Last Week’s Most Popular Postings – 9/23/12 – 9/29/12

Most Popular Postings – 9/23/12 – 9/29/12:

1 – Benghazi terrorisim aftermath: Body language of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton reveals great divide –

2 –  Obama’s huge religious lie –

3 –  Why doesn’t Michelle Obama self appointed Fat Czar mind her own business? –

4 –  Obama, lame brains and the 47% –

5 – Last Week’s Most Popular Postings – 9/16/12 – 9/22/12

6 – September 2012: “Can’t Fix Stupid” –

Note:  A very recent posting which has received the most page views (ever); is the following article:

Would voters knowingly vote for a homosexual? –

New York Times pic of Obama with one of his college Pakistani buddies. Note (at the end of this article) the blow-up pics of their hands inter-twined around the smoke. Scroll all the way down.



Posted by:  Nathan M. Bickel


Note:  Above picture (s) found on the web

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