Benghazi scandal conspirators will go unpunished: Compliments of race baiting political correctness politics

Benghazi scandal conspirators will go unpunished: Compliments of race baiting political correctness politics: Prediction by reader

Race baiting is both a familiar and notorious political correctness tactic often used by Obama, his supporters and his lib touting kowtowing media. Reader, “Karen,” has left a comment on Saturday’s blog article: 

Obama Benghazi scandal Co-conspirator UN Sec. Rice attempts to absolve herself of lies – –

Karen predicts that Obama, Holder and Rice will escape what is justly due them for their cover-up lies to the American people:

“Karen’s” thoughtful comment:

November 24, 2012 at 1:28 pm | #2 Reply |

>>>>>>> You might not like this, but it is true. Obama, Rice, Holder, etc. get off the hook for one reason only:

Pic of US Attorney General Holder: Obama’s top handpicked racebaiting defense attorney.

Obama has committed more crimes against the Constitution than we can count and has hidden records that NO OTHER PRESIDENT in our history could have keep sealed. He openly lied about what he said the day after the Benghazi massacre. Holder has been lying about Fast and Furious–protected by Obama, has protected black panther members when they committed obvious voter intimidation, and apparently knows something about weapons being moved around in the Middle East as well. Rice lied about the cause of the murders in Benghazi. No one at any time in our history could have gotten away with it. But they all will get a slap on the wrist, if that, and business will proceed as usual. WHY? Because they are all BLACK.

Now, I’m not racist, and my heart goes out to the many American patriots of various ethnic backgrounds, whether it be black, Hispanic, oriental, Indian, whatever. In fact, although I am white, my family adopted three black children with disabilities. Their own families didn’t want them, and they were not exactly getting a lot of love and attention in their various institutions. But, that’s another story.

Regarding this lawless president, although we’ve been going down a wrong road for a lot of years, he has brought it to a peak. Never have we seen such open persecution and discrimination against Christians. Never before have children been openly encourage to find out if they might be gay–while parents stand helplessly by forbidden by law to interfere. And the ancient rift between black and white has been deliberately widened and bloodied by this administration. Does he care about the blacks? Heck, no. He is using them to his own purpose, to divide the country and give himself a chance to declare martial law.

And as for Obama, Holder, and Rice getting away with their lies? The media is in love with the idea that a few blacks have such massive power. They are also fools and don’t see the pit they are in themselves.

Pic of MSNBC’S bigoted angry Chris Matthew. He is one of the principle lib media race baiters. Note: See link on MSNBC and him, below.

Why won’t Congress do anything? Oh they will make a show, but don’t count on anything coming out of it other than some statement long after Obama is no longer in office. Why? Because Congress is scared silly of some media whack accusing them of racism. It would only take a few to stand up to every media outlet in existence and tell the truth–over and over–until the truth is recognized for what it is–the TRUTH. But don’t count on it. <<<<<<<< –

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Posted by:  Pastor emeritus Nathan M. Bickel

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15 thoughts on “Benghazi scandal conspirators will go unpunished: Compliments of race baiting political correctness politics

  1. Dee Glover says:


    1. Dee –

      Thank you for your comment. I agree with you. There are many sensible blacks. They are not all like the ‘Bama cell phone lady who wants to be totally dependent upon Obama’s government handouts. In fact this last election there were fewer percentage of blacks (I believe) that voted for him. But, with a fraudulent election; that, of course did not make a difference.

      Please feel free to comment again as you read – and, you need not use all caps. [I hate it when I have to read all caps. It is more difficult to read.

  2. Bob says:

    I don’t like Obama because he’s an idiot puppet. I don’t like Chris Matthew because he’s a white Idiot doing the bidding of the idiot puppet.

    Apparently, we have idiots running the country.

    1. Bob –

      Thank you for visiting and for your comment. I would, though, take exception to your comment, in that I don’t think Obama is an idiot. I think he intends to inflict as much damage upon America as he has the time, as chief White House occupier. Let’s call it: “Malevolent intent,” because of his Muslim / Islamic bent:

      Sample of Hate Crimes by Obama Against America

  3. Everything Obama does is to inflict damage on the US. He’s very hidden and clever about it. The problem is that only a very tiny percent of people really understand this. Every time that Gov. Romney mentioned one of O’s ‘damage’ examples during the Debates… O just smiled. Did you notice that?

    When are people going to wake up and realize that O is about the destruction of the US? I guess most people are just that unaware and dumb.

    I guess most people are totally fooled by his thousand dollar suits, two hundred dollar ties and big smiles. I suppose most people have never really seen a slick con man in action [I have.]. O is a master at the con game. Fake IDs, fake names, fake birth cert…..OMG, people wake the hell up.!!!! You’ve been HAD.

    1. Dev –

      Thanks again for reading and for your spot on comment!

      Now, I have another excellent comment of yours to highlight in a new posting. I was just about to take a walk and then work up tonight’s blog article (which will be for tomorrow’s calendar dating). You’ve have me thinking: “Should I now include this second excellent comment – or, come up with another separate blog article posting featuring this one also?”

      Yes – I have to agree with you: When are people going to wake “the hell up!” It is, as if Americans love to be politically, economically, physically, socially, and emotionally raped by this monster Con artist! Strange isn’t it? Could that so-called Stockholm Syndrome have anything to do with this inordinate behavior on the part of Americans to cower at this White House occupier fraud? I’ve always said that a solution to diminishing Obama’s influence and power; was for everyone to not recognize his illegal position. Be like the little boy in the Hans Christian Anderson story of the Emperor with no clothes!

      1. Ret. Marine says:

        Not strange at all Dev, sorry but I just can’t get the correct scripture off the top of my head, having a senoir moment I guess ” I will send them delusions for they seek not the truth”, meaning in times ahead of us, it will seem as though the entire world is going mad with delusions, for multipal reasons man will be ruled by men, not the law of God, of Country’s or the laws of Nature and for that they are being lead to deciets, frauds, liars, killers of man/men, disobeidence to God and his TEN COMMANDMENT has wroth this to them for a reason. I have to believe what we are witnessing these days is the very description of this scripture.

        Those of us who are trying to keep the faith understand the who’s why’s and the consequences for their denial of our Father’s will upon man and as we are instructed, we pray they turn against their wickedness and return to God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. As disheartened as it seems these days rejoice in our coming salvation that we too heed these words and turn against the sin, not the person.

        I get the feeling, and have had it for a very, very long time, God is indeed sending the warning signals all around us and many are ignoring and to their perils, it won’t be purdy. Also remember, obama’s bin lyn’ too will stand present before our Father to explain his betrayels of both his word and his people.

  4. Young Gun says:

    Instead of focusing on what happened AFTER Benghazi (like . . who slept with whom and who changed the talking points for Petraeus and Susan Rice), how about getting to the truth on the following?

    1. Why were all the requests for added security in Benghazi denied and who exactly denied those requests?

    2. Why was security DOWNSIZED in Benghazi and who made THAT call???

    3. After 234 terrorist attacks in Libya over 16 months, 48 in Benghazi, two on our Consulate, two attempts on the very life of the British Ambassador and both the British and the Red Cross pulling OUT of Benghazi, WHY WAS IT DEEMED UNNECESSARY, to ramp up security as the anniversary of 9-11 approached, despite the repeated pleas for more security by Ambassador Stevens himself???

    4. Who EXACTLY was watching in real time on 9-11-12, in the State Dept., in the White House and possibly in the Pentagon as the attacks took place???


    1. Young Gun –

      Excellent comment points! Please comment more often here on

      Yes. I agree. These pointed questions need to be asked and the perspective answers need to be persistently demanded of all those being questioned. Unfortunately, I think that this whole Benghazi scandal investigation will lose the focus which you rightly deem paramount. Also, the Obama propaganda media tag team will be switching their propaganda gears to push and prioritize various other news before the public. They are masters at political and otherwise smoke screening.

      Had political leaders from the git-go, cut Obama off at his eligibility (for president) and birth certificate forgery knees; our country many have not had to face what it is facing today. Somehow, I think that the Republican side to all this investigation fervor is part and parcel of their continuing dog and pony show. They are guilty as hell for allowing Obama the influence and power he has been granted. A leader can’t lead a following who are unwilling to follow.

    2. Ret. Marine says:

      Some of the answers have already been made public, in case you missed it, or haven’t connected the dots.

      1. Because truth be told, this was not a “mission, consulate or otherwise” this was a meeting place for our Ambassador, Stevenson. His mission: assigned through Dept of State, clinton, was the go-between actor recruiting our sworn enemies, Al-Queda, and affiliates, through Ankara, i.e. Turkey, Saudi Arabia, and Quatar, for the fight in syria, it was not afforded security measures least the truth get out, our pResident was arming and gathering, sworn enemies of this Country for the fight over Syria, one of the many Nations as the Good Book tells us, (Nations of the North, see: New Testament – Matthew: 39 as an example) surrounding Israel for the final solution.

      2. it was never downsized as you suggest, it was never there, it was told by a higher up, the security chief of our embassy during a house sub-committee, in Tripoli, not Benghazi. By the way, they did not seek security measures because of the nature of this clandestine operation.

      And then there is the case of the CIA, less then a mile down the same street, there to find out where all of the missiles ( MANPADS) went to after gaddafi arsenal catches were pilfered (by elements of Al-Queda) while his overthrow was ongoing

      3. Again see 1 and 2.

      4. Those who were on the evening shift at both State, and executive branches; we just haven’t heard the who’s in particular.

      5. my guess is DIA director, through Rice, approved by Clinton.

      Hope that helps.

      Semper Fi

      1. Ret Marine –

        Thank you for your comment. As always they are very informative. I only wish that many people would think beyond the limits of their personal boxes, as you (apparently) do.

        1. Ret. Marine says:

          The good Lord gave us all a brain and it’s use is obvious to most. Some will never get it; many more do. I am but an example of the truth as some see it.

          So much is out there, but it takes a real effort to know the truth. You have to do the research to find it. Some in fact are afraid of this very thing; the truth. It scares them because they would like to believe they are in charge of their own lives. Least they forget; not so! Choices, people, choices; believe what you will! But, I’ll not stand by and watch the blatant lies being mowed over the truth, by anyone!

          The time to take a stand for the truth is always, NOW not later. It just so happens many of us are thinking outside of our boxes; yet our voices are drowned out for convenience sake to the powers that currently be, that are headed in the wrong direction and covered up by their lies. They too will be held to account before this is all over.

          Semper Fi, – and thanks for the kind words.

          1. Ret. Marine –

            Again, thank you for your appropriate and spot on comments!

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