Why doesn’t Michelle Obama self appointed Fat Czar mind her own business?

US Fat Czar: Michelle Obama sauntering off Airforce One – Pic by Dana Felthauser / AP

Complaints Mount Against Michelle Obama’s New Lunch Menu – townhall.com/

When will our nation’s Fat Czar finally realize that she is not needed? Isn’t she satisfied to be the just White House occupier’s scandal ridden First Lady? Why does she feel that she has to meddle in our nation’s public schools? Hasn’t the government-run school system with its union boss public school industry teachers, done enough damage? Or, is Michelle Obama chipping in her worthless two cents as did recently, Bill Nye, the so-called pseudo “science guy?”

The Obama’s claim, or, at least give lip service, that they are Christians. Yet, from their actions, they run rough shod over the American free enterprise system. They overlook one of the Triune God’s choicest gifts to human souls, – that of free will; making personal decisions; free from coercion. Hopefully and Lord willing, the Obama scourge of America will be over, come election time. Our founding fathers never meant for these United States to be another cursed dictatorship or oligarchy venture.

This blog author thinks  it is time for Michelle Obama, to mind her own pea patch!


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Posted by:  Nathan M. Bickel


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