it. This article focuses on the coroner and the three law enforcement officer [actors] attempting to give this medical examiner some credibility by their uniformed presence:

          Sandy Hook coroner and law enforcement actors: Part and parcel of understanding the hoax

        2. bill says:

          Very well said brother—and may God bless you and yours!

      2. bill says:

        Yes its same as hollywood in action ——

  40. bill says:

    Nathan –

    1 more comment. When a crime or murder is committed, the first thing the cops look for is motive who would gain from the crime. What did the so-called shooter Adam Lanza gain? Nothing. What did the government gain? Lots of new gun grabbing laws. The guilty really gained from this hoax.

    God bless brother.

    1. bill –

      Nice comment! Thank you again for visiting

  41. gary litz says:

    What the *&%^ is wrong with you sick *&%^#@( people these children were murdered by guns show some respect you sick *&%^#@(. And quit complaining about obama. Why cant you just admit the real reason you don’t like him is because he’s black. Thank god the redneck agenda is on its deathbed..

    1. gary litz –

      Your vile comment illustrates how some of your crowd reasons. Anything which disagrees with your opinion is deemed worthy of your damning disdain.

      I also find your comment to be of a stereotyping hate-monger nature.

      Furthermore, I am not surprised that you would invoke God’s Name. It leads me to think that you don’t have the respect (for Him) to capitalize his holy Name. That says something to me. He is only good enough when you can use (manipulate) his presence to further your skewed worldview.

      Finally, doesn’t it bother you that you rely so heavily upon big government and its kowtowing media to tell you what to think and believe? When did big government and its kowtowing media ever tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth?

  42. blissnsmiles says:

    Let us not forget about Allison Wyatt. The media stole a Photo from Cathy Gaubert, and used her daughter, Lily. Parents have to give consent to the media to use photos of kids. Why Did the Wyatts give permission to use a pic of someone elses child? It was Cathy Gaubert of GA that noticed.

  43. Luke says:

    I’m not implying that you are wrong, in regards to the SSI death date on Dec 13th, but I looked it up and it says Dec 14th, but they could have just as well changed it to fit the situation. I’m just pointing out, that currently on it states Dec 14th.

    1. Luke –

      Thank you for your comment. I think it is obvious that the date was changed. How else would “historical revisionism” be explained in this case? It is common knowledge that the Obama crony machine and its worshipping media have a favorite itch to scratch with deletions, photo-shopping, etc.

  44. You almost had me going. . . until the photo that insinuates that Adam Lanza died on 13 Dec 2012 according to the SSDI. . . I checked, it shows his death as occurring on 14 Dec 2012.

    1. Wesley –

      Don’t you know by now that historical revisionism is common these days? It is easier to delete and add by the touch of a computer processor keyboard than to recall published books and change the history. I reported what was there. I contend it was changed. [That’s a reasonable explanation] I’ve seen this happen time and time again on the Internet. At one time, Wikipedia had information about Obama’s Mullaloo background. It wasn’t long after he gained more influence, it was then deleted.

      In addition, there are many anomalies and inconsistencies with the reported media Sandy Hook story. Ask yourself: “When did gov’t and its buddy media ever tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth?”

      1. There is one judge. Can you guess who that is?

        1. artiewhitefox –

          I find your comment to be somewhat ambiguous. It would have been socially graceful for you to have explained your statement and question; at the very least offer a point of reference.

          But, be that as it may – if you were attempting to admonish me for expressing pointed comments (as some people are paranoid of some who express, definite opinions); I point you to a topical message I published on my other website:

          Absolutes and Christ’s often misunderstood words of “Judge not…”

  45. Carol Kendall says:

    Re: Social Security Death Index: That’s an easy claim to check. It gives the date of death as 14 Dec 2012.

    1. Carol –

      I still maintain that the date was altered (changed). Historical revisionism happens all the time on the Internet; especially with those who have something to hide. Please refer to my previous reply comment.

  46. Lucy says:

    While I don’t agree with what you are saying, I support your Constitutional right to free speech. With that in mind I would like to offer a few thoughts…right or wrong I offer them only as a consideration when reviewing your evidence.

    SSDI info: As someone who does genealogical research, it is not uncommon for the SSDI to have incorrect information. I have researched about 300 of my own family members and have discovered errors. SSDI advises that errors occur and provides strategies for finding people and accounting for the errors. Just something to consider.

    The inappropriate laughing father: While my situation is different (my father died from medical problems), there were a number of times that you could have caught both my brother and I “inappropriately laughing”. I found that there were moments of comfort and joy in the form of laughter in the midst of my grief, I also found that sometimes I could only cry so much and sometimes my grief did come out in the form of a “dark” humor. I’m sure if you had been with my brother and I when we shopped for my father’s funeral clothes, you would have found us terribly inappropriate.

    I don’t say you are right or wrong on your characterization of the gentlemen’s apparent laughter, just consider that grief is expressed in a variety of ways. Thoughtful consideration of this idea will only benefit any evidence you offer.

    Finally, I know you say that you are not denying that people died, but I ask – in the spirit of simple human kindness – that you and your followers choose your words thoughtfully. Even if you believe that the children aren’t dead and the “parents” are actors, is it not better to err on the side of loving caution? I cannot quote scripture, but since my childhood the image of Jesus with the children has always stayed with me and given me comfort; just as he has a tender loving embrace for the children, shouldn’t we also? Whether the children are dead or alive, they were not the creators of what happened at Sandy Hook (either in the form of a violent massacre or a produced hoax) and deserve our kindness.

    1. Lucy –

      Thank you for your comment.

      Your comment (I find) revolves around 3 aspects:

      1) The anomaly of the Adam Lanza Soc. Sec. Death Info.
      2) The grief aspect
      3) Erring on the side of “human kindness,” – aka, giving the “benefit of the doubt.”

      Although you make some good points; and, I don’t doubt your sincerity I still maintain what I’ve stated previously:

      There are just too many anomalies and inconsistencies with this whole reported alleged Sandy Hook Shooting massacre. And, I do not read the mass media ever stating this “event” in terms of “alleged.” That, I find to be dishonest on media’s part and even more reason to believe that the whole thing was a hoax. My reasoning for calling it a “hoax” can be found in one of my 12 articles on this Sandy Hook subject:

      It’s okay to question the alleged Sandy Hook shooting massacre and call it a hoax –

      Another strong reason to believe this alleged shooting massacre to be a hoax, is the “over-kill.” Immediately the government and its lap-dog media went on their anti-Second Amendment Crusade. And, as late as a week or two ago, Obama was reported to have flown on Air-Force One, some family members of the supposed victims to continue his gun control crusade.

      No one has been able to explain to me the behaviors of various actors who participated in the event – the coroner (Medical Examiner), Gene Rosen and Lt. Vance. Why weren’t there any reported wounded? Where were the reporters at the hospitals? Why weren’t the supposed parents of the supposed killed, allowed to view the supposed corpse bodies? What about the fake Anderson Cooper video? Even those more knowledgeable about this whole alleged event could go on and on with more unanswered questions than I. And, even I could go back to some of my earlier Sandy Hook postings and mention more anomalies and inconsistencies.

      And, those 3 points you did make, can easily be understood through the lense of hoax. And, also, that one point you make about erring on the side of “human kindness.” Why should any of us give the government and its lackey media that consideration? When did big government and its kowtowing media ever tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth?

      Finally, Obama and his cronies know how to rip open the sympathizes of the public. They use children. What could be worse than crazed adults preying upon innocent little school children? It’s the same type of tactic that Obama and his cronies used from the beginning. In other words, you are a bigot and there is something wrong with you if you don’t think that something is being wrongly perpetrated against someone.

      Lucy – I’ll tell you; big government and media are playing the public; and the public, for the most part is being duped. You can go back to just about everything Obama has said and then look at his actions. There you will find deceit, lies and fraud. He almost always says the opposite of what his projected goals are – and, how his agenda and policies are headed.

  47. kim rayl says:

    We are being played and what’s so dasterdly is the fact that we can blog and show evidence but can’t bring any charges against actors or gov’t for this disgusting display. What clued me in to the false flag is the fact that fathers of Lanza and Loughner were to testify in Libor Scandel. and of course everything else that followed. Abomination = to be a moral stench.

    1. Yes. I read about that. Could you comment back and leave us Moralmatters readers with an informational link to that? Thanks.

  48. dare to be real says:

    We are being played and what’s so dasterdly is the fact that we can blog and show evidence but can’t bring any charges against actors or gov’t for this disgusting display. What clued me in to the false flag is the fact that fathers of Lanza and Loughner were to testify in Libor Scandel. and of course everything else that followed. Abomination = to be a moral stench.

    1. dare to be real –

      Yes. I read about that. Could you comment back and leave us Moralmatters readers with an informational link to that? Thanks.

  49. Alexandra says:

    Nice post. I learn something new and challenging
    on sites I stumbleupon every day. It’s always helpful to read through content from other writers and practice something from their web sites.

  50. Karla says:

    My belief that S.H. was a hoax has caused many heated conversations between friends and I. In frustration, I made a wager of 1000 dollars that S.H. was a hoax and find it difficult to prove. Your advice on this dilema is welcome and very much needed.

    1. Karla –

      I admire you for being involved with heated personal conversations between your friends and you. I will make brief reference to my personal acquaintances, friends and family, but don’t get aggressive (as I perhaps, should). But, I figure that they know of my MM website and they have full and free access. Sometimes, some family and friends can be the worst of people to communicate to when it comes to hoaxes like Sandy Hook. They tend to think purely on an emotional scale, rather than thinking in a reasonable manner which then would then assist them to logically connect some needed and demanding dots. But, I think that certain family and friends don’t really care. They don’t want to go where they can connect some broader dots and understand how government desires to control their very everyday lives; and that government will go to extremes to further that goal.

      What I find is most frustrating, is, that the same people who think Sandy Hook really happened as propagandized and pushed by the mainstream media, – these people are some of the ones who complain about government and its crooked policies and moronic decisions. Yet, these same people will gobble up what has been reported to them by government and its buddy media. They accept it, hook, line and sinker. They seldom ask the question and ponder the honest answer:

      When did government and its admiring media ever tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth?

  51. Karla says:

    What I’m saying is, I can point out the anomalies til I’m blue in the face, but if I don’t have proof then I cant collect. One option would be to verify actual bodies lay where reported. But I’m not inclined to do that for a million dollars. And as earlier stated, the people in CT aren’t talking. They’re afraid, and for good reason. These dirtbags wouldn’t hesitate to throw anyone that talks, into one of those empty coffins. So, what then?

    1. Karla –

      I’m in a big hurry now, and would like to revisit this comment of yours. Please don’t let me forget. I’ll return later today with another response.

  52. Karla says:

    I guess I made a wager with the devil. And there isn’t a way to physically prove it was a hoax.

    1. Karla –

      Don’t feel badly. The Obamabot crowd will utilize that argument. They say, “Prove it to me!” But, whatever evidence can and will be proffered, that evidence is never good enough, because these people live in their own worlds of reality [unreality].

      Ultimately Christians (if they are true disciples of Christ) will recognize and know full reality – the complete package of truth which resides in the person of the historical Christ. [“In Christ are hid all the treasures and wisdom and knowledge – New Testament – Colossians]

      The Truth, the Whole Truth and Nothing But the Truth

      Ultimate Truth – How are we to determine if we know the truth?

      But, attempting to “prove” temporal realities will never satisfy the unbelieving soul. They will question from the outset what is genuine proof; only accepting “scientific” test tube verifiable (repeatable) evidence. The Sandy Hook hoax cannot be determined by that criteria or scrutiny. Pure common sense and connecting the dots is sufficient. But, don’t count on the common person to exercise common sense and the ability to connect some obvious dots………..

  53. Shirley says:

    What a total bunch of sickos. You need to get a life. Either that or some serious mental health help.

    1. Shirley –

      Nice try; but, your propagandist little rant lacks credence. You fail to substantiate your hysteria. You sound like another run-of-the-mill Obama enabler, Gov. Malloy:

      Connecticut Governor Malloy’s conspiracy theory about those who reject the alleged Sandy Hook massacre

      1. gf155575 says:

        This is what I hate most about ‘hoaxers’, you always talk down and belittle people. You’re such arrogant people, even though your argument is based on nothing but SPECULATION!!! Everyone of your theories above can be debunked by me in five minutes!

        1. gf155575 –

          Again, this author will use your Obama enabling and irrational comments to showcase how Obama / big government apologists contend and reason:

          First of all, you do in your comment what you accuse. You expose yourself as a hypocrite.

          Secondly, you “generalize.” You speak and reason illogically when you falsely make the claim that those who believe the Sandy Hook shooting event to be a hoax, base their conclusions on “speculation.” You make the shoot from the hip emotional claim, but don’t support with evidence your ridiculous conspiracy theory.

          Thirdly, and finally, you make the flippant claim that what this website says “can be debunked” by you “in five minutes.” What makes you erroneously think that, when in 3 short sentences you illustrate and showcase your lack of intelligent reasoning faculties?

        2. Shannon Roberts says:

          Then please do so, you have the floor. Or is that more of your Obama loving talk. After everything that man has done to REAL Americans, how can you even sleep at night defending him?

  54. anonymous says:

    The one photo with “Dylan” attending his own funeral… No that actually looks like his brother Jake. The the other one looks like Dylan.

    As for the Emilie Parker she’s not in the photo with the black and red dress. She’s only wearing that dress in the family photo. The other photo is of her younger sister in the dress. There’s another photo on the internet that will show Emilie’s two younger sisters with the president who are like 3 and 4 years old at the time and Emilie’s sister is wearing the dress. Emilie is not shown with them.

    The photo with the police man and the dolls… It’s too blurry to see. However, like on TV shows where they have babies, it’s easy to tell if they’re holding a doll vs. a real baby. If it wasn’t so blurry and there was a close up then it would be much easier to see if that’s what the police officer really had.

    What I don’t understand is why there are no crime scene photos of the rooms. Not of victims of course, but like when the rooms were cleared away. Aren’t there normally crime scene photos of things like this that get leaked?

    I also read that someone used/stole an image of someone else’s child and claimed she was one of the victims and the mother wrote a blog post on how the media stole the image of her child and used it without her permission.

    What I would like to know is, if this was all a hoax and 26 people died; eventually, more people would learn and find out about this because you can’t just keep 26 people, who are supposed to be dead, hidden. This was all over the news, I’m very sure people would recognize them as the victims of a school shooting who are supposed to be dead. Shouldn’t there be some images floating around of them being alive and well today?

    1. anonymous –

      I would like to take the time to answer the last paragraph of your long comment. But, unfortunately, I’m in a big hurry now.

      However, I will partially answer for now:

      Don’t you think that the federal government can deal with the hoax it has apparently perpetrated? Why can’t the same government which hides Obama’s life records and listens in on phone conversations many of its own citizens, have ways to deal with keeping the supposed dead children obscured and under wraps? Just look what is happening with whistle blowers. They are in fear of their lives for being hunted down by their own governments; the latest example of the young man that spilled the beans about the Obama government’s surveillance upon American citizens.

      Have you ever questioned why the funerals for these children were closed casket funerals? Have you ever wondered why the parents of these supposed murdered children were reported not to be permitted to look upon their own child’s body? Have you ever wondered about all the anomalies and inconsistencies of the media reporting and the whole aspect of the crisis actors and and some of the poor crisis acting?

      If we accepted the Sandy Hook supposed shooting as reported by the media, honest God-fearing citizens would be reducing themselves to dishonesty. I’ve posed the question numerous times on this Moralmatters website:

      “When did government and its adoring mainstream media ever tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth?”

      So far, no one has even attempted to answer that question.

  55. Keller Williams says:

    To anonymous: great name. Just so you know, a lot of people hold funerals with closed caskets, and especially in the cases where children have died.

  56. R says:

    Pastor Nathan,

    Did you ever think of visiting the area and attending one of the local branches of the church you belong to, in the Newtown area? Perhaps while there could gain some insight from people.

    1. R –

      I would not care to visit the Newtown area. I’d rather not be around government actors.

  57. Sarah says:

    This sounds less like a conspiracy theory and more like an attack on President Obama. None of these theories have swayed me into believing this is a hoax.

    1. Sarah –

      Since your comment is somewhat ambiguous and general [“This sounds……”] I will answer in a general manner:

      You subjectively claiming that “these” are [mere] “theories” does not make them so. Your comment is purely subjective and does not leave anything to substantiate your mere claim.

      Furthermore, your comment leaves one to believe that you are one of many which squawk about attacks upon the White House usurper occupier. Why shouldn’t Obama be attacked (questioned and held accountable) for his actions, action omissions, policies and agenda?

      Finally, this posting by Moralmatters has provided much information to logically question what (really) happened that day when government and media teamed up to proliferate their attack against Second Amendment rights.

  58. Christy says:


    How do you explain the “everyone must check in” sign? Or the actors from Florida?

    One person who looks like another is not a big deal but two people who are married looking like two other people who are married who happen to be known actors? The odds are astronomical. (there are better photos available online for comparison btw.)

    I voted for Bush and I admit many things about 9/11 look suspicious. Don’t let your allegiance to Obama cloud your common sense. The kid’s bodies weren’t even in the grave before Obama (and the kid’s parents!) were out in full force shilling for gun control. And don’t forget gun control was to be a priority during Obama’s second term.

    I dare you to spend an afternoon looking at the evidence. This attack on our freedom is way bigger than Obama. Please be open minded. And then pass it on to EVERYONE.

  59. james edwards says:

    Could someone explain to me the photographs of the little green Honda with the bullet holes in it? Where and how does this car fit into the whole scenario? Has this ever been properly explained? Or is this just another bizarre thing that we will never have an answer to?

    Also, are we really supposed to believe that a 20 year old had no Facebook page, no Twitter account, no driver’s license, no cell phone, no nothing. I think it’s very possible that Adam Lanza never actually existed or had already been dead for years.

    In one of the news reports, a man claiming to be a friend of the family says that Adam’s mother once said to him, “Don’t turn your back on Adam.” Ok, so the mother is telling people that Adam is some kind of dangerous wacko but then decides to have a small arsenal of handguns and assault weapons laying around the house. This makes no freaking sense. None of this makes any sense. This whole Sandy Hook thing is starting to get as odd and bizarre as the Jon-Benet Ramsey case.

    1. James –

      Very adept comment! And, big government and its kowtowing Obama supporters would like to have everyone believe that we are “conspiracy theorists!”

  60. james edwards says:

    I have been watching the news interviews with the supposed parents of the dead children and the bizarre thing which jumps out at me the most is not so much their complete lack of visible mourning and tears, but rather, their complete lack of anger and rage. These parents, who were being interviewed just hours or days after the fact should have been absolutely consumed with pure anger and rage, but they were not. In shock or not, these people should have been screaming and ranting with near pcycotic rage.

    The mother of Noah Pozner was chit-chatting with Anderson Cooper like she was at a dinner party and had enjoyed the shrimp cocktail. She was dressed like it too. She referred to the person who had just blown off half of her son’s head as “…a tortured soul.” What!! A tortured soul? She should have been referring to him as the hideous evil son of Satan; but no, she calmly, and with no visible anger or rage, calls him a tortured soul. None of this makes sense.

    And don’t even get me started on that Robbie Parker press statement. WTF was that? That was just surreal. And those other two parents, I don’t remember their names, just days after the shootings, had forgiven the shooter. Not possible, not that fast.

    It seems that all of these parents decided to skip over the anger and rage part of an episode like this. That’s not possible. The anger and rage should have been absolutely intense and should have lasted for weeks, if not months.

    1. James –

      Thank you for visiting and also for you spot on comment!

      I only wish that most people were observant like you and not so quick to believe everything that comes across their Network TV screen!

  61. james edwards says:

    Ok…so now the Newtown residents have voted to accept 49 million dollars from state and federal to build a brand new Sandy Hook Elementry. They themselves will not have to contribute one dollar of local taxes for the project. Ok, so at the time of the shootings last year, they were trying to decide which elementry school to close down due to decreased enrollment. But now they are getting a brand new, completely free, 50 million dollar school.

    How nice for them, but, I suppose, maybe they deserve it, however, there is just one little thing about it, like everything else in Sandy Hook, that is just out and out bizarre…they are planning on building this new school on the site of the old one. That is not only bizarre, it is downright creepy. This place called Newtown and the people who live in it, are the creepiest, most bizarre, strange, odd people I have ever seen.

    If these residents have agreed to build the new school on the site of the old one, where 20 young children were supposedly slaughtered, then it had to have been a hoax. It’s just to freaking creepy and sick that they would send their children to a new school built on the site where 20 kids were murdered. Either it was in fact a complete hoax and nobody actually died, or Newtown is in fact some sort of center for Satan worship, which some have suggested. Is it just me, or is it really bizarre and creepy that they would build the new school on the site of the old one? Unless, of course, nobody actually died at the old one.

    1. James –

      Thank you for your spot on comment! It is interesting that you should bring up something that I plan to highlight in another MM posting this week. I may even quote your comment! Your comment will add credence to what I will be saying………..

  62. James Edwards says:

    Well, once again, the people of Newtown have done something bizarre and inexplicable. The Newtown/Sandyhook town website has announced that there WILL NOT be any kind of public event, public gathering or public display marking the one year anniversary of the alleged shootings last December. This ban includes the schools, the churchs and the town’s government agencies. In other words, Newtown/Sandyhook has decided to act as if the whole thing never happened. Hmmm…I wonder why?

    1. James –

      Thank you again for your thoughtful comments. Would that more people just start thinking and connecting the dots!

    2. James –

      Could you post that link here, with which you make reference?

  63. Papa Willey says:

    I haven’t seen anyone bringing up a couple of other factors…. The kids being dropped off at an old man’s house who lives alone…. He suddenly had a pile of toys in his living room? And the bus driver should know better to drop kids off at a strangers house.

    Then the road…. Did you see the aerial view from the helicopters? I am highly trained in triage and fire rescue. I am certified. That road was puzzled with cars. They parked all over the road, so no one can come in or out. Hmmmm – so how did the school bus get out to drop off the kids at the old mans house?

    Then a crisis actor was being interviewed and they asked her how she knew it was over and what not…. She replied with, “CBS” texted her cell phone. LoL – oh so much other crap….

    I have to say this is FAKE. No one was shot and killed that day at that school. And yes the government was around the corner training for the same very incident? And the bombing all across the country, like the tanker in Virginia or West Virginia; the Texas fertilizer plant explosion (conveniently when no one was working). What? There was 3 or 4 in a two week period….

    Then to have a New Hampshire congress woman claim that black opes was behind Boston bombings. TV makes for good TV, but sadly its sick to do what they are doing to us by using kids and TV…. They thought instantly that people will give up their guns if we tell them over 20 kids killed. Oh, – and the mother conveniently gone too?????

  64. AB says:

    I listened to the “recordings” and don’t believe them…
    I listen to local PD on my scanner…even done some “telephone work” in a local 911 center…

    the PD don’t have radio links to State Police and they have to make phone calls?…

  65. Taylor says:

    I knew Victoria Soto. I live in the town over from Newtown. I know several families who lost their children. It is no hoax. I think the lack of details is to respect the families. These pictures could very well be photoshopped. Please do not be insensitive towards these very real deaths.

    1. Taylor –

      I don’t think in all my articles about the government / media contrived event (often referred to, as the Sandy Hook shooting) that I ever said no shooting ever took place. But, what I’ve authored and posted, certainly illustrated something very strange was afoot that day and the subsequent days following.

      Furthermore, you are telling me that you have knowledge, second-hand. How can you be sure that you weren’t lead astray by those whose mouths are shut, committed not to expose this contrived event? How can others and I believe these second-hand anecdotes when first-hand anecdotes (by crisis actors) were obviously staged.

      Finally, your comment may reflect propaganda to further the gov’t / media contrived event. You are communicating what is firmly believed (by those who accept hook, line and sinker the mainstream media story), regardless of all the false flag (hoax) evidence and many anomalies. [You would not believe some of the comments I receive, and refuse to publish, because they are peppered with propaganda, lies and vitriol]

  66. Douglas says:


    Your comment is very typical of the words used by shills who roam the internet looking for sites to bamboozle with your nonsense. Nathan’s answers to you are totally on target. Sandy Hook was a hoax….its really just as simple as that. Most of the photos above are from my collection….I don’t even know how to Photoshop.

  67. Chris says:

    To those who believe this was a hoax i say this…. Get help and get it now

    1. Chris –

      You should take your own advice for your denial of these government, law enforcement and media contrived, pre-planned and criminally deceptive events. You need to do some reading. You need to “connect some dots,” rather than believe everything that is set before you by the propagandizing media. Ask yourself: “When did big government and its kowtowing (accepting and cheerleading) media, ever tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth?”

      It is no surprise the deceptive government (contrived, contructed and pre-planned) shooting events. They emanate from top down.

      These government, law enforcement and media events such as the Sandy Hook “massacre” and Santa Monica “shooting” serve 3 purposes:

      (1) They are smoke screen media events to divert public attention from Obama’s criminal scandals and his criminal ID fraud which is the basis for aka Obama’s de facto White House occupancy and anti-American scourge upon the United States.

      (2) These contrived and pre-planned staged events are intended to convince the American public that firearms need increased regulation and that guns ultimately need to be banned from private ownership. After all, government and law enforcement, are to be the only “proper and legal” entities for such firearm ownership; and that big government and law enforcement authorities at all levels of national, state, county and local governments can adequately “serve” and “protect” the general public.

      (3) Furthermore, these contrived, pre-planned and staged “tragedy” events are designed with the ultimate purpose of wresting (away) from American citizens their Constitutional (2nd Amendment) rights of both owning and discharging firearms in their personal defense of “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.”

      It is common knowledge without any question that aka Obama is wickedly corrupt as all hell. He lies continually and those (in government) who criminally serve him and his malevolent purposes, are also wicked; – so says the divine revelation of The Scriptures:

      “If a ruler hearken to lies, all his servants are wicked.” – Proverbs 29:12 – KJV

  68. Shannon Roberts says:

    I found these videos and pictures within days of the shooting. I’m not saying they are real, just was wondering if you have seen them. Some made a lot of sense.

    1. Shannon –

      Thanks for the links. I’ll plan on taking a look at them.

  69. humancobras says:

    a hoax? what a bunch of morons you all are.

    1. “humancobras” –

      Once in awhile I will permit a comment from the conspiracy crowd of silence over the government / media contrived (and pre-planned) propaganda events. Your comment, I am publishing because it showcases the old / old ridicule that no longer is effective.

      Your comment is but 2 short sentences and you can’t even use correct grammar.

      Furthermore, you have the audacity to make a generalized drive-by unfounded accusation that people are “morons.” Your cowardly comment did not even specify; nor did it’s scattered assertion substansiate its foolish contention. What could be more moronic than that?

      1. SortingHat says:

        He’s a paid troll and I have notice they are losing steam online lately and I don’t mean the download client.

  70. James Edwards says:

    Although we will probably never know what actually happened at Sandy Hook, I just wanted to add one more observation that someone pointed out to me.

    Take a look at the videos and photos of the parents all around the firehouse that day. Notice that none of these parents are dressed in work clothes. December 14th was not a holiday. It was a work day. Why are none of these parents dressed in upscale office attire. Supposedly these parents came rushing to the scene in the middle of a work day, in a panic, in a hurry, but yet, apparently, stopped at home first to change into weekend casual clothes as if they were going hiking or out to the Home Depot to buy a lawn mower.

    It makes absolutely no sense that these parents, none of them, were dressed in work or office clothing. None of the fathers are wearing suits, none of the woman are wearing dresses and high heels. Nearly every single parent is wearing weekend outdoor casual attire, as if they were going to spend the day at a outdoor FEMA drill.

    We know that these parents were upscale and upper middle class professionals, right? But yet, apparently none of them were at work that day as shown by the fact that none of them are wearing office work clothes. All are wearing weekend outdoor casual clothing. That is a very strange thing.

    1. James –

      I think that observation is a very compelling and valid one. The more this Sandy Hook alleged “shooting” is analyzed the more its media reported “reality” is “shot through with holes.” [Please excuse the pun] There are too many inconsistencies and anomalies with this whole government, law enforcement and big media event.

      I do have to take exception to the first part of your first paragraph. Although most of us may never know the full story; we know enough to know this whole event was one that was contrived and pre-planned. Furthermore, I think that all the actors involved have sold at least a great portion of their souls to the devil for their concerted deception. It would be nice to think that someday (in this world) that they would held accountable for their part in this crime. But, that is not likely to happen; at least here in the temporal realm.

  71. Wyatt Hill says:

    Looks like they used 4 to 5 year old photos of the victims- parents used to promote anti -2nd amendment agenda were actors – The Wheelers, Hockleys etc.. Look into Serco they are the
    Corp that runs DHS and FEMA see David Wheeler staring in the movie Faithful (2001) Francine Wheeler ACTRESS / Singer “The Dream Jam Band”

  72. Thomas says:

    You people are INSANE. WTF is wrong with you??

    1. admin says:

      Thomas –

      Assuming that you believe the reported Sandy Hook “massacre” was as it was reported by media sources, I believe that you directed your question to the wrong source. Instead you ought to direct your question to yourself.

      Also, ask the following questions:

      Why do you and others trust big government, media and collaborating law enforcement? When did those same entities tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth?

      Thomas – you are in denial. Get some help to deal with your full-blown gullibility.

  73. Joel says:

    I’ve only started looking into the Sandy Hook situation. One thing I can’t wrap my head around is what about the kids, and parents of those that “evacuated.” What about the parents of “kids” who went sandy hook. I have heard some things that sandy hook wasn’t even being used. If that is the case, why has nobody who lived in the town said the school was closed?

    1. admin says:

      Joel –

      The town is strange. The people are strange. They have allowed themselves to be part in parcel of a government / news media / law enforcement contrived affair. The whole aspect of government crisis actors is enough to slap a red flag on the whole event.

      I plan on doing another follow-up Moralmatters article. There has been more information coming out about this bizarre contrived event.

  74. james edwards says:

    Here they go again in Newtown, destroying evidence. Now they want to tear down the Lanza house where Nancy and Adam lived. I have never seen a situation like this where people are doing everything possible to completely erase and forget about a tragic event. The people of Newtown are doing everything in their power to forget about it…to erase it…to act as if it never happened, almost as if it really didn’t happen….wink wink. Oh wait…they want to forget about everything except the millions of dollars they are stealing from people on their sad sad donation websites. Erase everything about what supposedly happened here except don’t forget to send us money. These people are unbelievable.

    It is my opinion that even if the shootings actually happened, which I don’t believe they did, there is no reason for these people to think that they should get millions of dollars.

  75. Anne Harris says:

    Don’t forget too about the mother in the U.K. who was shocked to see her daughter lily’s first grade photo listed as one of the Sandy Hook victims. She said her daughter lily (who was in the 5th grade at the time) healthy. I guess they didn’t plan on some Mother recognizing her own daughters first grade photo. She posted this on Facebook. Poor Anderson Cooper used a blue screen pretending he was at a funeral for the Sandy Hook crisis actors. How anyone could possibly fall for this hoax is beyond me.

    1. SortingHat says:

      American’ts in general have the education level of a 8th grader. The most advance schools used to be the *normal* level of education in the 1950s/60s until we stopped teaching Latin and Greek and it all went downhill from there.

      Latin and Greek is a HUGE basis of our foundation as a nation and as a result of not teaching it we consequently have people coming out with little to no understanding of our nation except whatever narrow focus the school covers.

      I sure hope my comment makes it thru which is why I am not typing more as I don’t want sweaty fingers with the possibility that exposing the thugs in office will get me on the ban stick.

      I even moved around our President’s name in case that’s on a ban word.

  76. Cristina says:

    I’m new to the internet and I have been checking into the sandy hook shooting. I live in CT and have a child in elementary school. When I heard about the so called shooting event, I had a hard time sending my child back to school. I haven’t been the same since. They ripped my heart out! I know this was a big hoax and they continue to live this LIE!!!!! I know that there is nothing we can really do because so many liars were involved including the dumb ass president in office. They will one day have to answer to GOD and then what? Can’t come soon enough!!’!!!!!!!!!!! I’m having a hard time to let this go and no one wants to listen. Keep on exposing these disgusting people for who they are. Wish I could do more.

  77. SortingHat says:

    As far as I am concerned SH was Oh Bamma’s version of 9/11. Bush tried it first to drag us until a one world economy under the threat of war but enough people were smart enough to not quite make the plan work out.

    Now Obama is trying it thru school shootings and nationalizing them. Funny thing when the Virginia Tech Wacko shot it up there wasn’t as much of a big deal about it despite more people being killed in a locked room due to the chains on the doors.

  78. timez draggen says:

    This is only one of a hundred hoaxes. They are blatantly arrogant. Even going so far as staging apologies for questioning the hoax. I believe they are intended to bankrupt us, create unnecessary laws, ultimately remove all constitutional rights. They are proving they’ve fortified themselves, militarized the police, and are sticking it in our face.

    And what can we even do about it? Law enforcement is proving the level of corruption they are at, aiding and abetting fraudulent charities and allowing these events to be reported as real.

    Terrorists are what they are now, that is what I believe. Caesar has brought his legions into Rome. Nero got him a fiddle.

    1. timez draggen –

      I think that you’ve pretty much, summed up the pathetic situation.

      Until we can have some just and honest leadership and until that same leadership prosecutes the evildoer politicians in government, the inmates will continue to rule the asylum.

  79. tchr says:

    I don’t know about anybody else, but I have had enough of the Democratic left wing scumbags. I researched for about eight years because I didn’t believe Obama. Over the years I came across this site. Thank you Nathan. It is time that the truth comes out about all of these hoaxes, the pedophiles in our government and those outside of our government too, and whatever else. I believe Hillary and Brennan are behind many of the killings. Everyday things just get worse. I for one am angry and fed up. I will stop for now.

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