The Fiscal Hill Farce


The US Republican Party and the Democratic Party both have been “guilty as hell” into driving America to the verge of bankruptcy. Their bogus propaganda political talk about a “fiscal cliff” is a farce. It is only “grist mill” propaganda for the crooked Network Media who use this bogus propaganda to cover for their sorry backsides.

This blog author has not been quick to cover the barrage of propaganda news, about the so-called, “Fiscal Cliff.” This day-in and day-out news disseminated by the liberal news media and other tag along media, has smelled rancid to me from the git go.  I’ve always considered this “tyranny of the urgent” emphasis on the state of the American economy to be bogus and out of step with reality.

Why is the “Fiscal Hill” news such a farce?

It is such a farce because the real news hasn’t been honestly dealt with by both major American political parties. What is being left out of the larger and more important crucial picture is being smoke screened by dishonest politicians and their propagandist non-journalistic influential media which pummels Americans minds to a pulp finer than mush.

The reality that is being smoke screened, is that America has long gone off the financial cliff. Unrealistic political promises in the name of legislation, has been ill-fated and legally passed by the Executive and Congressional branches of the US government. These unrealistic legislative pipe dreams always possess unintended consequences and always have no in-built legislative curbs and devices to adjust to economic and / or catastrophic realities as the US culture changes. Unfunded liabilities are maxed to the hilt and there is no real money to fund all these foolhardy political endeavors. Printing inflated money and selling treasury notes [borrowing] to other countries only weakens this blessed country with future innumerable curses.

Please read the following short, concise and excellent commentary with accompanying pics with their captions.

America would be blessed if it had honest politicians and an honest media, such as this spot on website, linked below with its a short excerpt:

Fiscal Cliff? What Hypocrisy! –


>>>>>> The lunacy of worrying about the “fiscal cliff” can not be more easily shown than by this graphic.

This, my good people, is not the money both Democrats and Republicans have spent. This is money they spent, that they did not have……. <<<<<<<< –


Political Extortion – The Theft of America –

Obama’s Atrocious Debt Ceiling –

Excessive big government “assistance” welfare: Press 3 for Arabic! –

Republican Party gives Conservatives another reason not to vote for the 2016 Republican presidential nominee –



Posted by:  Pastor emeritus Nathan M. Bickel

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5 thoughts on “The Fiscal Hill Farce

  1. akathesob says:

    America was officially broke 20 years ago.

    1. Karl –

      I think you are correct about that! The trouble being: The worthless politicians are so dishonest that they continue to spend money (that America doesn’t really possess) like drunken sailors!

      1. akathesob says:

        I have to admit I am concerned about what will really happen when these folks who we owe so much too want to collect on their investment in our “feds” worthless paper IE: Treasury Bonds. This could pose a real issue.

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