Obama “Blame Bush” conspiracy theorist disciple: Prescription by Moralmatters.org goes unheeded

Note to Moralmatters.org Readers:  After reading the following, I ask that you “weigh in” with your comments. This blog author has given “Dawn” an opportunity to comment; followed by my gracious prescription for her. Apparently, as witnessed by her further comments, she has spurned the (healing) prescription advice:

Obama’s snake oil must be getting stronger. That is this Moralmatters.org blog author’s opinion after hearing from one of Obama’s faithful mesmerized disciples. She registered a comment regurgitating Obama’s “Blame Bush” crybaby cat call. Isn’t it getting old?

Obama “Blame Bush” conspiracy theorist disciple, “Dawn,” has left a comment on the following moralmatters.org article:  Obama’s greater lie: And a likely motive for his Benghazi cover-up scandal lie

“Dawn’s” Comment:

Too bad all you haters of our current democratically elected government were not as outraged when GWB led us into two wars without a plan or a way to pay the spiraling costs.. How easily you forget that 6,000+ brave Americans have lost their lives, tens of thousands more suffer serious injuries due to the INCOMPETENCE of the simultaneous GOP-led invasions and occupations of Afghanistan and Iraq. YOU GIVE NO CREDIT TO OBAMA FOR GETTING US OUT OF THAT IRAQI HELL HOLE. But yet this terrible Benghazi attract is the end-all for you hypocrites.

Moralmatters.org Response (“Prescription”) Comment to Dawn – apparently gone, unheeded:

Dawn –

Your comment is a usual lib type rant. You make untruthful charges and don’t substantiate [evidence] your wild claims.

You easily forget or intend to discount that the Iraqi War had both political parties involved. There was approval from some big political names on both sides of the political party aisle. G.W.Bush did not wander into that war with caviler behavior. Is recent American history that ancient for you to comprehend? Come now, your infatuation with our fraudulent White House undocumented occupier is showing through!

Furthermore, your line of [indecent] argumentation is dishonest. You attempt to smoke screen the whole Obama Benghazi scandal and subsequent cover-up scandal with a false misrepresentation of history. Like Obama, you have apparently learned his conspiracy blame game, quite well.

Obama’s devoted followers all appear to be tightly connected to their leader. How does he do this? How does he get them to think alike?

For you, I will be patient and recommend a prescription. Please follow it with consistency 24/7 until you have the gumption to take down your 2000 – 2008 wall calendars and replace them with some 2013 ones.

Here’s the prescription to be repeated every 10 minutes of every waking hour:

G.W.Bush is no longer president; Obama occupies the White House. He is now to be responsible and accountable.

G.W.Bush is no longer president; Obama occupies the White House. He is now to be responsible and accountable.

G.W.Bush is no longer president; Obama occupies the White House. He is now to be responsible and accountable.

G.W.Bush is no longer president; Obama occupies the White House. He is now to be responsible and accountable.

G.W.Bush is no longer president; Obama occupies the White House. He is now to be responsible and accountable.

G.W.Bush is no longer president; Obama occupies the White House. He is now to be responsible and accountable.

Finally, Dawn – after you have repeated this prescription formula enough times to get it through your thick head that you need not torture yourself with thinking that Obama is America’s savior; you need to haul out of your political correctness propaganda toy box, all your G.W.Bush dolls; pull out the pins; and lay them down to rest. Once having done so; I hope that you, yourself, can find some peace of undisturbed mind.

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Posted by:  Pastor emeritus Nathan M. Bickel

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12 thoughts on “Obama “Blame Bush” conspiracy theorist disciple: Prescription by Moralmatters.org goes unheeded

  1. akathesob says:

    LMAO! Yes it is true. Obama spent millions to get the job he has. Then he gets in office and has not done one thing worth while other then spend as much money as all prior presidents put together and what do we have to show for it? NOTHING but a debt this country will never be able to re-pay.

    Further, and proven fact Obama has killed more humans over War in the last four years then the three prior sitting presidents combined. Obama is a tool of death unlike any prior to him. Four Americans were killed in the line of duty and OBAMA lied and lied and lied some more.

    Dawn turn your TV and PC off and step away from the kool aid and go out side. Then WAKE up; the lies you are consuming are making you look silly…

  2. Obama has personally ordered more assassinations than the rest of the presidents combined. He designed a hit list, personally approves drone ‘hits’ of personnel on his enemies list – a list that is completely secret and not subject to any judicial overview – no trial, no sentence, just snuff ’em cause Zero said so.

  3. Ret. Marine says:

    Funny isn’t it, where as Bush lied and people died, all over a false war he got us into. Yeah let’s just put aside some facts shall we:

    1. Fact – many colleges during the Clinton Administration are on record (see: house and senate records) proclaiming the very same things about the WMD’s that existed in Iraq and then during the Bush tenure. They suddenly didn’t exist; sure?

    2. Let’s just forget the book written by the second in Command of Saddam Hussein Iraqi’s air force, explaining where the WMD’s were moved to while these same Demonrats, piddling away their statements as the truth, diddled and dallied around, threatening Saddam, at the same time allowing him to hand off these same WMD’s to his fellow henchmen and friend, Assad of Syria, another Baathist party member. [They] started spewing their false narrative: “I was for the war before I was against it!”

    3. These same WMD’s they now claim didn’t exist; are, guess where, in the Bacua valley, located in Syria; but again let’s just forget these facts shall we, and by the way it’s Bushe’s fault, even though he has not been in power for more then three and a half years and oh, Obama’s Bin Lyn’ to everyone, well he’s the Messiah, right?

    That just a few examples of what is considered the truth of their lies, I guess when they are in power, it’s okee-dokee to just lie their way into the truth, right. And along comes another useful idiot, who appears to not know the differences from a hole in the ground; her hatred for the truth, or ignorance, because of course, that would take real work, real research, and true conclusions from any critical thinking person. Yeah I get it, you “can’t fix stupid.”

    Set aside for political reasons:

    We the Patriots watched this regime, in an already very long line of already damaged goods [read: “Illegal and UnConstitutional”] coming from it. Deny life saving methods, tactics and sure fire responses to their dilemma right in the middle of a fire-fight, with mind you, Obama’s Bin Lyn’ to everyone, sitting, watching a live feed of his friends killing our Patriots doing nothing to assist. Why? I guess this too, is another Democrat Party decision to lie once again, because of Obama’s proclamation of Al-Qaeda’ “on the run now and are no longer a threat to our lives,” again all for the purpose of not informing the general public of his incompetencies as Commander-n-Thief to many of their liberties, all because, another lie would be made painfully obvious to all paying closer attention, “I think if I can’t get this thing right the first time around there will be no second term.” So he send out his mutts, so as to not be blamed for his incompetence.

    (Read instructions for the under the bus tour) which ridicules all for seeking the truth of his lies, and then is rewarded again for the lies, by being re-elected while not accounting for the already disastrous first term. But, again hey, he’s the Messiah, right? Yeah once again you can’t fix stupid, or lazy, or ignorance. Well done libtards; you have successfully laid the ground work at the feet of this once great Nation; all of it’s Patriots and naysayers alike; the disaster which awaits us, all because of: why, name them, far too many to disclose and offer a rendition of truths to foment as reality.

    I’ve got to say, I never would have even thought this would become our reality; let alone witness it in my time, and, sadly for all of us, there is a flight of dark and deadly clouds gathering around this Country. Many are aware and making preparation for it, while others are content upon being slaves to the progressive movement with their free phones, health care, welfare entitlements paid for by the hard working and industrious, without any concerns of working towards their own self worth or interest.

    And oh, by the way, Obama’s Bin Lyn’ to everyone; he’s the Messiah, right? Yeah good luck with that, I think you might be surprised of the consequences of God and what he has in store for the likes of you while riding that highway to hell. But, hey it’s just this one God fearing opinion of your choices; that all.

    Sorry for the rant people, this article and implications of it, just rattled my crawl big time.

    Semper Fi

    1. Ret. Marine –

      Hey – No problem for your (self-described) “rant.” Your comment made sense; whereas the [apparent] lib lady’s, was just another one of those Dem lib talking points which are based upon half-truths; and loaded and peppered with propaganda.

      But, I will have to say this about the ranting (nonsense making) libs. They are passionate. Other than that emotion; they have little in the area of genuine solutions to offer.

      Isn’t it ironic that Conservative Americans such as you and I would be willing to stand up for their [lib’s] freedom of speech – even if it runs cross hairs to ours; while, at the same time they are continually bound and determined to restrict ours?

      1. Ret. Marine says:

        Actually “ironic” is not quite the word to describe their intentions and concerns. I believe the word you are looking for is “payback”. Their intentions are, since their belief that the Fed/State power has replaced God, is to rid the Country of the truth voices in opposition to their hatred for our Constitutional Republic. They’ve been working on it for some 80+ years now, and I might add have become very successful at it for a variety of reasons, of course the reelection of a fraud, an usurper of power, an illegal alien from kenya just proved the very same point, sis it not?, much in allign of their beliefs, fraudulenty disguised as their truth, had an effect on the populas as a whole, and since they have dumbed down, lied to and reinforced said lie one after another to persuade like minded dumbed down heathens to see their version of lies as truth, they are now in control of their heathenestic followers in denying the truth, God is in control, not the progressive liars seeking payback for preceived unjustices against the brown world, generally speaking, yet another lie.

        Truely sad when it gets right down to the point of my rant, liars, theives, murderers, scoundrels, and haters of the truth, and American exceptionalism has freed more people in our short history as a God fearn’ bitter clingers to our Bible, ( read: the truth) and guns Nation while they on the other hand are responsible for more deaths, destruction of institutions, Nations and societies, all because of, well lies. The great deceiver known to us followers of the Christ, is hard at work these days as we are reminded daily it is to be so, because the good Lord gave each and everyone of us the choice, live by the sword, die by the sword, live the truth die with the truth and live on. Pretty simple if you ask me. But to them, that too is a lie. Bless their hearts, another Southern way of saying useful idiot.

        Semper Fi.

        1. Ret. Marine –

          Yes. They are on an agenda. I like your choice of word, “payback.” They live in the past.

          Thank you again. The perspective that you mention toward the end of your comment, brings hope. Their will be a certain spiritual and eternal accounting.

  4. degitt says:

    We have two active military officers and two recent veterans in our immediate family. Between the four, there have been three deployments to A-stan, four to Iraq and to a couple to other “vacation” spots. They ALL say the same thing. We lost the war in Afghanistan when Bush/Cheney/Rumsfeld lied and cajouled to get approval for an unwarranted invasion of Iraq. The Taliban were all but defeated when B/C/R diverted military resources from A-stan to invade Iraq.

    My question is this: would everyone whining here about the Iraq War have supported this invasion if there had been a “war tax” enacted specifically to pay for this war instead of using deficit funding?

    1. degitt –

      Thank you for visiting http://www.moralmatters.org and for your comment. You ask a good question. The thing I thought of immediately, was that this would be the only proposed tax, most Democrat leaders would oppose. Any entitlement and / or welfare tax is perfectly okay for Democrats and their many liberal brethren; but, not a war tax.

  5. degitt says:

    More questions: What have YOU done to actually support our troops? (paying lip service, putting a bumper sticker on your vehicle does NOT count) What sacrifices have YOU made to support our troops? Are you even a veteran? Or are you just a “chicken hawk”…

    1. degitt –

      My health (due to polio in 1954) precluded me from Vietnam War military service. Currently, I have a son-in-law engaged in military service. And, various family members [of mine] in the past have admirably served our country in the military.

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