September 2012: “Can’t Fix Stupid”

A tiger minding his own business. But, apparently they don’t like realtors invading their personal space

This man in the news story was about as foolish as those who intend to vote for our White House occupier the second time around:

Mauled Man Charged With Trespassing At Bronx Zoo –


NEW YORK (AP) — Before his now-infamous tangle with a Bronx Zoo tiger, David Villalobos adorned his Facebook page with New Age odes to Mother Earth and affirmations like, “Be love and fearless.”

Police said Saturday that Villalobos had told detectives that it was without fear that he leaped from an elevated train into the animal’s den. His reason, they said, was that “he wanted to be one with the tiger.” ……..

………”When someone is determined to do something harmful to themselves, it’s very hard to stop that,” said Breheny. “The tiger did nothing wrong.” <<<<<<<<<< –


Unusual and “You Can’t Fix Stupid” postings –


Posted by:  Nathan M. Bickel


Note:  Above picture (s) found on the web

7 thoughts on “ September 2012: “Can’t Fix Stupid”

  1. akathesob says:

    As always a great and point on article. And I so needed a good laugh… Karl

    1. Karl –

      Every once in awhile I need to post something of a lighter nature, to keep my political sanity. Nice to hear from you again!

      1. akathesob says:

        I am still chuckling…

        1. Karl –

          I am planning to do a “Can’t Fix Stupid” article every month from now on; depending if I have gathered enough material; and then make a choice comment or two with each article. I have October’s and Novemeber’s already in the hopper.

  2. Ken says:

    This entire site is proof that you can’t fix stupid. It ends up as a website masquerading as intelligent.

    1. Ken –

      Thank you for accessing – and for your comment. I always know that I’ve driven home my point, when I receive a moron’s type of response.

      Perhaps, next time you’d like to offer some intelligent and thoughtful comments. But, be that as it may; thank you for your one liner. I will take it as a compliment; knowing that this site has bothered some mindless liberal. Why would I attribute your comment to that of a liberal devoid of cerebral cells? Because you have helped to illustrate how liberals argue:

      Can liberals become useful members of society and culture? –

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