Christians fell for Obama’s religious lie the first time: How many will in 2012?

Not all Catholic Christians were happy with Notre Dame allowing abortion agenda driven Obama to speak. Many protested unlike their Vatican pope who remained silent

I remember the 2008 election. Somehow it sticks in my mind that Obama garnered from the largest religious group in the US, at least 54% of their vote. Obama even spoke at the Catholic University, Notre Dame. And, in preparation for his speaking engagement Christian symbols were removed and / or covered from the background stage.

Since Obama was first elected as US president, there have been a number of things which to the discerning Christian voter should have been tell-tale signs that Obama is disingenuous and hypocritical of his claimed Christian belief and practice. And, on the contrary there is every reason to believe that Obama’s sentiments are Islamic.

In the last 6 months, this Christian emeritus parish pastor has posted 3 blog entries [listed below] spelling out that Obama has basically lied to the American people as to his religious origins and persuasion. Is that a surprise that Barack Obama should lie? I think not. He’s done it in other areas and he continues to lie about his religion.

The latest revelation about Obama’s false Christianity claim has come from the same journalist author who wrote a book about Obama’s past. Dr. Corsi now has made another persuasive argument about Obama’s religious persuasion. Much of Dr. Corsi’s assertion rests upon a ring that Obama has been seen to have worn, since his college days. The ring is not Christian but Muslim. The ring praises the [false] god of Islam, – the one whose followers call, Allah.

Furthermore, it is no doubt in this emeritus pastor’s mind as to Obama’s religious allegiance. It is undoubtedly Muslim. This would explain why Obama is so Muslim orientated and so anti-American patriotic, in his foreign relations actions as US president. And, besides all that, Obama never has qualified for US president based upon the US Constitution’s standard of being a “natural born citizen.” This is also an added reason for Obama’s allegiance to his Muslim roots. It has been what has apparently compromised him to make some clear cut decisions dealing with Muslim countries.

Finally, what will the brunt of the “Christian” vote do this time around? Will the majority disregard the Biblical teaching of the “depravity of man” and continue to believe Obama’s “hope and change; now ‘forward’ campaign” promises? Or, will they stand with Christ’s Gospel teaching and judge a source by its bad fruit? Time will tell how many Christians will have wised up. And, if the Christian vote turns away from Obama this time around; then, our country, by the grace of God, can reverse this ill-fated, cursed leadership.


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Posted by:  Nathan M. Bickel


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