Last Week’s Most Popular Postings – 10/21/12 –10/27/12

Barack Obama’s ruthless character: Top posting last week. Obama’s character is not only evil, but consistent. He supported Infanticide and failed to act with the Benghazi terrorist attack that murdered 4 Americans

Last Week’s Most Popular Postings – 10/21/12 –10/27/12

1 – Barack Obama’s ruthless character –

2 – Obama Benghazi scandal continues to unfold: Defense Secretary Panetta offers latest Obama trust us statement –

3 – Disengaged and irresponsible Obama has Benghazi’s American blood upon his hands –

4 – The latest Obama scandal lies and sixty five other lies –

5 – Third Presidential Debate: Romney has the advantage over Obama –

6 – Presidential Debates end: Romney presidential timber and Obama petty –

7 – Last Week’s Most Popular Postings – 10/14/12-10/20/12



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