Voting for the gay Obama and the Christian vote

Reported pic of Obama at an AP Press luncheon

Will US voters vote for the gay Obama? Will they vote for the straight Obama? Will they vote for the bisexual Obama? Or, will they vote for the metrosexual Obama? Will they vote for the White House occupier who now supports same sex “marriage” and who won’t enforce DOMA (The Defense of Marriage Act)? Or, do most Americans  even care about Obama’s sexual orientation? Are they concerned about Obama’s sexual orientation as an impediment to the one occupying the Executive Office?

Who will the majority of voters vote for this 2012 presidential election? Will they vote for the Obama who continues to [falsely] claim he is a Christian while at the same time failing to condemn Muslim terrorism perpetrated against Christians on a global scale?

Will voters vote for the Obama who claims that everyone should be his brother’s keeper but claims personal (brother’s keeper) exemption in order that he can continue his capricious and malevolent anti-free enterprise (fascist / socialist) agendas and actions?

This web author and emeritus Christian pastor are convinced of the old adage: “Where there is smoke; there is a fire.” For those of a different opinion about Obama being gay, and being a gay activist; please continue to read this blog posting and examine for yourself all the related informational links.

Assuming that Obama is gay; why doesn’t he come out of his closet? For someone who celebrates the radical idea that same sex couples should be offered the same status as traditional marriage, why won’t Obama put his full political influence weight behind that notion and fully join homosexual activists, announcing to them and the whole world that he is one of them?

There has been enough reported for many to conclude that Obama is gay. [See also, links below] I’m one (of them) who believes that Barack Obama is gay. I form my own conclusions, based upon data, logic and initial and lasting impressions. I’m confident that I’ve connected the dots.

I’m not one of those Obama admirers who approves of him, because one of his welfare handouts offer, a free cell phone. I’m not one of those gullible voters who approve him; because I am somehow convinced he is correct in blaming all of America’s problems on past presidents and multiple challenges that [supposedly] will take 4 more years for him to tackle. I’m not one of those gullible voters who approves of Obama because I am propagandized by a radical liberal leftist media, that Obama is “trying” the hardest he can, to do America right. I’m not one of those gullible voters who will give Obama my “Yes” vote and rubber stamp this scandal ridden White House occupier!

Will pizza patrons ever return to this pizza joint after witnessing Obama and his buddy display such affection for one another? Will their pizza ever taste the same? Note:  Check out the link below about the Florida pizza shop Obama hugger

Why does it matter this time around, voting for gay activist, Obama?

There is no excuse this time around to vote for Obama, who is, obviously, a gay activist. He has already evidenced that he will not protect and defend traditional marriage. Christian voters need no other reason to vote against him. Obama, has also proven that he is our nation’s top sex offender and sex offender activist, as his political record, actions and agenda promulgate the worst type of sexual offense – that being the needless destruction of innocent human life within mothers’ wombs.

Furthermore, it is this Christian and emeritus Christian pastor’s assertion that voting for the top executive office in the country is a priority decision of voting for the best candidate who possesses the best moral character. Being the gay activist that Obama has evidenced isn’t a record that lends itself to the best moral character whose job (as US President) is the most important job on this planet. Voting for a gay to be your nation’s top leader is, essentially voting for someone who believes in population control. [Did I hear Sarah Palin say “death panels?”] With gays in control, a nation cannot morally, practically and physically advance itself and its posterity; based upon the firm belief that a nation’s people [population] is, its greatest resource.

Voters will have to choose what type of America they desire for themselves and their posterity. Obama has already promised that he would fundamentally change America. Many voters who voted for Obama (now sorry they did), thought that Obama would change corruption in Washington DC. Little did they suspect (now, to their own frustration and regret), that Obama would multiply big governments’ corruptions; and, in the process, actually transform America from a free enterprise (capitalistic) culture into a nation of dependents, fueled by fascist and socialist policies and agendas.

And, a note to Christians voters: Based upon all the information you can read and witness; look seriously at the Christian New Testament book of Romans 1:18-32. Read that portion and note that when a person lies to Creator God, his whole person and character goes downhill.

Some of Obama’s unfulfilled promises. Or, should we say, “Lies?”

Do you care to have a man as US president who has severed his connection with God Almighty? Go and ask yourself why Barack Obama continues to lie to the American people and continues to hide personal and public records. Ask yourself if this is the type of person you desire to influence and control your lives. Those of you who are married: Would you care to have your spouse lie to you everyday?

Will “Christian” voters make the difference this presidential election? They did in 2008 as a very high percentage of “Christian” voters were (sadly and pathetically) snake charmed with promises, which never materialized from Barack Obama’s lying lips.


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Note: New York Times article pic of Obama and his buddy:

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Also note:  The following pic (below) to the left, is a blow-up of Obama’s one hand and his buddy’s one hand,  inter-twined around the smoke.  Scroll down to the right side of the page for an even more blown up second (enlargement) pic of their inter-twined hands. Count the fingers.

Pic of Obama with one of his college Pakistani buddies. Note the blow-up pic of their hands inter-twined around the smoke.
Pic of Obama with one of his college Pakistani buddies. Note the blow-up pic of their hands inter-twined around the smoke.
Pic of Obama with one of his college Pakistani buddies. Note this 2nd blow-up (enlargement) pic of their hands inter-twined around the smoke. Count the fingers.
Above pic of Obama with one of his college Pakistani buddies. Note this 2nd blow-up (enlargement) pic of their hands inter-twined around the smoke. Count the fingers.
Please read the entire posting referencing the pics of Obama and his buddy [above]:

Would voters knowingly vote for a homosexual? –

Posted by: Pastor emeritus Nathan M. Bickel

Please note for future voting consideration reference:


Note:  Above pictures found on the web

9 thoughts on “Voting for the gay Obama and the Christian vote

  1. BREE says:

    Trying to get a comment on here for some time so lets see if it goes…..I once read a book that was “Evidence Demands A Verdict” and it can really apply here. There is absolutely no evidence that says Obama is a Christian – none. If you think so then I will have to ask you to prove it to me.

    And I will also tell you that a Christian is a Follower of Christ. Christ said, if any man will follow after me let him deny himself, take up his cross and follow me. A Christian is a follower and a believer in Jesus as the Christ, the Son of the Living God and in his salvation not in any other.

    There are many chapter and verses to prove what a Christian is and does and the Bible is the only infallible source on that. Obama has neither received that salvation nor does he believe in it. A good tree does not bear bad fruit and that’s in the Bible too so there is much evidence when it comes to being a Christian or not……Obama is not.

    As for being gay, I believe he is gay, bisexual and any other kind of sexual because again, there is too much evidence to that fact. When it comes to who will US voters vote for when it comes to Obama? They will vote for all of that and for the greatest deceiver and antiChrist the world has ever seen…….and there’s much evidence to support that as well.

    1. BREE –

      Thank you for your well stated comment! I cannot disagree with you in the least!

      And, as far as I am concerned; I’ve been observant to check my messages here on this site. Yours is the first in awhile. I was wondering. Now, hearing from you; I must conclude there may been some glitch in the system. Please Facebook me at Nathan M. Bickel if you have a problem again.

      1. BREE says:

        Thanks, I will try it again to see as I’m not sure what is preventing the posts and it just sort of freezes up or something but I will also try another browser. Yes, I know you are a very diligent worker and do an excellent job with the articles and issues. I am very busy right now working with the TEA Party in our local elections and getting ready to turn our state red from one end to the other. As to this article, again I say my only dilemma with Obama is that I believe him to be gay AND a Muslim. I don’t understand how the two can work for him but maybe not too well.

  2. Adu says:

    Your image of Obama holding hands with roomie!? When blown up further it appears Obummer’s penis is out and roomies other hand ( not the one where the two men are holding hands) is beneath his knee reaching for Obama’s exposed penis…which appears to be erect.

    1. Adu –

      Thank you for reading

      Yikes! I didn’t see that! Perhaps, I’ll have to take another look; as if I even care to.

      I just took a look and enlarged the pic as best I could; probably not as large as you blew it up. But, I’m not seeing what you see. The one comment claimed that the flesh colored part was the side heel of his boot.

      1. Adu says:

        Beneath the boot sole…the “head”, closer toward roomies outside thigh…. it’s shape is obvious.

        Take a pic with ur IPhone or IPad , then expand…u will see

        1. Adu –

          I enlarged the pic and simply do not see what you are viewing. [This is not to suggest that you have a dirty mind] I still maintain that what you see and I see, is (really) the back end (heel) of Obama’s boot.

          I think that you are heavy into speculating about this photo. The issue is Obama’s gayness. That, disposition receives much attention from many people who are settled in their thinking on Obama being gay.

          Thank you for visiting

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