Nov 052012

Obama never falls short of opening his big mouth. He had 4 years to deliver on his first campaign promises. He miserably failed. America cannot afford another 4 more years of empty promises.

No clearer difference of the two candidates running for the American presidency can there be,  than the latest, as witnessed on both campaign trails:

Romney: ‘I Ask the American People to Vote for Love of Country’ –

Apparently Obama grew weary of reading from his campaign stump Teleprompter. He encouraged his crowd to get down dirty and to vote “‘for revenge’–‘for revenge.'” Wasn’t it several days ago that Obama was receiving his post Hurricane Sandy photo opts from his adoring news media while he was attempting to look professional, presidential and even compassionate – strutting around in love fest style with New Jersey’s Governor, Christie?

Folks, when Obama doesn’t have his campaign aid script before him; or, when he decides to deviate from it; we hear the real Obama. He is a divider; not a unifier. It’s the same nasty Obama who said four years ago:

“If they bring a knife to the fight, we bring a gun,” –

So much for this White House occupier who claims to be a Christian. Aren’t Christians commanded by Christ to “turn the other cheek” and move on? Obama is just acting out his hypocrisy, as he is no more Christian, than the man in the moon.

Obama has failed these past 4 years. He’s failed to deliver on most of his 2008 campaign promises. Instead, unemployment is higher than when he first entered the White House. He’s grown the national debt by almost 6 trillion; and wasted umpteen millions of taxpayer dollars with his stimulus extortionist handouts. Obama has bowed before foreign leaders and weakened America abroad by his failed foreign policy decisions; the latest being, the Benghazi affair with the ongoing scandal cover-up.

Romney has a proven record. Obama has a failed record. It’s time to discard Obama and get on with rebuilding patriotic and traditional America.

It’s time for a proven business leader and former governor to enter the White House. He [Mitt Romney] is, by far, a better voter pick than Obama.


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Romney: ‘I Ask the American People to Vote for Love of Country’ –

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Posted by:  Pastor emeritus Nathan M. Bickel

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