All the reasons to vote Obama out of office

There is no shortage of Obama scandals. Please note the PJMedia article which references many of them with a promised growing updated list.

If you need more reasons to vote Obama out of office by voting for Mitt Romney, this (following) web article is the place to go. Please take note of the list offered in the following article;  also, that the website gives you the opportunity to offer more legitimate reasons:

Why Was There No October Surprise? Because Every Freakin’ Day for the Last Four Years Has Been an October Surprise –


>>>>> …… In Mitt Romney’s case, the answer is pretty obvious: He’s squeaky clean. His entire adult life has been like a boring treatise on Mormon moral rectitude. His political career has long been an open book — moderate, bipartisan, essentially uneventful. The Democrats have tried to squeeze some droplets of outrage over Romney’s tenure at Bain Capital, but those attacks came earlier in the summer and turned out to be extremely slim pickin’s. There are no skeletons in Romney’s closet, otherwise we would have heard about them.

But in Barack Obama’s case, the situation is reversed: Everything he’s ever done is scandalous. The reason there was no October Surprise for Obama is that we’re all scandaled out. Anyone’s who been paying attention since 2008 has literally been in paralytic shock every single day. We spent October 2012 exactly as we’ve spent every month of the last four years: Our jaws on the floor, aghast, stupefied, unable to breathe. Almost every single thing Obama has done since he’s been in the national spotlight could have been and should have been a career-ending October Surprise. But the mainstream media, as we all know, has devoted itself to protecting him……

……… A complete recounting of Obama’s shoulda-been October Surprises would fill a book, an encyclopedia, an entire library. But I think this is a good time to initiate a crowd-sourced list of everything Obama has done since 2008 (and every fact about his earlier life that emerged since 2008) which you thought was scandalous, shocking or outrageous. Just for the record, let’s remind the world that every freakin’ day for the last four years has been an October Surprise…….

…….. The Complete List of Barack Obama’s Scandals, Misdeeds, Crimes and Blunders …….. <<<<<<<<< –

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Obama Benghazi Cover-up Scandal – Your compiled update page –


Posted by:  Pastor emeritus Nathan M. Bickel

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