Post Election: Obama Benghazi Cover-up Scandal Fall-Out Will Continue

Pic of Obama and Hillary Clinton shortly after the Benghazi terrorist murders. How solemn and official they look. Then they went on their lying tour about a video causing the murderous attack.

Whether Barack Obama wins or loses the 2012 election, the Benghazi terrorist attack killing 4 Americans (including an American ambassador) will be of prime political attention. Following the murderous attack Obama and his White House administration minions disseminated the falsehood that the terrorist attack was the result of some anti-Islamic video. Since the attack,  it has been demonstrated that Obama, his Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton and UN Ambassador Rice, all knew that they were spreading lies. Hence, the terrorist attack has evolved into a huge cover-up scandal.

What makes the blatant “video lie” so volatile, is the Obama lie that the Al-Quadia’ terrorist group had been diminished and subdued since the alleged assassination (under Obama’s watch) of the Al-Quadia’ leader, Osama Bin Laden.  Presently, it is being reported that Obama had direct involvement in selling armaments to that same terrorist group. Still, yet, there is the news about secretive CIA involvement.

Mixed with the Obama White House Benghazi lies, are continuing reports of Obama being directly involved in Middle East gun (arms) running activity. Some, have even compared this secret arms activity to the Mexican “Fast and Furious” gun running scandal [only on a larger and more global scale] that recently had Obama’s (US) attorney on the Issa House Investigation’s hot seat.

Whatever Obama’s involvement in this Benghazi cover-up scandal; it and related (future) findings are very likely to be one of the top continuing news headlines. Even the mainstream media cannot ignore now what the FOX News Network and multiple online news outlets have covered from the beginning.  Perhaps, if their Obama darling loses the election; some of these mainstream news personalities will do some journalistic repenting. Perhaps, they will begin to make a new beginning at some genuine journalism and cover the Benghazi cover-up scandal.

It is likely that there will be a formal political investigation about the Benghazi terrorist attack; what led up to it; and  the warning signs which were either ignored and / or willfully dismissed. And, added to all this investigative process, will be the focus of the cover-up lies which attended the whole sorry affair. The one red flag clearly making Obama and his administration look “guilty as hell,” are the repeated attempts to convince the American people that the (now known) planned terrorist attack was a spontaneous outcry because of some obscure video which took exception to Muslims’ Islam.

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>>>>>>> ……. According to Fox News, the ONLY news source covering the Benghazi attack as it SHOULD be covered, Lt. Col. Tony Schafer’s contacts have told him something, disturbing.

VERY disturbing.

From Ltc. Schafer, via his contacts…Obama was IN the White House Situation Room…WATCHING…In REAL-TIME…as the attack on our Consulate in Benghazi took place.


……If Obama could sit there and watch the Benghazi attack, live and in real-time…AND NOT ONLY DO NOTHING BUT…ISSUE THE ORDERS FOR OTHERS TO DO NOTHING to help…do you think it would be any different if it was YOU???

Obama watched it happen.

He gave the order to do nothing 3 times.

And the next day…Obama went to Las Vegas for a fund raising party because getting reelected was more important, far more important, than a terrorist attack that took 4 American lives. <<<<<<<<<<<<


Posted by:  Pastor emeritus Nathan M. Bickel

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  2. Marc m says:

    Hitler and Goebels would have been sooo proud of Clinton and Obama!

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