Part 2: Presidential Election Reflection: Republican missed opportunities and alienating the Conservative base

The Republican Party drafted a strong Conservative platform. But, Romney chose to run on the very same issues with which the Dem libs were burying him [with]. Now, Romney is set out to pasture with all the other failed moderate GOP candidates.

Guest Editorial by Dennis Dupuis:

Please note – Part 1:  Presidential Election Reflection Part 1: Disgusting Republican Party, RINOS and Judas personalities

The blame for defeat is not the cause of third party voters or those who chose to stay home because their issues and concerns have not been represented, or addressed. Worse yet, they were told in so many words their concerns were not “part of this campaign” they also saw and witnessed for themselves the silencing of social and fiscal conservatives, even as they ran on a platform of their “new and improved” version of the GOP. A platform and party slightly to the right of one that’s about to take us over that cliff.

Where was the backbone of the party to stand toe to toe with the enemy and expose them for what their policies have done to this country? That candidate scratched the surface in the first debate, and then retreated for fear the media would label him as an “extremist.” Where was the response every time Obama and his henchmen blamed Bush and the “policies that got us into this mess” even as they advocated the policies of a morally deprived future for this country and one filled with even more entitlements? Where has Bush himself been in his own defense?

Tax cuts did not get this nation into this mess, and as a matter of fact, prior to the Community Reinvestment Act causing the crash on the economy, the Bush Tax Cuts drew record setting IRS revenue and kept the economic indicators at a growing pace until then! It was when the Democrats took control of Congress in January of 2007 that the “greatest recession since the great depression” took swings at the economy and has deepened ever since. But don’t expect the talking heads in the GOP or those that are called “conservative analysts” on TV to educate the public on that! It’s easier I guess just to hide in that shell and allow history to write the obituary!

Pic of Ann Coulter on one of her better days. She and Republican know-it-alls such as RINO Republican Karl Rove and Chris Christie minimize the social issues and drive Conservatives from the GOP. Their back room picks of moderate candidates end in failure.

Time and time again it has been evidenced that the policies of social conservatives are no longer welcome in the GOP and the GOP platform is merely window dressing for a party that has betrayed Godly principles in favor of policies that are liberal lite and more palatable! How’s that workin’ out?

On fiscal issues, even though I despise Ron Paul/Gary Johnson and most of the libertarian policies (for social and defense reasons) I do agree with much of what has been stated about the fiscal cliff we are headed for and will soon realize. Unfortunately Ron Paul has also himself become a laughing stock due to his record setting number of earmarks which placed him in a category all his own as one of the worst in the GOP! But I digress………….since this is more of a do as I say, not as I do recommendation. But again, that ship has already sailed and left the port!

I wasn’t in favor of Ron Paul running as a candidate in the GOP presidential race to begin with since he denounced Reagan and the Republican Party decades ago. His policies are liberal on many issues and on some; perhaps even to the left of Romney and Obama, but neither here nor there, that is water under the bridge at this point.

Ron Paul’s supporters none the less in an end run around the party’s platform, dedicated much time and effort to get themselves seated as delegates all across this country and when it came time for them to speak as a voting block at the national convention, they were denied that right and it has come back to bite the GOP with lower voter turnout and support for their progressive candidate. That rejected “minority report” is now speaking loudly! A floor vote was rejected and last night was the fruit of that decision.

Many issues were handed to Romney and the GOP on a silver platter. Unfortunately they decided to send that silver platter back to the chef with a note attached, “These issues are not what our campaign is all about” In essence, those sacrificed in Benghazi for instance, never even had an advocate in the race to speak on their behalf! Business as usual transcends common sense and further erodes the minds of the electorate!

How about the TRUE comparisons between Katrina and Sandy and the response that followed, (or lack thereof)?  The pawns are those that were left without a house or a voice. I guess Christie has already thrown you under the bus as well!

It’s obvious why Romney and the GOP rejected discussions representative to true social conservatives. It’s because his own record would expose him as a flip flopper, given his past progressive initiatives for which he is so proud of having “crossed the aisle.”

At this point 4 years ago, the GOP was already wailing and gnashing about while throwing Sarah Palin under the bus along with the entire chorus of support for the convictions she was espousing and representing. How long before the Tea Party and those of us with social concerns are now, once again blamed and thrown under that same bus? Move over Todd Akin………..

The GOP is a fallen party whose strongest days are behind them having surrendered every ounce of credibility and integrity in the final act of desperation! TKO by their own spineless admission!

If these words are upsetting, then so be it! My republican membership cards are already cut in half and in the mail to be returned to sender!

Too late for third party at this late stage as well. It now becomes nothing but a waiting game to say “we told you so” to liberals and progressives of both parties!

Expect further erosion and decline of this nation’s moral fiber even as they now are traded in exchange for entitlements, much like commodities are exchanged in the market. Expect the Muslim Brotherhood to grow in strength and influence here and abroad. Expect soon for the blind sheikh to be released and our country to surrender in foreign intervention after helping to strengthen the Muslim Brotherhood through our nation’s support of the “Arab Spring.”

Israel is now faced with having to summarily decide for themselves when and how to respond to the grave danger it continues to face with Iran. Expect a unilateral response which will be fast and conclusive. This will be the catalyst for the alignment of nations, as we enter into one of the final stages of prophesies in these, the latter days! America is about to solidify that betrayal of Israel and we which remain, are about to receive the spoils of that decision!

For those that have dedicated study to God’s Word, ask yourself the following question:  “Why is it, that America, being the super power we have been for decades since the cold war began, are not spoken of in the Prophetic Books? Is it because our nuclear strength and armament are being decimated as we speak?” We are becoming a weakened and irrelevant nation, susceptible to the whims of an enemy at the gate! Or, as was explained in recent congressional testimony, “The Taliban is in the building.”

Through strength, we as a nation have submitted ourselves to weakness, and now, we are reaping the judgment having abused that strength! Down comes the American flag, along with our Constitution. In its place, we are well on our way to raising the white flag of surrender. How long before the Jihadists raise their flag in this nation alongside sharia law? The nation just gave Obama/Jarret/Clinton/Holder/Napolitano et. al a green light in that direction!

Romney was clueless as to how to deal with Obama. He missed a wonderful opportunity with Obama’s Benghazi Cover-up Scandal. But, Romney chose to play waffle ball and dishonor the memory of 4 Americans left to die at Obama’s hands. He also did not bring up the issue of the Obama Administration failing to insure the voting rights of US military personnel abroad. Romney allowed himself to be on the defensive and waived his offensive rights to hit back at Obama. 

Tell us one more time Romney, what a “nice guy” Obama is! Hey Boehner, reset the tears, you’re about to take the stage once again leading the GOP over that cliff!

Watch for the Dow to continue its downward spiral, the dollar to continue loosing its value, the deficit to increase along with increased spending. Taxes will now go up, leading to higher unemployment. Inflation is going to make Jimmy Carter’s reign appear to have been simply a bad dream compared to what’s on the horizon now!

Message to Trumpka, for his promise to take us “SOB’s out”….yes, you won. Good luck collecting now that the election is over and the well is about to run dry! Well played, Marxist!

Oh, as for Obama and his promise to Russia to have “more flexibility after the election,” that time is at hand, even as Russia has stationed a nuclear sub off our Eastern Coast and awaits your response!

This nation has rebelled against God and chosen to reject His commandments. It now becomes an individual’s choice to make a decision where to stand. For the rest, simply set aside an hour on Sunday when you can play church and beat your chest while proclaiming how well you have kept those commandments, even as you celebrate the victory you obtained last election night!

RINOS are closet lib lovers. Governor Christie [aka, GOP  Judas] showcased Obama looking presidential one week before the election, thereby sucking the remaining political oxygen out of Romney’s campaign momentum.

Chris Christie, you win, America loses! By the way,  it looks as if God sent another message your way since you failed to discern the last one! I repent of my support for Romney and the GOP!

Dennis Dupuis – guest commentator


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Posted by:  Pastor emeritus Nathan M. Bickel

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6 thoughts on “Part 2: Presidential Election Reflection: Republican missed opportunities and alienating the Conservative base

  1. DixieLand says:

    This is all lovely… but using your model can you explain why Allen West lost?

    1. DixieLand –

      Thank you for visiting and for your question comment.

      Three things readily come to mind:

      1) The Republican Party establishment have made it clear that they aren’t welcoming new blood. There is a disdain for TEA Party candidates.

      2) The GOP isn’t even willing to duly recognize the TEA Party. Check out the recent news piece:

      Boehner Mocks TEA Party Caucus

      3) More specifically, to your question; Col Allen West’s district was redrawn recently by Republicans. They slighted him. That, too has been in the news.

      4) The GOP has an apparent aversion to strong Conservatives. Evidence of that is the continued “moderate” nominations of Dole, McCain and Romney.

      Hence, I foresee the Republicans losing their Conservative base. Conservatives won’t continue to tolerate being kicked around.

    2. DixieLand –

      I just found out the latest. Apparently, Col. Allen West didn’t lose after all. The recount has him the winner:

      Florida congressman Allen West has won his re-election bid by 195 votes

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