Obama blame game: Won’t accept responsibility for Benghazi cover-up scandal

How many can Obama finally throw off his bus until he becomes the one lonely passenger? His lies not only get old; but his pathetic blame game, as well.

I thought Obama said he was responsible when attempting to defend United States UN Secretary, Rice. Now, he is apparently shifting the blame on the CIA.

First, it was Secretary of State Hillary Clinton taking the fall for Obama, admitting she was responsible for allowing the [successful] terrorist attack which killed our US Ambassador, Stevens and three other Americans. Then, sometime after that, we heard that Hillary Clinton’s design for more security wasn’t followed through with. What’s next as Congress investigates Obama’s Benghazi Cover-up Scandal after the Thanksgiving holiday weekend? At any rate, we American people know that something is foul – and, it isn’t left over turkey; it’s Obama with his rancid lies; and his blame game of tossing anybody and everybody off his corrupted bus.

This isn’t a difficult scandal to follow. It’s not that difficult if a person is half ways morally grounded. Lieing and playing the blame game are the two essential elements which our Muslim bent, US White House occupier, Barack Hussein Obama, has utilized ever since he’s usurped the position as US Commander and Chief. He was allowed to to that because certain influential people in the two other branches of government exercised no [good] moral grounding to say “No,” to his unconstitutional quest for the US presidency.

As of this date, Obama still has not fulfilled the necessary qualification for the office of president.  He (apparently, according to twisted logic) doesn’t have to; because he is black – or, that is what those who live by political correctness would have everyone believe. He’s black – that’s all that counts!  All that mattered and apparently still matters; is that the Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton types, are satisfied.

America has got its first black “president” whether by hook or crook. And, it doesn’t matter that he really is a Mulatto;  because he looks African American black!  It really doesn’t matter that lies catapulted Obama into the White House. And, it most likely won’t eventually matter that lies and continued corruption will keep him there also.

As long as Obama can continually convince his mesmerized majority block of voters (cheat voters, included) – that’s all that matters! Full speed ahead; damn all [good] morality; damn the US Constitution; damn all that is patriotic, traditional and holy. All that only counts, is Obama, Obama, Obama and his ass filled mainstream propaganda peddling media!

God, have mercy upon America!

Related to this blog’s title and mini-commentary:

Sources: Director Of National Intelligence Edited Benghazi Talking Points – breitbart.com/

>>>>>> …… In the latest twist in the ongoing story of what went wrong in Benghazi, we now know that someone in the office of DNI head James Clapper made changes to public talking points about who was responsible for the 9/11 attack. The changes removed specific references to al Qaeda and “terrorism” which were already part of classified assessments and briefings. Clapper is an Obama appointee……..

…….. Unnamed US and “White House” officials have been speaking to CNN and NBC as well in the past 24 hours. All tell essentially the same story — that it was the intelligence community, not the White House, which altered the talking points presented by Rice after Hillary Clinton declined to appear on television to discuss the situation. <<<<<<<<<

When Obama and Sec. of State Hillary Clinton presided over the solemn ceremony of the 4 terrorist slain Americans; their body language had “guilty as hell” all written over them.

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Posted by:  Pastor emeritus Nathan M. Bickel

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3 thoughts on “Obama blame game: Won’t accept responsibility for Benghazi cover-up scandal

  1. akathesob says:

    Barry’s narcissism will never allow him to be wrong and thus it will always be someone else’s fault.

    1. Karl –

      Thank you for your spot on comment! I will have to include a short http://www.moralmatters.org posting (I did, some time ago) as a related link to today’s article:

      Obama’s Mental Illness

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