Media hate mongering against the Second Amendment freedom: Mainstream media are correctly described as Media Whores

Pic of Chicago, Illinois - hometown of White House occupier Barack Obama, who wants to limit and / or destroy Second Amendment rights, making the rest of America, like Chicago.

Pic of Chicago, Illinois – hometown of hypocritical White House occupier Barack Obama, who wants to limit and / or destroy Second Amendment rights; thus, making the rest of America, like Chicago.

There is no doubt about it. Mainstream US media is a propaganda driven media. It is not about being “journalistic” and reporting reality, – and allowing the “chips to fly as they may.” But media stories, put out by the Networks, are designed to promulgate a designed leftist agenda that is anti- traditional America and the US Constitution. The only thing that seems to matter with Network big money, US media, are furthering the godless ideologies of “political correctness” and “multiculturalism.”

Observe [below] what one independent journalist writes about, – what big Network mainstream media ignore, in order to further their selfish and malevolent agenda:

Media Whores or Journalists? –


>>>>>> This is how you tell a media whore from a journalist. Journalists tell the truth without concern for whom it offends. In contrast, media whores promote their political agenda. Not many journalist at work these days. Let me show you.

I want you to remember back when every dead soldier was announced on the news. That was back during “Bush’s war”. Then, we read each soldier’s names in the news papers. We heard about them on radio, and we saw pictures of their coffins on TV news. That was during the summer of 2006 and months before the fall election that gave Congress to the Democrats. We heard every soldier’s name, his unit and his home town. We heard the total number of dead and wounded that month as well as the totals since we first entered Iraq and Afghanistan. The media said that citizens needed to know. That was in 2006.

Today we kill hundreds of people in Chicago each year. Criminal gangs killed more innocent civilians in Chicago than were killed in Iraq and Afghanistan combined. (305 Iraq and Afghanistan versus 512 in Chicago in 2012) I don’t hear the names of these victims on the news. I don’t hear the media name the schools and churches that Chicago’s dead used to attend. I don’t read news accounts about the ever increasing number of Chicago civilians wounded and murdered each month. The media also ignores the running total for each year. I guess the Chicago murders aren’t really news and we don’t really need to know, not like we did in 2006…….. <<<<<<<<<

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San Antonio Theater Shooting – Killing Stopped by Off Duty County Deputy Packing a Gun  –

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Pastor emeritus Nathan M. Bickel

3 thoughts on “Media hate mongering against the Second Amendment freedom: Mainstream media are correctly described as Media Whores

  1. RogueLutheran says:

    Greetings from Chicagoland, Pr. Bickel:

    I hope you find the following tidbits interesting about Second City history.


    It is verifiable that Richard M. Daley and (deceased) Richard J. Daley were Gun Owners: 20 gauge double barrel shotgun surfaced March 1-2, 1992 in Grand Beach, Michigan (Berrien County).


    Brawl at Daley home in Michigan
    On the weekend of March 1–2, 1992, Mayor Daley and wife Maggie attended a family party in New York, and 16-year-old Patrick was to stay with relatives. Patrick told the relatives he was staying with friends and drove his father’s new off-road vehicle to the Daley second home in Grand Beach, Michigan and threw a party Saturday night without adult supervision and without parental consent. A fight ensued and racial epithets were used after someone asked two Filipino and two white youths to leave. Patrick fetched former Chicago Mayor Richard J. Daley’s 20-gauge double-barrel shotgun from the Daley home and handed it to his cousin, R. J. Vanecko, 17. Vanecko aimed the shotgun at teenagers, pulled the trigger twice and yelled that he was not afraid to use the weapon. A youth threw a concrete goose lawn ornament through the windshield of Mayor Daley’s truck, and Patrick punched him. A youth was seriously injured when struck in the head with a baseball bat wielded by a juvenile, was hospitalized in critical condition, underwent surgery to remove a blood clot on his brain and spent three days in intensive care.[5][6][7]
    On Monday, Mayor Daley held a press conference in which he sobbed while reading a statement that said: “I am very disappointed, as any parent would be, after his son held a party in their home while his parents were away. I am more deeply distressed for the welfare of the young man who was injured in this fight.”[8][9][10][11]
    Police questioned 32 youths about the incident. Patrick pleaded guilty to misdemeanor charges of furnishing alcohol to minors and disturbing the peace. He was sentenced to six months’ probation, 50 hours of community service in Grand Beach, and a fine of $1,950, and was ordered to pay restitution to his parents for property damage. Vanecko pleaded guilty to aiming a firearm without malice and was fined $1,235. 16 other youths were charged with juvenile and adult offenses. The injured youth recovered.[12][13] A Mount Carmel High School classmate of Patrick’s was convicted of aggravated assault in the beating.[14] [15][16]

    Update January 21, 2013
    MONDAY, JANUARY 21, 2013

    How Big Was This Cover-Up?
    Of course, the Sun Times publishes this on a national holiday when probably over 75% of readers are staying home and won’t buy a newsstand copy. Why wasn’t this published on a Sunday?:

    clipped: The article also outlines how the Security Detail was the first call Grand Beach Michigan police made when Patrick and Vanecko threatened some Filipino kids with a shotgun and one of “Patrick’s friends” beat another kid into a coma with a baseball bat. Funny how no one in the press wondered why anti-gunner Daley had a shotgun stored out-of-state.

    Fran also does a good job describing the incestuous relationships between Daley’s detail, off-duty security businesses, and future high-paying government jobs certain members of that detail had at various points in time. She only touches on the extent of the Palace Guards’ duties though, missing how they were glorified go-fers for Maggie’s dry cleaning, cheap day labor and errand boys, and free chauffeurs for Daley, Daley’s kids and Daley’s grandchildren. Politically reliable suckholes.

    It has been speculated here and other places that members of the Detail were present during the Koschman/Vanecko altercation. It’s possible we might actually find out.

    1. Rogue Lutheran –

      Thank you for visiting and for your informational comment. Your digging up some history, here, is another testimony how liberals say one thing and do another. They are big on “gun control,” but short on carrying out their political correctness rhetoric!

      I am familiar with the geographical location of which the article relates. I lived in Southwest Michigan for a number of years. There are stories (and, I believe them) how Al Capone had a secret get-a-way by Berrien Springs. He would hop on his boat and travel from Chicago at night upstream on the St. Joseph River to his hide-a-way.

      Also, Mohammed Ali had, or still has a vacation home outside of Berrien Springs, by the St. Joseph River. My one daughter once visited his place with her school class and has a picture of her on Ali’s lap.

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