Third Presidential Debate: Romney has the advantage over Obama

Romney and Obama square off in the 3rd presidential debate. Obama will try to be Mr. Know-it-all, being that he is Commander-in-chief. Romney, though, can demonstrate to the world that Obama has been remiss in his duties

When I recently listened to some liberal Network news manipulators say that Obama would have the third debate advantage; I immediately knew the opposite was reality. The liberal news networks are legion with Obama cheerleaders. Hence, they cannot be considered a viable or truthful source of up-to-date news and honest commentary.

Romney’s Advantage:

Unless this third debate happens to be another tag team match with Obama and the moderator against Romney; the Republican nominee can score big, reminding everyone involved; – Obama, the moderator, immediate audience and Network audiences that Obama’s foreign policy is like a near dead horse, fast sinking in some quicksand bog.

Romney can bring up how Obama first bowed to foreign dignitaries; and how Obama went on an apology tour when shortly sworn into office. And, Romney can speak to everyone’s remembrance how Obama capriciously and unilaterally made war against Libya without Congressional approval.

Another debate talking point open for Romney is to explain how Obama’s Arab Spring policy has fomented chaos in the Middle East encouraging and equipping Islamic extremists to make deadly inroads via the radical Muslim Brotherhood. Romney should aggressively ask Obama why the White House visitor records “show that administration officials have hosted numerous White House meetings with a series of U.S.-based Muslim political groups that have close ties to jihadi groups and push to reduce anti-terrorism investigations.” [] 

Romney needs to drill Obama on Obama’s continued favoritism with Muslims at the expense of America and Israel

Furthermore, Romney can quote Obama from Obama’s own book in which Obama stated that should the winds of political change come about, he would stand by his Muslim brothers. [Note: See Obama quotation on the nearby pic]

Romney had better bring up how Obama is anti-patriotic; how Obama is unwilling to recognize Islamic terrorism for what it is; how Obama,  labeled the Islamic Fort Hood terrorism as “workplace violence.”

Romney needs to tie all this together with the latest Obama scandal – that being the Benghazi terrorist murders and the deceit of attempting to blame it all on some obscure video.

Finally, Romney is in a unique position to put Obama on the defensive throughout the entire debate. He should also be ready to respond to an Obama saying that Romney isn’t privy as the Commander-in-Chief to all the information. To that, Romney can readily and speedily respond:

“Yes, Mr. President; if you claim to be privy to all the national security information; then, why did you go on another blame tour, telling America that some video caused a well-planned Islamic terrorist attack on America, killing 4 American lives? Mr. President:  the American people deserve better than the propaganda crumbs you’ve been tossing them!”


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