Presidential Election Reflection Part 1: Disgusting Republican Party, RINOS and Judas personalities

The Karl Roves and Ann Coulters of the Republican Party are again mistaken. Country Club “Republican” RINO “leaders” continue to rob the Republican Party of Conservative electable candidates

Part 1:  

Presidential Election Reflection:  Disgusting Republican Party, RINOS and Judas personalities

Guest Editorial by Dennis Dupuis:

I’ll choose to speak my mind early with this concession speech, from me a lowly peasant voter…..

I take tonight’s loss with a grain of salt, and here’s why. I pretty much resigned victory when I witnessed the leaders of the GOP betray the conservative base AGAIN! The Rino’s retained power through a majority power grab and they decided that they would take conservative value voters for granted, specifically those that hold social Christian values, i.e. prolife, and traditional marriage between a man and a woman. As well as those that cling to their guns and religion.

The primary fight was the tell tale indicator, when the Rino Romney steam rolled conservative candidates and manipulated the voting process from state to state favoring romney right through the dirty tricks at the convention.

Liberal leaders in the GOP decided they wanted a liberal candidate and that is what they got. Just as in 2008 when the GOP also chose to nominate a liberal. The more things change the more they stay the same. In 2010, the conservative base was in charge energized by the conservative base through the grass roots tea party.

The GOP leaders wore suicide vests going into this race and they are the reason for the loss. I knew at the outcome of the primary that this was a losing situation as did many others. But again, for me personally I am not surprised at all, since I look to prophesy, as this country has reinforced my beliefs that this nation would betray Christ and ultimately choose to re-elect a muslim to carry out the betrayal of Israel and of Christianity in general.

The liberals can rejoice for a season, but this nation has just been defeated and in short order it will become apparent. As for me, I choose to rejoice in my faith knowing we are that much closer to the fulfillment of prophesy.

Come Lord Jesus; I can almost hear that trumpet.

As for the Judases within the GOP such as Rove and Preibus, much will be said about them that anything at this time is futile.

What a pathetic campaign. The issues were handed to romney on a silver platter, and he chose to dispose of them, deciding instead that all that mattered was $’s and the economy. mitt romney, you’ve earned your place in history and the rooster has now crowed thrice.

I’m certain the battle will now ensue between “tweaking the gop” and forming a third party. That opportunity has come and gone. That ship has sailed!

Oh by the way, the rino’s in the Michigan Republican Party that pushed for this rino from the start, you don’t deserve the office’s you now occupy!

Fiscal and moral cliff……….full steam ahead, and now, I introduce to you the REAL barack hussein obama!

Dennis Dupuis – guest commentator

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 Posted by:  Pastor emeritus Nathan M. Bickel

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