Nov 122012

When it became clear that Romney was the nominee, I rallied behind him and was supportive of the Republican ticket. However, some cold hard introspection is now in place. The Republican Party will not advance when it continues to be squeamish and timid and continues to beat up on its own.

Although I admire the intentions of groups desiring to impeach Obama; I ask: “How is possible to impeach someone from office when they illegitimately hold that office?” Isn’t it late in the political game now to be thinking about that when both political parties were [and are] complicit in Obama’s continued fraudulent usurpation of the American presidency?

It is common knowledge that Obama is a fraud through and through and now we find some Republicans decrying the reality that the election experienced widespread [Obama] fraud, resulting in Obama’s victory. I ask:  “Where were these same Republicans decrying the fact of Obama’s ineligibility to be legitimate president?” These same cowardly Republicans are now ringing their hands, (blaming some of its Conservative base) saying that they lost Senate seats because of having the wrong candidates in place, such as Missouri’s, Akin and Indiana’s Murdock, who made some reckless statements, thereby handing the Senate seats to their opponents.

I ask these timid Republicans: “Where were you to raise holy hell at all of Obama’s and Biden’s outrageous and reckless campaign (and otherwise) statements?” These cowardly Republicans are disgustingly pathetic! Unless they drastically change their cowardly ways, voters such as me will no longer be part of their support for the next candidate in the next presidential (2016) election. They have no courage. They will not stand behind their own. They have no guts. And, as the old adage says, without guts, they share in no glory. [“No guts; no glory”].

If the Republican Party leaders would have listened to the cries of birthers, Constitutionalists and TEA Party supporters, they could have appropriately guided their nominee to go after Obama’s Achilles heel. That serious weakness was [and still is] Obama’s ” flimsy house of cards eligibility.” But, by ignoring Obama’s Constitutional ineligibility to be legitimate US president, the Republican Party leaders consequently made themselves complicit with the whole fraud.

Isn’t it finally time for elitist country club, Karl Rove, to give up his Republican Party driver’s license? Hasn’t he done enough damage this recent 2012 presidential election?

Since the Republican Party and its presidential nominee pick have proven themselves to be enemies of our US Constitution by avoiding the most obvious of presidential requirements, patriotic citizen Conservative voters have been alienated by the Republican Party for the last time. It has been reported that a significant 3 million Republican voters did not cast their presidential vote this time around. I will guarantee you, come 2016, that number will be much more! The GOP country club holier-than-thou leaders, such as the Ann Coulters and Karl Roves, better drum up all their (purported) almighty moderate voters to make up the difference; because we of the Republican Conservative base won’t be around to vote for their nominee after having been so vilified for our Conservative ideas and positions!

Finally, why did the Romney campaign concede the election so soon? Surely it would have been the first entity and people to become aware of all the fraudulent voting irregularities. By conceding so quickly, the Republican Party again shows it is the political party of cowards and wimps. Time and time again this political party expects Conservative America to rally around its nominees while they show little regard for the various individual groups which comprise its potential voting majority.


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Posted by:  Pastor emeritus Nathan M. Bickel

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