Hypocritical anti-gun politicians guilty: Part and parcel of gun violence crime

When Obama and Sec. of State Hillary Clinton presided over the solemn ceremony of the 4 terrorist slain Americans; their body language had “guilty as hell” all written over them.

Hypocritical Obama still hasn’t skipped a beat in deceiving many gullible Americans. He attends the Newtown,  CN gathering bemoaning the deaths of children. But, where was he, attempting to prevent the deaths of 4 Benghazi Americans? Where was he, when he and his Attorney General Holder engineered the “Fast and Furious” gun-running operation which resulted in hundreds of gun violence deaths?  Shame on these despicable government “leaders!”

It happens every time in America, when there is a mass shooting. Hypocritical politicians launch out on their preaching rampages, advocating for more “gun control.” Have you ever witnessed these same politicians rant and rave about the need to pass  laws banning cars, trucks and other vehicles because of the deadly violence with which they are involved?  Yet, there is something about malevolent gun violence which sparks a type of hypocritical type response from politicians! [Ultimately, it is their hatred of Second Amendment rights and their wish to control Americans and restrict the firearm Bill of Right’s freedom.

In short, many politicians from the White House occupier, down, all have one thing in common. Following a gun violence tragedy, which leaves many murdered,  politicians emotionally react. They emotionally react, because they aren’t thinking properly; – at least, some of them.  Or, could their emotional appeal for more gun restriction laws be an unconscious  and / or conscious “smoke screen?” Could it be that some of these politicians seize upon the moment to chip away at our Second Amendment right to possess and carry firearms?  This emeritus Christian pastor blog author, thinks all of those realities are in the mix. But, there is more to all this.

Instinctively, politicians know that something is seriously amiss. Yet, some of them can’t put their hands on it, every time there is a massive gun killing. Perhaps, these politicians are being blind sighted  Perhaps, they are of the mistaken impression that more passed laws will actually go a long way to solve the problem of gun violence. We could go on and on attempting to dissect the meandering thinking of many politicians who, obvious have no clue; and, who are, dishonest in the whole consideration process!

Pic of two hypocritical politicians; the one, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emmanuel conversing with Obama. Chicago has some of the most strict gun laws in America; yet, close to 450 youth died this year alone. Shouldn't the hypocritical Chicago mayor be minding his own little dirty pea patch before calling for more gun laws?

Pic of two hypocritical politicians; the one, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emmanuel conversing with Obama. Chicago has some of the strictest gun laws in America; yet, close to 450 youth died this year alone. Shouldn’t the hypocritical Chicago mayor be minding his own little dirty pea patch before calling for more gun control laws?

The reality of the gun violence issue – and, whose to share in the blame

On a specific scale, the one or ones perpetrating gun violence, which end up in murder deaths, can and should be ascribed to the ones perpetrating the crime and immoral act [sin]. And, it isn’t the firearm. It’s the person or persons.

However, on the general and specific side of this issue; politicians who make laws without intelligently passing further laws to enforce existing laws; they are part and parcel of the whole problem of malevolent gun related violence in which innocent people are murdered or maimed. Yes! Politicians, are “guilty as hell” for gun violence perpetrated against the innocent! Why? Because, although, those same politicians aren’t the mitigating (and initiating) factor, involved; they are, in the same token, the passive [and active] enablers. By their legislative sins of omission; these same politicians have enabled the likes of the Adam Lanzas to continue the gun maiming and murdering violence!

Just, yesterday, Michigan’s Governor, Rick Synder, vetoed an existing piece of legislation which would have allowed concealed gun (permit) holders in public schools. By that (omission action) Governor Synder becomes directly involved with being part and parcel of future gun violence perpetrated in Michigan schools. Why? Because, he has allowed no viable (tried and tested) resistance; no reliable deterrence to prevent another Adam Lanza from doing his evil dirty!

Pic New York Mayor, Michael Bloomber. This is one of the few pics where he appears to be orally constipated. Bloomberg has called for national gun control, while hypocritically having armed security protecting his sorry and pathetic liberal ass.

New York City Mayor, Michael Bloomberg. This is one of the few pics where he appears to be orally constipated. Bloomberg has called for national gun control, while hypocritically having armed security protect his sorry and pathetic liberal ass.

The reality of the matter, is, that properly used guns by law-abiding citizens have proven time and time again, to limit, foil, restrict and / or stop gun violent criminals, like Adam Lanza. * [Note Update on Adam Lanza at the bottom of this page] Shame of all these politicians who say that they want gun violence to stop when they aren’t doing what is in their sphere of influence, to prohibit and systematically diminish it!  Shame on New York’s Mayor Michael Bloomberg and Chicago’s Mayor Rahm Emmanuel – and, for White House occupier, Obama for smoke screening the gun violence issue and the protection of innocent lives! But, instead [they] go on the propaganda offensive  against America’s Second Amendment and those law-abiding citizens who wish to exercise one of their Constitutional Bill of Rights!  Shame on all politicians for their utter disregard for sane and intelligent gun law leadership! Shame on them for making out guns to be the vile strawman and boogeyman! Shame on them all for allowing more children to be sitting ducks for crazies like Adam Lanza, because of their legislative passed “gun free zone” killing fields laws.


Are we American citizens to extend any sympathy or credibility to the politicians who call for more gun control? Are we to be more tolerant to them in their calls to restrict our Second Amendment rights? Are we to grant them a second, third, fourth, ad infinitum chance to redeem themselves from their pitiful lackluster ineffective “leadership,” – these same deplorable (type of) political class politicians who have bankrupted the Social Security system and who continue to lie about their squandering financial failures?

The fact is, these same sorry case politicians desire to take our gun rights away from us. They want the gun protection of the US military to control and enslave us US citizens. They don’t trust us. They instinctively know that they are “guilty as hell” for not defending this Constitutional Republic of ours. They want to prevent the citizenry from hauling them (at gun point) to prison for their multiple crimes against America!


Christ taught that the sinful corruption of humans, emanated from the corruption of one's sinful self. He did not call for the weapon control (of His day) of daggers and swords - Matthew 15:18-19 ; Mark 7:21

Christ taught that the sinful corruption of humans, emanated from the corruption of one’s sinful self. He did not call for the weapon control (of His day) of daggers and swords – Matthew 15:18-19 ; Mark 7:21

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Christ was no fool. He knew that sin pathetically motivated a human soul:

Matthew 15:18-19 – “But those things which proceed out of the mouth come from the heart, and they defile a man.  For out of the heart proceed evil thoughts, murders, adulteries, fornications, thefts, false witness, blasphemies.”

Mark 7:21 – “For from within, out of the heart of men, proceed evil thoughts, adulteries, fornications, murders, thefts, covetousness, wickedness, deceit, lewdness, an evil eye, blasphemy, pride, foolishness.  All these evil things come from within and defile a man.”


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Posted by:

Pastor emeritus Nathan M. Bickel




* 1/28/13 Update Note on Adam Lanza, vis-a-vis the supposed Sandy Hook Shooting massacre:

Please note the following informational page: 

 Sandy Hook Shooting Hoax – moralmatters.org/

15 thoughts on “Hypocritical anti-gun politicians guilty: Part and parcel of gun violence crime

  1. BREE says:

    Ok, I know and have the feeling that I should not say anything and I surely couldn’t on other blogs but maybe there would be an answer for me if you understand I am sincerely confused and so grieved over these children being killed. I hate guns. I hate killing and taking innocent lives. It tears me to the core.

    I understand protection, but am I wrong here when I saw that the mother of this boy who did this terrible act had a gun for her own self protection. This boy, her son, took her gun to do this terrible crime, but if she would not have had the gun herself, he would not have been able to do this.

    Right now, here where I am, there is a father who is a hunter and keeps guns. His son has been to the hospital twice for attempted suicide. Recently, the father took his boy out to teach him how to shoot a gun. Now he has access to the guns in the house and he is still very unstable. I am very worried and his father thinks nothing is wrong with that.

    As I mentioned, I am very confused as to why it is a necessary thing for everyone to have guns. And yes, I am afraid too. Sorry, if I’m wrong here and I don’t know what to think honestly. Just worried and sad.

    1. Bree –

      Thank you for your comment. I think it could be said that most people who have a conscience and are compassionate in nature, find it very difficult to fathom the utter angst of those fathers and mothers who lost their dear children. They and the other family members who lost their adult loved ones, are the principle grievers. But, we and others, also grieve. We not only grieve for the loss of such innocent young life; but, also feel for those parents. Grieving is a process. Sometimes, it has no end; and it can begin the cycle of shock, anger, etc. all over again; and, again.

      Those parents who have lost the lives of their children because of drunk drivers, experience the same type of grief; – although, somewhat different. No one’s grief is the same. All grief becomes personalized and special.

      Having stated the above; grief caused by random, brutal, capricious and malevolent intent, is especially difficult to come to terms with. As humans, we are so prone to be culpable and gullible to voices that pin the blame on this and that. In the case with violent and / or accidental firearm deaths; it becomes second nature in our warped culture, to pin at least part of the blame on the instrument which dispensed the death charge. In the case with food and drink; death is often prolonged, as its misuses do not usually carry with them an instant cessation of life; rather, a type of prolonged suicide.

      Bree – what you are feeling, is legitimate. But, I would caution you not to do what many people are doing; that being, blame firearms. Going that route would make our framing and founding fathers of our Constitutional Republic, to roll over in their graves. We need firearms in our culture to provide law and order. The problem with firearms being so closely tied to [proper] authority; those who are unstable, often do not distinguish the proper use of those firearms to assist in that proper authority.

      Finally, as you hinted in your comment: Misuse and exposure to firearms by those unstable, is a very serious thing. Some parents, in these cases, are blatantly off their rockers when they do not secure those firearms from those of their loved ones, who, are unstable.

  2. BREE says:

    Thank you Nathan, you do speak peace to me and I will try to heed your helpful advice. You know it is Christmas time and with so many blogs talking about guns, I find once again, that your Christian Message blog really comforts my heart and inspires my spirit. I spend the few moments I have right now just reading it all and the scriptures too. I love it! The pictures are wonderful and the one with the Lion and Lamb is my favorite.

    But I love what you’ve written – “Not the Cradle, but the Cross.” That one is the perfect message for Christmas and I can just imagine your manager scene. I do hope you will make it. Perfect! You know I think I would have liked you so much as a Pastor and even loved going to your church. I can just feel your Pastor’s heart and you are to me like Jesus is. For that I can thank God for you and wish you a blessed and joyous Christmas in Christ Jesus our Lord.

    1. Bree –

      Yes, you are correct; so many blog articles lately about guns, gun control and Second Amendment rights. It seems certain blog article themes extend days on end. And, I will have to admit that http://www.moralmatters.org has done the same. If I recount, I’ve now done about 4 or 5 in a row about the whole issue. And, I initiate a separate page on my home page to “house” the links.

      Thank you, especially for your comments about “The Christian Message” website of http://www.thechristianmessage.org
      Of the two sites, I passionately pour my time and efforts, “The Christian Message” site is my favorite. In fact, I hope to somehow have it up and running even after I’m gone from this human scene. In our day and cultural age there is even more the increasing need for spiritual clarity, as all around us is experiencing moral decay and spiritual blindness.

      I do, at times miss the parish ministry and the family of believers which you seem to allude to in your comment. However, God has led my path in a different way. I have the care and responsibility of http://www.moralmatters.org and http://www.thechristianmessage.org . I also, still do some hospice volunteer work and hope to begin some other volunteer endeavor this new year.

      I wish and pray for you and yours, a very joyous Christmas and New Year! And, since you referred to that message you like so well; I will link it here for those who come upon this blog article and read the comments:

      “Christmas message (updated): “The True Christmas Message is Not the Cradle, but the Cross:”


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