Presidential Debates end: Romney presidential timber and Obama petty

Mitt Romney said that America need not apologize for freeing countries from dictators. Obama denied [lied about] his apology tour, and that he said that America was playing the global dictator

Romney is confident of inner America’s strength; Obama on the other hand talks big, but his political actions and agendas continually diminish America 

The last presidential debate demonstrated that Romney is presidential timber; and on the other hand, showed Obama as being petty. Obama is living in the past; always either pointing the blame at his predecessor  G. W. Bush or apologizing for America. This last debate illustrated Obama’s smallness as Mitt Romney had to remind Obama that attacking him with character assassination misrepresentations, was not the issue. The Issue was America and America regaining its economic strength and vigor, so that America could continue to influence a better world with a more peaceful existence.

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>>>>>>> Mitt Romney did what he had to do.

President Obama was the clear aggressor, but Romney couldn’t be shaken. He remained calm and disciplined, typically spouting non controversial platitudes, “hugging” Obama on areas where his policies are popular, and occasionally drawing a contrast on predetermined “safe” issues (such as not cutting defense spending, standing up to China, etc.)

The split screen frequently showed Obama leaning in, ready to pounce — while Romney was often seen wearing that semi-smile he has perfected. Obama often seemed angry and patronizing, while Romney often seemed serious, calm and friendly…… <<<<<<<


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