Obama not above the law: Supreme Court hearing case against Obama and Sheriff Arpaio’s Investigation continues

It is common knowledge now, that Obama faked his birth certificate and other identity documents. That, is what is denied by the mainstream media who are the conspiracy theorists of dishonest and rabid silence.

It is common knowledge now, that Obama faked his birth certificate and other identity documents. That, is what is denied by the mainstream media and a whole host of cowardly enablers. They are the conspiracy theorists of dishonest and rabid silence, – and denial about the issue of Obama’s illegal and criminal deceptions.

Will Obama finally “get his?” Will he be trodden under by American law and law enforcement? Will he still be able to slime his way out of a growing sense of awareness by many, over all his illegal and criminal deceptions? Will the White House occupier finally be publicly exposed for the fraud he is; for having usurped the high office of the US presidency? Will he be punished and sent away to prison for his fraudulent qualifications for US chief executive?

Those of us who love America and our traditional way of life, – and American law, can only hope and pray that Obama will be publicly exposed and forced out of the White House; also that those high profile political personalities who still enable Obama to hold the US executive position; that they be brought to account, punished and also imprisoned.

Please note the latest on the quest to oust Obama from the Executive Branch of US government. Note the related links:

Cartoon pic, illustrating those who have fomented Obama's deceptions. They continue to ridicule  , rather than to logically defend Obama with factual realities. Ask yourself: If birthers were morons, than why is the Supreme Court giving time to  take on this case against Obama. Why is the Sheriff Arpaio investigation continuing?

Cartoon pic, illustrating those holier-than-thous, who have assisted in enabling Obama’s deceptions. They continue to ridicule rather than to logically defend Obama with factual realities. Ask yourself: If birthers were morons, than why is the Supreme Court giving attention to this legal action against Obama? Also, why is the Sheriff Arpaio legally constituted investigation continuing?


Supreme Court to hear case on Obama’s alleged forged documents (Photos) – examiner.com


>>>>>> ……On Wednesday, Dr. Orly Taitz, who represents the birther cause, posted the following on her website:

The case . . . provides a mountain of evidence of Barack Obama using a last name not legally his, forged Selective Service application, forged long form and short form birth certificate and a Connecticut Social Security number 042-68-4425 which was never assigned to him according to E-Verify and SSNVS. Additionally, this case provides evidence of around one and a half million invalid voter registrations in the state of California alone.

The Supreme Court reviews about 10,000 petitions annually in regular conferences. About 100 are selected for further judicial consideration. In this filtering process, the votes of four justices are needed to advance a case. On her website, Dr. Taitz argues that Obama has used false identification, an alias, a fake Social Security number, forged birth certificates and Selective Service applications. [ See a comparison of a regular birth certificate versus one submitted by Barack Obama in this photo. ]

Among the aliases Obama allegedly used are Barry Soetoro (used while teaching law at the University of Chicago) and Harrison J. Bounel. Birthers contend that by entering Obama’s claimed Social Security number (042-68-4425) into background check systems, the name Harrison J. Bounel shows up in search results. Forgery of government documents is considered a felony……. <<<<<<<<< – examiner.com

Breaking News! Chief Justice Of The Supreme Court John Roberts Schedules a Case by Attorney Taitz Regarding Obama’s Forged IDS To Be Heard In Conference Before The Full Supreme Court – obamareleaseyourrecords.blogspot.com/2013/01/

PPS Video: Major Players To Expose Obama’s Eligibility; Sheriff Joe Aiming For Prosecution? – obamareleaseyourrecords.blogspot.com/2013/01/

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Pastor emeritus Nathan M. Bickel




53 thoughts on “Obama not above the law: Supreme Court hearing case against Obama and Sheriff Arpaio’s Investigation continues

  1. George Miller says:

    Nathan: This is only a conference to determine whether or not they will even hear the case. That has happened multiple times before and they have never heard a case, cowards and traitors that they are. “Justices” Elena Kagan and Sonya Sotomayer fully intend to vote, although they should recuse themselves for obvious conflicts of interest.

    Orly and other attorneys, such as Larry Klayman, Mario Apuzzo, Gary Kreep and Van Irion, all have the goods on Obama, but the judicial system has denied them a fair hearing to date, All pray that it will be otherwise this time. Pray for other cases in DC, Alabama, Florida, Indiana, etc.

    George Miller

    1. George Miller –

      I realize all that you say, as I have been following this whole issue for sometime. I won’t pin my hopes on the Supreme Court. They’ve let us down in the past; especially with Judge Roberts kissing up to Obama with his approval of Obamacare.

      Having stated the above; I think that there is more reason to believe that Sheriff Arapio’s continued efforts might bear more fruit, substance, wise. At any rate; time will tell.

      Thank you for commenting. And, I wish you well with your website of:


      1. George Miller says:

        Love your site.

        1. George –

          Thank you. Your compliment reminds me how far behind I am in maintaining it. I have well over 250 articles (since I began this site last April), and many of them need to be categorized with the perspective “pages” which are to the right side of my home page. I’ve lacked the time to put into improving those informational links on the resource pages. Sooner or later I intend to accomplish it, as those pages can always be referenced for evidencing information following my weekly posted articles.

    2. unbontir says:

      Let us not forget that PPSIMMONS has announced that there is some very big news about to break on the issue of Mr. Obama’s purported constitutional eligibility. Could the news be big enough to force the Supreme Court to look at the evidence? Will the Chief Justice assert his authority and forbid the two justices appointed by Obama from participating in any deliberations on the matter for obvious reasons of conflict of interest?

      You are right that this is only a conference to determine whether or not they will even hear the case, but the Chief Justice has reviewed the case against California’s Secretary of State–think about that–he’s looked at the evidence for the fraudulent Selective Service Registration, phony Social Security Card numbers, forged birth certificates, the various names such as Soebarkha on Obama’s mother’s passport, Barry Soetoro, Harrison J. Bounel (?).

      I agree with all of you who think that, just like the notorious judge Malihi in Georgia and the travesty of justice in Florida, and the fiasco in New Hampshire, and so many other incidents wherein the Democrat AND Republican party shills have derailed legitimate efforts at vetting the ‘Manchurian’ Muslim from Mombasa, the Supreme Court conference on February 15th will most likely amount to just one more deprivation of our constitutional right to redress of grievence, but let us pray for an 11th hour miracle–a final seconds hail Mary touchdown. Let us pray that the Chief Justice takes up the case and defends the Constitution, for if he does not, it falls upon American patriots to pick up the weapons which we have the God given right to keep and bare and defend the Constitution. Chris Farrell

  2. degitt says:

    What is really scary is that you do not care about the consequences of a very unlikely ruling that Obama is not legally qualified to be President. EVERY law, treaty, regulation, appointment, etc signed by Obama in the last four years would be invalid, immediately plunging this country into complete chaos. For example, the previsous debt limit increase signed by Obama, as well as all previous Federal budgets, would be invalid, causing immediate financial default and chaos with a collapse of financial markets very likely.

    Your hatred transcend rationality.

    1. degitt –

      You should have phrased your last sentence, that my “love for our country and Constitution, transcends the usurpation of Obama’s White House occupancy and those who have, and still continue to enable him.”

      Furthermore, you act as if Obama was held in contempt of the Constitution, that all would “go to hell in a handbag.” I maintain that Obama’s wrecking bar to this country would be finally discarded. With him no longer in the White House; our country would be in much better shape. America can survive the discard of evil; not the continuation of it!

      1. I concur Nathan! Got to go through some blood to get to freedom and prosperity. Someone once said that the tree of liberty must be watered from time to time with the blood of patriots and the blood of tyrants. This patriots’ blood is ready to spill (or starve; same difference), in order for my children’s grandchildren to live in liberty and JUSTICE….. Justice then comes at a price; that being justice now, no matter how much THAT costs! I, too, actually love our country and its future linage.

        1. Political Trance Tribune –

          I can’t contend with your statement. It’s what some or most of the framing fathers to our country believed. They put their honor and lives at stake to break away from the tyranny of England.

    2. Sounds really good to me. I’d love to have all of that invalid. Maybe we could become a capitalist nation again and prosper.

    3. Jackie says:

      What is wrong with you?????? Leave an imposter in office to continue to undermine our country…..No thanks. I say get him out and let the chips fall where they may. We will have to tighten our belts and go though HELL, but we can come out of this smarter and more cautious the next time.

      1. Jackie –

        Yes. As you suggest, there must be something wrong with Roberts. Hopefully, though (and prayerfully so) he can muster enough courage to seize the opportunity to depose Obama!

    4. TruthandFreedom says:

      What you fail to realize, there is a reason Obama is buying 7,000 + AUTOMATIC weapons for his private Army!!! There is a reason why Obama’s question to military leaders is “will you shoot on american citizens and follow the orders of the United States!!!!” There is a reason Obama is buying millions of dollars worth of hollow point ammunition, for NON military forces. There is a reason why he got it passed in legislation for the deployment of 30,000 drones in US airspace! There is a reason he passed the NDAA and fought to keep in the fact that he can retain indefinitely US citizens, without trial or lawyer! There is a reason why he is fighting hard to strip Americans of their 2nd Amendment rights. There is a reason why he continues to override all rights established within our Constitution.

      Likewise, he doesn’t tell you he is making deals with the Chinese to give them land in the US, give them oil in the land of the US, give them clean coal from the US!! His goal is to devastate the US and sell it to the communists. It doesn’t matter to him because him under his foreign master is being aligned to sit on top of the UN/NWO New World Order!!

      1. TruthandFreedom –

        Much of what you stated I have read about. I can believe it all because I believe that Obama will do anything to advance his agendas. As an Illinois senator he supported Infanticide. Somebody that cold and cruel will do anything against anybody to obtain what he wants.

      2. David Smith says:

        He had better get more than 7000 weapons and / or people in his private army. There far more than 7000 rednecks in the Southern conservative states ready to defend their right to bear arms. I hate to say it, but I think a civil war is on the horizon.

        1. David –

          I do not doubt what you say is the actual unvarnished reality! Thank you for visiting http://www.moralmatters.org and for your apt and realistic comment!

    5. Degitt –

      You are living in another world if you think We The People are going to turn our back s on the US Constitution because or your fear of what might happen if this piece of garbage barack hussein obama is expose for the fraud and usurper we all know he is. And you are right about every law that was signed by this piece of garbage barack hussein will be Null and Void .

      You liberals will use that Alinsky tactic (complete chaos) BS to try and protect this fraud and usurper barack hussein obama; but it will not work. The truth is going to come out and there isn’t anything you can do to stop it.

  3. degitt says:

    BTW, Repub rising star, Senator Ted Cruz of Texas, was born in Canada. His father was a Cuban citizen, his mother was born in Delaware. Is Ted Cruz a “citizen”?

    1. degitt –

      I’m not sure what you are asking. But, to my understanding; Cruz would not qualify for the presidency, since he doesn’t appear (like Obama) to have met the “natural born citizen” qualification, should he have inclinations (some day) of running for the GOP nomination for US president.

    2. He’s not running for president.

      1. A Patriot says:

        He already started campaigning and recently told a reporter he is a natural born citizen.

  4. unbontir says:

    Hello NRA, Are you reading this?

    The fight to defend the 2nd Amendment of our Constitution has been undermined by Republican representatives’ refusal to honor their oaths of office and defend Article II of the very same Constitution!

    In light of the fact that Chief Justice Roberts has referred the case (12A606) “Edward Noonan et al., v The Calif. Sec. of State, Deborah Bowen” to the full conference to be held on February 15th in which evidence of Mr. Obama’s criminal usurpation of the presidency shall finally be looked at by the Supreme Court, we now have the perfect opportunity to defeat the ‘Manchurian’ Muslim from Mombasa’s assault on the 2nd Amendment—‘The best defense is a good offense!’—by pressuring the Supreme Court to retro-actively abrogate the illegal election of a constitutionally ineligible candidate who fraudulently represented himself as eligible to be president, and even now proceeds in a cover-up of unparalleled magnitude forging official documents and paying law firms millions of dollars to keep his true background hidden.

    Consider the following:

    Could Chief Justice Roberts have been defensively posturing for the blow-back, “black-lash” if you please, of a decision he may have realized would be necessary to make on Mr. Obama’s purported constitutional eligibility when he ruled so surprisingly on Obamacare?

    Could the Chief Justice be about to shock the Hell out of the world and rule against Obama as being constitutionally eligible to be president on February 15th?

    In the hope that this albeit far-fetched scenario is a possibility, is the NRA making any effort to promote such a decision which would be the best outcome in defense of the Second Amendment?

    Might not the Chief Justice have been positioning himself and the Supreme Court as apparently not being unfavorably inclined towards Mr. Obama so as to insulate them both from certain to arise liberal charges of racism should a decision need to be rendered by the court on the issue of constitutional eligibility which would pronounce that Mr. Obama is not now and never has been eligible to be president?

    If, after considering the evidence submitted to the Supreme Court in multiple cases which the court has turned down, the Chief Justice found it necessary to consider various paths that the Supreme Court eventually might have to take in defense of the Constitution, could the Chief Justice have strategically planned to first rule in favor of Obamacare—as a tax—knowing that such a ruling would theatrically demonstrate an apparent support for Obama—or, at the very least, demonstrate no antagonism towards the man—while still leaving Obamacare open to state by state dismantling until such time as a ruling on Mr. Obama’s eligibility would remove the law retro-actively as having been passed while Mr. Obama was in the commission of crimes and, most importantly, act as the perfect disclaimer to angry liberal entities which would scream “Racism!”as they rallied liberal-socialist Obama supporters to advance ‘Forward!’ towards anything but “civil” disobedience should the Supreme Court retro-actively abrogate the illegal election of the constitutionally ineligible fraud and forger, Barry Soetoro, a.k.a. Barack ‘King Hussein’ Obama Jr., the ‘Manchurian’ Muslim from Mombasa, a.k.a. Soebarkha, a.k.a. Harrison J. Bounel?

    Will the Chief Justice permit the two Supreme Court Justices appointed by Mr. Obama, (or whatever his legal name, the name written on his original long form birth certificate—not to be confused with the electronic file released by the White House in 2011 which has been proven beyond any shadow of a doubt to be a poorly constructed forgery), to participate in hearing the case surrounding the issue of eligibility when their conflict of interest could not be greater? Their very appointments would too necessarily have to also be retro-actively abrogated—effectively annulled—as they were made while Mr. Obama was in the commission of the criminal usurpation of the office of the president of the United States concomitant with the military rank and authority of commander-in-chief.

    The Republican Party is so far removed from where it should stand in defense of our Article II of our Constitution that on Jan. 16th Senator Marco Rubio said, “President Obama’s frustration with our republic and the way it works doesn’t give him license to ignore the Constitution.” This comment by a man who himself is constitutionally ineligible to be president or vice-president–not being a natural-born citizen as required by the Constitution—yet he made a clear and concerted effort to be the V.P. running mate for Republican nominee Mitt Romney in 2012—licentiously ignoring the Constitution—and is even now touted by many within the Republican Party as a potential presidential candidate in 2016! If they won’t defend Article II how can the NRA expect them to defend the Second Amendment? Perhaps the NRA and the Republican Party should come out with an itemized list of those parts of the Constitution they deem worthy of defending and those parts that they do not.

    Mr. Obama’s criminal usurpation of the presidency is the most horrendous crime committed against the American people and our experiment in ‘government of the People, by the People, and for the People’ in our nation’s history. All those complicit in Mr. Obama’s crimes must be brought to justice if liberty is to be preserved.

    At this point in time, the question of whether or not Mr. Obama’s criminal usurpation of the presidency shall be addressed by the proper authorities is completely in the hands of God and Chief Justice Roberts. ‘In God we trust.’

    1. A Patriot says:


      SOTUS ain’t gonna rule on Obama eligibility this week, it’s only gonna rule on whether it will hear the case. This has happened multiple times before and they once even “lost” a case from the docket, which became moot by the time they finally “found” it. The Clown Thomas even “joked” that they were “avoiding the issue.” Har-har- avoiding the biggest political scandal in history, while the nation is torn apart.

      Also, Roberts can’t disqualify Commie America-haters Stotomayer and Kagan. They must recuse themselves and never had on this issue. The only reason Kagan is on the court is because closet queen Lindsey Graham waved her through the judicial committee. So much for “checks and balances.”

  5. Richard says:

    I can only pray that the U.S. Supreme Court DOES hear the case, and that somehow they do so in a fair and judicial manner without a blurring by “Party Lines.. I realize that is too much to hope for, but that is my prayer…..

    1. Richard –

      Yes. And, by all rights of prudence, the two justices that Obama appointed should recuse themselves or be forced not to adjudicate the case, should the case be formally considered by the Supreme Court.

  6. Not to burst anyone’s bubble but, a belief that the State will justly rule against itself in it’s own courts it’s foolish at best. Irwin Schiff should be the poster child for anyone who thinks they have the goods on this corrupt State and uses their courts to prove it.

    1. Robert –

      Thank you for your comment. I understand what you are saying. And, I’m not holding my breath. I still think that a last resort to all this corruption, is a benevolent US military coup to put an end to all this Constitutional molestation. Then, perhaps, the corrupt politicians can be imprisoned where they belong.

      1. Nathan, I’m afraid I must agree with you. I really don’t see any viable alternative. But, at the same time, economic law will trump the State in the end and bring the whole house of cards down around their indebted little heads anyway.

        1. Robert –

          Thank you for your comment. And, I must say that one should never be either “afraid” or fearful of agreeing with me! [LOL!]

          I agree with you as to the scenario picture you paint. When the economic woes hit many (foolish) Americans who supported and voted for Obama, “push” may very well come to “shove;” whatever that may mean. When pocketbook reality finally hits more Americans, birthers and their persistent Constitutional contention will make more sense to them; at, least the reality of Obama’s fraudulent birth certificate and social security number (s); and the reality that they were snaked charmed by an expert con artist. The question remains, though; will this realization be too late? Or, will Obama have “turned the corner” on America, where it can no longer return to any semblance of its traditional past and patriotic heritage?

      2. A Patriot says:

        Probably right. Advocating a violent coup is illegal, but it is actually just restoring a constitutional republic from a rogue usurper pResident and Congress.

        1. A Patriot –

          I don’t ever recall “advocating” a “violent” coup. I’ve said in the past online that I think that the only hope to get America back on its Constitutional track is for a “benevolent” US Military coup. Certain influential people need to be locked up so that they are unable to molest our US Constitution and destroy traditional and patriotic – and, Constitutional America. Once, that happens, if it ever would; I am sure that good people in our US Military would restore the rule of Constitutional law and withdraw their binding presence.

  7. Tracee says:

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    1. Tracee –

      This and the other website of http://www.thechristianmessage.org is what I do. Thank you for visiting moralmatters.org

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