American lives and National security above Obama’s pay grade

If the challenges of the US presidency aren’t above Obama’s pay grade, he plays the blame game. It gets old.

Remember during the 2008 presidential election and the California forum with candidates Senator John McCain and Barack Hussein Obama? The social [life] question  was asked of when life begins. As was par for the [his] course of shirking a decisive decision, Obama stated that the life question was “above his pay grade.”

Now, 4 years later, America’s national security and its precious human citizen resources, abroad, sadly and pathetically continue to be above Obama’s pay grade:

Barack HUSSEIN Obama…the catalyst for Middle-East disaster – by Diane Sori – Monday, October 15, 2012 –


>>>>>>> As the dominoes of Arab countries continue to fall and burn, as the violence spreads even further, Barack HUSSEIN Obama still doesn’t believe, or want to believe, that terrorism is involved even after being ‘forced’ to utter the ‘T’ word for the sake of salvaging his re-election chances…….

……And now with Pat Smith (the mother of Sean Smith, the Information Officer who was murdered in Benghazi along with Ambassador Stevens and the two SEALS) speaking out against Obama, saying she does NOT believe that he didn’t know this attack was forthcoming especially with the eleventh anniversary of September 11th looming, the cover-up known as BenghaziGate grows deeper. Mrs. Smith even went on the record saying that when Leon Penetta told her, as he looked directly into her eyes, to ‘trust him’ to tell her the truth about her son’s death, she knew at that point they were all lying……. <<<<<<<< –


Libya:  Another Deadly Gamble –


>>>>> ……Obama himself delivered the “Blame it on a You Tube video” cover up talking points to the U.N. some 2 weeks later.

What Obama referred to as a “Rough Day” and “Bumps in the road” was in fact the LAST day for Ambassador Stevens, Sean Smith, Glen Doherty and Tyrone Woods.

To protect a campaign narrative, those in the beltway sent diplomats into harm’s way.

Obama gambled on Fast and Furious and Agents Zapatta and Terry lost…Their lives…Along with hundreds of civilians.

Obama gambled when he leaked that Seal Team 6 took out bin Laden and 22 Nave Seals lost…Their lives…When terrorists shot down their helicopter in Afghanistan 2 months later.

Obama has gambled by arming those we train for security in Afghanistan and leaving OUR people UNARMED and so far this year…53 NATO forces…Including Americans have lost…THEIR lives.

Obama gambled that nothing bad would take place in Libya until AFTER the election and 4 Americans lost…THEIR lives. <<<<<<<   –

Hillary Strikes Back: Attaches U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice to Obama White House Propaganda Messaging –

Excerpt: >>>>> ….. Hillary goes on to say that THEY (State Department) NEVER felt it was a video movie that caused the Benghazi attack: …… <<<<<<  –

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Barack Obama Admits “Above My Pay Grade” Abortion Answer Flippant –



Posted by:  Nathan M. Bickel


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