Supreme Court Justice Roberts has a golden opportunity to depose Obama: Guest Commentary

Justice Roberts forced bad medicine down American citizens' throats. Will he now redeem himself of that ugly and infamous Obamacare decision? Will he now redeem himself and seriously lead the Supreme Court to take on the case against Obama and his many illegal identity deceptions?

Justice Roberts forced bad medicine down American citizens’ throats. Will he now redeem himself of that ugly and infamous Obamacare decision? Will he now conscientiously lead the Supreme Court to take on the case against Obama and Obama’s many illegal identity deceptions?

Guest Commentary:

“Supreme Court Justice Roberts has a golden opportunity to depose Obama” by Chris Farrell

In light of the fact that Chief Justice Roberts has referred the case, (12A606) “Edward Noonan et al., v The Calif. Sec. of State, Deborah Bowen,” to a full conference to be held on February 15th, the perfect opportunity to defeat the ‘Manchurian’ Muslim from Mombasa’s assault on the 2nd Amendment is at hand.

‘The best defense is a good offense!” The Chief Justice must be persuaded to take up the case and render a decision which retro-actively abrogates the illegal election of a constitutionally ineligible candidate who fraudulently represented himself as eligible to be president. Even now Mr. Obama proceeds in a cover-up of unparalleled magnitude forging official documents and paying law firms millions of dollars to keep his true background hidden.

Consider the following: Could Chief Justice Roberts have been defensively posturing for the blow-back, the “black-lash” if you please, of a decision he may have realized would be necessary to make in the future on Mr. Obama’s purported constitutional eligibility when he ruled so surprisingly on Obamacare?

Could the Chief Justice be about to shock the Hell out of the world and rule against Obama as being constitutionally eligible to be president on February 15, 2013?

In the hope that this albeit far-fetched scenario is a possibility, is the NRA or the Republican Party making any effort to promote such a decision by the Supreme Court which would be the best outcome in defense of the Second Amendment?

Might not the Chief Justice have been positioning himself and the Supreme Court as apparently not being antagonistically inclined towards Mr. Obama so as to insulate them both from certain to arise liberal charges of racism should a decision need to be rendered by the court on the issue of constitutional eligibility which would pronounce that Mr. Obama is not now and never has been eligible to be president?

Pic of this commentary author, Chris Farrell. He humbly gives the good Lord His due credit: "Spiritually born from above sinner; saved by the Grace of God in the Lord Jesus Christ."

Pic of this commentary author, Chris Farrell. He humbly gives the good Lord, due credit: “Spiritually born from above sinner; saved by the Grace of God in the Lord Jesus Christ.” Chris loves to read material by smart people.  One of his favorites is Josh McDowell’s 2 volumes defending the Christian Faith:  “Evidence That Demands a Verdict.”

If, after considering the evidence submitted to the Supreme Court in multiple cases which the court has turned down, the Chief Justice found it necessary to consider various paths that the Supreme Court eventually might have to take in defense of the Constitution, could the Chief Justice have strategically planned to first rule in favor of Obamacare—as a tax—knowing that such a ruling would theatrically demonstrate an apparent support for Obama—or, at the very least, demonstrate no prejudice towards the man—while still leaving Obamacare open to state by state dismantling until such time as a ruling on Mr. Obama’s eligibility would remove the law retro-actively as having been passed while Mr. Obama was in the commission of crimes and, most importantly, act as the perfect disclaimer to angry liberal entities which would scream “Racism!” as they rallied liberal-socialist Obama supporters to advance ‘Forward’ towards anything but “civil” disobedience should the Supreme Court retro-actively abrogate the illegal election of the constitutionally ineligible fraud and forger, Barry Soetoro, a.k.a. Barack ‘King Hussein’ Obama Jr., the ‘Manchurian’ Muslim from Mombasa, a.k.a. Soebarkha, a.k.a. Harrison J. Bounel for having taken place while in the commission of a crime?

Will the Chief Justice permit the two Supreme Court Justices appointed by Mr. Obama, (or whatever his legal name, the name written on his original long form birth certificate—not to be confused with the electronic file released by the White House in 2011 which has been proven beyond any shadow of a doubt to be a poorly constructed forgery), to participate in hearing the case surrounding the issue of eligibility when their conflict of interest could not be greater? Their very appointments would too necessarily have to be retro-actively abrogated—effectively annulled—as they were made while Mr. Obama was in the commission of the criminal usurpation of the office of the president of the United States concomitant with the military rank and authority of commander-in-chief.

The Republican Party is so far removed from where it should stand in defense of our Article II of our Constitution, that on Jan. 16th,  Senator Marco Rubio said, “President Obama’s frustration with our republic and the way it works doesn’t give him license to ignore the Constitution.” Keep in mind that this comment was made by a man who himself is constitutionally ineligible to be president or vice-president–not being a natural-born citizen as required by the Constitution—yet he made a concerted effort, licentiously ignoring the Constitution, to be the V.P. running mate for Republican nominee Mitt Romney in 2012—and is even now touted by many within the Republican Party as a potential presidential candidate in 2016! Perhaps the NRA and the Republican Party should come out with an itemized list of those parts of the Constitution they deem worthy of defending and those parts that they do not.

No IMPEACHMENT shall suffice;  for to impeach the fraud it would first be necessary to acknowledge his legitimate, legal occupation of the presidency which is not now and has never been the case. “Crazy” Joe Biden is an accomplice in the crime. It would make no sense to replace one criminal with another.

Since Mr. Obama fraudulently represented himself as constitutionally eligible to be president when he ran–both times–then he is not now and has never been president. He was in the commission of a crime when he was twice illegally elected. The fraud should be taken into custody, and since he also usurped the military rank of commander-in-chief, he should face a military tribunal and face either a firing squad or the gallows for having criminally usurped the office of the presidency, the most horrendous crime against the American experiment in ‘government of the People’ in our nation’s history. All those complicit in Mr. Obama’s crimes must be brought to justice if liberty is to be preserved.

At this point in time, the question of whether or not Mr. Obama’s criminal usurpation of the presidency shall be addressed by the proper authorities is completely in the hands of God and Chief Justice Roberts. ‘In God we trust.’


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Posted by:

Pastor emeritus Nathan M. Bickel


44 thoughts on “Supreme Court Justice Roberts has a golden opportunity to depose Obama: Guest Commentary

  1. William Rawle says:

    Here is what was filed:


    Since the California Electoral votes have already been certified by Congress and the President will be sworn in on Sunday, the issue will be moot by Feburary 15th.

    The referral to the full Court was just a procedural action. It is SOP for an application that has been denied by one Justice and refiled to a second Justice for it to then be referred to the full Court. Justice Kennedy denied it and it was refiled to Chief Justice Roberts. This application is DOA.

    1. William Rawle –

      Thank you for visiting and for your comment. I am not a legal expert; but, I can understand what you are saying. Perhaps, some other legally competent reader has a different “take” than you do.

      As one Facebook reader stated today, Supreme Court Justice Roberts once surprised all of us; and, who knows, maybe America will be subject to another one of his surprises? And, another Facebook reader asked the question: [Paraphrase] – “What happens if this legal case is denied?” My answer to that, was: There is still the legally constituted Sheriff Joe Arpaio investigation over Obama’s frauds; and, that still continues:

      PPS Video: Major Players To Expose Obama’s Eligibility; Sheriff Joe Aiming For Prosecution?

      Finally: Next time you comment; please (only) use normal type. There is no need to use Caps as it is easy to differentiate what you want highlighted, by quotes and space separating. Caps are very distracting and tend to insult readers. This is not just my personal opinion; but many have stated such on other websites.

      1. William Rawle says:

        Sorry about the caps – I just cut and pasted the title of the application to the Supreme Court.

        It wasn’t meant as a commentary.

        Here is what the Supreme Court’s website says about applications:

        “If a Justice acts alone to deny an application, a petitioner may renew the application to any other Justice of his or her choice, and theoretically can continue until a majority of the Court has denied the application. In practice, renewed applications usually are referred to the full Court to avoid such a prolonged procedure.”

        1. William –

          I have no doubt what you are pointing out. However, the political climate has changed since Obama is now at war with the Second Amendment, targetting Americans to depose their right to excercise those rights, freely. Hence, the Supreme Court; Chief Justice Roberts, may have a change of heart about this case. He may choose to take it on; thus “cutting off” Obama, “at the knees.”

          I apologize for the descriptive metaphorical references. But, if VP Biden can say that with the [supposed] “gun violence, there is no “silver bullet,” then as a citizen, I feel I can also utilize that type of language.

  2. For all those liberals out there ,this country is a constitutional republic and not a democracy with mob rule . The election of the fraud and usurper barack hussein obama was and is not legal . We The People demand the US Congress honor their oath to the US Constitution to protect and defend that constitution from enemies both foreign and domestic . To that end , the removal of the fraud and usurper barack hussein obama under Article 2 Section 1 Clause 5 of the US Constitution must take place as soon as possible .

    1. Charles S. Imwold –

      Amen! May it be so, as you say!

  3. christinewjc says:

    Thank you so much for adding my blog Talk Wisdom to your blog roll! I am humbled and honored.

    I have created a post with a link back to this story.

    I continue to pray that SOMETHING will be done to depose this awful, narcissistic, Marxist, evil, wannabe dictator!

    ~ Christine

    1. christinewjc-

      You are more than welcome! One of my motivations for doing so, (besides that of your wonderful Christian content) is that websites such as ours need to gather ourselves together and throw our approval and support for one another. I grow weary of those “big-time” websites who have lost their personal bent and make it difficult for visitors to link their own self-authored website words to substansiate their comments. These holier-than-thou websites only operate on a one way plane…….

  4. christinewjc says:

    I totally understand! Over the years I have moved away from linking to some big blog sites. I often found their content less than satisfying; sometimes silly and useless, too.

    I have often suspected that the “lack of standing” argument that has been used by lawyers and judges over the past four years was just a ruse to get out of the Obama lack of eligibility cases. One site that I linked to today says it’s just a canard! Looked up the word origin and history of that word at and this is what it says:

    Word Origin & History


    before 1850, from Fr. canard “a hoax,” lit. “a duck” (from O.Fr. quanart, probably echoic of a duck’s quack); said by Littré to be from the phrase vendre un canard à moitié “to half-sell a duck,” thus, from some long-forgotten joke, “to cheat.”

    Online Etymology Dictionary, © 2010 Douglas Harper

    [bold mine]

    Yep… “Echoic of a duck’s quack”…“To cheat”… seems quite the fitting kinds of words when it comes to describing the life of BHO!

  5. TruthandFreedom says:

    Roberts will rule in Obama’s favor saying no merit! He won’t depose obama when obama is getting him paid the big bucks!!

    1. TruthandFreedom –

      I have no doubt that what you say will take place. The man has no crust in his guts.


    Not for nothing but Justice John Roberts will NEVER rule in favor of Orly Taitz against President Barack Hussein Obama. NEVER. You know why? Cause he thinks people that talk like this are CRAZY. Just like I do. Just like ALL the people who voted for the President and half the people who did not. Know why Romney didn’t win? Cause of people spewing vile awful crazy conspiracies on the internet. It wasn’t this bad even when George Bush was President. lol It’s funny to me cause as long as you keep doing this, you’re going to keep losing. As long as you keep referring to POTUS as the “manchurian muslim from mombasa” (lol that one cracks me up) and “gay Hitler” and all those other things (fyi it’s impossible to be fascist, socialist AND communist all at the same time. look it up smarty pants lol), you lose your ground with the American people. Even the gun stuff is silly cause his executive orders were so weak. He wants to re-institute an assault weapons ban that Ronald Reagan AND George Bush Sr. supported and he just wants people to get background checks to buy guns. OMG He’s Hitler!!! lol The majority of Americans AND the majority of gun owners want EVERYONE to get background checks. I don’t know what else to say. I love my country and I will respect and defend your right to say whatever cockamamy thing you wanna say. I will also continue to work and pay my taxes so that we, as a society, can afford to help you with mental health costs down the road. And I’ll keep praying for you. And praying for our President. 🙂 xoxo

    Buy yeah, John Roberts isn’t even THINKING about doing this. To think his ruling on the Affordable Care Act (love that you guys call it ObamaCare though. Couldn’t have branded it better myself cause it’s actually starting to work now….and people who are sick or have a sick family member appreciate what the President has done FYI) was a setup for this petty little thing, shows a lack of knowledge of how SCOTUS really works. lol But, whatever. You’ll see. I actually think they’re going to shoot down the question of constitutionality of his election once and for all. And make all birthers look silly and/or crazy. Just remember reading this when they do. (womp womp)

    To stop the random lawsuits that DRAIN my tax dollars. Knowing my tax dollars might help a hungry kid eat is one thing. Knowing it’s going toward a frivolous lawsuit that, despite your belief in the contrary, has NO merit as anything other than conjecture and is going to lose in the end-that’s a different story. Why should I have to pay for that? Sigh. Keep googling democracy and republic and reading quotes from a hundred years ago. I’m a scholar of American History and, I gotta tell you, you’re no Tea Party. 🙂


    1. Sandy says:

      Amen…couldn’t have said it better myself, on all counts.

      1. Sandy –

        Your two comments seem to be contradictory. Could you explain?

    2. enoughalready says:

      You should worry about all the tax dollars going to Obama’s campaign donors to failed green energy ventures like Solyndra, Fiskers, A123 battery and all the jobs being lost due to outsourcing engineered by our Jobs Czar. Or how about all the men losing their jobs when the coal mines are closed (and we are sending the coal to China)–all the while shutting down millions of acres for exploration.

      New data released states by 2016 the average family of 4 will be paying $20,000 annually for healthcare. Still sound good to you? Additionally, doctors are closing their practices. The best and brightest will no longer enter the practice of medicine because the cost of medical school is too high, medical malpractice insurance is exorbitant and there is no way they will ever be able to make enough money to pay for all that and still have even a middle class lifestyle. Obamacare was about controlling 1/6 of our economy–and yes, there are death panels.

      1. enough –

        Excellent comment! Thank you for visiting !

    3. Nancy says:

      You are a complete and total moron and an enemy of the United States of America and I hope you burn in hell right beside your so-called president.

    4. joshuasimeon says:

      Cert was denied.

      These birthers should be wary that their standard bearers, Orly Taitz and Joe Arpaio, are so covered in mire.

      1. joshuasimeon –

        I was wondering when the first disinformation (half truth) comment would appear. Your reference to the Obama birth certificate being denied is a half truth and thus another Obama supporter lie. The full Court never made a statement on the legitimacy of the birth certificate. I also remember it stated that the Court was denied seeing the Taitz request because information was held back.

        Finally, you trumpet the type of dirt that anti-birthers have always done. You ridicule without truly evidencing your emotional shoot from the hip, nasty name calling claims.

  7. unbontir says:

    Lead Detective of Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s volunteer Cold Case Posse, Mike Zullo, says in an interview on Carl Gallups’ radio show Freedom Friday posted on the on Jan. 27th, 2013, “…new found evidence that we have never made public at any point in time, and we are not going to make public until we have the right opportunity, will convince even the greatest skeptic that this document is 100% a forgery.”

    You may be right that the Supreme Court is about to ‘shoot down the question of constitutionality of his election once and for all.’ Then, you shall see that there really is a Tea Party capable of executing commando style raids not unlike the organization’s name sake, for a great many Americans recognize Mr. Obama–or whatever his legal name should happen to be–as a criminal usurper, a fraud, a forger, and a liar. ‘We the People’ shall not sit by idly while the criminal usurpation of the presidency proceeds unchallenged.

    You claim that we spew ‘vile awful crazy conspiracies on the internet.’ Obama’s very own literary agent publicized him as having been born in what we now call Kenya–what in 1961 was known as the British Protectorate of East Africa or commonly referred to as the “Kenyan Colony”–using the biographical data provided by none-other than the ‘Manchurian’ Muslim himself for over 16 years! C’mon now! Be reasonable. Be rational. How about you just take the man at his word. Have you not seen the videos of Obama’s wife introducing her husband “from Kenya”? Her words–not mine.

    In 1961 any resident could walk into the Honolulu Health Department and register what they called an ‘unattended birth’ with no evidence necessary. Japanese citizens did it to obtain American citizenship for babies born in Japan. When lead detective Mike Zullo walked into the Health Department registration log book wherein Obama’s purported Hawaiian birth would have been registered, he was denied access and law enforcement personnel escorted him off the property! It was from the Health Department’s birth registration log book that both Honolulu newspapers obtained the information which they would publish in their birth announcements. The newspaper birth announcements are not worth the paper they were printed on as evidence of a birth as having taken place in Hawaii.

    I pray that the new evidence that the volunteer Cold Case Posse is about to release impacts the Chief Justice in a way that leaves him no choice but to look at the facts surrounding the ineligibility of the ‘Empty Chair.’ If the Chief Justice permits the two Supreme Court Justices appointed by the usurper-in-chief to participate in any discussion of the matter with such enormous conflict of interest existing, then the clear message to ‘We the People’ will be, that it is time to pick up the arms with which we have a God given right to defend the American experiment in government of the people. All those who have taken an oath to defend the Constitution are duty bound to prosecute Mr. Obama.

    By the way, how many of your tax dollars are being spent to send the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt 20 M-1 Abrams tanks and all those F-16 Fighters?

  8. Bruce says:

    Justice Roberts was seen as a traitor when he called obamacare, a tax, the people may never trust or even speak his name with respect as a result. If he was to do the right thing this time, he may regain the respect of America.

    Mr. Roberts: Please have the courage to stand against this assault on our Constitutional rights!

    1. Bruce –

      Well stated! So true! Perhaps, he can find the courage to do what is proper and right!

  9. Sandy says:

    You people are just delusional in this campaign against the man. Beyond help. I just sit back and laugh at how ridiculous all this is.

    1. Sandy –

      Perhaps, the author of this commentary could address your apparent conspiracy theorist opinion about this [supposed] “campaign against the man.” [Obama] – your description.

    2. unbontir says:

      Sandy, When you write “all this” you are of course referring to those who challenge Mr. Obama’s purported eligibility.

      Mr. Obama released his purported birth certificate in April 2011 and within minutes it was determined to be a poor forgery. Mara Zebest, an expert who started with Adobe when there were only 11 employees of Adobe; author of over 100 books on software; an expert who stands head and shoulders above any other in the area of document reproduction, unreservedly placed her reputation on the line when she confirmed that the electronic file which Mr. Obama presented to the American public as purported evidence of his asserted constitutional eligibility, is an amateurishly constructed forgery.

      The Senate had to pass a bill so that John McCain could run for president because he had been born on a US naval base in Panama and it needed to be made clear that he was considered to be a natural-born citizen. World Net Daily articles are available for you to review the details behind that Senate bill.

      As I wrote above, Mr. Obama publicized himself as having been born in what we now call Kenya.

      Don’t you find it rather strange that when Mr. Obama wrote about his supposed girlfriend of his youth–when it was found out that no such person existed, he proclaimed that she was a “composite” character–kind of like that football player with the imaginary internet girlfriend. Hah! Obama is the one who is a composite character.

      You are delusionally following your idol, Barack ‘King’ Hussein Obama, Jr. and anyone who criticizes the fraud–especially those who use facts that challenge your delusional vision of the man–are quite naturally racist, right?

      A person like yourself who sits back and laughs has often been described in literature as a ‘giggling idiot.’ But the more accurate term for your delusional state is solipsistic.

      1. unbontir –

        Excellent response to Sandy! I especially like your diagnosis as stated in the last two lines of your retort. You describe the delusional state, as “solipsistic.” That, condition reminds me of the story of the man who thought he was dead. This man was quickly brought by his friends to a doctor with their pleas to help their delusional friend. The doctor thought that he could bring the man’s rational mind back by sticking the man with a needle; thus, showing the man and exclaiming to him: “Dead people do not bleed!” However, having been stuck and witnessing the flow of blood; the man’s face turn ashen gray. He looked at all this in horror, exclaiming: “Dead people bleed after-all!

    3. Nancy says:

      YOU have a closed mind. It’s a pity that you also don;t have a closed mouth. You will see one day how God Himself judges barry…and you.

  10. Rita Krell says:

    Justice Roberts do the right thing. Make up for what you have done to us with the “decision” on Obamacare

    1. Rita –

      Amen to that! We will witness if Roberts has any courage.

  11. Nancy says:


    1. Nancy –

      With your first two short comments; were they directed at me (this website’s author) or the one whose guest commentary I published? Regardless, I want you to know and others that read them how some people are utterly hypocritical and hateful.

      Nancy – I think that you need some outside of yourself help. There is no legitimate need to desire someone to burn in hell. My thinking is, that if you really believed in the Scriptures and God author of the Scriptures, you would not wish hell upon anyone – even those with whom you most stringently disagree.

      I will offer you some outside help. Please avail yourself of two topical messages of mine:

      Hell to Pay: Believing that something is a figment of the imagination doesn’t change its hereafter reality

      Absolutes and Christ’s often misunderstood words of “Judge not…”

      Furthermore, I do agree for the most part about the voting process, using voting machines. With that issue, I think that you have your head screwed on tightly.

      However, I don’t understand why you think that I have my head up my ass concerning Obama. I hardly point blank say: “Obama is evil;” – but I continue to point out the man’s [monster’s] evil on this website. And, here is one topical message on my other website in which I point to Obama’s hate-mongering and crimes against humanity:

      What did Senator Kennedy have in common with President Obama and the late Abortionist, George Tiller?

      Finally, if you should so choose to comment in the future. Please, do not use Caps to do so. Doing that is uncouth in my opinion. It gives the impression to readers that you cannot convey your ideas without getting in their face. I believe that the practice of including all Caps, insults the readers’ intelligence and helps to cause them not to read the difficult script.

      Also – please avail yourself of some help. It is one thing to believe and state that someone (in your opinion) is going to burn in hell; but to wish that upon a person, is not normal.

  12. Very nice post. I just stumbled upon your weblog and wanted to say that I’ve really enjoyed browsing your blog posts.
    In any case I will be subscribing on your rss feed and I hope you write once more soon!

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