Benghazi terrorist attack highlights a scandal-ridden Obama presidency

When a US politician disrespects the US Constitution his politics become scandal-ridden

When a US politician disrespects the US Constitution his politics become scandal-ridden

It is not a question whether the Obama (putative) presidency is a presidency of scandal. Rather, it is and will be a historical question of which Obama scandal is and was the greatest one perpetrated against the American people. Will it be Obama’s green energy scandals? Will it be the presidential campaign donor scandal? Will it be Obama’s “Gun Runner” and “Fast and Furious” scandals; – or will it be Obama’s Benghazi Terrorist Attack scandal and subsequent lying cover-up scandal?

Another question:  Which Obama scandal will push Independent and undecided voters over the edge to vote against this US White House occupier’s scandal- ridden (putative) presidency?

Please check over the following links for more detailed information as this web author is weary of commenting on Obama corruptions:

Benghazi-Gate – time for the White House to say what they know –

Pic of battered and beaten Benghazi US Ambassador Stevens and our anti-US Muslim White House occupier who wears his Allah ring


>>>>>> ……It turns out that Ambassador Stevens had warned the administration that he was an Al Qaeda target. His security detail made repeated warnings that the situation was deteriorating in Eastern Libya. But someone back in Washington didn’t take it seriously. He or they, decided not only to deny the request for additional security for the ambassador and our Consulate, but also to reduce the existing minimal security detail.

So now we have it. Despite requests, security was denied. As a result, four Americans died. And soon we are likely to discover that somebody lied. Blame the movie, blame the intelligence community, blame the security folks. One former Reagan adviser says, it is criminal negligence….. –


Fox News Extensive Report On The Benghazi Cover-Up By The Obama Administration –

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Obama discovers terrorism or does he? –

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Posted by:  Nathan M. Bickel

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  1. Paul says:

    just like the assassination of JFK w/ Pres. Johnson involved they will cover up Benghazi

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