Last week’s blog articles: November 11-17/12

Pic of General David Petraeus:  Last week’s news media focused on the  former CIA Director Petraeus’ sex scandal and his Benghazi terrorist attack testimony before a closed door Congressional committee.

Last week’s blog articles: November 11-17/12:

Sunday – 11/11/12 – Last Week’s Most Popular Postings – 11/4/12 – 11/10/12

Monday – 11/12/12 – Fraudulent 2012 presidential election ironical: Republican Party scorched itself by not exposing fraudulent Obama

Tuesday – 11/13/12 – Republican leadership stunned by Obama victory: What they fail to understand

Wednesday – 11/14/12 The central issues of the Obama Benghazi Cover-up Scandal: It’s not the sex

Thursday – 11/15/12 – Obama shameless: Stands by his Benghazi cover-up scandal lie

Friday – 11/16/12 – Secession not the answer: Obama White House occupier abrogation the solution

Saturday – 11/17/12 – Obama’s greater lie: And a likely motive for his Benghazi cover-up scandal lie

Top accessed blog article this past week – 11/11 – 11/17/12:

 Post Election: Obama Benghazi Cover-up Scandal Fall-Out Will Continue –



Posted by:  Pastor emeritus Nathan M. Bickel

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3 thoughts on “Last week’s blog articles: November 11-17/12

  1. Paulette McWalters says:

    What legal action is being taken regarding the conflict of interest in Eric Holder’s wife owning an abortion clinic?

    1. Paulette McWalters –

      I was unaware of this; although I had read something some time ago about some conflict of interest with Holder’s wife. As to an answer to your question: I doubt whether anything is being, or will be done. If Eric Holder can get away with what he did with the “Fast and Furious” scandal, I doubt whether something like this would move any leading Republicans to broach the question of conflict of interest.

      By the way – I wish I had the link handy, but the Republican leadership elites who pressed for Mitt Romney to be the GOP nominee, weren’t very concerned (apparently) that he had a past incineration business that burned up the remains of aborted babies. Those status quo Republicans don’t cater to some of their political party’s Conservative base. They would do well to mirror their opponents in this respect, as the Democrat Party caters to elements of their political base.

      If anyone reading this has a link about the aforementioned; please submit a comment with it.

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