Sandy Hook: Believing government and its propaganda media

Supposed parent, Robbie Parker of one of the killed child victims. Which parent laughs before being interviewed about the very recent death of their child?

Supposed parent, Robbie Parker, of one of the child victims. Which parent laughs right before being interviewed about the very recent death of their child?

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Comments that follow this mini commentary – and,  the added 6 informational links, which question the mainstream media’s alleged and reported Sandy Hook “shooting:” 


It is true what the one national talk show host describes as the “low information voter.” The national Network news media targets these poor souls. The old adage of “Monkey sees; monkey does,” applies to them.

It is no secret that the US mainstream media has been, and continues to be a propaganda arm for big government. It does not matter what the reality is, or principles of journalism;  only the given political correctness agenda.

The culture’s Network news media caters to the misinformed and influences them to become less informed. Many of the misinformed have already been the hapless subjects of the public school educational industry, run by union “educators” who have been so selective in their curricula, that they don’t and won’t allow diversity to challenge their political correctness, humanistic, evolutionist and godless bents.

The latest big government propaganda which has been pushed in the face of Americans has been the supposed Sandy Hook school shooting massacre. No one dare question what (supposedly) took place because, as the liberal argument goes:

How could this massacre be anything but real? How could it be a hoax? And, to question such, is to insult the grieving parents and family members of the [supposed] diseased. To take exception to what has [supposedly] happened is to make oneself an utter insensitive miscreant, bent on heaping insults upon the [supposed] grieving. To call this “shooting massacre” a “hoax,” is as vile as racial bigotry! So goes the politically correct line of propaganda criticism of those who question the liberal media Siamese twin of big government. And, if you do question, you are ridiculed with the same type of derision as a “birther carnival barker.”

This web author is an emeritus Christian pastor. I’m not gainfully employed anymore. But, I do volunteer work. For the past 5 years I’ve been involved with volunteering for hospice. At first, I did not question what happened this last December regarding the Sandy Hook Elementary reported news. But, it did not take me long to question what supposedly happened. I began to start thinking outside the box. I kept reading reports of discrepancies.  One of the biggest discrepancies which I have read is this report:

“Something VERY ODD I noticed… Parents immediately spoke in Past Tense” –

When big government and first cousin media collaborate to ridicule its opposition; that, is a huge red flag. If government isn't hiding something, it needs not accuse its critics of being birthers, carnival barkers and / or conspiracy theorists.

When big government and first cousin media collaborate to ridicule its opposition; that, is a huge red flag. If government isn’t lying or hiding something, it needs not accuse its critics of being birthers, carnival barkers and / or conspiracy theorists.

I’ve been with family members after they have just lost a loved one. I can assure you that what this article says is true. Family members who have lost an immediate member of their family don’t speak of the deceased like these (supposed) Sandy Hook family members. This aspect, which I have noticed, is one of the prominent red flags of this whole reported [supposed] Sandy Hook Shooting.

Following are some significant informational links; the first ones, articles this author has already written.  Check them out. And, if you should do so; ask yourself while you read:

“When did government and its kowtowing media ever tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth?”

I dare you to think outside the political correctness box!

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Pastor emeritus Nathan M. Bickel

17 thoughts on “Sandy Hook: Believing government and its propaganda media

  1. The national network news media lap dogs are only one facet of the disinformation campaign.

    I just finished a two year community college program and it was far more an exercise in liberal-socialist indoctrination than it was an education. I am 50 years old and had attended the University of Massachusetts back in the ’80’s, but dropped out. Still, I have been astonished and disgusted at what higher education has become.

    Worse even still, is the liberal apostasy within the Christian Church here in the States. It is not as if a great many biblical scholars did not try to warn us. Josh McDowell’s landmark work, ‘Evidence That Demands a Verdict,’ brilliantly illuminated the presupposition, anti-supernatural prejudice, and conjecture upon which the liberal, “modern,” “higher,” source, form critics, the “documentarians,” who embrace the Graf-Wellhausen Documentary Hypothesis, which itself is complete conjecture and presupposes the existence of supposed source documents for which there is not the slightest bit of evidence. Form criticism is based upon fables–lies– and equates the inspired Word of God to the development of the mythological Homeric writings.

    If we in Christ Jesus are to be the Salt of the earth and preserve the American experiment in government of the people which quintessentially holds certain truths as self-evident, one such truth being, that all men are created equal and endowed by their Creator, the Lord Jesus Christ, with certain unalienable rights; we must remove the plank in our own eye which is blinding the Body of Christ from influencing American society in a godly manner and refute the insupportable arguments of the licentious liberal-socialist “theologians” who claim to know God, but deny the authority of His Word.

    1. Chris –

      Thank you for your insightful and competent comment. I agree that the Christian community has dropped the ball. Had it not, the public school educational industry which operates on the public’s tax dime, no doubt, would not have been so influential in effecting the decadence we experience now, in our culture.

      I like what you stated at the very beginning of your comment. It reminded me of what I just heard over the radio, as I turned it on, just before noontime. I happened to catch the last part of Glen Beck’s radio program. He was announcing that later today on his TV program; his program would be debunking the Sandy Hook “conspiracy theorists.” Would you believe that [Beck] one of the most prominent of conspiracy theorists (of silence) over Obama’s fraudulent and unconstitutional “presidency,” would be setting himself up to judge the so-called, Sandy Hook “conspiracy theorists?” What a hypocrite!

  2. I’ve also been following this story. Last week i tried to pick the worst problem for the official story. Here it is:

    It deals with “raw helicopter footage” and the fact that the wounded were not rushed to ER.

    Use the link or write your own version.

    1. Bruce Deitrick Price –

      Thank you for visiting and for your great comment!

      I can only say that the next massive hoax which our untrustworthy government attempts to pull off; that they will have learned much from the Sandy Hook [supposed] Shooting [lower than dirt] “conspiracy theorists!” Thank you for taking the time to render not only your assertion comment, but also the substantiating informational link!

  3. I offer the following 3 informational web links which a reader sent me after this (above) article was published. They represent (to some extent) the continued observation, discrepancies and questions which keep cropping up over this alleged Sandy Hook shooting “event:”

    Sandy Hook: The Gun Range Myth – and other media-created fantasies

    CNN video of police charge at Sandy Hook is not Sandy Hook

    SSDI Death Index: Sandy Hook ‘Shooter’ Adam Lanza Died One Day Before School Massacre?

    Mike Powers (investigator/law enforcement/military), Interview on the Power Hour. Tears apart the Sandy Hook media/government story through facts

    Sandy Hook Shooting Research

    Sandy Hook Hoax – The Official Story of the Sandy Hook School Shooting is Riddled with Holes

  4. The Sandy Hoax signals one thing: It illustrates that Obama has declared war on the people and Constitution of the United States.

    1. Dev –

      So true! Any idiot should be able to understand what you say. The very fact that the Obama occupier administration is supplying a Muslim Brotherhood backed Egypt with umpteen millions of dollars and military hardware, is a sure sign that he is not an American patriot who cares for America’s long-standing ideals and support for our Israeli ally! Obama is out to destroy America. He should have never gotten on the ballot for the high office of president! He never met the “natural born citizen” qualification! He is a nefarious usurper to the Executive office! May the good and just Lord of all depose him sooner than later!

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