Obama’s huge terrorism debate lie: Moderator Muppet Crowley’s Infatuation with Obama the Frog

Did Candy Crowley’s poor moderating debate performance reveal her Sesame Street childhood fascination? Did she confuse her infatuation of Kermit the Frog for Obama?

Obama and his political administration aren’t getting their story straight over the Benghazi massacre. The VP debate had Vice President Joe Biden saying he was not privy to the coordinated terrorist attack.

This week Obama tells the debate audience and the multi million American TV Network viewers that he called the Benghazi American killings, a terrorist attack, the day after in the White House Rose Garden.  And,  when Mitt Romney  zeroed in on that, the (the over-anxious Ms. Piggy type) debate moderator, Candy Crowley, piped up at Obama’s request, rubber stamping Obama’s latest lie. However, what Obama (deceitfully) claimed in the debate, was not factually so, as Obama only made a general reference about terrorism, the day after the terrorist attack that took 4 American lives.

Obama has a record of nearly 4 years of failing to label terrorism for what it is. He was woefully remiss toward the beginning of his White House occupancy when he dismissed the Muslim Fort Hood massacre as some workplace violence. Now, close to election time, Obama suddenly changes his tune and wants the American people to believe he is tough on Muslim terrorists. It is unfortunate that Romney failed to point out that the Obama Administration for two weeks after the Benghazi attack were blaming the attack on some obscure video. But, nevertheless, Romney turned in a great debate performance given that he was up against tag team whose moderator counterpart gave Obama 9% more talking time and interrupted Romney 3 times more than she interrupted Obama.

Furthermore,  to the discriminating debate viewer and listener it was obvious that Romney was “set-up.”  Did Obama and Crowley have it all pre-arranged that the Moderator would have a script of Obama’s Rose Garden remarks where Crowley mistakenly claimed and confirmed Obama’s lie that he denounced the Benghazi “terror” act? It seems more than suspicious that Crowley was ready and willing to jump to Obama’s request. Also, the last debate question smacked obvious suspicion and partiality on Muppet Crowley’s part. Romney was deprived of a response to Obama’s cheap characterization of Romney’s 47% remark. This whole moderating effort on the part of Crowley’s part has to one of the worst.

In short, the American people viewed a failed chief executive who desires another 4 years as president. He could not answer his failed policies. And, again, he demonstrated to the American people that he could not do without his Teleprompter and assisting kowtowing supportive lib media.

Finally, I think that lib media personality Candy Crowley never did outlive her childhood infatuation for Sesame Street’s Kermit Frog.  Kermit still lives on in her mind in the person of Barack Obama.


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