Picture: A stereotype of the chattering female

When a male bird can’t stand it anymore! Priceless shot!

A photographer will die of old age waiting to get another shot like this one.

A photographer will die of old age waiting to get another shot like this one.



Posted by:  Nathan M. Bickel

Note:  Above picture found on the web with title and captioning

8 thoughts on “Picture: A stereotype of the chattering female

  1. akathesob says:

    LMBO! Love it…

    1. lhtapner –

      No comment? Not even from a retired professional photographer?

  2. Don’t think there is a married man alive that has not wished that.

  3. Ret. Marine says:

    Wow, no comments, did everyone miss the subtle message here, or what? While I have been on this earth a short 59 years, this photo says much to my understanding of how this world works and why. It’s called a civil order for a reason is it not? The nagging part, that’s just normal, when it erupts into confrontation, this is the end result, see: photo. Someone somewhere is clearly not getting the message across as it was intended. The proof is in the pudding, the photo.

    Note: the use of the dominant, male and it’s purpose. As the God of us all intended it to be, being too hard for the realities of these days and times, not hardly simply stating a well honed and time honored tradition of all species. Like it or not, there is weak, weaker, and foolish among all of us. What we make out of this is to the individual to resolve individually. It is not the State, and or National Gov./feds to either consider, contemplate or resolve. It is our’s along, each and everyone of us, as in males of God’s design (God produced with a purpose, and then woman, not the other way around). In this Society dominant males, a God fearn’ one at that, to voice our concerns for the healthiness of our particular families and members of our overall societies.

    The strong biblical values instilled in us, if it were in fact the case, demands nothing less of us. We are told throughout the Good Book, every head of household (our God purposefully stated male-heads of households) will be held to account by the Father of us all; on all occurrences and occasions, it is ours to justify / or excuse away, at our individual peril, before him come judgement day.

    The message most received these days is one of “anything goes,” is still not permissible in any civilized societies and there too is a reason for that. Look around people, the debaucheries are sick and all around us, it is as if we are surrounded by evil forces, which we are IMHO, and hardly anyone takes notice, and if they do are surely to be made into the foolish one who dares to note, speak, or act out against it.

    Yeah, it is no surprise to me, hardly any comments, maybe it speaks to the very idea of old traditions are not necessarily good traditions, but that would be just lying to ourselves and others with such an attitude and we all together as males in a male dominant societies should take heed in such nonsense. And yet again another, in a different time, once Quoted, “All it takes for evil to take hold; is for no man to dispute it and look the other way while doing nothing about it.”

    Semper Fi. God Bless and keep you all from the temptations we are all subjected to these days. . .

    1. Ret. Marine –

      Yes. I agree. There is much merit to your contention. As the Scriptural revelation points out; the man (male) subject of the marriage, is to lead. And, of course, that is qualified in the New Testament, as a leading (“headship”) role of humble submission to the Lord Christ. The leading husband is to lead with love; while at the same time submitting to the needs of his wife – both, being in subjection to their Creator, Lord. This role of the husband is to be a gentle role; not a manipulative, domineering role.

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