Oct 312012

Obama’s socialism is redistributing Americans’ wealth. He has mastered the “art” of government extortion

Obama’s Auto redistribution of wealth picked the union winners and the non union losers.

Obama touts that he saved General Motors; which is not the truth. Throwing money at a car company and redistributing the wealth is not the same as leaving a private business healthy.  What Obama won’t say is that oodles of auto dealers were forced out of business and scores of auto employees lost their jobs and pensions. Now, Obama is asking for everyone’s’ vote; and, in the process, distorting what the Republican candidate for president, Mitt Romney, recommended for the ailing auto industry.



>>>>>> …….Romney destroyed Obama’s argument, forcing Obama to admit his role in the industry’s bankruptcy.

In response to a question about jobs–from a college student highly unlikely ever to work in an car factory–Obama unloaded his familiar talking points on the auto bailout:

You know, when Governor Romney said we should let Detroit go bankrupt, I said, we’re going to bet on American workers and the American auto industry, and it’s come surging back. I want to do that in industries, not just in Detroit but all across the country.

Romney’s response:

My plan was to have the company go through bankruptcy like 7-Eleven did and Macy’s and Continental Airlines and come out stronger. And I know he keeps saying, you wanted to take Detroit bankrupt. Well, the president took Detroit bankrupt. You took General Motors bankrupt. You took Chrysler bankrupt. So when you say that I wanted to take the auto industry bankrupt, you actually did……. <<<<<<<<< – breitbart.com/Big-Government/2012/10/17/

Moralmatters.org further comments:

Obama wants to take the credit for bailing out General Motors but he doesn’t accept the responsibility and accountability for all those who lost big time money pensions and their employment:

Delphi video: General Motors ‘may be alive,’ but Obama’s promise of ‘hope is dying in Ohio’ – dailycaller.com/2012/10/26/

Internal emails: Treasury officials held 2009 backroom bailout meeting on Delphi pension plans – dailycaller.com/2012/10/28/


>>>>>>> Internal Treasury Department emails obtained by The Daily Caller show that in June 2009 a high-ranking Treasury official planned a backroom meeting to discuss the pension plans for 20,000 nonunion Delphi salaried retirees.

Those retirees lost between 30 and 70 percent of their pensions, as well as their healthcare, life insurance and other benefits. Unionized employees working alongside them, however, saw their pensions and benefits made whole. ……. <<<<<<<<<<  – dailycaller.com/2012/10/28/


Who Will Do More? President Obama took Chrysler and GM into bankruptcy and even sold Chrysler to the Italians. Who will do more for the auto industry? The clear answer is Mitt Romney – youtube.com/

Obama’s greed is fueled by envy and covetousness


Marxist Extortion Thief Obama – moralmatters.org/2012/09/20/


>>>>>> ……. Obama also has been known to molest Christian Scripture, misinterpreting what Christ stated about being our brother’s keeper. Obama believes government is to be the “corporate brother’s keeper.” This is his solution to people’s social problems.

Contrary to Obama, Christ, clearly makes it plain, in His parable of the stewardship of the talents that a man is to be personally responsible for what he possesses and what he has been entrusted [with]. [Matthew 25:14-30] No where does Christ ever hint that a person’s wealth should be micro managed by government and re-distributed…… <<<<<<<< – moralmatters.org/2012/09/20/

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Posted by:  Pastor emeritus Nathan M. Bickel

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Oct 302012

“Frankenstorm Hurricane Sandy: Predictions were [are] on target

One of the great mysteries of life is why natural disasters occur and why so many people are affected by their destructive forces. Why does there have to be death and destruction in this world? Why are good people reduced to the common destructive fate of all people no matter how moral or immoral other people [are]?

This web author and Christian emeritus pastor offers no logical or reasonable explanation   It is my understanding that one cannot fathom the awesome characteristics of nature. [Psalm 46] Nor can we sinful human beings fathom why the Almighty holy Triune God allows what He allows. But, in all of this, it is the genuine disciple of Christ, who can say, as the person of old [Job] exclaimed, thousands of years ago:

“And said, Naked came I out of my mother’s womb, and naked shall I return thither: the LORD gave, and the LORD hath taken away; blessed be the name of the LORD. In all this Job sinned not, nor charged God foolishly.” KJV –  Job 1:21-22



‘Frankenstorm’ Sandy hits US: LIVE UPDATES – rt.com/

FLASHBACK – The last ‘Frankenstorm’: Video of the 1938 nor’easter that ravaged New England – Historic footage of a deadly storm offers clues about what to expect from Hurricane Sandy – theweek.com/



Posted by:  Pastor emeritus Nathan M. Bickel

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Oct 292012

Barack Obama’s ruthless character: Top Moralmatters.org posting last week. Obama’s character is not only evil, but consistent. He supported Infanticide and failed to act with the Benghazi terrorist attack that murdered 4 Americans

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Oct 282012

Please note the 12 second youtube video below:

Web friends and other viewers to www.moralmatters.org: It doesn’t get much better than the most recent VP Joe Biden gaffe. Is he attempting to outdo himself? Should we split our guts with tons of laughter; or should we begin to cry, considering that this gaffe machine is just one heartbeat from the US presidency and one step away from pressing the nuclear button:

Biden: A $500 TRILLION TAX CUT!!!!!! – youtube.com/


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Is Biden a dirty old man? What is he saying to her? What is he doing with his hands? Do the two onlooker bikers look happy? What is holding them back from pounding the crap out of Biden? The secret service body guards? Is this an isolated “incident?” Or is this “incident” a regular campaign trail practice without roving cameras? Did anyone ever accuse Biden of modesty?


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Oct 272012

Will the final straw for 2012 American voters, be an irresponsible and disengaged Obama with American blood upon his hands? Voters who originally voted for a “hope and change” Obama, are distraught and disgusted with the man they thought would transform Washington politics. Instead, the Obama White House occupier, has brought nothing but disgrace to the office of president with policies and agenda which have taken its toll, not only upon patriotic America, but upon its economy and national security standing here at home and around the world.

Obama went AWOL (absent without leave). American voters need to dismiss him.

The Benghazi terrorist attack and its subsequent 4 American deaths, is the present major national news headline. It demands it. Yet, the mainstream news media [minus FOX] is, again covering for an Obama and his disengaged, and “above his pay grade,” irresponsible government.

Yet, another possibility for the news media being delinquent on the Benghazi scandal news, is Obama’s reported “gun-walking on a massive scale” (actually arming Al Qaeda itself); the same Islamic terrorist organization which Obama has publicly said, had its terrorist strength greatly diminished because of the [supposed] US assassination of Bin Laden. [Note link toward the bottom of this page]

Voters who were either ignorant or dismissive of Obama’s Illinois senate record of having supported Infanticide, can now understand (in real time) Obama’s brutal disrespect for human life. From news reports, it is clear that Obama did not decisively act. He was not pro-active when the situation and crisis demanded it. The crisis demanded a chief executive not to be, just “present,” but attentive and fully engaged.

Updated information:

October 26, 2012 – EXCLUSIVE: CIA operators were denied request for help during Benghazi attack, sources say – foxnews.com/


Obama Benghazi scandal continues to unfold: Defense Secretary Panetta offers latest Obama trust us statement – moralmatters.org/2012/10/26/

The latest Obama scandal lies and sixty five other lies – moralmatters.org/2012/10/25/

Partners in the North American “Fast and Furious” gun running scandal: Obama and his Attorney General Holder covered for one another. Who will cover for Obama in the [now] reported (developing) Al Qaeda gun walking  scandal and its linkage with the Benghazi terrorist attack?

Shocking! Obama’s reported involvement:

Disturbing, Developing: Obama Caught Arming Al Qaeda, Reason For Libya Cover-Up – patdollard.com/2012/10/


>>>>>> ……What cries out for further investigation — and debate in the remaining days of this presidential election — is whether this shipment was part of a larger covert Obama effort to transfer weapons to our enemies that could make the Iran-Contra scandal, to say nothing of Operation Fast and Furious, pale by comparison……..

…….In short, it seems President Obama has been engaged in gun-walking on a massive scale. The effect has been to equip America’s enemies to wage jihad not only against regimes it once claimed were our friends, but inevitably against us and our allies as well. That would explain his administration’s desperate and now failing bid to mislead the voters through the serial deflections of Benghazigate. <<<<<<<< – patdollard.com/2012/10/

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