Obama Benghazi scandal Co-conspirator UN Sec. Rice attempts to absolve herself of lies

Pic of US UN Sec. Rice: Spewing media propaganda like a good goose stepping soldier in support of Obama’s Benghazi scandal lies

Over the Thanksgiving Day weekend it has been reported that our United States UN Secretary, Susan Rice, has attempted to downplay her deceptive (staged) remarks as a spokesperson for the Obama White House occupation administration. These lying remarks were scripted to give the clear impression to the American people (days before the 2012 election) that a spontaneous terrorist gathering swelled to violent proportions, due to an anti-Muslim video; and, as a result, culminated in the attack at the Benghazi building complex, housing Ambassador Stevens; which (Muslim attack) ended up murdering him and the other Americans. In short course, Susan Rice appeared on 5 different media outlets, spewing the Obama propaganda line, when the Obama Administration clearly knew otherwise. [What are they hiding? See link below about General Petraeus; that theory has genuine veracity]

Now, after having been found out for her lying deception, Ms. Rice is backpedaling She is trying to absolve herself of her responsibility in this Benghazi scandal by saying that she was only given the party scripted line to convey. Were the Watergate co-conspirators left off the hook because they were only “players” in the whole break-in scheme? Is this the type of flimsy defense which got Nazi officers off the hook at the Nuremberg trials following WWII; that they only followed orders? No! Certainly not! No driver in a thievery heist gets off the hook; as they are part and parcel of the crime! UN Secretary Rice is no better than they. She too is guilty in this crime perpetrated against the American people.

When Susan Rice testifies before the Congressional committees, will she put on this frowning face? Will she continue her excuses? Will she demonstrate that she has sat at Obama’s feet and learned to play his  conspiratorial blame games?

We deserve better from our political and appointed leaders! We deserve that our tax monies be wisely spent and that our fellow American citizens abroad be adequately protected! We deserve to be told the truth. These people and White House occupier, Obama, are to be workers, on our tax dime – not deceiving devils!

American friends; those of you who love this country: How are we to believe this back peddle rationalization, attempting to excuse lies? Rice is the UN Secretary. She didn’t achieve that position because she is a dumbbell. Current Congressional investigation of this whole scandal has found that the Muslim terrorist attack which killed our Ambassador Stevens and 3 other Americans, attempting to defend him; was clearly the result of (1) negligence to secure adequate security months ahead of time; (2) refusal to upgrade security when requested only hours before the attack; and (3) the clear knowledge that this attack was planned and premeditated; not, spontaneous, emanating as the angry result of some anti-Muslim video.

Ambassador Rice defends White House Watergate style lies on Benghazi cover up – examiner.com/ 


>>>>>>> So, now Ambassador Rice surfaces in what seems to be an attempt to regurgitate the exact same inconsistencies and cover up narrative as if, telling a lie often enough will suddenly become the truth. Not this time Ms. Rice. Not good enough!. Your oath of office should have more value than protecting a cover story. Just ask the White House officials who went to jail because they lied to congress about their own culpability in the Watergate cover up.

Maybe Ms Rice you need to be reminded that these were real people with real families. Their names were: Ambassador Chris Stevens, diplomat Sean Smith, and former Navy SEALs Tyrone Woods, and Glen Doherty.

Again, what was she thinking? <<<<<<< – examiner.com/


Moralmatters.org has been following the Benghazi terrorist attack and subsequent cover-up scandal 2 days after the deaths of 4 Americans. Please note this site’s following page which has listed all the moralmatters.org blog articles about the Benghazi affair:

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Posted by:  Pastor emeritus Nathan M. Bickel

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5 thoughts on “Obama Benghazi scandal Co-conspirator UN Sec. Rice attempts to absolve herself of lies

  1. Ret. Marine says:

    The sad affair was permitted by the one who calls himself the pResident. It was through him and him alone the lies started and that is where the buck ran out of room. Why do we blame Rice for his lies? Oh sure she could have resigned at the least, rather then to knowingly go before the American Patriots and spew someone else’s excuses for their incompetencies. I surely would have, but that didn’t happen.

    Obviously she was made a promise. Someone will be unwilling to or have it reneged upon, because of the public’s support against her. After all, she is the prime suspect to take that excuse of a human being by the name of “h,” {r}otton to the commie core Clinton’s” place, is she not?. It really appears to me she is without any shame for her individual choices to lie or come clean before the American Patriots.

    I won’t ever believe this was all of Obama’s bin lyn to everyone, either. I will wait to hear from that despicable person by the name of “Clapper, head of DIA” to make the choice as to is to blame, as I believe it was through him, via the CIA’s statements, between homer Obama and Rice where the lie was approved.

    Something is really gone wrong with the leadership of this country, they are AWOL, in all matters; not just this issue. And all of the ignorant, idiots, self hating comrades we call our fellow Americans, just voted this liar, liar pants on fire for, four more years of hell on this part of earth. I’ll never forgive these traitors for what they have brought to our beloved Nation. In fact I have something for them, and it ain’t what we call “purdy” here in fly over country. I’ll just call it “justified” when it starts in earnest. Time for the necessary actions to relieve ourselves of these TRAITORS of this REPUBLIC.

    I don’t feel as if I am on the wrong side of this issue, because God knows the hearts of his people. Liars and thieves, we could do less of these days, of that I am sure, and it doesn’t appear we are even close to stopping them.

  2. Karen says:

    You might not like this but it is true. Obama, Rice, Holder, etc. get off the hook for one reason only:

    Obama has committed more crimes against the Constitution than we can count and has hidden records that NO OTHER PRESIDENT in our history could have keep sealed. He openly lied about what he said the day after the Benghazi massacre. Holder has been lying about Fast and Furious–protected by Obama, has protected black panther members when they committed obvious voter intimidation, and apparently knows something about weapons being moved around in the Middle East as well. Rice lied about the cause of the murders in Benghazi. No one at any time in our history could have gotten away with it. But they all will get a slap on the wrist, if that, and business will proceed as usual. WHY? Because they are all BLACK.

    Now, I’m not racist, and my heart goes out to the many American patriots of various ethnic backgrounds, whether it be black, Hispanic, oriental, Indian, whatever. In fact, although I am white, my family adopted three black children with disabilities. Their own families didn’t want them, and they were not exactly getting a lot of love and attention in their various institutions. But that’s another story.

    Regarding this lawless president, although we’ve been going down a wrong road for a lot of years, he has brought it to a peak. Never have we seen such open persecution and discrimination against Christians. Never before have children been openly encourage to find out if they might be gay–while parents stand helplessly by forbidden by law to interfere. And the ancient rift between black and white has been deliberately widened and bloodied by this administration. Does he care about the blacks? Heck, no. He is using them to his own purpose, to divide the country and give himself a chance to declare martial law.

    And as for Obama, Holder, and Rice getting away with their lies? The media is in love with the idea that a few blacks have such massive power. They are also fools and don’t see the pit they are in themselves.

    Why won’t Congress do anything? Oh they will make a show, but don’t count on anything coming out of it other than some statement long after Obama is no longer in office. Why? Because Congress is scared silly of some media whack accusing them of racism. It would only take a few to stand up to every media outlet in existence and tell the truth–over and over–until the truth is recognized for what it is–the TRUTH. But don’t count on it.

    1. Karen –

      Excellent comment! You are spot on! Liberals and even blacks themselves have carried this political correctness race card wherever and whenever it could conveniently enhance their selfish political and otherwise purposes. I’ve always said that when one accuses another of being a hate monger; that the person doing the accusing is being a bigot.

      And, your are correct; (sorry to say) that all these lying crimes against our dear country, perpetrated by Obama, Holder, Rice and others – lying through their teeth; will be met with political leaders cowering over the prospect of being accused of racism.

      I like your prescription at the very end of your reality comment; that it would only take a few good people to stand up and hammer away at “every media outlet in existence and tell the truth–over and over–until the truth is recognized for what it is–the TRUTH.” [Your words]

      Let me add my own two cents to your prescription for this “racism charge plague” which is ruining this good country:

      Would that not just a few people tell the reality truth; but, that many of us rise up in turn, against these race-baiters and shove their racism charges up their bigoted and racist asses! Why not? Those of us are constantly being told by the lib and bigoted media that us whites are now the minority political class!

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