Sex offender Barack Obama: Voting for Obama is voting for a sex offender

Nothing can be more sinfully egregious as the willful and capricious planned and arranged elimination of individuals within the sanctity of their mothers’ wombs.

Please Note:  Read no further if you are willing to excuse yourself and your political “leaders” from the greatest of all sex offenses

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Little did many Americans realize in 2008 that they had voted for someone who would plunge our nation into excessive debt to the brink of bankruptcy. They had no idea that “hope and change” Obama was as useless as a plug nickel. They never thought that the federal government headed by Obama would be plagued by one scandal after another, all because of Obama’s unpatriotic Marxist and socialist bent.

Barack Obama represented to many voters a refreshing change from the past. They envisioned a Washington D.C. of no more status quo. Obama was going to change all that. After all; He promised he would; at least that’s what many of those voters who voted for him, thought he would do. But, nearly 4 years later, the ugly handwriting is on the wall. Many Obama voters began to realize that Obama wasn’t changing corruption in the upper echelons of Washington politics; rather Obama would harness that political corruption and introduce more of his, to exact fundamental changes upon traditional and patriotic America.

Shortly after Obama became our nation’s White House occupier, I authored a topical message on the website entitled:

The President of the United States: A Sex Offender? – Why Obama’s support of the abortion industry is the worst molestation of youth –

It is done behind the scenes; one by one. That is partially one of the reasons people cannot understand the reality of “Abortion genocide.”

Here’s an excerpt of that message:

>>>>>> …..Applying the definition of a sex offender to those who hide their (genocide) crimes against humanity by “serving” in political office:

What greater sexual offense can there be against individuals than the destruction of their sexual identity from the very beginnings of their innocent lives, by the total destruction and elimination of those very lives? Yet, umpteen politicians continue to function as sex offender predators, committing the most egregious and heinous of sex crimes – that being the total annihilation of their victims. Sexual molestations are committed by virtue of individual sexual identities being totally eliminated from present and future populations vis-a-vis the abortion industry process.

Consequently, I submit that our USA President is “Chief Sex Offender,” by virtue of him holding the highest political office in the nation. His past and present record in support of unrestricted, unnecessary, abortions, partial birth abortions and even infanticide (of those babies, surviving abortions), automatically, (sadly and pathetically) make him not only responsible, but accountable for multiple crimes against humanity and their (would be) posterity…….<<<<<<<<< –

Barack Obama has refused to protect The Defense of Marriage Act. He refuses to protect our national borders. He simply refuses to uphold the law. But, he makes it a point to further the abortion slaughter in our country by his policies, agenda and political actions. Please note the following link:

President Barack Obama’s Pro-Abortion Record: A Pro-Life Compilation –

It was obvious to me that many American voters had not done their homework before casting their votes for this monster of a man, who is presently called Barack Hussein Obama. I believed back then and continue to maintain, that when Barack Obama was elected as US president, that he became our nation’s chief sex offender. Please, allow this Christian emeritus pastor and web author to logically explain why. Please open your mind to some stark reality.

When people look back at history’s examples of mass murderers; they readily witness the likes of Mao, Stalin, Hitler and others. It is quite obvious to understand how these political leaders can easily be labeled, mass murderers, having committed crimes against humanity.  Although, they did not take up guns and machetes and butcher the masses; they committed sins of omission by allowing such atrocities to take place; and by their (active) political “leadership” actions and policies. Although they personally did not play the [actual] executioners’ (direct) role in their unjust wars upon their own nations’ population, these leaders sanctioned (by passive approval) the mass murders of their own people population.

Not only did these horrendous massacres wipe out the people who were slain; the sweeping massacres totally eliminated those slain peoples’ posterity – human life which would have been born to those slaughtered and massacred peoples. Hence, these ruthless dictators not only stumped out the lives of their butchered victims; they (in effect) prevented those victims from propagating [with their sexual corresponding parts and capabilities] new generations – (their born-to-be descendants)! It is no wonder why the Triune God who authored The Ten Commandments,  stated, “Thou shall not kill (murder).” [Exodus 20:13] He also stated in His written revelation Scripture, that unrepentant murderers would never be received into heavenly graces, but only receive their just due – the damned suffering punishments in forever hell. [1 Corinthians 6:9-11; Galatians 5:19-21]

Specifically – why is voting for Obama, voting for a sex offender?

G.W. Bush signed into law the Born Alive Infants Protection Act. Obama, as an Illinois state senator, supported the opposite. Is this the “hope and change” “forward” president that voters want to elect in 2012?

Our culture’s understanding of a sex offender is one who invades the privacy of another person’s genital area. And, that sex offender definition can and often does often include when the perpetrator doesn’t even get that far. A sex offender can be charged and punished for invading a person’s general personal space; a kiss, a clasping embrace – all forced upon an unwilling individual.

What makes the sexual offense so egregious is not only the sexual offense itself, but the aftermath implication for those who are the objects of sexual offense. Their very personhood has been seriously invaded (violated) by a person who forced their physical person upon them to have their (unwanted) intimate way with them. This is the reason why people who have experienced physical molestation often require years to adjust to some sort of normal semblance. When one’s private parts are molested; that intimate exposure affects the whole person – physically, mentally and psychologically. Human beings are intricate creations of Almighty Creator God. That’s the way He made us!

Now, I ask:

“What could be more intimate and physically molesting (violating) than to force oneself upon a [whole] person, which includes all his or her sexual organ parts?”

If you are thinking logically and honesty you’d have to admit and say:

“Nothing could be more intimate and physically molesting (violating) than to force oneself upon another [whole] person, which includes all his or her sexual organ parts!”

Abortionists continue to be given the political green light in American culture. The abortion industry is given free exercise course to grant abortionists to force themselves upon innocent preborn babies within the God ordered sanctity of their mothers’ wombs. Abortionists have to be the greatest sex offenders. They not only molest their victims sexual organs but they destroy the whole individual. Those political leaders who continue to allow American abortion genocide [this “silent holocaust”] to continue, are just as guilty. They are team mate “players” in the same destructive and murderous “game.”

Consequently, I maintain that this is the reason Barack Hussein Obama is our nation’s top sex offender. Why would I make such an assertion? All one has to do, is connect the obvious dots. This commentary has been long enough. Please thoughtfully re-read it and look at all the links. If you do not come to the same conclusion as I have; I can only hope and pray that you will figure it out. Nothing can be more sinfully egregious [crimes against humanity] as the willful and capricious planned and arranged elimination of individuals within the sanctity of their mothers’ wombs.  It is the worst of all sexual offenses! The willful termination of violating preborn individual babies within their mothers’ God created protected environs has to be the most horrendous and greatest sex offense of all.

Obama is America’s chief sex offender. His leaderless political sins of omission [and commission] promulgate America’s abortion genocide. He says he admires Abraham Lincoln. Then, why doesn’t he emancipate America’s preborn individuals from America’s filthy and horrendous abortion genocide slaughter?

Finally, I maintain that US White House chief executive [putative president] Obama holds an influential position to cease his major role in furthering our nation’s abortion genocide process. He and other influential politicians cannot hide behind the excuse that they are helpless to stop these crimes against humanity. They possess the political capability of not enforcing certain laws, as Obama has demonstrated in not enforcing the Defense of Marriage Act and immigration laws.

Since the antiquated 1973 Roe V. Wade Supreme Court decision there have been scientific advances in medical technology and especially fetology. It can no longer be medically and scientifically evidenced that the preborn baby within its mother’s womb is a non person. There doesn’t have to be another court decision to strike down the Neanderthal 1973 one. If president Obama can issue hundreds of executive orders in nearly 4 years, he can issue another one, negating or circumventing the 1973 antiquated Roe V. Wade one.

The old excuse and rationalization that there is a law on the books permitting unrestricted abortion, is no convenient excuse anymore. US politicians and especially the office of the US president need to circumvent an antiquated law which continues to pronounce death upon the most vulnerable and innocent of its present and future populations. After all, our nation’s first prime founding document “The Declaration of Independence,” stated for its peoples – “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.” That, priceless principle, in itself, supersedes any antiquated Supreme Court decision.

Does this Christian emeritus pastor and web author envision political leadership doing what I’ve just mentioned? No, I don’t. And, that is all the more reason why America will be judged by God, Almighty:

Two Reasons Why the United States is Assassinating Its Future – 

Related to the above – Four Topical Messages from “The Christian Message” website:

Abortion Genocide is the destruction of future generations:

“What Does God See and Hear?” – ……In Genesis 4:8 we have the picture of Cain murdering his brother Abel. Cain believed no one saw him commit this heinous act. However, God asked Cain, “Where is your brother, Abel?” Cain lied. “I do not know. Am I my brother’s keeper?” Then God let Cain know He had seen the treacherous act. “What have you done? The voice of your brother’s blood cries out to me from the ground.” In Hebrew, the word “blood” is plural, “bloods.” Not only was Abel’s blood crying out to God, but all the generations Abel would have produced if he had lived were also crying out.

“……Numerous babies are aborted each year. It is this culture’s way of eradicating the image of the Triune God in which the human race was created. Genesis 1:26 Doctors, nurses, and professionals may refer to a newly formed baby as blastocyst, an embryo or a fetus, but the bottom line is the little one is a triune human being with a body, a soul, and a spirit. The pre-born baby allowed to reach adulthood has the potential to bring forth more generations. Psalm 102:18 When an apple is cut open the seeds are able to be counted. But, only God can tell how many apples are in one seed. God knows the generations which should have been produced by every aborted baby. They are all written in His book. Psalm 139:16…..” –

“Aaron” –


Gianna Jessen an abortion survivor. See interesting video (below) of Gianna speaking to a large crowd

Gianna Jessen Abortion Survivor in Australia Part 1 – – Please note the Gianna Jessen utube video towards the end of this posting

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Posted by: Pastor emeritus Nathan M. Bickel

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  1. macwoof says:

    you are a sick puppy. you have no idea what a sex offender is and your ignorance shows.

    1. macwoof –

      Thank you for visiting – and, even though I totally disagree with your assessment, I’m happy to publish it. I knew that it would be a short while and I would be criticized for this particular [needed] web article.

      By the way – I substantiated my blog posting with evidence and informational links. I don’t witness you evidencing your one line accusation assertion. Personally, I think you are calling the wrong person “a sick puppy.” Apparently, you did not catch the drift of the thoughtful article. One person whose name is presently most popular and unpopular is, the “sick puppy.”

  2. Denny says:

    President Obama is the most pro-death elected politician in U.S. history, as far as I can tell. He is The Worst President this country has EVER seen because he is an Islamic who emboldens our enemies, scatters our Allies, is bankrupting America, lies continuously, has broken many U.S. laws and seeks to become a Dicator in America. He MUST BE STOPPED, and this can be accomplished by voting for Mitt Romney as the nest POTUS. Go Romney/Ryan 2012/NOBAMA!!! And please don’t forget to VOTE GOP REPUBLICAN ALL THE WAY DOWN YOUR BALLOT so that the Romney/Ryan JOBS, JOBS, JOBS agendas can actually get pushed, passed and then enacted all across America!!!

    1. Denny –

      Great comment! Thanks for visiting

      I hope and pray that there are a majority of voters out there, such as you!

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