Hillary Clinton’s Benghazi hearing handlers: Let America witness an innocent little girl being attacked

When this web author saw the pictures of Hillary Clinton as she appeared at the recent Benghazi Senate investigation hearing; he immediately understood why it took so long for her to finally testify. Whether or not she really had injured her head, the rank-in-file will never find out. But, now that she has offered her childish testimony, we do know why her testimony was so long in coming. It took time to re-program Hillary with bright clothes and big eyeglasses and long hair, to make her appear as an innocent little child, up against a wall, defending herself. Compliments to her political operative handlers. They score an A+.


It was perfect drama. Utilize the female emotion to evoke the perception of being boorishly attacked by political Republican beasts. It didn’t matter to the media of political correctness that Hillary lied and displayed unsound reasoning. All that mattered was that she was being picked on.


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Posted by:

Pastor emeritus Nathan M. Bickel



9 thoughts on “Hillary Clinton’s Benghazi hearing handlers: Let America witness an innocent little girl being attacked

  1. jane says:

    She is a traitor to her country,……….period end of story.

    1. jane –

      I’d have to agree with you. Sickening, isn’t it? I would not doubt that Hillary is friends with Jane Fonda.

  2. …and today show of hers with nobama on 60 minutes was just sickening. Her cordial fake little smiles and poking nobama’s elbow and his hollow praise of her and how they both agreed they had “crocodile” skin as oppose to their staff who wouldn’t so fast “recover” from their campaigning feud 4 years ago. What the hell was the reason to air this phony, unnecessary, useless, hypocritical interview? Perhaps to highlight their common experience? Aaaah, perhaps loosing the lawyer’s licence…? Why didn’t 60 minutes air the Rand Paul’s questions to her in Benghazi hearing? Why didn’t they televised that (to see the bitch cower)?

    1. Zuzana –

      Thank you for your comment.

      Yes, it is quite pathetic how this 60 Minutes media show is used a a propaganda prop for libs like Hillary and Obama. It’s very sickening.

  3. sparrow59 says:

    Can you imagine putting up with that shrieking for four, or heaven forbid, eight years?

    1. sparrow59 –

      Dare you remind me and spoil my day? Shame on you! I will, add though, that as a Christian, and emeritus Christian pastor; I know that Obama and his many lies will be finally met with the Triune God’s severest judgment and punishment. The good Lord never intended his human creation to be deceived and subjugated by tyrants and those who are arrogant deceivers:

      Liars go to hell

      Finally, in the here and now, I am causiously optimistic about temporal judgment and punishment of Obama and those “charaders” of his who continue to enable him to present himself as a legitimate US president:

      Obama not above the law: Supreme Court hearing case against Obama and Sheriff Arpaio’s Investigation continues

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