Obama not media’s first black infatuation

The culture's Network news media caters to the misinformed and helps to make them  less informed.

The culture’s Network news media caters to the misinformed and helps to make them less informed.

Apparently and  allegedly, Obama is not media’s first black infatuation. [See story (link)  below]

Where would Obama be without the media continually lying on his behalf, covering up and smoke screening all his frauds and deceptions? And, likewise, what would the history of MLK be, without the same cover-up, deceptive media?

MLK & O both Communist Sex Perverts – mackquigley.wordpress.com/2013/01/22/


>>>>>> …….His real name was Michael King.

In a tell-all book, a minister named Abernathy spilled the beans on Michael King’s lifestyle of sexual perversion. Although a married minister, he spent his nights getting drunk and fornicating in orgies with black and white prostitutes and sodomizing with men.

The FBI surveillance tapes are alleged to document that while he was engaged in their despicable activities he would blaspheme God and Jesus Christ (while engaged in fornication with whores he would yell “I’m f——- for Jesus now!” etc.)

He got his college degrees by plagiarizing and as a so-called minister he denied the essential creeds of Christianity. He was nothing good – just a miserable hypocrite and unsaved race agitating flesh-slave.

Like Obama, Michael King went to a training schools for communists. The news media created a persona for Michael King as the “Reverend Dr Martin Luther King Jr” – a cynical deception……. <<<<<<<<< – mackquigley.wordpress.com/2013/01/22/


Government Cover-ups: Martin Luther King Jr. – worldaffairsbrief.com/

The Beast as Saint: The Truth About “Martin Luther King, Jr.” – martinlutherking.org/

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