Obama Benghazi scandal continues to unfold: Defense Secretary Panetta offers latest Obama trust us statement

First it was Hillary. Now,  Defense Sec. Leon Panetta, Obama’s latest Benghazi terrorist scandal surrogate liar. Why does he look dejected and frustrated? Is it because he knows he’s being notoriously used?

Didn’t Obama mock Mitt Romney during the last presidential debate? Didn’t Obama insinuate that his administration was up to the task of modernizing our US military? Didn’t Obama leave the American people with the clear impression that he was streamlining the military to be on call to meet any response?

Now, the latest in the unfolding Benghazi terrorist attack scandal unfolds.  Today, Defense Sec. Panetta, has attempted to supply smoke screen cover for the Obama administration, basically claiming that there was no time to act in response to the unfolding terrorist attack and that it was not considered wise (at the time)  to commit a defensive strike force when they were unsure of enemy ground conditions.

However, that is no viable excuse, especially given the warning of unrest, by Ambassador Stevens earlier on in the day and the previous Benghazi violence earlier on in the season, against the consulate compound. What we have,  is a huge scandal and the Obama administration digging itself deeper with excusing and rationalizing lies, as first evidenced, by blaming the attack on a video.

Updated information:

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Posted by:  Pastor emeritus Nathan M. Bickel

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7 thoughts on “Obama Benghazi scandal continues to unfold: Defense Secretary Panetta offers latest Obama trust us statement

  1. inyan`wicasa`waste` says:

    A commie-democrap as sec of defense is the reason why BENGHAZI-GATE happened.

    1. inyan`wicasa`waste` –

      Thank you for visiting http://www.moralmatters.org and for your comments.

      I think that Leon Panetta is not the only one guilty. Obama is equally and more guilty. But, this Infanticide supporting White House occupier continues to avoid personal responsibility and accountability. In his perv mind, everything and everyone is to blame when things don’t turn out according to his approval.

  2. inyan`wicasa`waste` says:

    In august 1967 after three (3) tours of duty, three (3) Lieutenant Commanders(Korean War Veterans) who were F-4 pilots resigned their commissions after 18 years in the Navy and lost their retirement because LBJ and mcnamara had to approve all bombing missions each day over North Vietnam…..what they could not bomb in 1965 against only anti-aircraft fire, they bombed in 1966 against SAM I missiles; and what they could not bomb in 1966, they bombed in 1967 against SAM II missiles…..one LCMD told me not to go to flight school because the Vietnam War was a political war that the military had to fight with one arm tied behind its back from orders of the commie-democrap politicians in washington d.c.

    A Proud E-4 Vietnam Veteran

    1. inyan`wicasa`waste`-

      I remember that period of history, as the Vietnam War was being waged. I was always under the clear impression that the political week kneed leaders shamefully refused to wage the war with full effort. Hence, that was, part and parcel how the Vietnam War Vets got shafted.

      Thank you for your war and military efforts. It was a very peculiar war of which was not even given the status of a war; again, because weak kneed politicians!

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