Reported: Another Obama scandal to be exposed

How many corruption scandals does it take to force Obama from occupying the White House?

Remember the Fast and Furious Scandal and the [Solyndra type] green energy scandals? Did these umpteen more times worse than the Watergate corruption, stop Obama?

Could it be that this new reported illegal donor scandal will be the one to finally stick? And, even if it doesn’t “stick,” will it be enough of an influential issue to move more voters against Obama?


FINALLY! MSM Rags About to Expose Major Obama Donor Scandal –


>>>>> ….. The Washington Examiner is now reporting that a “national magazine” and a “national website” are preparing a blockbuster story on the donor fraud……

……This has the potential to sink the Obama’s already listing ship….. <<<<<<<< –

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Obama’s Untraceable Donations: $100M’s from Overseas? Campaign Turns Off AVS Verification? –

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Obama’s Green Energy corruption scandal highlighted in the first 2012 presidential debate:

Romney debate attack on green energy, says Obama picks ‘losers’ –


Obama has given green energy a very bad name

>>>>> …..The president first raised the issue in the Denver debate, questioning Mr. Romney about the need for $2.8 billion in annual subsidies for oil and gas companies. But Mr. Romney wasted no time in turning the issue against Mr. Obama.

Mr. Romney took specific aim at $90 billion directed at wind, solar and other renewable-energy projects, a portion of the Obama administration’s “green energy” funding initiative that has included some high-profile failures, such as now-bankrupt solar-panel maker Solyndra LLC………

…….“In one year, you provided $90 billion in breaks to the green-energy world. Now I like green energy as well, but that’s about 50 years of what oil and gas receives” in federal subsidies, Mr. Romney said at the Denver debate, the first of three between the two candidates…… <<<<<<<<

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Fact Check: Obama Had More to Do With 2008 Economic Meltdown Than Bush Ever Did –



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