The latest Obama scandal lies and sixty five other lies

The truth is a stranger to Obama. He won’t tell the truth and shame the devil

One of the latest major lies told to the American people by Obama, is the Benghazi cover-up scandal. For days on end,  he and his administration knowingly told the American people that a video was behind the terrorist attack that murdered 4 Americans, among whom was Ambassador, Chris Stevens. Now, we find (no thanks to Obama’s adoring media) that the Obama administration knew it was a coordinated terrorist attack against the Benghazi consulate within 2 hours of it commencing. How can voters in good conscience, vote for Obama, who claimed [lied] that he was [is] a Christian when his continued actions don’t even come close to mirroring a disciple of Christ?

Do voters love to vote for serial liar politicians? Would some of those same married  voters desire to have their married partner spouses lie to them each and every day? Are they (at all) connecting some moral dots relative to Obama?

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Posted by:  Pastor emeritus Nathan M. Bickel

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