The central issues of the Obama Benghazi Cover-up Scandal: It’s not the sex

Obama is the lib media whore. This shameless media fell in lust with Obama and catapulted him into the White House. They are so far up his rear, that they continue to cover up his scandal ridden White House occupancy.

It has been the practice of the Obama White House, complicit liberal media, to either ignore major Obama scandals; or, once those scandals become pushed to the forefront, to introduce various other issues. This smoke screening process is a convenient method to keep the public’s focus always flitting from one news item to the next one; so that the public focus is always on the continual flow of new political happenings, instead of the continued egregious series of Obama scandals against the American people and this Constitutional Republic.

In the case of the Obama Benghazi cover-up scandal, the central issues remain (or, should logically remain) the same, despite the reality of the Obama news media introducing another new focus emphasis. Despite the reality of the latest CIA director David Petraeus’ sex scandal, the central (main) scandal issue remains (or, should remain) the same:

1) The deliberate continued lies of Obama and his White House administration regarding the cause of the murdered 4 Americans.

2) The reality of leaving those 4 Americans behind without, even the honest attempt to rescue them from harm’s way.

3) Why the lies; and why the abandonment of 4 Americans, of whom was the American Ambassador, Chris Stevens?

4) And, of course: With lies and subsequent run-around; what is the attempted object of the cover-up and the smoke screen?

The present CIA sex scandal, no matter how scandal ridden,  is the apparent Obama liberal media’s method of deflecting the two major issues involving the Obama Benghazi cover-up scandal.

Finally, I think it significant what the popular talk show host stated: [Paraphrase] –

“If the present Obama White House has any control over this whole scandal issue and the Investigative proceedings starting this week; you can be sure that it won’t be Obama’s fault and that he won’t be held accountable and responsible.” [Paraphrase of Rush Limbaugh’s statement]

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Posted by:  Pastor emeritus Nathan M. Bickel

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5 thoughts on “The central issues of the Obama Benghazi Cover-up Scandal: It’s not the sex

  1. Benghazi…Honor Them…Demand The Truth… …Non Profit …
    Stickers $2.99 … plus more … Do it for them and your country.

  2. akathesob says:

    Anything and everything to deflect the heat off of the anointed one…

    1. Karl –

      Yes. They are sickos, indeed! The Dallas Cheerleaders could report the news better than they!

      1. akathesob says:

        haa ha haaa Yes sir…

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